October 2002 Archive

Happy Halloween
October 31, 2002 | 10:14 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Keri sent in these photos of her awsome halloween jack-o-lanterns. She did both of these without patterns! Nice work!



Want Star Wars Radio Dramas Over Your PC?
October 31, 2002 | 9:54 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jim can help. He just sent in this scheduling update:

“I help run an internet radio station through Live365.com, and starting this coming Tuesday (11/5), we’re going to be airing the Star Wars Radio Drama… 2 episodes every Tuesday with the 13th and final episode airing on December. The station can be play through winamp, or the “recommended” live365 player, and it can be found on the web here.



Hmm, Questions Have You?
October 31, 2002 | 9:51 PM EST | Bill

Yoda, you seek Yoda. Yak Reader Marty sent in boxed photos of the Interactive Yoda he just purchased at his Kansas City, MO TRU. Click here for the photos.



E2 DVD Deleted Scenes Reviewed
October 31, 2002 | 9:15 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Michael in Hong Kong wrote in with a review of the deleted scenes on the E2 DVD:

“Episode 2 DVD is out in Hong Kong! Just bought it yesterday. I have only watched all the deleted scenes so far, there were really not too much that we missed seeing in the original. The one that I think should have been included was when Mace had a talk with Obi and then jump onto his Star Fighter to head for hyperspace, that ring device and the hyper-jumping was really cool. So don’t miss it!”



2003 Vehicles Confirmed
October 31, 2002 | 9:14 PM EST | Bill

If you like vehicles then you will be VERY happy with the 2003 vehicle lineup. Pete over at The Private Universe is reporting an outstanding lineup for 2003:

Repacked Snowspeeder with Luke & Dack
Repacked Tie Bomber with pilot
Naboo Fighter with Padme pilot figure
Sandcrawler (due April)
Slave 1 with Jango Fett
Tie Fighter with Imperial Figure
Shuttle Tyderium
Republic Gunship with 3 clone trooper figures

That’s right, his source says that we will get a repack of the gunship with 3 packing clones. Here’s hoping for generaic white clones to build armies!



Is Your K-Mart Sold Out Of Arenas?
October 31, 2002 | 9:09 PM EST | Bill

Well then save those ads and go see your local Wal-Mart, TRU, or Target. Yak Reader Chris wrote in to remind us that all the major retailers will match their competitors ads.



Power Rangers? No Way, It’s Star Wars!
October 31, 2002 | 5:50 PM EST | David

Star Wars is the hottest, best selling toys on the market today. Here’s what StarWars.com has to say…

The toy aisles were full of movie tie-ins this past summer, but Star Wars has emerged as the top-selling licensed toy in a very crowded year, according to NPD Funworld, a leading toy industry research organization. Edging out Spider-Man, Harry Potter and the Power Rangers, the timeless space saga sold more than double the volume of the next closest competitors in key product categories.
The largest share of the Star Wars toy universe is made up of Hasbro action figures and accessories, with the next largest being the building sets from LEGO. According to NPD Funworld, Star Wars dominates the assortment/items introduced in 2002, holding four of the top five slots. The Episode II action figure assortment is #1 in its category, outselling the number two line by a margin of over two-to-one. Hasbro’s lightsabers assortment was so popular, that sales of the Jedi weapon will more than double the volume the sales of lightsabers sold in 1999, the year of The Phantom Menace. A look at the top ten licensed building set bestsellers for the year sees seven LEGO Star Wars sets make the cut. These incredible sales figures account for the year through August, but the momentum doesn’t look to let up. The holiday gift-giving season sees such items as the Interactive R2-D2, the interactive Jedi Training Lightsaber, the Republic Attack Gunship and the Geonosian Battle Arena playset.
Star Wars toys are estimated to have sold an estimated $8 billion in retail sales since 1977.

Have a happy and safe Halloween! God Bless!



Here’s A SIte You’ll Like.
October 31, 2002 | 5:44 PM EST | David

Here’s a site that I found and love it. It is call Star Wars Spoofs. It is hilarious and funny.




Arenas On SALE!!!
October 31, 2002 | 8:27 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Scott gave us this report:

“Received a flyer in the mail for kmart toys and noticed the Arena Playsets will be on sale for $34.99 from Nov 1 to Nov 16. It might be worth it to check out your local Kmarts to find one.”



Ask and Answers will you recieve
October 30, 2002 | 9:58 PM EST | Steve

I just got back from Target and they have a new “Fortune Telling” Yoda. Similiar to the old magic 8 balls the jedi master is priced at $19.99 and has some really cool Yoda sound effects when you squeeze his hand. Also Target had at LEAST 12 Republic Gunships and 4 Geonosis Arena Sets. So its nice to know new items are hitting stores. Might be a good time for a toy run.



Black Friday Tidbit
October 30, 2002 | 9:41 PM EST | Steve

I am not sure if everyones Toys R Us is doing this but I have heard from 2 different stores in my area that on Black Friday they will be blowing out their older Episode 2 figures at $1.90 in order to make room for newer waves. Once again I am not sure if this will be a nation-wide thing but hey at $1.90 its worth keeping your eyes open.



They’re Out There
October 30, 2002 | 8:31 PM EST | Bill

That’s right, the TRU Silver R2s are in stores NOW. The official release date is Sunday, but if you are very polite to your local TRU staff you might be able to snag the little chromed guy tonight! Good Hunting!!!



Star Wars Weekends: May ’03
October 30, 2002 | 12:39 AM EST | Sharon

It looks like Disney MGM Studios Florida will offer SWW during the month of May next year. This year’s event May 02, was very small due to the opening of AOTC.(Celebration 2 kept the celebrities busy as well)
In the past years’ events, the whole month of May is a Star Wars celebration at MGM Studios. There are trivia contests(with cool prizes!), costumed SW charactors for family photos, Padawan training for the kids, face painting,(a Maul for a day!), celebrity autographs,(weekends only) and they usually have limited edition SW pins to commemorate each year’s event.
Lots going on during the whole month! And let’s not forget that they also have a store that sells SW merchandise as well.(Tatooine Traders)
It’s really lots of fun!! If you are planning a trip to Disney Florida, May would be a great time to come!



Q&A News – Name that Q&A!
October 30, 2002 | 12:28 AM EST | Muse

Due to some real-life responsibilities, the Q&A update (that you should be reading) has been delayed. The Q&A will return next Monday in its entirety.

With the bad news out of the way, the good news is the delay means that there is more time to enter the “Name the Q&A Column and win Free Stuff” contest. The Free Stuff prizes have yet to be determined but there will be something from each main era – vintage, POTF2, E1, POTJ, and E2 – and one item will be a carded figure.

To enter, send your titles in to qa@yakface.com sometime between now and Sunday afternoon. In the case of multiple people submitting the same winning entry, a random drawing will be done to determine the winner.

Here are some hints that might help your odds:
1. Word plays on my name might get old.
2. Something original will get my attention.
3. Using favorite characters might help – Vader, Bossk, Salacious Crumb.

So what can you expect in 5 days? Well, how about the winning title? Or questions about Ephant Mon, the Acklay, vintage toy surprises, the coolest Star Wars toy on the planet, and more? Yes…all of that and more!



25th Anniversary R2 At Amazon… Sort Of
October 29, 2002 | 10:46 PM EST | Bill

Amazon.com has posted a photo of the new 25th Anniversary Silver R2 with an option to request a notice of when R2 is available. It’s interesting to note it shows a price of $9.99 right now. Hopefully that will change. Click here to see the silver droid.



Loose Leia Boushh 12″ Photos
October 29, 2002 | 10:29 PM EST | Bill

Have you been wondering what the Leia Boussh 12″ TRU exclusive would look like? We have your photos here. By the way, Leia comes with what appears to be a “defrosting” Han Solo in carbonite. Enjoy!



Red Battle Droid Carded Photos
October 29, 2002 | 10:26 PM EST | Bill

If you’re like a lot of fans, you’ve been wondering when and where the Red Battle Droid variation would surface since it was announced at C2, well, click here for the photos. This is up for auction, right here.



Cantina Wave 2 Carded Photos
October 29, 2002 | 10:21 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to add carded photos of the upcoming second wave of the Cantina Exclusives from Wal-Mart. Click here for the photos. These are up forauction, right here.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
October 29, 2002 | 9:46 PM EST | Bill

Dear Friends,

Look for the Entertainment Earth Winter 2002 / 2003 catalog (with Star Trek Enterprise action figures on the cover) arriving in your mailbox soon! The 64-page, full-color catalog features over 400 best-selling and not-yet-released collectibles from a wide range of popular entertainment genres.

In conjunction with the release of the catalog, we’ve extended customer service and phone ordering hours through December 30. To order, call toll-free at 1-800-370-2320 from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time. Ordering is also available 24 hours a day online at www.entertainmentearth.com.

To ensure that items arrive in time for the holidays, please plan your orders in advance using the new Holiday Guide Guaranteed Delivery chart, available in the catalog and on our website.

Thanks for ordering and have a wonderful Halloween and holiday season!

