Site News: End of an Era, But Business As Usual

Read anything good on the internet lately? Me neither. So let’s change that (yes, I’m overselling it). After 20+ years of reporting toy news for Hasbro via the info generously doled out through press releases and agencies, it appears that has been dropped from the list of those receiving direct communication and promotional materials from Hasbro. Read on for what will and won’t change around here for the foreseeable future. Intriguing!!!

What does that mean for you the reader? Not much. What does that mean for us as a site? Maybe less than that as I don’t suckle at the teat of official press releases and face time with the Hasbro brand team. will exist (for now) as it always has – to provide information “By the Fans. For the Fans”, period. I don’t care and NEVER have cared about ad revenue, clicks, hits, page views, retention, bounce rate, comments or being the “#1” anything in this hobby. I hope that is painfully obvious after all of these years of me running this ship.

Things that will carry on here per usual (horrible site stability issues and all – it’s part of the charm):

  • Continue covering Hasbro as a brand, meaning I will still post official news, RUMORS AND LEAKS from physical stores, eBay and online retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys”R”Us etc.). Basically ANYTHING that is accessible via a direct link to the general public and information shared from said sources that can be found with the slightest bit of patience and persistence
  • I will at times post rumors and leaks using playful/frustrating methods requiring the reader to do a bit of investigating and “work” on their own
  • If I post something and ANY brand/licensor asks us to remove it, I will without question – as I have always done. The onus is on the brand/licensor to tell us what to remove on a case by case basis, not an outmoded blanket rule. It is not my job to NOT inform the public when a retailer (major or otherwise) lists/sells a product they shouldn’t by not adhering to published street dates
  • I will continue to NOT POST images taken from stockrooms or locations that can’t be verified as being accessible to the general public (i.e. not “on shelf”)
  • Reporting news/rumors/leaks by utilizing the potential of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) in order to disseminate our reports in as wide an information net as possible. This helps our readers and fans keep up-to-date on the latest developments and in turn, they contribute to our reports (with great appreciation from me)

Things that will change and/or stop for the foreseeable future: 

  • I purposely DID NOT cover Hasbro’s HASCON in any way. No images, no news, and no links to others covering that event nor will I be promoting it going forward
  • We WILL NOT solicit readers for feedback/suggestions/votes in regard to future Hasbro products on their behalf (this includes fans’ choice polls). Although, we will continue to promote final round voting on said polls when posted on

Like I said, not much changes but in order to quell some of the whispers, rumors, vague editorializing and commenting, I thought a public announcement would show transparency and a continued commitment to you the collector and fans of what I try to accomplish here.

Remember, these are all still silly articles about toys after all.

Yours in plastic,

– Jayson Krebsbach
Owner/Content Manager/Photographer/Social Media Guy | Serving Star Wars Collectors Worldwide

  • You are great Jayson!!!

  • Wayne Collins

    We played Jayson and

    I really see the control over other fans sites start to get tighter and tighter over the next year or two. I think Hasbro have made a huge error of judgement by cutting out one of the most popular fan sites out there.
    I await the day that the fan sites who have remained in Hasbro pocket, start to release information in a controlled timely manner, all at the same time. I think any site remaining under Hasbro’s control (and lets be honest, like it or not, that’s what they are now), will in time become Clones of each other.
    So fair play to the team at Yakface. I am sure your decision not to pimp yourself to Hasbro’s desires, will pay of in the long term!
    I think this is exactly what collectors need. A site free from Hasbro’s control.
    Good luck. Not that I think you will need any luck!!

