January 2003 Archive

Targeting New Figures
January 31, 2003 | 9:40 PM EST | Bill

This report just in from Yak Reader Rob:

“San Diego Target stores are starting to hit with the
new wave of figures. This morning I scored with 7 new
figures: Eeth Koth (repackaged), Teebo (repackaged),
Imperial Officer (brown hair, repackaged), Tusken
Raider (Camp Ambush), SP-4 & JN-66, Padme Amidala
(Factory Escape), Rebel Trooper (repackaged).”

Be sure to send in your reports here.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
January 31, 2003 | 9:32 PM EST | Bill

Count Dooku Lightsaber, Captain America, The Simpsons

***Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica***

The Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica (Item# MRSW105, $298.99)http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MRSW105, Collector’s Edition. Limited to 3,500 pieces Worldwide. Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, including a direct study of the original filming prop, this replica is authentic and accurate to the lightsaber seen on-screen in “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.” Of note is the unique curved shape of this replica, a stark contrast to previously known lightsabers. Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal components, each replica is hand-assembled and finished.

***Captain America’s Shield – Available For A Limited Time!***

The Captain America’s Shield (Item# FX19651, $299.99)http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=FX19651 sells out as quickly as it comes into stock. If you’ve been waiting to get this amazing replica of Captain America’s shield for your collection, now’s the time. Measures approximately 27 inches in diameter.

***Simpsons Bowl-A-Rama Game!***

Head down to Barney’s Bowl-A-Rama and knock some pins around! This tin Simpsons Bowl-A-Rama Game (Item# RC802, $34.99)http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=RC802 features Homer, dressed in his fashionable bowling uniform, and includes a bowling ball and pins. The bowling lane features Pin Pals graphics, gutters and returns. In his bowling stance, Homer can be moved left or right to get that perfect aim. His arm catches on a release lever and when released, his arm swings forward, launching the blowing ball (marble) towards the pins at the end of the lane.

When you order be sure to tell them Yakface sent you!



Paizo Publishing(SW Insider) wants to hear from you!
January 31, 2003 | 6:06 PM EST | Sharon

Take a few minutes to fill out their survey on the latest issue of Star Wars Insider #65. It’s nice that they want to hear from us! Paizo



Toys R Us to cut 700 Management jobs
January 31, 2003 | 9:34 AM EST | Sharon

Toys’R’Us Cuts700 Store Manager Jobs to Up Floor Help

PARAMAS, NJ– Toys R Us Inc. seeking to put moer sales associates on its floors, will cut 700 store management and supervisory positions, or less than 2% of it’s U.S. workforce.

In a prepared statement Thursday, the toy retailer said the reallocation of labor will occur in about 400 if its 686 U.S.stores.

The company says the new plan will enable it to reinvest more management-labor expense back into sales associate hours in the stores.

click here for full story



D&S Toys Newsfeed
January 31, 2003 | 8:55 AM EST | Bill

This just in from D&S Toys:

You are being sent this email because you have done business with our
company D & S Sci-fi Toy World either directly or via Ebay.

New Items: – Go to the website for prices and other new items…

New Obi-Wan Acklay Battle & Darth Tryanus Geonosis Figures – In Stock
Lamu Su, Barris Offee, Twilek – Pre-order
Imperial Officer – New Head, Library Droids, etc..
Deluxe Force Power Anakin & Flying Jango Deluxe – Pre-Order

New Tie Bomber in stock!
Acklay – Back in Stock!
Pre-Order for Wave 4 SW Action Fleet
All Action Fleet Waves in stock…

12″ Zuckuss, Imperial Officer & Dengar
Jedi Electronic Lightsabers
Deluxe Yoda, C-3PO, Clone Trooper, Genosian and Anakin
Tie Bomber, B-Wing & Tie Interceptor – Back in Stock!

Click here to order and be sure to tell them Yakface sent you.



Hasbro’s Star Wars Licenses Extended 10 Years
January 30, 2003 | 9:31 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro has reached an agreement with Lucasfilm extending their license to produce Star Wars toys for another 10 years… until 2018!!! It certainly makes you wonder what, if anything, Lucas has planned beyond Episode III.

