Walmart Black Friday 8-Pack Details

We’ve received some additional details (see our original report here) surrounding next week’s Walmart Exclusive 8-pks available for Black Friday starting on Thursday night. Thanks to a Walmart employee we’ve received a few images showing that there are several (as many as 8) different assortments covering figures from the 2010 Saga Legends, 2010 Clone Wars and 2012 Clone Wars lines. Click on through to check them out.

Thanks to JD for the report.

  • I just got back from Black Friday shopping at Wal*Mart. Hasbro’s 8 pack deals are a great value!! I just scored Clone Trooper Draa, Ahsoka Scuba Gear, Savage Opress (shirtless), Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Cad Bane, and others at a cost of only $3.35 per figure, when you divide the math. 🙂

  • djbrinkman

    I was just thinking that the upside is the secondary market will be flooded with figures that have been hard to find at reasonable prices.

  • Might be the first time I go out on Black Friday in a while… these are freaking awesome… 8 figures for $25 – hard to top that! Still a sign of Hasbro’s failure that they have so many figures that never made it to retail and are needing to dump them this way.

  • OMG! Clone Trooper Draa too? There are going to be a ton of angry collectors. That figure goes for over 30 now!