SDCC Exclusive 31″ Shadow Stormtrooper


The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Jakks Pacific will be offering a Exclusive 31″ Shadow Stormtrooper at this year’s SDCC.

Produced in association with Lucasfilm, each of the 500 figures will be individually marked to record when it was produced, according to the manufacturer. Standing 31 inches tall, the JAKKS Shadow Storm Trooper has 7 points of articulation and carries an imperial blaster. The figure will be only be available at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, with a retail price of $50.00. 


  • hickhamt

    jeez, the’re already on ebay for 4X the price!!! i’ll have to just wait for a white one and customize it… i love these! i have 2 shock, 2 501st and 1 utapau… and deluxe vader of course to lead the pack…

  • Jason Wood


  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Best part here is we get a good glimpse of the sculpt we’ll be seeing on the white version of the trooper. Looks pretty damn awesome.