6″ Black Series Hera Update

Today we have an update regarding the status of the highly anticipated 6″ Black Series Hera Syndulla figure. As you know, she was pushed back out of wave 11 in order for Hasbro to refine the figure a bit. Now, we can share that Hera will be slotted into the first wave of 6″ Black Series figures for The Last Jedi, launching on Sept 1 (Force Friday).  Click on through to check out some new images.

  • Matt Koyak

    what number is she?

  • General Hux

    Cool looking figure, have to say I’m a little disheartened with collecting right now, Force Friday is less than 3 months away and I STILL don’t have the last 2 waves of the Rogue One 3.75″ figures and the newest Walmart wave, not to mention the Cassian/Shoretrooper.

    It’s been a royal pain in the a$$ I have to say, probably gonna bite the bullet and order the Raddus wave soon.

  • Bombadgungan

    Cool, but what did they change?

    • General Hux

      The knees and the head, the knees were initially too low and as you can see they still are a little bit but it looks a lot better.

      The face has more of an animated look now than it did before, and the Lekku were changed ever so slightly.

  • JasonH

    Great…another figure my area will never see.

    • Brian Beck

      yep. I already started bugging some online retailers about preorders on these .

  • LaurenceQuint

    At least this version (unlike the previous images) kinda resembles Hera, from a few angles, anyway. The earlier version looked nothing like her. (Kinda like how the “realistic” Sabina looks absolutely zip like the character.)

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Looks great, but I’m trying to avoid​ this scale for Rebels… But if this were in 3.75 scale….

    • LaurenceQuint

      Same here. I’d love a proper 3.75 Hera. The 5POA was all kinds of bad, even a lousy headsculpt.

  • Did they really change anything about the legs? Doesnt seem like it…The still seem way too long before the knee cap starts.

  • Fiery Little One

    Yep. She’s high on my list.

  • ghost man

    great looking figure. now…where’s my Jaxxon Black srs?

  • Christopher J Schroeder

    Can’t wait for that one…nice

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    highly anticipated by who?? that’s what they said about Ahsoka that’s on clearance for $9.99 what a waste of a figure Hasbro. Wow we have 1 alien Greedo. But hey give us a character from the worst Star Wars cartoon ever. No thanx i’ll pass.

    • Paul

      See this, this is why no one likes Jacen, and why he isn’t getting a figure in black series but his sister is.

      • ghost man

        sounds more like its cuz hes a tad troll.

        • Sith Lord Jacen

          you must be a tad libtard . Lap Habro’s rear and buy every piece of garbage they put out.

          • ghost man

            tell you something, buddy. unlike you…i dont insult easily. especially from a toy collector.

            try again. try harder.

          • Sith Lord Jacen and ghost man, knock it off.

          • ghost man

            mom? i thought you were dead.

          • Tony

            Jacen claims to be a ″true″ old school star wars fan, yet he thinks anything that comes out after 1983 is garbage. Sorry but a true star wars fan loves every aspect of the star wars story and loves when new material comes out to put the pieces together, whether it be cartoon, novel, comic, movie. So get lost and take your negativity to the star trek world.

          • ghost man

            im sorry………..youre directing that to me?

          • Sorry, but a “true” fan (if there is such a thing) doesn’t have to love every aspect.

          • Roq

            You truly love the prequels?

          • Bombadgungan

            YES! I do. Thank you for asking. 🙂

          • General Hux

            Right there with you! How you been Bombad? Also wanted to mention that I’m gonna be passing thru Portland on a trip sometime soon and was wondering if you knew of any good local collecting/comic book stores around the area? Thanks!

          • ghost man

            i ask again…….my negativity? or jacen’s?

          • Dont make him come back there!

          • grugz

            get thee to JTA mr grumpy.

    • The people that wanted Ahsoka got her. She sold like crazy and was hard to find when she was released over a year ago. Hera will have the same popularity for collectors. And Ahsoka, Asty, Bossk, Zuvio, Chewbacca, Jabba, and Yoda are all “aliens” 😉

    • Bombadgungan

      Highly anticipated by people who are fans of Star Wars beyond 1983. While Rebels may fall a bit flat for my taste, I know a lot of people love it. It has its moments and I can say I’m more a fan of some of the characters and individual moments than of the cartoon series as a whole.

      By all means rave about the parts of the Star Wars universe you love, even if it is limited to just the Original Trilogy, but why do you constantly feel the need to trash those parts that fellow fans love?

  • Paul

    So if she’s being slotted in any idea who’s being kicked out of the first wave, because based on the leaked gamestop list, they had already planned the 6 figures for the case assortment and they were:
    EP 4 Vader
    EP 4 Stormtrooper
    EP8 Victor (most likely snoke)
    EP8 Cool Beta (Either Luke or Rey)
    EP8 Foxtrot (eother Luke or Rey)
    There are other listings that work to confirm the Cool Beta and Foxtrot being Luke and Rey but I forgot which is which, although I think Foxtrot is Rey.
    R Blue Leader (Most likely Thrawn)

    If it were up to me I’d kick out the stormtrooper as I think he’ll be the least desired of the wave, but as Hasbro works in mysterious ways sometimes I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved Luke to a later assortment.

    • I believe they are doing 8 figure case packs.

      (and yes, Foxtrot is Rey)

      • Paul

        8 figures??!!!!

        “Runs to window, pushes out guy talking about how it’s his money and he wants it now, takes a deep breath!!!”


      • Seronious

        If they resort to cases of 8 figures, i hope they keep 6 to 7 new figures per case and perhaps produce more of the wave than what they did over the last few movies. There were 20 new figures packed in 5 waves (30 figures) for Rogue One. And 21 figures packed in 6 waves (36 figures) for Force Awakens. Obviously, they over did it with case packs with the Force Awakens and many of the repacks still hang out on the shelves.. Rogue One’s waves are not as bad, as I only see Cassian’s, a few Jyn’s and some Unmasked Kylos anymore. The rest are pretty much gone.

        Is it too much to dream of the Last Jedi having only 3 waves where 20 of the 24 figures are new? Doubt it will happen that way, it will probably be 21 figures out of 32 spread over 4 waves. But less waves would be better… so maybe i’ll be ok with this.

    • Brian Beck

      I need troopers to army build, so send the ones you don’t want my way 🙂