  • CT-7567

    I’m not sure what this is all about. It seems like punishment from Hasbro for posting product images and info?? If that’s the case, Hasbro can screw. They give us, as consumers and collectors, NOTHING to go n as far as information on upcoming product. If it wasn’t for SW collecting sites like this one, with the beyond excellent coverage of FF by Jayson prior to September 1st, I would have had no idea what was coming. Hasbro wants us to buy stuff blindly without even having the movie cone out for months. That’s bad enough, buy to expect people to line up at midnight without knowing what’s even available or how much money you might need is stupid and, frankly, counterproductive to Hasbro’s whole business of selling SW toys for a new film. They DisneyHasbro secrecy crap has been carried WAY too far and it’s hurting the lines that are based on these movies. We had to wait TWO YEARS for TFA Luke because of this nonsense. I will continue to support Yakface and remain grateful to the site and Jayson for the excellent coverage. Furthermore, I cannot express in words how impressed I am by Jayson for not pandering to Hasbro just to get some free merch and access to Hasbro team members who, even though all they do is make toys, are regarded by some people as rock stars. I hate the whole attitude of thinking that if you personally know someone that works at Hasbro it’s like knowing a celebrity. Steve Evans sells toys, he’s not a Beatle. And he definitely isn’t doing the job as well as previous holders of his position have. That’s why we’re getting the TVC back. Hasbro alienated their main customers and TVC is a desperate attempt to get that group back. With a first wave if repacks of epic peg-warmers. I hope Hasbro realizes that a lot of that collector customer base holds this site in high regard. This is just one more reason to be disgusted with that company.

    • Wayne Collins

      What a post! Could not agree more with most of that. Absolutely hit the nail on the head!

      I really see the control over other fans sites start to get tighter and tighter over the next year or two.

    • SID

      SIR as always we are 100% on the “same page”. A MOUTHPIECE is just that… Both ways.

  • Barney Dunn

    Hasbro Pulse was supposed to be their answer to fan sites. “Never miss a beat! Destination for the latest Hasbro news” Does anyone know Hasbro Pulse even exists? Seems like a nonstarter.

    • SID

      I remember when Hasbro press touted 3D print our toys… As the next development for ???? Release. Whole webpage and everything if I recall… Oh conglomerates’ you slay me.

  • BCYa

    Hopefully Hasbro wises up and changes their ways, and treats you with more respect.

    It kind of feels like Disney is going out of its way to ostracize people these days. There’s no reason we can’t all have fun together with Star Wars, ya know?

  • Jimmy_2Pack

    Sorry to hear this news. I’ve visited Yakface for years, and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work Jayson!

  • TorynGlavin

    Jayson has always seemed like one of the nicest people out there covering Star Wars collectibles. This seems really unnecessary and highly unfair. So sorry Jayson !! 🙁

  • Blizzard Force

    Sad to hear this but am not surprised. As has been covered in previous comments Hasbro would just rather have one less website to monitor and supply. Everyone can see that many fan sites are just an extension of Hasbro’s marketing division. The tide has turned from rebellion to tolerance to cooperation for mutual benefit.
    Such is life but I’ll still come here as long as you are still updating the site. Hope you can keep it going.
    Or…. why not cut yourself loose, get a new focus, you are good at what you do why not do it somewhere else, something less like swimming up stream.

  • Gabriel Mican

    Finally was able to read this! I 100% support what Jayson just posted and the decisions made therein! Sites such as this one and JTA is what makes me go out and buy SW toys for fun, not Hasbro.

    • BB-Mate

      what this guys is saying!!!!

  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    I’m trying to remember the last time when direct communication from Hasbro to an actual collectors’ site amounted to anything beyond “Oh, that’s an interesting idea. We might have to think about thinking about that.”

    Keep up the good work and congrats on getting called out for not bowing down before Hasbro/Disney!

    • SID

      Its in “THE PARKING LOT”… Aka we know you want it, we have it… Maybe someday… If your lucky… If….we can brake a buck to feed it to you.

  • Sorry for the sad news, but who the hell needs Hasbro anyway? Stay strong, the Astromech Alliance is on your side! 😀

  • heybert17

    I am surprised Hasbro hasn’t tried to get most of the collector sites shut down completely so they can continue to play their asinine, teaser preview games. No one likes that stuff. Just show us what is coming out and do it right, you know, like the collector sites.

    • Barney Dunn

      Hasbro Pulse. This worked out well.

