• sam

    Will Walmart continue to have exclusive rights to 3.75 Black Series figures when TLJ merchandise is released on Sept 1st?

  • Hopeless collector

    R.I.P. Hasbro, you suck and fail your core customers.

    • Daniel Rice

      i agree!!!

      • Daniel Rice

        please everyone. Go on hasbro website and voice your concerns. They don’t deserve to have the Star Wars universe

  • CT-7567

    Prototype Fett? Surprising. I really like my TVC version. I definitely need Walrusman. Sandtrooper and Tusken are possibilities. Then again Walmart is packed with TFA TBS figures to the point where the new repack and RO waves are impossible to get, so these will be super HTF.

  • Binary Sunset

    Great news! I’ll be able to get Ponda Baba at last….oh wait, i don’t live in the US. Hasbro says i’m not suposed to collect star wars SA action figures.

  • Lloyd Wynn

    Once again a slap in the face for the 3.75 collectors…those that got this franchise going in the first place. Sad.

  • Richard Petsoff

    What I would very much like to see is the black series release a 3.75 version of DARTH REVAN!!!!

    • Brian Beck

      Sure, and you still won’t find it 🙂 I’m positive when the wave comes out my marts will have……more capt phasma/ahsoka’s.

      I’ll take all the sandtroopers you guys don’t want, it’s the only thing I’m interested in this wave.

  • Gloriouscollector

    I have to admit it I am happy that Hasbro is re’releasing The Empire Strikes Back Prototype Boba Fett figure.

  • SID

    well atleast all of these are in boxes (hopefully) so some of these like Ponda Baba can live in and out for display.

  • Gothiczartan84

    would be amazing if we could get a company to just focus on 3.75″ super
    articulated/super accurate figures that would be a win for the
    collectors. Basically the Hot Toys of 3.75″ for the rest of us who want
    that. How are the collectors going to get the 3.75 to 4″ scale action figures that has the highest articulation, what other toy company would make them. That is why Hasbro should sell the line to Hot Toys! If the line dies it won’t be many more collectors it makes it worse. Can someone mentioned the idea for Hasbro to sell the 3.75″ line to Hot Toys?

    • Gene Turlington

      Boss Fight Studios would be a better choice, love Hot Toys but BFS is the better choice for scale.

  • Firdaus Yahaya

    RIP rogue one wave 2 black series 3.75inch. Baze, chirrut and K-2SO, you’ll be missed.

    • Gloriouscollector

      Oh what could have been.

    • Gothiczartan84

      Hasbro should sell the 3.75″ line to Hot Toys so they can make them the way you collectors want.

  • It’s a sad 40th anniversary year for 3-3/4 fans. No new reveals and a lackluster black series wave. I really don’t like to complain, and I have been blessed with 40 years of amazing toys, but it just makes me feel a bit sad that Hasbro feels like they do not want to support this scale like they used to.
    I’m not switching to a new scale because That’s the scale Hasbro has decided for us to collect.
    I was looking through some old Tomart and Lee’s toy guides and wow, was Toy Fair different back then. So many great toys revealed that I had to plan out my toy budget for the whole year! Sadly, those times are over, but I hope that this is just a phase. Its just crazy to think how we have all of these new movies and we are not flooded with toys from all scales!
    To all the 6in fans, enjoy all the great toys!
    The one silver lining to all of this, is I can now give most of my toy money to Suoer7. Those guys are killing it!

    • SID

      Diddo. All accounts.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    I need exactly zero of any of these. This wave should have been SA K-2SO, Base, Chirrut, and maybe some repacked stormtroopers or Tarkin. But this is just a waste.

    • Gothiczartan84

      Would you want Hot Toys to produce the 3.75″ scale action figures that are highly articulated?

      • Boba Fettuccini

        No. The price point that would command would be more restrictive than what I’m paying now. I’d rather Hasbro just ditch their extraneous scales and stick to what made the brand to begin with

    • Brian Beck

      Those are coming out for the Han Solo movie, you know cause timing is everything 😉

    • CT-7567

      I’m happy about Walrusman, but I agree. RO was SO good there should be tons of figures being made from that movie.

  • Bombadgungan

    Ooo! I can’t wait to finally own a modern s/a Ponda Baba! They better include his alternate (flippered) hands.

  • LaurenceQuint

    Well, this is…..disappointing.

  • Fluke Skycrawler

    Boooooo, Hasbro!!

  • Star Wars 40th Anniversary: the Year of the Repacks *facepalm*

  • tigersith

    We won’t be able to find them though because Walmart is so messed up!

  • Mike Short

    I don’t have a orange pauldroon sandtrooper, I gave 3 POTF ones away or Ponda Baba so I’m satisfied, if they show up here in the UK 🙂

  • Danny

    When are these getting released? Did you get any dates?

  • Lord Toys

    Yawnnnnnn…..So Hasbro really has no idea who wants to give them money ….Go Figure

  • mic windu

    Sand trooper must be the running joke of ‘let us see if they will buy another version’, he has been released more than any other character ever! Would have prefered to have seen a repainted Tarkin

    • Bombadgungan

      When I first read that I thought you said “Sand People” and was thinking “you’re kidding, right”. LOL! But yeah, the Sandtrooper did get a ton of releases, especially in ’07. I sure hope they make sure this one has a dirty wash. And yes, I too would have preferred another shot at Tarkin, since I only ever saw him once during TVC and that one remains carded.

      • CT-7567

        Do you think the Tusken Raider will be new or a repack of the VTSC figure?

        • Bombadgungan

          Oh I’m sure it will be a straight repack. But it’s a great figure! I know a lot of people bemoan the angle elbows. While I do agree a retooling to give us ball joints would have been fantastic, I still feel this one is worthy of a reissue. Who can’t use more Sand People?