Here’s the full newsrelease:

2003–Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) announced today that its
license with Lucas Licensing Ltd., for the manufacture
and distribution of Star Wars toys and games, has been
extended for an additional ten years.
“We are delighted to extend our long-term
relationship with Lucas,” said Alan G. Hassenfeld,
Hasbro’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This
extension provides us with a real economic benefit by
allowing us to continue to build and expand on the
success of this franchise property for many years to
“Lucas and Hasbro have always viewed Star Wars as a
long-term proposition. This extension truly gives us
the opportunity to plan far into the future for the
benefit of all the fans who have followed the saga for
the last 27 years,” said Howard Roffman, President of
Lucas Licensing. “Hasbro is unmatched in the boys
action arena, and we are confident that their future
work on Star Wars toys and games will continue the
tradition of excellence they have established.”
Under the terms of the extension, the agreement is
expected to run through 2018. The minimum guarantee
payable to Lucas has also been reduced by $85 million.
“Based on the restructuring of these agreements, we
do not expect any current or future impairment charge
related to Star Wars,” said David Hargreaves, Hasbro’s
Chief Financial Officer. “Lucas has shown they are a
true partner of Hasbro.”
In a separate agreement, Hasbro extended by ten
years the terms of the warrants it previously granted
to Lucas Licensing Ltd. and Lucasfilm Ltd. The warrants
provide for the purchase of an aggregate of 15,750,000
shares of Hasbro common stock. This agreement further
provides Hasbro with an option running through October
13, 2016, to purchase these warrants from Lucas for an
aggregate purchase price of either $200 million in
cash, or $220 million in Hasbro common stock, such
stock being valued at the time of exercise of the
option. In addition, the agreement provides Lucas with
an option during the next five years to sell all of
these warrants to Hasbro for a price to be paid at
Hasbro’s election of either $100 million in cash or
$110 million in Hasbro common stock, such stock being
valued at the time of exercise of the option.
The agreement with Lucas Licensing Ltd., continues
to give Hasbro exclusive worldwide rights to core
action figures, vehicles and games, electronic
hand-held games, die cast vehicles and creative play
Hasbro will announce its fourth quarter and full
year 2002 results on Thursday, February 13, 2003 and
will be hosting a webcast of the conference call at
9:00 a.m. EST.
Hasbro is a worldwide leader in children’s and
family leisure time entertainment products and
services, including the design, manufacture and
marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to
high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its
TIGER and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products
provide the highest quality and most recognizable play
experiences in the world.
Lucas Licensing Ltd. manages all the domestic and
international merchandising activities of the Star Wars
and Indiana Jones properties. Star Wars is the most
successful film-based merchandising program in history.
The Star Wars licensing program is renowned for its
attention to product detail and quality in the fields
of publishing, toys, games, collectibles, apparel and
home furnishings.

Certain statements contained in this release
contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning
of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
1995. These statements may be identified by the use of
forward-looking words or phrases such as “anticipate”,
“believe”, “could”, “expect”, “intend”, “look forward”,
“may”, “planned”, “potential”, “should”, “will” and
“would”. Such forward-looking statements are inherently
subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties.
Hasbro, Inc.’s (the “Company’s”) actual actions or
results may differ materially from those expected or
anticipated in the forward-looking statements. Specific
factors that might cause such a difference include, but
are not limited to: the Company’s ability to
manufacture, source and ship new and continuing
products on a timely basis and the acceptance of those
products by customers and consumers at prices that will
be sufficient to profitably recover development,
manufacturing, marketing, royalty and other costs of
products; economic conditions, including the retail
market, higher fuel prices, currency fluctuations and
government regulation and other actions in the various
markets in which the Company operates throughout the
world; the inventory policies of retailers, including
the concentration of the Company’s revenues in the
second half and fourth quarter of the year, together
with increased reliance by retailers on quick response
inventory management techniques, which increases the
risk of underproduction of popular items, overproduction of
less popular items and failure to achieve tight and
compressed shipping schedules; work stoppages,
slowdowns or strikes, which may impact the Company’s
ability to manufacture or deliver product, the
bankruptcy or other lack of success of one of the
Company’s significant retailers which could negatively
impact the Company’s revenues or bad debt exposure; the
impact of competition on revenues, margins and other
aspects of the Company’s business, including the
ability to secure, maintain and renew popular licenses
and the ability to attract and retain talented
employees in a competitive environment; market
conditions, third party actions or approvals and the
impact of competition that could delay or increase the
cost of implementation of the Company’s consolidation
programs or alter the Company’s actions and reduce
actual results; the risk that anticipated benefits of
acquisitions may not occur or be delayed or reduced in
their realization; and other risks and uncertainties as
may be detailed from time to time in the Company’s
public announcements and SEC filings. The Company
undertakes no obligation to make any revisions to the
forward-looking statements contained in this release or
to update them to reflect events or circumstances
occurring after the date of this release.