Entertainment Earth



Basic Saga Figures For $2.99
October 29, 2002 | 8:58 AM EST | Bill

We’ve been getting lots of reports that Target is doing one of their Star Wars Figure markdowns. This time it’s basic saga 3 3/4 figures for $2.99. From the reports we’ve gotten the selection is very limited (Mace Geonosian Rescue has been mentioned frequently), but it still may be worth checking out, especially if you are a customizer.



Support A Small Music Band Who Are Also Star Wars Fans.
October 28, 2002 | 11:04 PM EST | David

David here. I received this in an e-mail. No doubt Bill received this too. Well, here is the message.
Please support these Star Wars fans.

Dave and Bill,

My name is Bret and I play guitar in the band Code Sunshine. I, like all of the guys in my band, are huge fans of your site and the Star Wars Universe. I’ve been a loyal visitor for years now and it’s my first stop each morning.

I actually was interviewed by USA Today back when Episode I came out and it ran a photo of me with some of my collection, noting my desire to name a future son Anakin. Perhaps you saw the article?

Anyway, my band’s in a NATIONWIDE contest at JimBeamMusic.com. Sponsored by Jim Beam and Rolling Stone, they’re looking for the best unsigned rock band in the country.

We’re up on the site until Wednesday at 7PM Eastern and although we’re winning, it’s tough as we’re from a smaller town (Sarasota, Florida) and we’re going up against three bands from Chicago and one band from Detroit.

I was writing to ask if there’s anyway you could make a quick mention on your site with a link for Star Wars guys like me to go vote for us.

Just a simple – “Help a band full of loyal Force users, Code Sunshine, by voting for them now at JimBeamMusic.com” or something to that effect. If you can help us, that’s great. If we get the most votes for the month of October we win $1000 and a chance at a trip to NYC to perform for Rolling Stone and Jim Beam!

If you CAN’T help us, then consider this a thank you note for providing a great site.


Bret, Guitarist
Code Sunshine



The Winner Is…
October 28, 2002 | 11:00 PM EST | Bill

Congratulations to John Beal, the winner of our free Ultarama drawing. Be sure to enter here for our next drawing. Remember that your entry MUST contain your first and last name as well as your mailing address. Good luck!



Free is Good
October 28, 2002 | 10:57 PM EST | Bill

The scavengers over at the Jawa have two giveaways going. One is for an Unleashed Darth Tyranus, the second is for a Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book. Click here for more.



Preorder Ploo Koon 12″ Figure
October 28, 2002 | 10:51 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

“Entertainment Earth is now accepting orders for the upcoming Exclusive 12 inch Plo Koon figure:

Exclusive 12inch Plo Koon (Item# HS26787, $24.99)

We also have the full line of Kotobukiya Star Wars items either in stock or coming soon:

Darth Vader Kit (Item# KB101, $119.99)
Clone Trooper Kit (Item# KB102, $119.99)
Anakin Skywalker Kit (Item# KB103, $119.99)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Kit (Item# KB104, $99.99)
Yoda & Mace Windu Kit (Item# KB105, $119.99)
Jango Fett Kit (Item# KB106, $99.99)



Toyfellas.com Newsletter.
October 28, 2002 | 4:52 PM EST | David


We just want to remind our customers that you can place your order before 10/31/02 and it will ship out before we leave the office from 11/2/02- 11/16/02.

When we get back we will have the following items listed below.

Star Wars
Lott Dod Wave
Pilot Wave
Saga Cinema Scenes

G.I. Joe vs. Cobra
Wave 4

Hers of Cybertron Wave 1

Remember we got the toys you need so forget about it.




Cloned Clones
October 28, 2002 | 8:55 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jason found some really well done custom clones, here’s his report:

“I was at the Kane County Toy Show in St. Charles, IL this Sunday and came across an interesting 10 pack of Clone Troopers from Hong Kong. Two foreign vendors had them for sale and they did not know who made them, but they are very nice. The ten pack consists of two different clean Clone Troopers that look really nice next two the official Hasbro Clonetroopers.”

To see a photo of Jason’s score, click here.



The Big Dude Hits Wal-Mart
October 27, 2002 | 5:44 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Edward scored the Ephant Mon wave at Wal-Mart here’s his report:

“Hey Yakface,has anyone reported finding Ephant Mon?Well this morning(10/27)I found Ephant Mon and the clean shaven Endor soldier,and Clone Pilots galore at Walmart in Carson,CA and Pico Rivera,CA.I don’t have a scanner to show proof of my purchase,but the Ephant Mon is one hefty figure and it weighs about half a pound!Well spread the news,and happy hunting!”



Wal-Mart Offloads.
October 27, 2002 | 3:47 PM EST | David

I don’t about anyone elses Wal-Mart, but mine here in Sprinfield Missouri has dumped alot of 23rd releases and few others on the pegs (and not to mention the floor by the shelf). There are well over a dozen of Jango Kamino Escape (no insert), Boba Fett Kamino Escape (no insert), Nikto Jedi Knights (14, count), roughly nine Pol Konn Arena and Saesee Tinn Arena, Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan’s (10, count), plus many Jango Final Battle’s (both package veriants). There are some new products in all this. The floor had some boxes filled with Republic Gunships, cases full of Palpetine and Djas Bounty Hunter. Bottom of shelf full of Arena’s and Zam’s speeder. Found the new Mace Saber, and the Count Dooku Electronic lightsaber. Found 2 boxes ful of Electronic Jango and Obi-Wan. Cases full of 12″ Clone Troopers, POTJ Dagobah Luke’s, and new Ultimate Jango Fett 12″s. I went to the back of the store near lay-away and asked an associate about all this. She said they’ve gotten in stock from another Wal-Mart in Springfield, overstock. She reported that in the back they had a few large boxes to go through from Hasbro, with more cantina 1rst wave, and the new 12″ bounty hunters with Imperial Officer. She said to come back in a week and they will be on the shelves. I just hope she is correct in my case.



Virus Alert! New Virus.
October 27, 2002 | 3:26 PM EST | David

David here with some important news for everyone and all news sites.
There is a new computer worm virus going about. It has the subject:



Any e-mails received from anyone with this subject title, delete immediately. Even from people you know. It has a zip file that you download. Do not download! Has many zips (face.zip, all.zip, star.zip, etc).

Don’t let it happen to you! Get an anti-virus computer program if you do not have one.




Ephant Mon review/pictures
October 27, 2002 | 10:35 AM EST | Michael

Who’s the biggest boy on the block? On the pegs at your local store, it’s Ephant Mon! Check out the review of his weighty self along with lots of pictures here.



Shuttles Won’t Be Landing Until After Christmas
October 26, 2002 | 11:16 PM EST | Bill

Adam over at The Trade Federaton is reporting that FAO has sent postcards confirming that the Imperial Shuttles have been delayed. If you’ve got an order don’t look for it to land on your porch until January.

We’ve gotten a couple of E-mails from readers reporting that the post cards they received from FAO listed December deliver dates for the shuttle. So maybe some of the earliest orders will still get shipped in December. More as we receive it.



Silver R2 Will Be Available On-Line
October 26, 2002 | 10:59 PM EST | Bill

The new TRU Big Book is arriving in mail boxes across the nation and it has a really big (and very nice surprise). The 25th Anniversary Silver R2 will be available on on-line orders as well as in stores. Let’s hear it for an exclusive being done REALLY WELL by TRU.

I’m here to congratulate Hasbro and TRU for having an exclusive which appears to be obtainable by fans across the nation regardless of their access to a physical TRU store.

R2 isn’t at Amazon (TRU’s on-line page) yet, but I’m guessing we’ll see him there by November 2– the official kick-off for the Big Book.



Store Finds In MO
October 26, 2002 | 10:15 PM EST | David

Here’s some items I found today in Sprinfield Missouri.

Aldi stores have the LEGO Star Wars Episode Two AOTC Speeder Chase set for $19.99. That’s about $20 cheaper that Wal-Mart. They alaso have the new GI-JOE Bravo Figures two packs in stock for $16.99.



Possible Store Exclusives?
October 25, 2002 | 11:16 PM EST | David

There’s been some news going around the web about some new figures and ship exclusives for 2003.

VIA GalacticHunter.com.

Sandcrawler with 2 figures (May)


Accessory Sets (January)
Yavin with Rebel Technician
Naboo with Gungan Warrior
Jabba’s Palace with Gamorrean Guard

A-Wing with Pilot (June)

12″ Leia with Speederbike (TBD)


12″ Gamorrean Guard (February)

TIE Fighter with TIE Fighter Pilot (TBD)

VIA RebelScum.com.
12″ Speederbike with Leia (Endor)
Naboo Fighter with Pilot (repack)
TIE Fighter with Pilot (repack)
Hoth figures 4-pack set
12″ Gamorrean Guard

There you go! Some new plans for some new things for 2003.