  • Barney Dunn

    Hasbro seems to prefer antiquated and practically obsolete news outlets like Entertainment Weekly and USA Today to promote their toys which is shortsighted and speaks to how oblivious they are to the new media landscape. You will see companies like Funko and Hot Toys who have a better understanding of how to connect with their fanbase begin to smother Hasbro in the marketplace. If that has not already happened. Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) closed August 22 down -18.63%. And the bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us may make things even worse for Hasbro who may have to turn to online sales to survive. Hasbro choosing to alienate in this treacherous time for the toy industry is poor timing and simply dumb.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Gotta wonder how much of TRU’s problems are due to the craziness at Disney/Hasbro for taking advantage of the Star Wars/Marvel license and making crap product that consumers aren’t going to fall for?

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        I would guess 6%.

      • SID

        Hey don’t speak the truth. cooperate trolls are everywhere… Watching… Waiting…

    • BB-Mate

      Wow an educated and accurate view of the problem. Kudos to you sir!

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    The Force is with you Yakface, always.

  • King Bowser

    Thank you for all you do Yakface! I am in your corner, and appreciate it. It’s a shame that Hasbro/Disney has resorted to this sort of thing, and it speaks ill of them.

  • Ryan Meddaugh

    Visits the site few times a day for years and years no plans to stop now!

  • SID

    Very glad THIS SITE IS NOT BOUGHT AN PAID for with PR bribes an false lieu of corporate entanglements.

  • SWDave

    Your site rocks and is the best in the business. Thank you for not being a lemming and a sychophantic egomaniac. Keep up the amazing work!!

  • RumDumb

    Hasbro shows us stuff weeks after leaks so no worries there. YAKFACE will always remain as part of my daily news feeds.

  • SID

    Thank you Jayson. No reason to kneel and worship the golden calf of Hasbro. Attending HasCon felt like one giant “product test”… With an entry fee. Seeing many collectors sucking up to employees that are gloating about “how amazing SW license” is (and pushing junk like Nerf and diecast… Still). Yucking it up with the Managers and PR like recess, brown nosing on both sides made me sick. I could’ve easily mingled with people like EVEN STEVE’N but all I have is negative feedback…. Which would’ve been Met with lies, excuses, misdirection and back peddling. So why even bother!????!???

    What I saw was enough to prove everything you said in your statement correct. I had always assumed but to actually see it in person made me laugh… Not that any of it was funny.

    • Like A Bossk

      I can relate to what your saying the tiptoe dance on eggshell thing with Hassbro while lips puckered is crystal clear to many who watch and listen to interviews, I can only imagine the amount of kneepads needed for some individuals conducting theses Q&As. Sorry you had to witness first-hand that masquerade of a convention.

      • SID

        It was a “trip”. Like people at a buffet shoving more poison down their throats… After knowing such. I witnessed site moderators (other sites mentioned here by others) acting like it was all some “political… Insider… Boys club”. Witnessing online Slamming someone(s) then sucking up to them… Both sides ear to ear grins… Brothers from another mother. Etc. Etc. Etc. Talk about zero REPORTING credibility.
        So glad ya get free toys tied to the snare of your master… Cuz hey you cannot forget who and what owns you.

        • Like A Bossk

          Sounds like characters from the movie Cruel Intentions.

          • SID

            Honestly it was like that… On the nose. I won’t mention names here (you could figure it out by cruising my disqus I’m sure)… But it was sickening seeing “well known” individuals whom are HUGE critics (egos to boot). Salivating over “excess” to some employees with a swagger of been there done that.

            Heck… During the SW panel grownups arms in air screaming for FREE Nerf, blade builders, or a furby porg (the room stopped then nearly erupted on that note). I just watched the smirks lined up on the panel of employees and could only laugh and shake my head.

  • Bats2012

    JTA is to concerned with clicks and ad revenue to stay focused. It’s just a platform for the leader of the site at this point. Always pointing out political things the actors say and starting nasty comment threads.

    • SID

      Exactly. Too often it feels like the Wild West. So much I usually don’t bother reading much or entering the abyss of comments. An all the better for abstaining.

    • BCYa

      He is the Trump of Star Wars toy news. Of course he’s gonna be upset about Luke daring to question the president – he doesn’t like be questioned, either.