Ultaramas Shipping Free!
January 30, 2003 | 9:17 PM EST | Bill

Ultarama Celebrates Toy Fair With Free Shipping Through February 16th!

EDISON, NJ–Jan. 30, 2003—Collectible Display Systems, Inc. today announced it is celebrating the arrival of Toy Fair by offering free shipping within the Continental U.S. on all www.ultarama.com purchases through February 16th. Simply enter your order and, when it is processed, your free shipping will be applied. Also, keep your eyes open for our new sci-fi, military, and super action hero background scenes, which we plan to have available for the March 22nd East Coast Hobby Show!

The Ultarama is a complete action figure display system that is both flexible and customizable. With the use of the Ultarama’s molded plastic platforms that contain 80 pre-molded peg holes and its proprietary pegging system, collectors can display their collections in three totally unique ways: stacked two levels high in the shape of a semicircle, clipped back-to-back in the shape of a circle, or configured as two separate and complete one level displays. With the purchase of additional Ultaramas, collectors can build their display many stories high! The Ultarama also includes four unique 8 X 10 background scenes, 48 pegs for 3 3/4″ figures, and 24 pegs for 6″ figures. The 6″ pegs also fit most 4 3/4″ figures and most vintage 3 3/4″ figures.

The Ultarama is available for immediate shipping and can be ordered from the Ultarama web site at www.ultarama.com or by calling 1-212-634-3660.

Collectible Display Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of proprietary display systems that provide visually enhancing environments for displaying collectible action figures. Both internationally and in the U.S., its fully patented and modularly designed Ultarama; action figure display system provides the highest quality display experience in the world. For additional information, please visit the Ultarama; web site at www.ultarama.com.



12″ Han Solo, At St Driver, and Lando Skiff hit eBay
January 30, 2003 | 8:40 PM EST | Sharon

Check out these auctions for pics of the next wave of 12″ figures on the way soon….

12″ Han Solo

12″ AT ST Driver

12″ Lando Skiff Guard

Same seller is offering Sandtrooper army builder set



Master Replica’s Spring 2003 Preview
January 30, 2003 | 7:37 PM EST | Sharon

Head on over to Master Replicas to check out some of the upcoming pieces! A Darth Maul Lightsaber(limited and signature editions), and a new Jedi training remote. The Maul saber’s release date is February 13th. “Give the Force for this Valentines Day, nothing says love like a Lightsaber”



Auction Cruisin’ : Life Size Darth Vader
January 29, 2003 | 10:05 PM EST | Sharon

Ever wanted your very own Sith Lord? Here’s your chance! A 7 foot tall replica of our favorite man in black. The same seller is also offering a life size Stormtrooper replica. Take a peek!



Speeders Ahead
January 29, 2003 | 8:53 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro has updated their Star Wars webpage with photos of the action fleet Anakin and Zam Wessell’s Coruscant Speeders as well as the Commerce Guild Spider Droid. Click here for more.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
January 28, 2003 | 10:05 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

All New Star Wars Figures!