The Great TRU E2 Figure Swap Out
October 25, 2002 | 10:46 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader TimiFett sent the 411 on which figures and going and which are arriving at TRU stores:

“The complete list is as follows-

Padme Amidala-Arena Escape
Kit Fisto
Super Battle Droid
Tusken Raider Female with Child
Captain Typho
Shaak Ti
Zam Wessell
Jar Jar Senator
Mace Windu-Geonosian Rescue
Luke Skywaker-Bespin Duel (we had tons of all 3 variations)
Qui-Gon Jinn
Endor Rebel Soldier (no distinction was made between shaven or unshaven)
Orn Free Taa
Han Solo-Endor Raid
Chewbacca-Cloud City Capture
Djas Puhr

Our figures have yet to be pick up by Fed Ex but we received about 75 new cases today to replace the ones we are sending back. We now have every current figure from the Ki Adi Mundi wave to the Lott Dodd wave. This includes everything but Ephant Mon and the new Destroyer Droid.”



E2 Clearances
October 25, 2002 | 9:15 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Yuuzhan Vong Boy sent this newsflash in:

“Acklays are showing up in Chicago land at TRU for $9.98 marked down with the Reek. The claw has been fixed on the package to look like it’s holding the warrior. And I would say it’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re interested in the 12″ taun taun/Luke or Exclusive X-wing they’ll be marked down based on the quantities I see on the shelves and the floor.

Sun Coast video’s at the local malls also have 12″ Jango for $19.99, Slave1- $13.49, and OB1’s star fighter for $10.99.”



LooseFigures.com Clearance On Ebay.
October 25, 2002 | 3:59 PM EST | David

Here’s an e-mail newsletter.

Our remaining inventory is listed in 281 auctions
Almost our entire inventory is currently up for sale on Ebay.com – listed in 281 auctions. The rest of the inventory will be posted this Sunday. We have decided to clear out our inventory to bring you new items on loosefigures.com in about a month. Click one of the links below to view our auctions.




TRU Silver R2 Facts
October 25, 2002 | 8:47 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jeff pointed out the new Toyfair magazine there was a small blurb about the R2 Silver TRU release. It stated that the production numbers are being bumped from 15,000 to between 75 and 80,000!!! Quite a substantial jump. The article also stated that a $20 purchase of SW merchandise will be required to get one.

Thanks Jeff!



Unleashed Anakin
October 25, 2002 | 7:53 AM EST | Mark

If you are looking for him, he is now available online at Amazon…
Unleashed Anakin Skywalker $15.99



Detailed Box Photos Of Screen Scene Trash Compactor Sets
October 25, 2002 | 12:01 AM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to add all NEW DETAILED boxed photos of the upcoming Wal-Mart exclusive Screen Scene Trash Compactor sets. Click here for the photos! These are from an auction here on Ebay.



Hungry Hungry Hippo In A Landspeeder??
October 24, 2002 | 10:21 PM EST | Mark

Check out this AUCTION to see the very interesting Hippos driving the Landspeeder….



Cheap E2 Figures
October 24, 2002 | 9:21 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mike found some sweet sales at the Suncoast Video Western Washington. He scored the 12 inch Jango Fett “Ultimate Villain” figure $20! They also had all NECA SW Products on clearance 50-75% off!



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
October 24, 2002 | 9:19 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth is now taking orders for the 1:7 scale, pre-painted vinyl Anakin Skywalker Model Kit. Click here for more.



BriansToys Welcomes BriansCars
October 24, 2002 | 7:24 PM EST | David

Dear Collectors,
We have recently entered the diecast car market, specializing in Hot Wheels and NASCAR products. To better serve our die-cast collectors, we have created a separate business, Brian’s Cars. Brian’s Cars is owned by Brian Semling, also the owner of Brian’s Toys. You can expect the same level of service and trust from Brian’s Cars as you have expected from Brian’s Toys. Brian’s Cars website address is
Click below for our full welcome messagehttp://www.brianscars.com/welcome.htm
Click below for our first Brian’s Cars Newsletter, featuring Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts, FREE SHIPPING, NASCAR diecast, and supplies/protective cases (our prices on diecast supplies are the cheapest anywhere).http://www.brianscars.com/Page.bok?template=newsletter –FREE SHIPPING on diecast orders over $50.00 (Just enter BTNL in the Promotional Field as you check out on the website) –All Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts are in stock (including the rare 1995 set to the current 2002 cars) –7 different Treasure Hunt cars are only $9.99 each!! (Newsletter special prices) Hundreds of NASCAR diecast in stock!! We have over 100 different 1:24 diecast in stock and dozens of 1:64 (including 22 Earnhardts). All 9 Muppets cars $44.99 each. Dozens of Earnhardts 1:24 available. Most items are priced 40% to 80% below book price (Die Cast Digest and Beckett Racing Collector). Thanks for your continued business. We appreciate all of our customers, and hope to assist you with your diecast collecting (as Brian’s Toys hopes to assist with your action figure collecting). We welcome want lists, and will consider price matching. Please send request to sales@brianscars.com

Plus, Check out BriansToys.com.

They have the three new SAGA 12 inches in stock!



Interactive R2-D2
October 24, 2002 | 6:13 AM EST | Mark

If you are still looking for the Interactive R2-D2 you can head over to Amazon as they just recieved them in. I would say, if you are waiting to get one, I think this is one of the best collectibles that Hasbro has made.

Also, click on the R2 easter eggs link to the right and if you have any that you have found that are not listed, please send me an email and we will post it.



Mini Bust a Groove!!!
October 23, 2002 | 11:01 PM EST | Steve

Aislesniper.com has just recieved in some of the amazing new Star Wars Mini Busts. The ones which came out this week were: Count Dooku and Zam Wessell. Also listed as available on their site is Anakin and Padme. To view all of these as well as their numerous number of pre orders go here.



Clone Wars beginning next week
October 23, 2002 | 10:37 PM EST | Steve

Just a reminder to everyone with a Playstation 2 or Gamecube The Clone Wars video game is slated to hit stores next week. So keep an eye out for this. Also of note, I have heard Toys R Us will be running a sale on their Playstation 2 games starting this Sunday. Buy 2 get 1 free. Not a bad deal especially with the sales on Jedi Starfighter/Ep1 Starfighter ($39.99 for BOTH) and with Clone Wars coming out next week. Could be a good chance to rack up some savings.



Playstation 2 Starfighter bundle
October 23, 2002 | 10:26 PM EST | Steve

If you haven’t gotten it yet, Toys R Us (or at least mine) has a bundle of Jedi Starfighter and Episode 2 Starfighter video games for the Playstation 2 system for only 39.99 Not a bad deal at all if you still need either of these games.



Entertainment Earth Taking Preorders For Attakus Jabba
October 23, 2002 | 9:07 PM EST | Bill

If you think you’ve seen some niec Jabba figures, then get ready to be blown away. The new Attakus cold cast Jabba is incredible. He is now available for preorder at Entertainment Earth here.



Target Sales
October 23, 2002 | 7:39 PM EST | Bill

The Target in Rocherter Hills, Michigan is running the Darth Maul and Jango Fett Unleashed figures for $3.98 each. There is no word yet if this is a national markdown, but it would certainly fit Target’s pattern of markdowns.

UPDATE: Yak Reader JangoFett reports that the Target no longer has the Maul and Fett figures.



TRU Restock Wave 2
October 23, 2002 | 7:37 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Timifett sent this in:

“I work at a TRU in Kansas City, MO and we just completed our second wave of send backs today. Unlike the first send back of figures, which was specific unopened cases (collection I and II cases) this send back called for specific individual figures. The woman from Hasbro and I went through about 200 cases at my store pulling only certain figs like Endor Soldier, Mace, Padme, Zam, Djas (why?) among about 15 others. These are to be sent back to Hasbro immediatley and new waves are to be sent to our store. I talked with the Hasbro representative and she said all the TRUs and Walmarts in the area were doing this.”



KBToys.com Gets Figures…
October 23, 2002 | 6:31 PM EST | Mark

Over at KBToys.com you can now pick up the Saga Chewbacca, Lott Dod, Watto (Mos Espa), and the Playskool Falcon, X-Wing Adventure, and the Duel w/ Darth Maul sets as they are all now in stock.



Saga Destroyer Droid Carded Images
October 23, 2002 | 8:53 AM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated here with carded images of the upcoming Saga Destroyer Droid. It will have two “firing” lasers, using a similar mechanism to the Deluxe Mace Windu. Click here for more.



New Figures In Stock
October 23, 2002 | 7:33 AM EST | Mark

Here are the latest figures BACK in stock at Amazon for $6.99 each….
Clone Trooper / Republic Gunship Pilot
Jango Fett Slave Pilot
Also available are:
Lott Dod
Tusken Raider (with Massiff)
Watto (Mos Espa)

Here is an old Lego set that Amazon just got back in. Episode I Anakin’s Podracer (7131) $9.98

Walmart.com now has the ATOC Playset in stock for $38.86



Silver R2 In Stores Soon!!!!
October 22, 2002 | 9:27 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Kodai wrote in to let us know that his local TRU manager told him the Silver R2 will be in stores sooner than the day after Thanksgiving. The Silver R2 is supposed to arrive with TRU’s annual Big Book (their version of a Christmas catalog), and it will be arriving at stores in the next couple of weeks!