      If he kept his negativity to himself, his site could be great. But he has proven he just can’t do that, can’t act like a big boy.

      • Bats2012

        I lost interest in the site when he started literally typing how Trump talks.

        • BCYa

          This is what he e-mailed to me yesterday.

          “I will NOT have you disrespect me another moment. You are not welcomed at JTA any longer.
          Have a nice life.

          Ha ha! What a little baby! I “disrespected” a guy who’s disrespectful all the time. Such a Trump.

          • Bats2012

            He makes fun of millennials and people who need “safe spaces”. Quieting dissent is creating a safe space, ironic.

          • I deleted the private email exchange comment. Feel free to discuss any public exchange

          • Bats2012

            I believe that was someone else’s comment. I don’t really have anything else to say though unless someone engages me based on previous comments.

            I’d rather put that drama behind me and focus on the hobby.


    I have been a reader since 97′ and this changes nothing for me. Don’t cave, this is the reason why I do not support or like fHasbro. They changes as a company for the worse.

    I have to ask is Rebelscum on that list? It’s truly a useless site. They never have breaking news and the only thing worth checking out is their sales forum and that’s about it. Even that is sparse.

  • Jason

    Wow did you badmouth a Porg or something?

    • BCYa

      This would be punished by death, no banishment.

      Porgs rule!

      • Jason

        Apparently from a new SW book, they are quite tasty.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Corporate greed just can’t handle it when someone like Jayson beats them at their own game.

    • SID

      Yeah Hasbro doesn’t like it when you DON’T PLAY THEIR GAMES… Pun intended.

      • BCYa

        Mattel does the same thing, at least with the WWE figure line. It’s almost like being a spy, they try to be so secretive. We love toys and want to know as much as we can – isn’t that what they should want?

        • SID

          That’s exactly what I saw during the MARVEL LEGENDS panel at HASCON fans knew and called put HASBRO on every release even the q/a with minors (under 12yr) called out releases they didn’t or… ever had (toy biz) I as a fellow “collector” (of toys) I was astonished. It was like a cub scouts meeting. I had zero response. it was like the room had sway of the “panel”. True fan input. I as a SW fan was jealous lol.

    • GIBBS v2

      Well I hope the “rules” around here are a little more flexible now. I personally want it all, every little juicy secret and rumor or image out there. Thats what makes being a fevered fan so much fun. Thats what drives a fan site, rumor mill baby if your not this might as well be Hasbro’s site. Playing by Hasbro’s rules makes Yakface a dull boy. Informative and polite as always but lets cut loose a bit. Whoo hoo!

    • CT-7567

      Well said.

  • Like A Bossk

    Hassbro can shove that list. Yakface is on the Star Wars Fan’s VIP list. Everyone knows where the real party is.

  • Yakface just went Underground. Someday you may be as hardcore as Rebelscum…the site too cool to bother with comment sections.

    • Bats2012

      We have a full forum

  • Thanks for what you do, I visit daily and appreciate all that you do for the hobby!

  • jedipatrick

    Honestly, it was meant to happen. Hasbro has decided to promote their toys through social media and mostly Instagram by feeding material (actual figures and toys) directly to major IG users. I could name at least a dozen of these guys who received FREEBIES a few weeks prior to the last Star Wars Celebration, with a clear mission to take pictures and display them on their IG account.

    This is the new way of doing marketing: involving the fans, sending them free products, asking them to take pictures and make it look like the products are cool and very desirable. I’ve seen some IGers even pretending Titanium Series figures are hot stuff by posting numerous pictures of that crap.

    So with social media, and these IG users failing to see how they’re being played by Hasbro, traditional websites like Yakface, Rebelscum and JTA are prone to disappear. Whether you like it or not, Instagram and Facebook have replaced the need for Hasbro to keep a relationship with fans websites. With social media, they simply do not need to use Internet websites as a “intermediaires”: with IG and Facebook, they are in direct contact with the fans.

    So it was just a matter of time that this would happen. Next thing I foresee is JTA, Rebelscum and other sites to be cut loose by Hasbro. No more press kits for these either. Hasbro has learned that there are some who can do your jobs for far less and for their best interest. As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram is the best marketing tool for a company that knows how to use it properly, it puts the right amount of “peer pressure” on the collector community and create a desire and to own a product that is soon or has just been released.

