Still never got why that lando had a “band aid” to hold the cape when even older Vader’s had a chain.

  • Paulskywalker

    Only one i don’t have is the Royal Guard. And i doubt i’ll see it. ASDA still has the first wave sitting at a very expensive price. So didn’t even get a chance at the TFA ones. Collectors already had them and too expensive for parents to shelf out on. Oh and 5 poa are on sale for £2.99 in Smyths Toy Store, so they are doing just great Hasbro! Been years since i saw a SW figure for £2.99.

  • Broken Zamboni

    I must say I am a little disappointed about this wave. I has been harder and harder for me to want to continue collecting the 3 3/4″ Black Series and having a wave of figures that are all repacks doesn’t help. I am happy that those who didn’t get these figures before will have another shot, but I find it hard for myself to spend the money on figures I already have. They don’t make many figures in this line anymore and including this wave over a third of them have been repacks. Plus there are some of them (Phasma, Leia, Stormtrooper) I never see at retail. Hasbro does a better job with the 6″ line (although I never did find General Hux). I suppose it’s for the better though since Funko keeps finding new ways to get more of my money.

  • SID

    Cannot wait to get these felt dumb not getting the org. Releases. Remember skipping an ahsoka long after it was out sitting at a Newbury comics for $14. That and the only good thing about these is you can open the boxes unlike packages. Since its just a little piece of tape.

  • Dave

    Yesterday we we’re hearing that Hasbro had cancelled the 3 3/4″ Black Series, now this. Just go back to the Vintage Collection already. I haven’t bought a 3 3/4″ figure from Hasbro since 2011.

    • There was no basis in fact for those rumors yesterday. It seems like every time there is a clearance or reset, people claim that something (that people actually care about) is cancelled.

      • General Hux

        Wait, people actually believed TBS was cancelled?

        Hasbro said it was continuing…last month.
        Am I the only that remembers what Hasbro says?

        • SID

          Lol so very true.

      • Dave

        Meh. If Hasbro wants to keep pushing 5POA figures I’d rather somebody like Funko did Star Wars ReAction figures vintage style.

        • SID

          Yes. That’s what I keep saying. They could even extended or reissue the org. Kenner line packaging and all. This would make many collectors bite. Imagine getting a vintage tarkin or American card yakface, let alone a single release blue snaggletooth.

          • Dave

            They won’t do it because they don’t want to devalue the original Kenner figures or create “reproductions” that could potentially get sold as originals. That’s why the Vintage Collection were modern interpretations on vintage style cards that were easily distinguishable from the original Kenner vintage figures.

          • SID

            Yes that’s the idea… But really the vintage are the vintage. They made thousands of figures. No one but collectors or vintage toy sellers would be making or losing money off reproductions. At the beginning of the POTF2 line Hasbro did a classic 4 pack and that had zero effect on the value of the toys. The company makes its profit from the original sale not the secondary value of the product (unless popularity prompts rerelease to make easy $). All the figures would need is a current date stamp on the toys and packaging and that would be it. The original is the original that value would not really be a matter. Example… Reaction/Hasbro released a double telescoping luke, people that would want it would buy it. But since the original is soooo rare it will always be that way. How many times has Action Comics 1 (superman debut) been reprinted? Does that effect the value of the original print?

        • Gothiczartan84

          Why don’t they have another one that is willing to make the figures that collectors want? The 3.75″ action figures highly articulated.

  • Kevin Knight

    very excited!!! decided to sell my Ahsoka sold for $150 a few months ago because $150. now i get her back

  • chad

    About dang time. Not to sound like a bone head but are these still going to be Walmart exclusives?

  • Struggle buggy

    That Lando looks more like a really tan Burt Reynolds

  • TeeKay1138

    Forgot Ahsoka was already released in TVC. If they were to go for a “Rebels” version instead, i’d bite. I’ll try and get my hands on a couple more Royal Guards but i suspect online prices will shout up rapidly as it’s the only army builder of the lot.

  • Matthew

    This is awesome I’m glad they’re TVC repacks some of these i was never able to get also ordered my set on Robotkingdom

  • General Hux

    The person who paid $900 for the VC version of Ahsoka on eBay probably just had a heart attack.

    • Bombadgungan

      And those “collectors” who were hoping to sell their TVC Ahsoka for $900 just threw their computer across the room.

  • Is this real? Why is this on robot kingdom and not the walmart website?

    • Matthew

      Robot Kingdom is a retail shop online in China, they always get stuff before the stores put it on their website.

      • Well I caved and went for it and I will tell ya when I get em, cost me a bit but will recover some of the cost by selling off the ackbar

    • Bombadgungan

      Because you’re talking about Walmart. Look how long it took them to get any of the other waves up on their site.

  • N.Chav

    Pffff.. They lost me at “Repacks”

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Ahsoka – don’t care for it all that much – never did – BUT, I’ll likely grab 1-2 for customs

    Royal Guard – yes, would like a few more – though I’d really like for his robes to be a better material

    Ackbar – I bought at least 10 of the TVC version – not really needing more, but I might bite anyway

    Lando – don’t need, I’m sure this is being included because he’s in EP8, and they won’t have a good EP8 figure of him available, if at all

    …would have been wiser to drop Lando and replace with a Gamorrean Guard.

    • Trovovo

      When I read “repacks” my first thought was “please, Gamorreans” ERGs was a close second though; one of the few TVC figures I completely missed.

  • Craig

    And you can preorder them now!!

  • Chris Spice

    With the first 3 turds in this line does anyone else feel like they are sinking this line on purpose? I get it, a lot of people missed Ahsoka but seriously, those who didn’t aren’t going to want any of these. Wake up Hasbro!

    • I disagree. Ahsoka and the ERG will be hugely popular. Sure, Ackbar and Lando aren’t the most inspired of choices but still popular OT characters.

      • General Hux

        I don’t have any of these figures so I was literally jumping for joy when I saw this announcement.

        • Chris Lastovich

          Yep! I completely missed out on the VC when my second son was born, so I’m happy I get a chance at these without Ebay prices for now. I’ll go back in a while and pick up the VC versions when the prices come down a bit.

  • valdacarr

    When and Where will always be the question

  • Steve Stuber

    Great for those who want more ERGs.

  • Gergely G Bódi

    When they arrives???

  • Adam Holt

    I hope this is real!!!!