Yak Reader Cryan sent this in:

“I wanted to pass on some info I was given by a TRU manager.November 3 is when or my local TRU is going to get theirs. So yes,much earlier than expected.”



Shuttle Delayed
October 22, 2002 | 9:23 PM EST | Bill

You read it right. Pete over at The Private Universe has just reported that one of his sources at Hasbro has confirmed that the Imperial Shuttle won’t be home (at least at any of our homes) for Christmas. Click here for more.

Will they be delayed in the US too? We’ll report it as soon as we get any updated information.



Jorg Sacul Free?
October 22, 2002 | 9:19 PM EST | Bill

That’s right Artoosnews is giving one away. To enter, go to their page and send them an Email.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
October 21, 2002 | 10:55 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

OCTOBER 22, 2002

Entertainment Earth Releases Winter 2002 / 2003 Catalog and Expands Customer Service Hours

LOS ANGELES, CA – Entertainment Earth, Inc. (www.entertainmentearth.com), announces the release of their Winter 2002 / 2003 print catalog. The 64-page, full-color catalog features over 400 best-selling and not-yet-released collectibles from a wide range of popular entertainment genres. Featuring the latest action figures, toys and collectibles, and an unmatched Mint Condition Guarantee, Entertainment Earth is the definitive source for collectors this holiday season.

The catalog is currently mailed to Entertainment Earth customers and targeted potential buyers in the United States, and distribution is poised to increase significantly in 2003. To request a catalog, please go here or download the full catalog in PDF format here the order form here.

In conjunction with the release of the catalog, Entertainment Earth announces extended customer service and phone ordering hours from October 21 through December 30. To order, call toll-free 1-800-370-2320 from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time. Ordering is also available 24 hours a day online.

To ensure that items arrive in time for the holidays, customers can plan their orders using the Holiday Guide Christmas delivery chart, available in the catalog and on the website. For a free copy of the Winter 2002/2003 catalog, call 1-800-370-2320 or subscribe online athttp://www.entertainmentearth.com/catalogsignup.asp.

About Entertainment Earth, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Entertainment Earth is the leading multi-channel retailer of action figures, toys and collectibles. Founded online in 1996, Entertainment Earth addresses the needs of collectors worldwide by offering thousands of new “mint-condition” licensed products from “Star Wars” to “The Simpsons” and other universally popular films, television shows and entertainment properties.”



Stick – R – Treat
October 21, 2002 | 9:19 AM EST | Sharon

More cool Star Wars Halloween stuff!!
A big thanks to reader Marylin at Twinsun Times!!



Vintage Finds In Springfield Mo.
October 20, 2002 | 2:58 PM EST | David

Here are some vintage Star Wars items I purchased yesterday. First, I picked up a Vintage Star Wars Novel for Episode Four printed in 1976. I’m finished reading it, and boy is it different from the movie.
Second, I picked up a TIE Advance (Darth vader’s TIE) model kit made in 1987. It is very cool kit.



Lott Dod Review
October 20, 2002 | 1:32 PM EST | Michael

The Lott Dod wave is getting a little wider release, showing up fairly heavily at Toys R Us. Click here for a complete review with pictures!



GalacticHunter.com Is Back Online!
October 19, 2002 | 10:24 PM EST | David

GalacticHunter.com is back online and running.



Over 400 Items To Be Sold.
October 19, 2002 | 10:17 PM EST | David

Here’s the latest from BriansToys.com.

Dear Customer,

Brian’s Toys has just posted their latest Newsletter #173
Visit our Newsletter at http://www.brianstoys.com/NL/

Over 100 items Vintage Carded Figures greatly reduced!!
Over 250 POTF2, EPI, POTJ & SAGA items greatly reduced!!!
Rubies Limited Edition Life Size Yoda
Price: $549.99

Saga Kotobukiya Clone Trooper: $149.99

AOTC Accessories Interactive R2-D2 PRE-ORDER: $129.99

Visit our Newsletter at http://www.brianstoys.com/NL/
Many More Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and HeMan Toys at our Webstore, Visit our Webstore at http://www.brianstoys.com



Great Finds At Wal-Mart.
October 19, 2002 | 10:14 PM EST | David

I stopped by my local Wal-Mart here in Springfield Missouri and found the Arena and a few Republic Gunships. I was just looking at the figures, then I later noticed those. Plus I found 1 electronic Obi-Wan and electronic Jango Fett. If you haven’t noticed, Obi-Wan has a British voice which is not his, a FAKE. As for the figures, there were 7 Plo koon Arena’s, 9 Battle Droid Arena Battle, the same in Super Battle Droids, and 6 Jango Fett Kamino’s. There were also a good amount of Orn Free Taas, Nikto Jedi Knights, and Anakin Peasant Disguises. No sign yet of the Mace lightsaber, the new deluxes, or Dodd and Mon waves.



Early 2003 Figure News
October 19, 2002 | 9:09 PM EST | Bill

Been wondering which of the POTJ figures will see Saga packaging and when? Well The Private Universe has given us the information.

For January 2003 we can look forward to:

Rebel Trooper
Imperial Officer
Eeth Koth
Tusken Raider with removable head
Padme Amidala (soft cloak and articulation)
SP4 & JN66 (library droid 2Pack)
Obi Wan Spear Throwing
Mace Windu (Total Control)
Darth Tyrannus (Lightening Burst)

Hopefully the new Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer will have variant heads.Click here for more.



New Figures At Retail
October 19, 2002 | 9:03 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader RK sent in this report:

“I went to Target in Puyallup, WA and found plenty of the two new deluxe figures : Force Flipping Anakin and the Flying Geonosian at $9.99 each. Across the street at Wal-Mart, they had a plethora of Acklays, one of each of the new electronic Jangos and Obi-wans, and a few Republic Gunships.”



We’ve Got A Slave-1 Model!
October 19, 2002 | 3:10 PM EST | David

RebelScum.com is reporting a find on a new Star wars model kit, Jango’s Slave-1. It is an impressive kit. Go there today and check out the pics of it.



Mace Has A Lightsaber!
October 19, 2002 | 3:04 PM EST | David

RebelScum.com is reporting a find on a new FX Mace Windu lightsaber at a Wal-Mart. Head over to RebelScum and check out the pics.



FAO Shuttle Available to order by phone!
October 18, 2002 | 11:24 PM EST | Steve

I just got off the phone with FAO, and reserved a Shuttle. You can order it by calling 1-800-426-TOYS. Use Item Number 815300. Also for an added bonus you can use the coupon code AX164 to get an additional 10 % off. The total after shipping came to be $130.02. Also note that the item is not slated to be available until January as it is on backorder.



Target Exclusives On Sale!
October 18, 2002 | 11:14 PM EST | Steve

I am not sure if everyone’s Target store is doing this, but I just picked up one of the Exclusive Target Accessory Packs. Wierd thing was it rang up at 9.20 as opposed to the 9.99 regular price. Not much of a sale but it did ring up as a sale price on the receipt.



New Concept Figure????
October 18, 2002 | 9:54 PM EST | Bill

Rebelscum has just posted photos of a new figure, or potential figure. It’s definitely worth a look. Click here for more.



Silver R2 For You On Halloween!
October 18, 2002 | 9:36 PM EST | David

Sorry, but it won’t be released on Halloween, but Sandtroopers.com is giving one away Free!! Ends 11:59PM on Halloween night.

Don’t miss out on getting one for free.



Attention Kotobukiya Fans
October 18, 2002 | 9:35 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth is not taking orders for the next Kotobukiya kit! Obi-Wan Kenobi has been beautifully brought to life by Kotobukiya. The Obi-Wan Kenobi is a 1:7 scale pre-painted Soft Vinyl Model Kit, includes snap-together parts.Click here for more.



Toyfellas.com Will Have New Waves!
October 18, 2002 | 9:29 PM EST | David

First the News
We will be out of the office for 2 weeks from 11/2/02 – 11/16/02. We will be out of the US and not respond to emails. You can order items online and they will process, but your items will not ship out until 11/18/02. When we return we will have the Lott Dod Wave and more.

Get your orders in before 10/28/02 and they will ship out before we leave

New Items

Star Wars
Unleashed Sculptures
Anakin $15.99
Darth Vader $15.99
Padme $ 16.99

Acklay Arena Battle Beast Outer Box Not Mint $16.99

As well as more Republic Gunship and other great items.




Entertainment Earth News — Yoda And Mace Windu Model Kit
October 18, 2002 | 8:57 AM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth has just added the Kotobukiya Yoda & Mace Windu Model Kit to their site. Remember the Kotobukiya kits are pre-painted vinyl kits with snap-together parts. Click here for more.



Boxed 12″ Bounty Hunter Wave Photos
October 17, 2002 | 11:24 PM EST | Bill

The Sith Gorilla came through with photos of the upcoming 12″ Bounty Hunter wave. Click here to see the photos!



The Jawa Is Back
October 17, 2002 | 9:18 PM EST | Bill

Steve over at the Jawa asked us to let the collecting community know that the Jawa is back on-line. They are still working a few “kinks” out, and their forums will return shortly.