***All New Star Wars Figures!***

Star Wars Saga / Episode II – Attack of the Clones Collection 2 Figure Assortment, Wave 10 (Item# HS84861K, $79.99)http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HS84861K. Includes 12 action figures: 2x Tusken Raider – Tatooine Camp Ambush (NEW), 2x Padme Amidala – Droid Factory Chase (NEW), 1x SP-4 & JN-66 – Research Droids (NEW), 2x Rebel Trooper – Tantive IV Defender (NEW), 1x Imperial Officer, 2x Eeth Koth – Jedi Master and 2x Teebo.

When you order, be sure to tell them Yakface sent you!



Sale, Sale, Sale…
January 28, 2003 | 10:03 PM EST | Mark



KB is at it again, check out some of these deals….
Jedi Starfighter w/ Obi Wan (Exclusive) $19.99
Clone Trooper Republic Gunship $19.97 (clone Tropper Pilot is also in stock for $4.99)
R2-D2 Interactive $69.97
Jango Fett’s Slave I $21.99
And many other sales…



Free Lego Tie Fighters Are Back!!!
January 27, 2003 | 9:48 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site is giving away the Lego mini-Tie Fighters again. The number is limited, so be sure to click over there now!


The Ties are already gone.



Auction Crusin’: Lifesize Sebulba Replica
January 27, 2003 | 8:39 PM EST | Sharon

For those of you that collect(or have room for) lifesize pieces, check out this fabulous lifesize Sebulba replica. Seller even offers free shipping in Continental U.S.!! Even those not interested in bidding, take a moment to admire this piece. Only a few hours left to bid…



2003 Product Line News
January 27, 2003 | 9:00 AM EST | Bill

UK Toyfair information over at Action Figure.com!!! There’s lots of information about the 2003 line in the press packet they’ve posted including:

Confirmation of the Jedi Council and Geonosian War Room Scene packs, both of which will have 2 NEW figures!

Anakin’s Modified Fighter (This should be a Jedi Star Fighter, hopefully with the hyperdrive ring)

Trade Federation Clone Wars Tank

Clone Wars Republic Gunship which “has the same amazing firepower” sounds like a repaint.

Clone Wars Multipacks

The fully operational R2 is back for 2003

Thanks to Artoosnews for finding the post!



Dooku’s Speeder Photos
January 26, 2003 | 11:41 PM EST | Bill

The droids over at Artoosnews have just posted detailed photos of Count Dooku Speeder which is due for release from Hasbro in the near future. Click here to check them out.



New Figures Hitting Wal-Mart
January 25, 2003 | 7:57 PM EST | Bill

This report just in from Yak Reader Jerec350:

“Last night at Wal-Mart in Augusta GA I was able to find:

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Acklay Battle
Darth Tyranus – Geonosis Escape

Only 1 of each though. Someone got to the case before me.”


We are also getting reports of these appearing at other Wal-Marts and Targets across the country. In addition the Jedi Library droids, Factory Chase Padme, and Tusken Ambush are also hitting Targets!

Good Hunting!



The Birth Of Star Wars EU
January 24, 2003 | 9:25 PM EST | Bill

Shortly after Star Wars left the silver screen in the late 70s, the world we now know as the Expanded Universe began with a book called Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. The Official Site has added a new article about this book where EU began.Click here for the story.



Episode III Title…. Already
January 24, 2003 | 9:02 PM EST | Bill

Corona’s Coming Atractions has posted what they claim is the title for Episode III. According to them the title will be… well, click here and go to the Star Wars link to check it out. For obvious, spoiler free reasons, we won’t post the title here, but it’s worth a look. (Even if this isn’t the “real” title, it’s as good as some of the “fan” suggestions for E2’s title!

Thanks to the Trade Federation for finding the title.


