Hallmark Reveals 2016 Convention Exclusives 


Hallmark has taken the wraps off of their 2016 Convention Exclusive items. Click on through for the full details.

Beginnings: Boba Fett™ – Inspired by the work of renowned conceptual designer Ralph McQuarrie, this Keepsake Ornament two-pack features the fan-favorite bounty hunter who first appeared in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. One ornament details Boba Fett’s helmet as originally sketched while the other depicts an all-white full-costume concept.

Princess Leia™ and Jabba the Hutt™ – This exclusive itty bittys plush two-pack features the slug-like crime lord and his bikini-clad prisoner as seen in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. 

Both will be available exclusively at Comic-Con International, July 21-24 in San Diego, Calif., and at New York Comic Con, Oct. 6-9, in New York City.

Click the images below for a closer look:

Thanks to @acrossthestars for the heads up.

  • don

    Would be cool if others could buy too….

    • robjoh

      What do you mean,others? Anyone can buy these.

      • don

        No i would have to fly on a plane and spend thousands of dollars staying somewhere to purchase this. Gentle Giant has a club to join. That is how i think they should set this up? I’m handicapped and can’t travel so i cannot get to the shows to purchase. Thanks

        • robjoh

          Or you could just buy them on ebay for a lot less. Would put you back around 150-200 bucks though,each.

          • don

            So your a seller then? I get all my exclusives right from the manufacturers except Hallmark. They don’t care about the collectors

          • robjoh

            Oh no,not a seller,just fly over and attend Comic-Con and NYCC every year. Great fun! But I love travelling around the US,so it’s great timing. Don’t always line up to get exclusives though,bloody nightmare sometimes,that bit.

  • 12O-12K

    I like these itty bittys so much more than the Tsum Tsums Disney is doing. And Hallmarks Con Exclusive pairs have pretty much all been really nice choices. Hallmark is cool.

  • I guess that Slave Leia rumor wasn’t too accurate.

    • LuckDragon

      That’s what I was thinking! Also, she looks a little to happy to be a slave here 😉

  • Marco

    Do you have to sign up for exclusives???

    • robjoh

      No you don’t. Just get in line at the Hallmark booth at Comic-Con and NYCC and hope for the best,lol! You can even get in line several times if you wanna try and get several sets,but they only allow you to buy one of each every time you get to the counter. It’s actually kinda fun,I meet a lot of fun people in the Hallmark line every year,lol.