IMAX Details
October 17, 2002 | 9:16 PM EST | Bill

Attention Providence fans:

The Feinstein IMAX Theatre Providence Place in Providence, RI is excited to announce that Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clone The IMAX Experience will be opening on Nov. 1st! The theatre will also host a Special Midnight Halloween Costume Screening of the film on Oct. 31st. For more information call 401-453-IMAX or click here.



Need Republic Credit?
October 17, 2002 | 9:11 PM EST | Bill

Well, Star Wars Credit Cards are not in a galaxy near you! Rebelscum is reporting at one of the major card issuers is offering Star Wars branded Visa/Mastercard— which can actually earn you Star Wars products!!! Click here for more.



Unleashed Sales At Target
October 17, 2002 | 9:09 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mosi_00 found some great sales at Target. His local target had the Unleashed Jango and Maul at 50% off—$7.96 each. He said to be sure and check all the endcaps.



Can’t Wait Until After Thanksgiving For A Silver R2
October 17, 2002 | 9:06 PM EST | Bill

R2DToys is an English company which has him in stock now. Unfortunately, he is not a gift with purchase, oh well, but when you consider the rumored $20.00 minimum purchase at TRU the price isn’t too bad (but yes it is more). If you can’t wait click here.

Thanks to Yak Reader Chad for the report!



New Figures In Stock
October 17, 2002 | 9:27 AM EST | Mark

Here are the latest figures in stock at Amazon for $6.99 each….
Clone Trooper / Republic Gunship Pilot
Jango Fett Slave Pilot

Also if you are still looking for Lott Dod, Watto, or the Tusken Raider with Massiff, they are still in stock as well.



Jango Fett Helmet in Stock!!!
October 17, 2002 | 9:16 AM EST | Mark

***Jango Fett Helmet In Stock***

The Collector’s Edition of the Jango Fett Helmet. Made of high quality, injected plastic. Will fit most adults. This helmet always sells out as soon as we receive a shipment, so don’t delay!
Head over to Entertainment Earth to pick yours up.



Star Tours Series 3
October 17, 2002 | 9:14 AM EST | Mark

Todd points us to….
Where they list wave 3 as a December 1, 2002 release. Thanks for the tip Todd.



Trick or Treat!!! Make your own Star Wars pumpkin
October 16, 2002 | 11:41 PM EST | Sharon

How about a pumpkin sporting your favorite Sith Lord or Bounty Hunter?
One generous reader over at Rebelscum was kind enough to share some patterns to make your own Star Wars pumpkin.
Choose from:
Darth Vader
Darth Maul
Boba Fett
Check it out!!
If you take the time to print these templates, please make sure you send an email to Mr. Gruner for being nice enough to share these with all of us.



New Figures At Target
October 16, 2002 | 11:25 PM EST | David

I recently went to my local Target here in Springfield Missouri and spotted a few Darth Maul Sith Training’s and a few new Anakin Skywalker Tatooine Attack’s. I was hoping to find the four exclusive packs, but to no avail. Not much of any new figures. There were about ten of the Royal Guards and Nikto Jedi Knights.

And, secondly,
I went to a local comic shop here and ther had the new Dooku and Jango Fett Mini Busts for $49.99. They do look good.



Welcome Aboard
October 16, 2002 | 11:20 PM EST | Bill

I’d like to take a second to introduce the newest member of the Yakface News Team. David, AKA JediDaxter, will be bring you even more news and reports from Yakface.com. Welcome aboard David!



What To Be, What To Be???
October 16, 2002 | 11:13 PM EST | Mark

With the holiday coming up fast (wow, the end of October is here already????) what are you going to be for Halloween??? Well, here are some Star Wars ideas with free shipping…..
Episode II Child Jango Fett Costume (Medium)
EP2 Yoda Costume (Medium)
EP2 Yoda Costume (Small)
EP2 Yoda Costume (Large)
Episode II Child Amidala Costume (Medium)
Jango Fett Costume
Star Wars Jedi Knight Costume
Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Costume
Episode II Child Anakin Skywalker Costume (Medium)



Arenas Shipping From Wal-Mart.com
October 16, 2002 | 10:55 PM EST | Bill

If you ordered an Arena Playset from Wal-Mart.com start looking for your package. We’ve been getting reports that they are appearing on doorsteps across the country.



Hasbro UK Chat
October 16, 2002 | 9:40 PM EST | Bill

Pete over at The Private Universe has posted the transcript of today’s Hasbro Chat. Among other things a new Luke figure (PLEASE not another Tatooine Luke), and Unleashed Slave Leia and Vader Redeux are confirmed for next year.Click here for more.



Attack of the Clones Gameboy RPG?
October 16, 2002 | 9:14 PM EST | Steve

THQ (the makers of the Gameboy AOTC Sidescroller) have a new Gameboy Advance Game coming out entitled Star Wars : The New Droid Army. It appears as though this will be a RPG game. For all of the details check it out here.



Jango Pilot Wave Hitting TRU In Force!!
October 16, 2002 | 8:54 PM EST | Steve

I have recieved a few reports of the Jango Pilot / Clone Pilot Wave hitting the local Toys R Us stores (Northwest Ohio for those wondering) in full force. In one instance the shelves were packed, and there were still around 5 cases extra unopen on the floor. So if you still need these figures it might be time for you to start hitting your local Toys R Us stores.



Imperial Forces 4 Pack– Black R4 Droid
October 16, 2002 | 8:59 AM EST | Bill

Galactic Hunter is reporting the details on the upcoming Imperial Forces 4 pack. According to their information this will be a store exclusive, in the US as well as in the UK. It will have a black Imperial R4 unit, along wth Vader, a Commtech Stormtrooper, and an AT-ST driver with the goggles UP! They also report that Bounty Hunter and Jedi Knight sets are planned. Click here for more.



Free Is Good
October 15, 2002 | 9:44 PM EST | Bill

The Custom Cantina is giving away a Tusken Raider drinking mug to sip your tasty beverage out of. Click here for more.



Bantha Tracks #0??
October 15, 2002 | 9:31 PM EST | Bill

Yep, Bantha Tracks is coming back very soon. The Official Site is reporting that the inagural edition of Bantha Tracks new run will be given away at IMAX theaters showing Attack of the Clones on the really big screen. Click here for more.



Arena Hunting Update
October 15, 2002 | 9:17 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jimbo reports that the Arena is now appearing at TRU stores. He found them at the Framingham, MA store.

UPDATE: Yak Reader Naboolou reports the Arenas are at TRU in Totowa New Jersey too.



Role Playing Lightsaber Update
October 14, 2002 | 10:25 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader wdemler sent in this 411 on the new role playing chrome lightsaber:

“They took the Yoda training saber, made it larger, and put a personal code on it. It makes sounds based on movement and instructs the user, providing “lessons”. I saw it at a Wal-Mart while traveling from WPB to Orlando to St. Augustine to Clearwater/Tampa.”



Arena Diorama Added
October 14, 2002 | 8:56 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated our dioramas yet again. This time it’s the Geonosian Arena.Click here for the pics.



Green A-Wing?
October 14, 2002 | 8:28 PM EST | Bill

Yep, The Private Universe has updated with a lot of interesting tidbits. If you’re a package variation fan, they list that there will be an Imperial Forces figure set… hmm, is this like the South of the Border ANH pack??? Also they list a new A-Wing with a green paint job! It’s looking like another really good year! Click here for more. Click here for a photo of the new A-Wing.



Jawas Upgrading Servers
October 14, 2002 | 8:22 PM EST | Bill

This just in from the Jawa.com:

“This is Steve from TheJawa.com. I just wanted to let you know that we are upgrading our server and will have periods of down time (like the one we are having now) for the next couple of days.”



Suncoast Star Wars DVD exclusive?
October 14, 2002 | 2:56 PM EST | Ben

TheDigitalBits.com is reporting that Suncoast may have some hideous plans relating to an exclusive DVD of Episode II. One would think it bad enough that we must suffer toy-based exclusives. Now it appears the films themselves are being used as a tool to artificially manipulate sales. Whoops, almost forgot that the VHS will have content not available on the DVD. Guess I should have expected this too.

Take a look at the story at TheDigitalBits.com



Looking For Answers??
October 14, 2002 | 6:41 AM EST | Mark

Well John is back with his Q&A For October 11, 2002. So head on over to check out his answers. If you have questions, send them in and we will definately get you an answer, sometimes it is not the one that you are looking for or want, but John will get you one….



Ephant Mon Detailed Phtos
October 13, 2002 | 10:12 PM EST | Bill

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve added detailed photos of Ephant Mon. Click here for the pictures.



Obi-wan’s Jedi Starfighter review
October 13, 2002 | 11:26 AM EST | Michael

The KayBee exclusive Jedi Starfighter (also available at some Sear’s through the magic of retail) is hitting fairly wide right now. But how does it stack up? Check out the review here with lots of photos!



Wal-Mart Exclusive Cantina Sections Wave 2 Photos
October 13, 2002 | 12:44 AM EST | Bill

We’ve got more photos for your viewing pleasure. This time it’s the second wave of Wal-Mart’s Exclusive Cantina sections. Click here for the photos. These samples can be found on Ebay here.