If the above link doesn’t work, try this one. The site takes a few minutes to load.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
January 22, 2003 | 9:35 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

12 inch Plo Koon
Fully poseable with authentically styled outfit! The Plo Koon figure sports a magnificent head sculpt which captures the distinct likeness of the Jedi Master and features a previous generation G.I. Joe body and unique costume and lightsaber.
In Stock Now!
Item Number: HS26787
Price: $24.99
See Star Wars Episode 2 Action Figures: 12 inch

Be sure to check out their JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE! Over 200 Products On Sale at 50% Off or MORE! Click Here For Details



The Deluxe Droids Are Here
January 22, 2003 | 8:41 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro has updated their Star Wars page with photos of the two upcoming deluxe droid packs. One is the Spider Droid from Geonisis, the other is a Super Battle Droid builder set. Click here to check them out.



Clean Clones On The Way
January 21, 2003 | 11:34 PM EST | Bill

It looks like we may be seeing a “clean” all-white Clone Trooper coming later this Spring. Galactic Hunter’s sources at Hasbro have told them that this clean and shiny clone will be based on the “red” clone figure mold. Click here for more.



Q and A 2003!
January 21, 2003 | 11:32 PM EST | Mark

To all, John has stopped in to help out the collectors with his first 2003 redition of his QNA, so head on over and read it. And remember, send John any questions you might have…. I am thinking of nicknaming the QNA “Dear John…”



12″ Leia Endor Photo
January 21, 2003 | 9:23 PM EST | Bill

A very early photo of the upcoming Target Exclusive 12″ Leia on Speederbike (without her speeder) has surfaced on The Private Universe. Click here to check it out.



The 2003 Product Guide
January 20, 2003 | 11:16 PM EST | Bill

We’ve added a new feature to Yakface.com to help build your collection. On the right side of our page, we now have a link to the 2003 product list. The list includes all of the product that we’ve heard about for 2003. Remember the list includes both officially announced toys, and those which have been reported from a number of sources as likely. In addition to providing you with a product list, we will be updating it regularly. As soon as pictures surface of an item, we’ll link you to them on the 2003 product list. We’ll also add an asterisk to the left of each item as it is released at retail. Click here to check it out!



Hasbro Vehicles May Be Landing This Spring
January 20, 2003 | 9:09 PM EST | Bill

The Private Universe has updated with the 411 on the upcoming Naboo Fighter with Padme figure, Tie Fighter withpPilot, 12″ Leia on Speeder Bike, and Kotobukiya Star Wars Obi-Wan Vinyl Figure. All of these are lisetd in the newest United Kingdom Diamond Comics catalog, and list for releases in April, April/May (for both the Tie Fighter and 12″ Leia), and February respectively.

Assuming the US releases are similar we may be seeing these items very soon. The Tie Fighter with pilot is scheduled to be a KB Toys exclusive, and the 12″ Leia on Speeder Bike is a Target Exclusive.



Star Wars Valentines
January 20, 2003 | 8:55 PM EST | Sharon

Stores have made the swap from Christmas to Valentines, and along with the change the 2003 Star Wars Valentines are hitting the shelves. Click here for pics of the Valentines and more.



Imperial Shuttles Now Arriving At Disney World Stores
January 20, 2003 | 1:36 PM EST | Sharon

I just got a call from one of my Disney friends, and the Shuttle has landed at the Hasbro/Disney store in Orlando, and at Tatooine Traders at MGM Studios.(I will not be able to pick these up for anyone, please don’t ask.) No word on how many arrived, but start watching your credit card statements, they should be close to shipping.



The Results Are In!
January 20, 2003 | 12:57 PM EST | Bill

And we really do mean results (plurual) in the Hasbro Star Wars Fan’s Choice poll. Here’s the final standings:

Captain Antilles : 25.55 %
Gen. Jan Dodonna : 25.50 %
Senator Yarua (Kashyyyk Senator) : 24.67 %
Ben Quadinaros (Pod Racer) : 12.68 %
Rabé : 11.60 %

Hasbro reports that there were only 9 votes separating Captain Antilles and General Jan Dodonna. As a result they have decided to produce both of them for late Spring 2004. Click here to read the whole story.



New Action Fleet Images Added To Toyguide
January 19, 2003 | 9:21 PM EST | Bill

We’ve updated our toyguide with boxed images of the upcoming Action FleetRepublic Gunship , Spider Droid , Anakin’s Speeder , and Zam Wesell’s Speeder. Just click on each item to see the images.