    So keep things running on your Instagram account. This is the future of the SW community. For better of for worse.

    • darthmo

      Hasbro can do whatever it likes it doesn’t mean sites like this or JTA will go by the wayside or become less relevant. There’s always a need for sites like these to critique, to catalogue product and for collectors/consumers to share their enjoyment or voice their opinions which Hasbro whether they admit it down the line or not based on your future forecast will still take note of.
      Hasbro sure won’t stop me coming to sites like this and I’m sure that feeling is shared by many.

  • Rivesjunctionite


  • scram

    Rather come here for news, as Paul’s JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES has turned into a “piss and moan” site about his pessimism to all new Star Wars fulms.


      Did you find your safe space?

    • darthmadonna

      do you feel better?

    • grugz

      true,sadly, and he constantly slags off Hasbro, Disney and totally disrespects 6 inch collectors in the vague guise of “humour”

  • Scott from Tulsa

    In your credentials you failed to list “Beer Drinker” & “Father to Current & Future Star Wars Fans” Grade A announcement my friend, GRADE A announcement.

  • Great to see you not caving into the pressure and reporting the facts.

  • Bombadgungan

    So glad you’re still up and running. My first thought was oh please don’t make me go to “that site” for news! And it kind of is about what you do at Yakface vs. what other’s do. That’s the whole reason we come here for our news and keep returning. So keep doing what you’re doing Yakface!

  • Robert Collins

    Are you being punished for the Force Friday checklist?!

  • General Hux

    Well, I say good riddance to Hasbro then! This makes Yakety Yak even better now.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    i don’t really understand any of what’s going on but keep up the good work!

    disney and hasbro acting kind of silly when it comes to toys. they’re just toys.

    • SID

      No each figure is a new idol to worship. The more you collect the more friends. Get enough and replace your family.

    • GIBBS v2

      “Just Toys”. Exactly! They have no competition, we patiently wait product to arrive. Getting excited for whats coming down the pipe is half the fun. Just who are they worried about that they have to tighten the reins so much?

  • Jaghearse

    Great site. Just glad you’re still here.

  • Darth_Raww

    Thank you Jayson for all you do!

    • soxpicks .

      Simply put & I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Jaken Wraith

    If they cut me off from “Official” Press Releases, and the Promo Boxes from Litzky PR after following the “rules” for so many Year’s, i’d start running every leak i see and come across. I’d rather break an early leak anyway compared to anythign that’s “official”. Makingstarwars seem’s to be doing just fine without any “official” releationship. Who cares what Hasbro/Disney think’s. They want to stop leak’s, maybe they need to do thing’s differently to prevent them.

  • Shannon Vokes

    Yakface is by far my favorite site, and will continue to be. I feel Hasbro has been putting profit over customer satisfaction for a long time now. Its really sad because for many of us, Star Wars and the figures have been a lifetime commitment. Their only commitment is to their shareholders. Quality has been in the dumps. Product releases and advertising has been getting worse and worse every year. Honestly, who releases everything on a single day without letting people know what will be hitting the shelves? Why not let people know what is coming so they can save and prepare for the day? I hope that Disney ends up destroying the contract with Hasbro and takes over on the 6″ and 3 3/4 lines. Their elite series is pretty awesome for metal figures. Can you imagine what they could do with plastic? I wont talk about other sites because ultimately I feel that all sites will have to grovel at Hasbro’s feet for doggy treats. Just hope Hasbro is aware that they are seriously turning people off. Actually I think they are fully aware because in past interviews they have called out peoples disappointments by name. its truly sad. You look at some of the incredible stuff being released for Transformers (A Hasbro owned property) and you wonder why Star Wars is being treated so bad. I really think it falls in profits over anything else, and there is not as much in a product they have to pay licensing fee’s for. Thanks for your hard work, and keep up the good job!