ATOC Playset In Stock
October 12, 2002 | 11:26 PM EST | Mark

Walmart.com now has the ATOC Playset in stock for $38.86, so if want to get one, just hop on over.



All Hands On Battlestation
October 12, 2002 | 10:49 PM EST | Robert

I’ve added a look at the unproduced second generation COMMtech reader 4.0 Battlestation Unit to the prototypes section of the website. To get there just hit the prototypes link located in the toy guide section on the right side of the page. From there hit the sample mock-ups section link. A special thanks to Jordan Hembrough and Hollywood Heroes for giving me the chance to add this piece into the collection!



Fan Club Ploo Koon And Wal-Mart Holiday 2 Pack Photos
October 12, 2002 | 9:09 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just added photos of two upcoming exclusives for your viewing pleasure. Without any further delay, detained photos of the Fan Club Exclusive Ploo Koon and the Wal-Mart Exclusive holiday 2 pack are here.



New Chrome Hilt Role Playing Light Sabers At Retail
October 12, 2002 | 8:18 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Ricardo sent this in:

“I just came from Walmart and I found this new Jedi training lightsaber that once you put in your code it will only work with you. It’s the size of the regular lightsaber.”



Looking For LEGO’s???
October 12, 2002 | 7:43 PM EST | Mark

Hey, they holiday season is coming soon. (Still can’t believe it myself) And there is no better way to shop, than with FREE SHIPPING! Check out Amazon.comas they are now running Free Shipping on almost all of their LEGO’s among many other Star Wars toys.



Looking For Clones At An IMAX Near You?
October 11, 2002 | 8:31 PM EST | Bill

The Oficial Site has added a page listing IMAX screens across the nation which will be showing Attack of the Clones. Click here for the list.



Lego Geonosian Fighter and AT-TE Pics
October 11, 2002 | 8:02 PM EST | Bill

The Bothans at From Bricks to Bothans have updated yet again with the last installment of their January 2003 Lego Systems set coverage. This time it has pics and informaion on the Geonosian Fighter and AT-TE.



Lucasfilm Employee Arrested For Leaks
October 11, 2002 | 7:58 PM EST | Bill

It seems that the leaks from last Spring have been tracked to their source. A former Lucas employee is being prosecuted for storyboard, video and other leaks. Click here for more.

Yak Reader Ken wrote in to let fans gain a little more insight on Shay Foley. He reports that Shay is a lifelong Star Wars fan, and suggested that fans look at Shay’s webpage. here.



Arena Sightings
October 11, 2002 | 7:55 PM EST | Bill

Concord, California is the latest city to see Arena Playsets in stores. Good hunting and keep the reports coming.

UPDATE: Santa Monica and Temple City, California, Cincinnati, Ohio Kansas City, Kansas, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and Taylor, Michigan have reported sightings as well.



Fan made Episode 3 trailer done with Legos
October 11, 2002 | 9:41 AM EST | Sharon

It is very slow to download, but worth the wait!
Here’s the link.



Congrats to free poster winners!!
October 11, 2002 | 8:51 AM EST | Sharon

The following people were winners of the Frito Lay AOTC poster sets:
Arturo Delgado
Maximillian Deloach
Jack Tesh
Rob Schneider
Rudi Jorge
Thanks to all those great folks that offered kind words of welcome!!
Sorry not to have more of these poster sets to share, but I may do something like this again in the near future. Remember that this collecting hobby is much more fun if you have others to share it with!



FREE posters!!!
October 10, 2002 | 9:20 PM EST | Sharon

I have a set of Frito Lay’s AOTC posters for the first 5 people to email me.



October 10, 2002 | 8:36 PM EST | Sharon

Hello everyone! I am new to the news staff here at Yakface, and am excited to be on board! Many of you know me from TradeFed as RadicalRay, or Darthshader on RebelScum and Yahoo clubs. Still a little new to the internet…but not to Star Wars! (Let’s just say I am a first generation fan!) My home is Orlando, Florida, and at the very least, I hope to keep everyone up to date with what is happening with Disney/Star Tours/ Once Upon a Toy.



Turkey Day, Then Silver R2 Day?
October 10, 2002 | 7:51 PM EST | Bill

Yep you read it right. All signs are pointing to Toys R Us stores having the much awaited 25th Anniversary Silver R2 on black Friday. The mercenaries over atGalactic Hunter have obtained information that we’ll see our little silver buddy right after Turkey day. They also report that the production run is 70,000 figures.



The Bounty is at ToysRUs.com
October 10, 2002 | 12:54 PM EST | Steve

Looks as though ToysRUs.com has added a few more pre-orders for some 12 inch figures:
12 Inch Princess Leia Bounty Hunter( I am assuming this is the exclusive Boussh Leia)
12 Inch Bounty Hunter Zuckuss
12 Inch Bounty Hunter Dengar
12 Inch Imperial Officer



And Now For Our French Readers
October 9, 2002 | 11:46 PM EST | Bill

For all STAR WARS fans, on November 10th, 2002 in Paris, France:

Get ready to meet in exclusivity Ian Liston, AKA snowspeeder rebel pilot Wez Janson and guest starring AT-AT dviver in the Empire Strikes Back. For the very first time in the heart of Paris, at PULP’S – 82 Bld St Germain – 75005 Paris – France. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet and get autographed pictures and action figures for a only single day November 10th.



Jango Fett Bust Now Available At EE
October 9, 2002 | 11:44 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth now has the Jango Fett minibust in stock! Click here for more.



Dallas Convention News
October 9, 2002 | 11:43 PM EST | Bill

Dallas Comicon adds Ray Park to incredible celebrity lineup!

What: Dallas Comicon
When: October 11-13, 2002, Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Where: Plano Center 2000 E Spring Creek Parkway
Info: www.dallascomicon.com or 972.420.8639

Just added: Sci-Fi Expo fan favorite Ray Park. Ray is known best to sci-fi fans as the evil Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace, but has also starred in X-Men (as the Toad), Sleepy Hollow, Mortal Combat and appears in this past summer’s blockbuster ECK vs. SEVER. Join us as we welcome Ray back to Texas!

Joining Ray at the Dallas Comicon is Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Princess
Leia), Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Rena Owen (Tuan We), Linda Blair
(Exorcist), David Naughton (American Werewolf in London), Tracy Elizabeth Lords (Sci-Fi 1st Wave), and many others at this event.

Many accomplished comic artists will also be attending the Comicon,
including Dave Stevens (artist and creator) of the Rocketeer, which
celebrates its 20th anniversary at our event, the world famous Hildebrandt Brothers. and fan favorite Dave Dorman!

The Dallas Comicon will also host more than 150 exhibit tables loaded with old and new Collectibles, Film & TV Memorabilia, Comics, Posters,
Autographs, and more.

General ³Weekend Pass² Admission: $10.00 adult, $5.00 kids 6-12, 5 and under free. Admission prices good into the Comicon and the Heritage auction all weekend.



Role Playing Packs You Want?
October 9, 2002 | 9:06 AM EST | Bill

It seems Hasbro is repacking some Saga figures yet again. POTF2.com andGalactic Hunter are repoting that Hasbro will be releasing a role playing set in the near future which will include a light saber packaged with 3 previously issued Saga figures. At this point, it has not been announced whether this will be a general release or an exclusive.

Thanks to JediDaxter for the heads-up.



Lott Dod And More….
October 9, 2002 | 6:11 AM EST | Mark

Looking for the new wave of figures still???
In Stock at Amazon are the following:
Lott Dod
Tusken Raider (with Massiff)
Watto (Mos Espa)



So You Want More Deals???
October 8, 2002 | 10:01 PM EST | Mark

Ok, well then try these two….
Hop on over to Sears.com and pick either or both of these offers up, but hurry, the sale ends on 10/15.
Republic gunship $35.99 and…
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid for the price of $89.99



Who Or What Is A JEDI DEX????
October 8, 2002 | 9:55 PM EST | Mark

Well in case you were wondering… here is a description…
The Jedi Dex is a detailed encyclopedia of information from all Star Wars episodes, including the classic trilogy. Included are character bios and information about aliens, weapons, and vehicles. Highlight a character name, alien, weapon, or vehicle to retrieve detailed information and history, along with a detailed graphic image, on an item within the Star Wars universe. And the best part is that this gadget is now on sale. Normal retail is $32.99, now you can get one RIGHT HERE for the low price of $14.98 (55% off)



Welcome To The Team Yak News Staff
October 8, 2002 | 9:49 PM EST | Bill

On behalf of Yakface.com I’d like to welcome two new staffers to our news staff. Steve and Sharon have joined Yakface, and will be bringing you the latest news, collecting tips, and Star Wars information. Please join me in welcoming them.



Need 25th Anniversary 2 Packs… CHEAP????
October 8, 2002 | 8:48 PM EST | Bill

Darth Midion found another score for Yak Readers:

“Just thought I would drop a line saying to tell collectors to check their local Shopko’s for these 2-packs. I found Han and Chewie, and Ben and Vader on clearance for $3.74 plus tax.”