12″ Plo Koon review!
January 19, 2003 | 5:01 PM EST | Michael

He’s bad, he’s ugly…but is he bad and ugly enough to be good? Check out the complete review of the new 12″ Plo Koon here!



Clone Pilot In Stock At KB.com
January 19, 2003 | 12:44 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Dvalen wrote in to let us know that the Clone Trooper Pilot is in stock at KB Toys.com. Click here to order.



TARGETing Clearance Sales
January 18, 2003 | 9:00 PM EST | Bill

This Target shopping reort just in from Yak Reader BOrama:

An extraordinary shopping spree to say the least.

What I found:
Geonosis Arena $9.72
Jedi Knight Action Set $3.28
A New Hope Mos Eisley Encounter & Tatooine Droid Hunter Action Fleet $1.48 ea
Attack of the Clones Jedi Dex $4.38

Needless to say, the shelves are clearing out fast and you have to hunt around.



You’ve Got To Take A Look At This Gam
January 18, 2003 | 8:56 PM EST | Bill

Pete over at The Private Universe has scored the first photos of the upcoming 12″ Gamorrean Guard. This bad boy has been reported to be a KBToys exclusive for this year. Check out the photo here.



Wal-Mart Clearances
January 18, 2003 | 8:45 PM EST | Bill

Some Wal-Mart Stores are clearancing their stock of Star Wars 12″ figures, up through the Dooku/Superbattle Droid wave for $10.00. They are also clearancing Anakin and Zam’s speeders for $7.50 (these are the original version from last year without a pack-in figure, NOT the re-releases with a figure which are due later this year). POTJ figures are also seeing clearance for $3.00— a great price for snagging some army builders— need another squad of Bespin guards anyone?



Store Report: Family Dollar Stores Have StarWars.
January 18, 2003 | 4:42 PM EST | David

Hello, David here.
I stopped by my local Family Dollar store to pick up some clothes a couple days ago and I found Star Wars, GI-Joe, and Transformers action figures there. The price is $5.00 each, and many of older POTJ were there. I picked up a K-3PO, Imperial Officer, and R2-Q5. So, if you want to try finding some figures, go to your local Family Dollar store. Who knows what you may find.



Boxed Anakin Speeder and Dooku Speeder Photos
January 18, 2003 | 12:53 PM EST | Bill

We’ve finally seen production versions of both the Anakin Speeder and Dooku Speeder sets due out later this year. For the photos click here to see them over at Galactic Hunter.



New Ebook Preview At Star Wars.com
January 18, 2003 | 12:46 PM EST | Bill

The Offical Site has added a brief preview of the newest Star Wars Ebook. This one will go on sale shortly before Tatooine Ghost, the next hardcover. Like the title suggests the hardcover will take place largely on Tatooine, while the new Ebook, Forest Apart, by Troy Denning, will take place largely on Chewie’s homeworld of Kashyyyk and Coruscant. Click here for more.



The Latest Numbers
January 18, 2003 | 12:34 PM EST | Bill

Here’s the latest on the Hasbro Star Wars Fan’s Choice Poll…

Gen. Jan Dodonna : 26 %
Captain Antilles : 26 %
Senator Yarua (Kashyyyk Senator) : 25 %
Ben Quadinaros (Pod Racer) : 13 %
Rabé : 12 %

UPDATE: Yak Reader Steve pointeed out that 26+26+25+13+12=102. Hopefully Hasbro will correct the percentages soon.

This one’s gonna be close! Remember the polls close the 20th so VOTE NOW if you haven’t yet.



LEGO’s Available…
January 17, 2003 | 1:45 PM EST | Mark

Here are a few links for you to find the new LEGO’s.
Lego Tiebomber (4479)
Lego T-6 Skyhopper (4477)
Lego Jabba’s Prize (4476)
Lego Jabba’s Message (4475)
Lego Jabba’s Palace (4480)



There Is Another Trilogy… Maybe
January 15, 2003 | 8:10 PM EST | Bill

Long time Star Wars fans will remember long, long ago (as in the late 1970s) that George Lucas said he envisioned Star Wars as a series of 9 movies— three trilogies, and that he had started with the middle trilogy. (Remember this was long before A New Hope or Episode 4 were “official names” of the “first” Star Wars.