  • Darth Bre

    ‘The more you tighten your grip, the more fan systems slip through your fingers….’. Please keep up the good work Jayson and Yakface. I enjoy the Enloe trials, wider star wars news/ customs and star wars passion found here, which is one of this sites great strengths so am happy if this continues. The hard work you put into this site is appreciated.

  • Mike Short

    Stay independent Jason, people respect you more, sounds like another Hasbro screw up to me.

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    I applaud you Yakface and Jayson for your courage. It’s why you’re my favorite. Hasbro will come crawling back.

    • Thanks. My intent is not to be brought back into the fold nor will I ask/plead to be reinstated. It is what it is.

      • Pieter Ketelaar

        And that’s how it’s evident you’re doing this for the right reasons.

      • GIBBS v2

        Thanks for all your work and effort and everyone who might assist you.

      • CT-7567

        I admire your stance. Thanks for all you do and, although im only one reader, you’ll always have my support. 🙂

      • SID

        Your now a hero to me. Thank you for everything… Always.

  • Wedgered2

    Going Rouge… I love it.

    • Darth Parsley

      I think he is Rebelling…..
      that’s what Rebels do right?

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I wish more people went rouge. Bleu and blanc too.

  • Mother_Talzin

    I’ve always enjoyed this site because of the attention to detail you put into checklists, cataloging UPC numbers, and photo archives (among other things) – it makes collecting easier when we know what’s being released and how to track it down. You’d think Hasbro would praise you for making their products easier to find for consumers.

    • Like A Bossk
      • Bats2012

        But we weren’t supposed to find those until 11/1!

        • Like A Bossk

          Thats what i thought but i checked iventory for walmart via upc and it showed like twenty in stock I was skeptical because the older figures trace back with the same number.I still decided to pay a vist at first glance there seemed to be the same old peg heaters but I looked up on the very top and yes the new wave from TLJ.There were 2 of each but only 1 of the Trooper. I scanned them and they rang up. If they didnt i woulf of just self checked out with a Old Man Solo.

          • Bats2012

            I know that, I’ve gotten three Lukes, one for mint two for loose/customs. Got a mint EPG and Executioner too.

            I was saying Hasbro is mad at Yakface for helping us get stuff before its shelf date!

        • GIBBS v2

          Really, these were out at my craptacular Walmart on Force Friday.

  • mic windu

    It is frustrating that it is the retailers that are failing and fan sites that promote star wars products are being penalised. Hasbro have next to no direct communication with it’s fan base hence why such dedicated fans started websites like this to help collate and announce news to the community. Without a doubt I wouldn’t of been as interested in the hobby if it wasn’t for this site and others. There will be an awakening when the star wars bubble bursts and long term collectors realise that 90% of what Hasbro have been peddling has been crap. With the latest news of Toys R Us, now more than ever companies need fans to keep the momentum alive.

    Jayson, Yakface, I appreciate all you do.

  • DarthCanabis

    Tell Hasbro they can go suck a bag of ……

    • Like A Bossk

      Wampa _ _ _ _ _

  • Like A Bossk

    YAKFACE will always be my number 1 Source For real cut to the chase information. When you want drama or Fake News you know it isn’t here.

  • David Cruz

    Jayson, just want to say Thank You for bringing us the latest news. You ROCK (and your staff as well).

    Your site is one of main source of excitement for us the fans and also contributes to our overall support of the Star Wars product under hasbro.

    The Force flows strong within you my friend!

  • darthmadonna

    This news seems sad but at the same time hopeful and freeing. We as Star wars fans and collectors I feel started out as underdogs as a sub culture so bye bye to Disney and their corporate stranglehold on our fandom. 🙂 Best of luck to Yakface and you still have my support.

  • baghutch

    Did this happen with any other sites?

  • baghutch

    JTA had been warning/bragging that penalties were coming for other sites over Last Jedi coverage that they would not be subjected to. I appreciate your coverage here with what was actually happening instead of pretending that almost every item wasn’t being found on shelves or Ebay. Hasbro only pushes people away with a reaction like this.

    • SID

      Exactly they tired to treat it like its XMAS day. I’ve not bought a single thing… (But 5x Nerf u-wings for $7 @ WalMart clearance) Now that is a state of Hasbro.