Arenas Hit Alabama
October 8, 2002 | 8:41 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Chad wrote in that he found the new Arena Playset at Wal-Mart in Athens, Alabama. It looks like its time to start hunting again.



AOTC DVD Details
October 8, 2002 | 8:38 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with everything you could ask for about the soon to be released AOTC DVD. It has screenshots of menus, scenes, and a lot more. Click here for more.

Thanks to Timothy at Laqat for the tip!



Something at Target Reeks
October 8, 2002 | 2:18 PM EST | Steve

I just got back from my local Target only to find out they also have the Reek Arena Beast on clearance for $7.98. So if you still need this piece you might wanna stop by your local Target.



Toys R Us.Com Updates
October 8, 2002 | 2:03 PM EST | Steve

Just a little update on the Arena Playset from Toys R Us.com The item is no longer listed in stock but rather they are saying it will be released on October 15th. They are offering to order it now and it will ship on that date. Not a bad deal if you have problems finding stuff in your area. Go here to pre-order the Arena Playset

Also Toys R Us.com has the Reek on clearance for $9.98 (normally $19.99) Go here to get a Reek.



October 8, 2002 | 1:50 PM EST | Steve

Hello everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and to say hi to everyone. My name is Steve and I am new to Yak Face. I have been a long time reader of the site, and have collected Star Wars items much longer then that. I am very eager to give back a little to the Star Wars community.



Toys In Stock
October 8, 2002 | 5:57 AM EST | Mark

I have added to the list as KBToys.com now has the Yellow and Red 12″ Clone Troopers back in stock, as well as having the Falcon Playskool set in stock.



Kmart Sale Updated… Again
October 7, 2002 | 10:10 PM EST | Bill

JediDaxter sent in the latest info:

“I was just contacted by a K-Mart representative, letting me know the K-Mart Inc., is giving info out to all K-Mart stores to start a clearance sale on all Star Wars basic and deluxe figures, and also including all 12″s in stock. He said it should be happening within a few weeks, clearing out old stock for new arrivals for Christmas shopping. A few reports have been popping up about some local K-Marts having sales on the Basic for $2, Deluxe for $3, and 12″ for $10, including Zam, Dooku, and Sup Battle Droid. So, start calling or checking your local K-Mart’s. I’m calling mine. A good guess that Wal-Mart may follow suit.”



Have You Seen The New Skyhopper?
October 7, 2002 | 10:08 PM EST | Bill

Those Legomaniacs over at From Bricks To Bothans have posted images of the Lego T-16 Skyhopper set (#4477). Click here for more.



Arenas Hit Retail
October 7, 2002 | 10:05 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Darth Midion made this find:

“Hi I haven’t seen much news on this but here is some news to help some collectors out. I was crusing around Salt Lake today, Trying to find the wave of figures. I had no luck. I was feeling thirsty so I stopped by my local K-mart to get a drink. As I was there I figured might as well check the Toy aisle, Same old figs. I was upset. I then looked on the tope shelf and there were two arena PLaysets. They ring up at $44.99 plus tax. I was also able to find the wave three Unleashed figures at Kay Bee Toys. I hope this helps out some collectors.”



October 7, 2002 | 10:03 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Starwolf sent this in:

“I am writing from Minneapolis. They just announced this morning (10/7) that the Minnesota zoo’s IMAX will be showing Attack of the Clones sometime in November. But 20 minutes of the movie will be cut because of the size of the projection reel. It will be nice to see the battle on the really big screen.”



Endor Diorama Expanded
October 7, 2002 | 9:20 PM EST | Bill

As promised, here’s the all new endor diorama. Yes, the structure by the AT-ATs really is a 3 3/4 scale Imperial landing platform. Click here to see the forest moon.



R2-D2 Interactive
October 6, 2002 | 10:20 PM EST | Mark

We now have the section for easter eggs setup on the main menu. Also I have updated the left side Toys In Stock section with a link to R2-D2 at Walmart.com as they now have him in stock at the lowest price.



Dioramas Updates
October 6, 2002 | 8:55 PM EST | Bill

I’ve just finished a major update on our Diorama section. Here’s the Battle of Hoth in a scale you just have to see to believe. Click here to see the world of Hoth!

Check back later this week for a whole new Endor diorama. This endor dislay even makes the new hoth scene look small. Here’s a hint… It’s bigger than an AT-AT.



October 6, 2002 | 4:35 PM EST | Bill

Dallas Comicon brings Carrie Fisher to Texas

What: Dallas Comicon
When: October 11-13, 2002, Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Where: Plano Center 2000 E Spring Creek Parkway
Info: www.dallascomicon.com or 972.420.8639

Join us as we welcome the queen of Sci-Fi to the Dallas area. The Dallas Comicon is proud to announce that Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Princess Leia) will be making a rare public appearance October 12 and 13. Ms Fisher, joins Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Rena Owen (Tuan We), Linda Blair (Exorcist), David Naughton (American Werewolf in London), Tracy Elizabeth Lords (Sci-Fi 1st Wave), and many others at this event.

And talk about celebrities, actor Nicholas Cage has thrown in the
super-towel as he will be selling his entire comic book collection at our event! Seems Mr. Cage wants to simplify his life and has asked Heritage Comics to auction off more than 500 key comic books. Heritage expects Mr. Cage¹s collection to fetch more than 7 figures at Comicon! Question on everyone¹s mindŠ will he stop by the Comicon to see how his books are

Many accomplished comic artists will also be attending the Comicon,
including Dave Stevens (artist and creator) of the Rocketeer, which
celebrates it¹s 20th anniversary at our event, the world famous Hildebrandt Brothers. and fan favorite Dave Dorman!

The Dallas Comicon will also host more than 150 exhibit tables loaded with old and new Collectibles, Film & TV Memorabilia, Comics, Posters,
Autographs, and more.

General ³Weekend Pass² Admission: $10.00 adult, $5.00 kids 6-12, 5 and under free. Admission prices good into the Comicon and the Heritage auction all weekend.



Coruscant Attack Padme review!
October 6, 2002 | 3:13 PM EST | Michael

New figures are a little few and far between right now, but here’s the newest version of Padme, loaded with accessories and articulation. Check out the review with pictures here!



Autographs You Seek?
October 6, 2002 | 1:34 PM EST | Bill


Miss the chances to get a Carrie Fisher autograph in your collection?

Wattographs will be in attendance at the Plano Sci-Fi expo the weekend of October 11th. Carrie Fisher is the big guest there this time and we’re guessing lines will be several hours long as they were earlier this year at the Star Wars Celebration. This will apparently be your last chance to get Fisher in 2002, as she’s supposedly contracted to not do any more shows this year.

Wattographs has worked a deal with the convention organizers to get autographs of Fisher for those who won’t be able to make it to this show. Prices for this signing will be $35 and will come with the special picture that the Sci-Fi Expo is making for Fisher’s visit. This is as good as trying to score a Celebration II photo of Fisher, which sells for $50-and-up on online auction sites. It’s also much cheaper than you’ll find on any other sites!

Additionally, Wattographs can get autographs of Rena (Taun We) Owen and Amy (Aayla Secura) Allen for $25 each, on one of their in-character photos. Visitthem here for the details.



Kmart Sale!
October 5, 2002 | 9:10 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Steve found a great sale:

“Kmart is having a sale right now. Basic figures are $2 each, Deluxe figures $3 each, and “12 figures for $10 each. Almost all Star Wars items were marked way down. Slim pickings on figures but I did score the new “12 Zam, Dooku, and Super Battle Droid.”

UPDATE: This sale appears to be a clearance at one store, NOT nationwide. If you find the sale at your K-Mart, please let us know!



R2D2 Interactive Info
October 5, 2002 | 10:02 AM EST | Mark

Ok, so those of you that have it, LOVE IT. Those of you who do not have it are missing out. But there is more to this guy than the instructions say. Let’s talk Easter Eggs….
Say Remember me, then Anakin, then vader (either one can be said first) and he will play the Imperial March.
Say remember me, then Han Solo, then Chewacca, then Luke Skylaker and he will play Hero Theme.
If you get R2-D2 in a bad mood then tell him to play the dance program, he plays a slow version of the cantina song.
Another one, is simply say “follow me” and he will follow you aroung like a lost puppy. That is all that I have been able to find so far. If you have more please let me know, so that we can share them with everyone. I will start an R2 Easter Egg section this weekend.



Train To Be A Jedi
October 5, 2002 | 9:55 AM EST | Mark

EE.com now has the Jedi Training Lightsaber in stock.
-Over 15 Jedi phrases
-Sleek “chrome” finish
-Multi-Level Jedi training program – smart chip that monitors and registers your training progress.
-Activate your lightsaber with your own secret code! Enter code to turn on your lightsaber.
-Control the action – lightsaber reacts to movement at different speeds.!
-Lightsaber glows blue and extends 35 inches.



Remember The TRU Set Of 4 Minicomics?
October 4, 2002 | 10:13 PM EST | Bill

Well, it looks like TRU is still producing them. Although its been several months since issue #2 came out, issue #3 is now appearing in stores across the country. Be sure to check your local TRU.



