UPDATE: Another 40th Anniversary Vader Legacy Pack Variant

Joining all of the wave 2 card variants for the 40th Anniversary Collection, the Darth Vader Legacy Pack box has also received the text adjustment for the age recommendation – switching to all UPPER CASE. Since Target has given up the ghost on carrying this set, you can continue to find steady shipments of these hitting Walmart.

UPDATE: This text change also extends to the Darth Vader cardback inside the box making for 3 distinct carded versions:

“Red Eyes” variant – lower case text
“Dark Eyes” variant – lower case text
“Dark Eyes” variant – UPPER CASE text

  • Chris Cooke

    Now to get really geeky, what are the production dates on these?
    (Serious question for my spread sheet)

  • Firestick User

    If anyone cares, Kmart and Best Buy have some left.

    • Jason May

      Got a red eye from Best Buy

  • Brian Beck

    Do people go so far as to actually try to fine and get something as subtle as a text change ? I mean if you do whatever floats your boat but–“talk to your Doctor, Cymbalta can help, schedule a appointment today”

    • Some do, yes. But as I stated on Facebook, this info is more about informing the public and documenting production variants than encouraging the “collect one of everything” crowd.

      • Brian Beck

        how was that even found ? my job is very detail orientated with product SKU’s and such, and I would have never noticed that.

        …I don’t ‘facebook’…….

      • Cody Brown

        Reminds me of all the text changes on the back of the wave 1 TVC stuff (2010 TVC not 6″), at first with the line I wanted all the variations I could find but those text changes mixed with the foil variations and I couldn’t keep up with all, always glad to see someone is documenting this though.

        • Reminds me of the TVC Luke Skywalker Jabba’s Palace/Endor Capture figure. There were 5-6 variants of that counting photo(s), text, accessory bubble placement, belt and name pill coloration.

          • CT-7567

            I never found the Jedi Knight card variant. It wasn’t correct for the figure, but i wanted it anyway. I’d love to see them use that Endor Capture Luke for a proper Jedi Luke and Endor Gear Luke in the new TVC.

      • regissuire

        Thanks for doing this documentation work, some collectors are very much interested to know about those variations, just because when building our mint on card collection, it is important to select the card that will fit the best amongst all the others (I know for this instance that I will only pick up the lower case cards for homogenous purpose) … this is not so much a case of “encouraging to collect one of everything” indeed, but much more a matter of “helping to collect only the best one amongst the everything” 😉