  • JawaKing

    Jayson, you and your staff provide both valuable information and indulgent entertainment on this quality site. It is unfortunate that Hasbro does not seem to recognize what a valued resource you are to the collecting community.

  • Melody Deel

    I appreciate all the news you give us!

  • Diddly

    Reminds me a lot of what happened with LEGO sending a cease and desist to YouTube video reviewer JangBricks, because he bought some TLJ LEGO sets that were found on shelves before FF and reviewed them. It screams of Disney ordering Hasbro and LEGO to do this

    I love YakFace and will continue to visit.

  • BB-Mate

    Well we all knew that was coming!

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Jayson, you do great work in your own style.

    Meanwhile, where’s my Vintage Collection Yakface action figure?

    • Like A Bossk

      They droped him off the vintage collection list. Guess Hassbro has issues with anything Yackface.

  • Indysolo007

    Thank you for all you do! Hasbro/Disney are borderline inasane when it comes to covering up these leaks. Most likely they don’t want people complaining about sub-par products too early as it may discourage Force Friday etc. Instead of making better products, having normally released information and making products available they choose to attack collector sites and fans. Sites like Yakface and Jeditemplearchives should be places for fans to discuss our hobby and not have to deal with battling Hasbro over leaked products. Probably a good thing not to give Hasbro too much free publicity. I think it becomes dangerous when these paid articles end up on yahoo and entertainment weekly rather than fan sites. Fans are the ones who buy the products. However many of us on these boards apparently don’t mean as much to Hasbro as one half-wit in a Chewie mask laughing like a loon. Hasbro time and again ignores the collectors who have poured money into these lines for decades now, for fleeting, short term profits. Rather than develop a long time strategy, they go after the low hanging fruit of a one-time movie release cash grab and on to the next one. That doesn’t seems to have a brand sustainability long term goal but hey, it’s Hasbro’s line to up mess up and they seem to be doing a bang up job!

    • SID

      Should be pinned higher up. Wow. Its like rapid fire.

  • All the fan sites, whether you feel it or believe it or not, are actually in your court with this. None of us agree with the locking down of our free press with regards to leaks and new product reveals. After what happened to us, Hasbro made it clear what their expectations were. I think that’s where things fell apart for some: whether or not to follow those new protocols.

    • Pieter Ketelaar

      …And Paul makes it about himself.

      Then he posts a whine/rant on his site.

      You want discussion Paul? Why don’t you unblock me?

  • This article isn’t about what other sites do versus what we do here. Please, refrain from attacking others or making unjust comparisons.

    • “Maybe less than that as I don’t suckle at the teat of official press releases and face time with the Hasbro brand team.” Sounds like a reference to what ‘other sites’ do versus what you do here to me. How would you expect it to sound to your other readers?

      • BB-Mate

        Of course it was, we all got that. But I guess in a highly sensitive society, disclaimers to refrain triggered fanatics is always mandatory. Oh well, still silly articles about toys after all 😉

      • That was your inference, not what was stated. A distinction with a difference.

      • Golden_Rod
      • Justin Szarabajka

        It didn’t sound that way to me. It sounded like a jab at what Hasbro might expect or pressure sites to do. A declaration of independence.

        • Tom Chorlton

          That’s how it read to me, as well.

          • Mike Short

            Ditto 🙂

      • Like A Bossk

        It sounded to me that he was simply stating what he does not do. I’m sure some sites do such things and are willing to pucker up when asked but thats not what I read. Do you know any sites that play submissive?

      • BCYa

        God, is everybody with JTA a super sensitive snowflake?

        If you don’t suckle, then you know you don’t suckle. It seems like you guys are looking for something that ain’t there, so you can be the martyrs of the SW toy community.

        Good lord, they’re just toys! Get over yourselves.

      • CT-7567

        It sounds like him expressing his opinion and stance on the situation. He never said “like other sites do” or anything like that. That’s how I took it anyway.

    • So we can make comparisons as long as they are just?

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    You are always first each day except Monday-have to read adams Q & A on GH.

