Walmart Black Friday 8-Pack Details

We’ve received some additional details (see our original report here) surrounding next week’s Walmart Exclusive 8-pks available for Black Friday starting on Thursday night. Thanks to a Walmart employee we’ve received a few images showing that there are several (as many as 8)¬†different assortments covering figures from the 2010 Saga Legends, 2010 Clone Wars and 2012 Clone Wars lines. Click on through to check them out.

Thanks to JD for the report.

  • Bargain_Hunting_Jawa

    I just got back from Black Friday shopping at Wal*Mart. Hasbro’s 8 pack deals are a great value!! I just scored Clone Trooper Draa, Ahsoka Scuba Gear, Savage Opress (shirtless), Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Cad Bane, and others at a cost of only $3.35 per figure, when you divide the math. :)

  • djbrinkman

    I was just thinking that the upside is the secondary market will be flooded with figures that have been hard to find at reasonable prices.

  • Justin

    Might be the first time I go out on Black Friday in a while… these are freaking awesome… 8 figures for $25 – hard to top that! Still a sign of Hasbro’s failure that they have so many figures that never made it to retail and are needing to dump them this way.

  • Paul Harrison

    OMG! Clone Trooper Draa too? There are going to be a ton of angry collectors. That figure goes for over 30 now!