Around the time work began on Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, the Flanneled One announced that he felt the epic would be complete with two trilogies (the prequels and the original trilogy).

The Trade Federaton has pointed out an interview with George Lucas on Fox News which is posted over at Ain’t It Cool News. In the story, Mr. Lucas talks about Star Wars consisting of 9 movies!!! As to if or when we’ll really get to see Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, who knows. Click here to read the story.

UPDATE: Yak Reader Kevin from Snowtroopers.ca sent this in:

“Update: LucasFilm was contacted for a comment about the mention of 9 movies and a LucasFilm Spokesperson had this to say:

“As many fans are already aware of, there are going to be just 6 movies. Unfortunately, George was misquoted in the interview about number of movies in the Star Wars series. Currently LucasFilm is in preproduction for Episode 3, the last Star Wars movie.” Seen this on theforce.net”



Imperial Shuttle Flight Plans
January 15, 2003 | 8:01 PM EST | Bill

We’ve been getting reports from Yak Readers that FAO is sending out a new wave of post cards about the Imperial Shuttle. These cards report that the Shuttles will be shipping January 16!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to report their cards from FAO!



New Padawan 2 Packs At Hasbro
January 15, 2003 | 7:58 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro has update their Star Wars page with more new figures for 2003. This time there are photos of the two padawan two packs from the Bear Clan. Click here to see the photos!

Thanks to Yak Reader Rob for the heads-up.



Walmart.com Sales
January 15, 2003 | 7:00 PM EST | Mark

Now on sale at Walmart.com you will find…
Electronic R2-D2 for $69 and the LEGO Yoda for $69.



FAO Stores Calling Customers To Confirm Shuttles
January 14, 2003 | 9:29 PM EST | Bill

The Kansas City FAO store was calling customers today, who had reserved Shuttles with them to confirm the orders. They are expecting the shuttles to be in stock by the end of the month. More as we get it.



Clearance Sales Update
January 14, 2003 | 8:45 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Scott reports:

Worthwhile bargains in south-east/lower Michigan! I have been coming across some great sale/clearance item in my area: Flint/Pontiac/Lapeer . At the Meijer stores: Republic gunship $19.99, Arena playset $25.99, Deluxe figures(Nexu,etc) $6.99. Also at KB toys: 4-pack exclusives/figure sets $9.99, Obi-Wan’s Starfighter with figure $15.99, 25th Anniversary New Hope sets (Luke/Leia, Han/Chewbacca) $4.99. These items varied by store, but are definitely worth a search for if you don’t have them.



Wal-Mart Saga Sightings
January 14, 2003 | 8:42 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Steve D. sent in this report:

“I was at my Bolingbrook IL Walmart and found the new/old Tie bomber redeco..Its in a neat saga blue window box and its $28.34. They had a case of 6 of these. I havent read on your website that these were coming out. I dont know if the Snowspeeder is coming in a redeco box. Also new deluxe figures were there as well as some Ephont Mons. Happy hunting.”

While Hasbro announced that the POTJ Tie Bomber would be rereleased in Saga packaging, no plans have been announced to rerelease the POTJ Snow Speeder.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
January 14, 2003 | 8:39 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

Customers can now pre-order these new Hasbro items at Entertainment

Rebel Blockade Troop Builder (Item# HS26816, $17.99)

Endor Soldier Troop Builder (Item# HS26761, $17.99)

Yoda Lightsaber (Item# HS84961, $27.99)



Clones Troop Builder Information
January 13, 2003 | 9:54 PM EST | Bill

The Trade Federation’s spies have come through with all the details on the rumored Clone Trooper, Troop Builer set. Their sources say that the clones will come from the “Preview” clone mold and will probably be “clean” troopers, as opposed to the “dirty” preview troopers we received previously.



