Site News: End of an Era, But Business As Usual

Read anything good on the internet lately? Me neither. So let’s change that (yes, I’m overselling it). After 20+ years of reporting toy news for Hasbro via the info generously doled out through press releases and agencies, it appears that has been dropped from the list of those receiving direct communication and promotional materials from Hasbro. Read on for what will and won’t change around here for the foreseeable future. Intriguing!!!

What does that mean for you the reader? Not much. What does that mean for us as a site? Maybe less than that as I don’t suckle at the teat of official press releases and face time with the Hasbro brand team. will exist (for now) as it always has – to provide information “By the Fans. For the Fans”, period. I don’t care and NEVER have cared about ad revenue, clicks, hits, page views, retention, bounce rate, comments, getting free merchandise/promotional “gifts” or being the “#1” anything in this hobby. I hope that is painfully obvious after all of these years of me running this ship.

Things that will carry on here per usual (horrible site stability issues and all – it’s part of the charm):

  • Continue covering Hasbro as a brand, meaning I will still post official news, RUMORS AND LEAKS from physical stores, eBay and online retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys”R”Us etc.). Basically ANYTHING that is accessible via a direct link to the general public and information shared from said sources that can be found with the slightest bit of patience and persistence
  • I will at times post rumors and leaks using playful/frustrating methods requiring the reader to do a bit of investigating and “work” on their own
  • If I post something and ANY brand/licensor asks us to remove it, I will without question – as I have always done. The onus is on the brand/licensor to tell us what to remove on a case by case basis, not an outmoded blanket rule. It is not my job to NOT inform the public when a retailer (major or otherwise) lists/sells a product they shouldn’t by not adhering to published street dates
  • I will continue to NOT POST images taken from stockrooms or locations that can’t be verified as being accessible to the general public (i.e. not “on shelf”)
  • Reporting news/rumors/leaks by utilizing the potential of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) in order to disseminate our reports in as wide an information net as possible. This helps our readers and fans keep up-to-date on the latest developments and in turn, they contribute to our reports (with great appreciation from me)

Things that will change and/or stop for the foreseeable future: 

  • I purposely DID NOT cover Hasbro’s HASCON in any way. No images, no news, and no links to others covering that event nor will I be promoting it going forward
  • We WILL NOT solicit readers for feedback/suggestions/votes in regard to future Hasbro products on their behalf (this includes fans’ choice polls). Although, we will continue to promote final round voting on said polls when posted on

Like I said, not much changes but in order to quell some of the whispers, rumors, vague editorializing and commenting, I thought a public announcement would show transparency and a continued commitment to you the collector and fans of what I try to accomplish here.

Remember, these are all still silly articles about toys after all.

Yours in plastic,

– Jayson Krebsbach
Owner/Content Manager/Photographer/Social Media Guy | Serving Star Wars Collectors Worldwide