    • SID

      Same here ALWAYS FIRST. dunno why lol now 20yrs+ later its just a fact. I love everything about this site.

  • Golden_Rod

    Jayson thanks for your unceasing efforts here at Yakface. We realize you have a life and that this doesn’t really matter. That said, we appreciate the time you put in here.

    We all know you don’t need Hasbro’s “strategic” press releases (hollywood report and ew exclusives. really?) 12 hours before Force Friday to accurately inform fans.

    Get a clue Hasbro. We love your designs and toys, but your preferential treatment of your fan base and horrible distribution need to be reassessed.


      Not sure I love their designs or toys anymore. It’s been on a steady decline.

  • The D.O.

    If you can say, what happened for them to pull you?

    • TatooineSandworm

      They listed all the DPCI/UPC/SKU news from retailers websites in an easy to read and follow format. When people found items on store shelves, they made sure to write articles about it and include the pictures.

      Sounds nefarious right? Definitely worth getting Black Listed over right? Cause corporate Disney/Lucasfilm/Hasbro hate free marketing.

      psst. What they really hate is having to explain to Yahoo/io9/nerdist/US Weekly/etc why their exclusive story that they paid money to Hasbro to run, got scooped by fan sites and took the clicks away from those who paid for them.

      • The D.O.


      • Melody Deel

        I appreciated that information!!!! it helped me plan my shopping!

        • TatooineSandworm

          Sounds like they are going to keep doing it, so you can keep on planning that shopping. Yakface just won’t get the Press Releases in the first onslaught first. Doesn’t mean they can take publicly disseminated images and re post them though. I honestly see no change to the content Yakface will be posting in the future, which is great for the fans!

      • Imperial AMG-mobile

        Why does posting information that HELPS Habsbro’s customers find their products so that they can buy them piss Hasbro off?

        • TatooineSandworm

          $1,000,000 Question Folks

  • russ

    emperor kennedy strikes again. Hasbro is a slave to Disney.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    grow some nads and start posting leaked pics.
    there is nothing they can do about it. its News.
    switch servers so they cant take you down.

    • Golden_Rod

      you obviously have never migrated a website.

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        I have. What’s your counter point? Explain.

        He just said he doesn’t care about ad money, and Hasbro isn’t cooperating so why not report actual toy news and post images when they’re all over facebook and IG? Disney has no power over the 1st amendment.

        • Jordan Siron

          I mean, the 1st amendment only applies to attempted censorship on the part of the government. While I don’t like it either, by law private entities are absolutely within their rights to control how/when information pertaining to their business is dispersed to the public.

          It’s just like how private organizations (social media, for instance) are legally within their right to ban people who post things that go against the guidelines they’ve established in their terms and conditions.

          Is it stupid on Hasbro/Disney’s part? Absolutely! Should we ignore their desires? Maybe. Is it an actual matter of the trampling of the first amendment? No, not by its own terms.

          • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

            News, in this case “toy” news, is covered by Freedom of the Press.
            Just because Disney or some webhosting companies violate this over fricking toy pics, doesn’t mean a website doesn’t have a right to post them.

        • Golden_Rod

          I stand corrected.

          • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

            I figured you wouldn’t have a real answer.

            If I did run this site, I would do what I suggested. I’m not in the Star Wars News business though.

  • Kicker2

    It’s a wonder Jeditemplearchives gets any coverage or communiaction from Hasbro as much they love to crap on modern Hasbro SW and the new films.

    • A huge wonder! I mean, I’m sure criticizing Disney Star Wars hurts Hasbro’s feelings too!

      • John Titus

        Uh-oh you hurt mr. Senstives feelings. Careful you don’t start Paul’s nerd rage.

      • Alice Charlie Scoles

        Paul loves the Force awakens!!!lmao

    • BCYa

      I always wonder how they get so much news. They must have some Bothans on the inside or something.

      Their news is the best in the biz. Their crapping sucks.

  • TatooineSandworm

    Appreciate what you do for the fans! Keep leaking those case assortments and upcoming product. It isn’t fun to sit the dark all year long and have a Farce Friday reveal it all to us.