Want To See More Figures From E1?
October 4, 2002 | 10:10 PM EST | Bill

You claim that Hasbro is overlooking characters from E1 that you want produced? Well, now is your chance to tell them if you want to get 3 characters– juvenile Greedo, Kister, and Wald!
Click here to sign the petition!



TRU Getting New Figures???
October 4, 2002 | 10:06 PM EST | Bill

The droids over at Artoos News are reporting that towards the end of October TRU is supposed to be getting some new figures— ten different case assortments to be specific. According to their information, these new case assortments should ALL be hitting the pegs, as TRU will be returning current stock to Hasrbo. Assuming both parts happen, it will be great for collectors.



TRU 25th Anniversary Silver R2 Update
October 4, 2002 | 9:58 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Scott wrote in:

“The TRU SKU (bar code) # is 7693084917 and the Stock # is 632433. It will ring up as R2-D2 GWP for $0.01. GWP is supposed to stand for Gift With Purchase and the $0.01 is just to keeptrack of the stock. I couldn’t find any more details except that’s it’s supposed to hit sometime in NOV. Hope this helps.”



New Feature On Yakface
October 4, 2002 | 9:41 PM EST | Mark

I would like to take a moment to point this out in case you have not noticed. On the left side of the page you will see Toys In Stock, what I will be doing is updating this with the new figures as they become available to buy and are in stock. I will be added a pre-order section under the in stock area. Please let me know what your thoughts are on it.



Attention New Zealand Fans
October 3, 2002 | 10:15 PM EST | Bill

SWNZ (Star Wars Fans and Collectors of New Zealand) is running a competition on their website, in association with Hasbro NZ, the prize is nothing less than a Silver Anniversary Darth Vader. Unfortunately, the competition is only open to NZ residents.



Paris Star Wars Convention
October 3, 2002 | 10:13 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Sarlacc sent this in:

“Hi friends from Yakface!
Just let you know that a convention is going to be made in Paris (10.19.2002 and 10.20.2002). His name? The Collector Rendez-vous.
There will be several SW guests here:
-Kenny Baker (R2-D2)
-Valerie Gale (Ewok mother)
-Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fett)
-Jerome Balke (Rune Haako and others)
-Alan Ruscoe (Plo Koon and others)
-Dermot Crowley (Madine)
-Femi Taylor (Oola)
-Amy Allen (Aayla Secura)
-Mike Edmunds (Logray)
That will be great. I live in Switzerland… The travel will be long to France, but… so nice!!!!”



My Parts Are Showing!
October 3, 2002 | 8:55 PM EST | Robert

Continuing with the information gathered in the joint article I co wrote with my friend Innis from the Jawa.com here’s another picture of an unproduced commtech chip related item. This time it’s a picture of the unproduced 4.0 Battlestation Unit commtech chip reader. You can check out the reader by going here: Commtech 4.0 Battlestation Unit Reader
In case you missed the article head on over to the Jawa.com and hit the features section for the joint article on the unproduced commtech chips. I want to give a big thanks to Jordan Hembrough and Hollywood Heroes for helping in tracking down this unproduced item. If you are looking for pre production/production items drop Jordan an email at Hheroes007@aol.com.



LEGO Jabba’s Palace 
October 3, 2002 | 11:25 AM EST | Mark

Thanks to Tim over at http://www.fbtb.net for this news.
4480 Jabba’s Palace 234 pc • $29.99
Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker minifigs; Jabba the Hutt, EV-9D9, power droid and B’Omarr Monk.
Jabba is made of three pieces. Two level playset with a droid torture chamber on the lower level. Check out the link above for the image of the box.



Ephant Mon In stock! @ EE.com
October 2, 2002 | 10:49 PM EST | Mark

We just got these in today:

EII Collection 2 (Wave 9) (Item# HS84861J, $79.99)
Includes 12 action figures: 2x Ephant Mon – Jabba’s Head of Security
(NEW), 2x Watto – Mos Espa Junk Dealer, 2x Lott Dodd – Neimoidian
Senator, 2x Tusken Raider with Massiff, 1x Ki-Adi-Mundi – Jedi Master, 1x Teemto Pagalies – Pod Racer, 1x Endor Rebel Soldier and 1x Massiff with Geonosian Warrior (subject to change).



Wal-Mart Not Canceling All Arena Pre-Orders
October 2, 2002 | 8:59 PM EST | Bill

Those collectors who were lucky enough not to have their Arena orders with Wal-Mart.com canceled received this E-mail today:


Thank you for your recent purchase of Star Wars Episode II: Arena Battle Playset. We are writing to let you know that the ship date of September 30 has been slightly delayed due to a supplier inventory issue.

Your item will ship by the end of next week. We have upgraded your shipping to Priority, at no additional charge, so you will receive your Arena Battle Playset as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused. Your
complete satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-966-6546.


Customer Service at Walmart.com



Action Fleet Wave 2 In Stock
October 2, 2002 | 8:56 PM EST | Bill

D & S Sci-fi Toy World has the new Action Fleet Solar Sailer, At-Te & Naboo Starfighter. They also have the new 12″ Electronic Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. Also the new Padme, Clone Trooper Pilot & Jango Pilot figures as well as Lott Dodd, Watto & Tusken. Click here to order and be sure to tell them Yakface sent you!



Silver R2 Updates
October 2, 2002 | 8:54 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Ryan wrote in to confirm that the 25th Anniversary Silver R2 will be a gift with $25.00 purchase according to the manager of his local TRU. Yak Reader Chris’s local TRU manager and district TRU managers told him that there is no firm date so far, so it looks like we won’t see our chrome buddy at retail for a while yet.

If you would like to see some detailed images of the TRU Artoo, check out Artoos News visual guide
here., or our own coverage from Spain here.



TRU Star Wars Sale Starts October 13
October 1, 2002 | 11:03 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Steve just let us know that his local TRU manager reports that there will be a big Star Wars sale starting October 13. Will Silver R2 be there? No word yet, but as soon as we hear you’ll see it here.


Yak Reader Brian sent this in:

“I was at a Toys r Us in Memphis, TN and overheard a manager telling a co-worker about new Star Wars merchendise arriving soon. She also said that they will probably run a sale on their current merchandise. That was nothing compared to what she said next. Se said that they will be doing pre-orders of Attack of the Clones and every person that reservs a copy will receive a LIMITED EDITION 25TH ANNIVERSARY SILVER R2-D2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know if this is just how this particular Toys r Us is planning to distribute the silver R2s or what. I also talked with someone at another Toys r Us in Memphis and he said that he was told the R2s would be a promotional
give-a-way with the purchase of certain amount ofHasbro Star Wars

This would definitely fit with earlier reports that the 25th Anniversary R2 would be a gift with a $20.00 purchase.



New Jedi Order Series News
October 1, 2002 | 8:57 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Del Rey:

The next installment in The New Jedi Order series, on-sale: Now

Hardcover, $25.95, 0-345-42850-1

In the war against the ruthless Yuuzhan Vong, the fall of Coruscant leaves the New Republic divided by internal strife, and on the verge of bowing to conquest. But those who steadfastly refuse to consider surrender–Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, and their children and comrades-in-arms–are determined to seize victory against overwhelming odds. And now, finally, there are signs that the tide may be turning in the New Republic’s favor.

For more details click here.



Micromachines AT-TE Photos
October 1, 2002 | 8:13 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Steven:

“Not really sure if this is news or not; but I found 3 new Action Fleet items today at Target in So. Cal. I only bought the AT-TE as I don’t care for the other two…Naboo Fighter and Solar Sailer.

This is pretty neat toy except that the legs don’t articulate that well for different positions. All the gun turrets move in the front and back. And the main cannon in the front has a seat for the gunner in the back. But the main cannon and the front hatch have a different color than the body. It looks like the body has been applied the weathering effect but the cannon and the hatch were probably attached after the process; thus the different shades of colors.Not really sure if this is news or not; but I found 3 new Action Fleet items today at Target in So. Cal. I only bought the AT-TE as I don’t care for the other two…Naboo Fighter and Solar Sailer.

This is pretty neat toy except that the legs don’t articulate that well for different positions. All the gun turrets move in the front and back. And the main cannon in the front has a seat for the gunner in the back. But the main cannon and the front hatch have a different color than the body. It looks like the body has been applied the weathering effect but the cannon and the hatch were probably attached after the process; thus the different shades of colors.”

Click here to see the AT-TE photos.



Lego Republic Gunship At Costco
October 1, 2002 | 7:50 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Tom found the Lego Republic Gunship at Costco for between $68-$70.

Keep sending in the news!



Wanna Playset? Get A Playset!!!
October 1, 2002 | 1:10 PM EST | Mark

The Arena Playset $39.99, is now IN STOCK at Amazon if you are looking for it.

Also the Darth Maul Sith Training $6.99, is in stock.



UCS Star Destroyer
October 1, 2002 | 8:14 AM EST | Mark

Yes it is expensive $269.00, yes it is big at 37” by 23”, and yes there are a lot of pieces totalling 3104, however there is free shipping and the price is only going to go up. So stop over to LEGO.com and pre-order your UCS Star Destroyertoday.