Need A Squad Of Rebel Troopers?
January 13, 2003 | 9:51 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for the Rebel Fleet Trooper, Troop Builder set for 17 bux and change! The troopers ship in the standard white “Fan Club” generic mailer, like the past troop builder sets. Click here to place your order.



FAO Files Chapter 11
January 13, 2003 | 9:46 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Steve pointed out this article on CNN Money on FAO’s financial problems. It reports that FAO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. How this will affect the Shuttles, if at all, is still unknown. More as it comes.



Hallmark 2003 Star Wars Ornaments
January 12, 2003 | 9:48 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Girlofgod sent in this report on the 2003 Hallmark Star Wars line-up:

“Classic C3-PO (presumably in gold)
Yoda with Lightsaber (oooooo! how cool!)
Padme Amidala (Attack of the Clones, no description on which costume though)CLONES! (a double pack of miniature ornaments)and the ship this year is described to me as: The Classic “TIE Fighter with the flat white wings from Star Wars”



Star Construx Update
January 12, 2003 | 8:56 PM EST | Bill

Markus over at Star Construx their site with new “360 degree turns” of 30 custom made figures. New custom figures made by Harald Flügge and a new diorama from Lars Intemann. Click here to check them out.



K-Mart Star Wars Sale
January 12, 2003 | 8:49 PM EST | Bill

K-Mart is running a buy one, get one half-off sale on ALL Star Wars items. Hurry the sale ends tomorrow (January 13, 2003)!



More Shuttle Reports
January 12, 2003 | 8:47 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Craig sent in this report:

“Hello. With all the news going around the web about the FAO Imperial Shuttle. I thought I would let you know something I found out about my order. I placed my order a couple months ago to the catalogue by phone dept. Just last week I called up to find out the status of my order. I was told my 10% off coupon that I, and many others used had been removed by the computer for some reason. They told me this happened right as the new year began. So you may want to implore those who have used the 10% off coupon to check their orders. Luckily they put the 10% discount back on for me. That’s a $12.00 savings! Plus I was told their new expected date of arrival for the shuttles in their warehouse was Jan. 26th. But I’m sure that could change.”



Fan Club Membership Kits Arriving
January 12, 2003 | 12:05 AM EST | Bill

Good news for everyone who renewed their Fan Club membership for two years last year. You will still get the membership kit this year without renewing again (as your membership is still current for 2003)!!! The membership kits are very similar to those of past years, however they have added a “Bantha Tracks” patch and a mini standee with Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda to the usual assortment of post cards from Star Wars worlds, stickers, and welcome letters from the Fan Club and The Flanneled One himself.



A-Wing Boxed Prototype And Color Yavin Tech Accessory Pack
January 12, 2003 | 12:01 AM EST | Bill

Pete over at The Private Universe has posted some photos of the upcoming green A-Wing. The paint job on the green A-Wing looks beautiful. It appears to come with a new A-Wing Pilot. The figure in the mock-up box appears to be a new sculpt, although the helment on it looks a little rough.

If you like ladders for your rebel hanger, then the Yavin Tech accessory pack is definitely for you. Click here for the photos!



The Winner Is…
January 11, 2003 | 11:52 PM EST | Bill

The winner of our free Ultarama drawing is Van-Troi Perozo. Be sure to send us your entry here for the next drawing in 2 weeks! Remember to be eligible to win, your entry must inclue your full name AND your address. Good Luck!



Shuttle Update
January 11, 2003 | 11:41 PM EST | Bill

We’ve gotten LOTS more E-mail about the FAO Imperial Shuttle. Here’s a few with updates on it:

Yak Reader Kevin wrote:

“To all the readers that want to know the final answer to the shuttle preorders I have found out as of yesterday when I called 1-800-426-toys.They have received them in their
warehouse and many,many more than they expected.This is probably why it has taken so long for us to receive them
so that they had enough and for anyone that has forgotten one can get one now. Customer service told me they should ship no later than Monday, January 13.”

From Yak Reader Drumspace:

“Hi, I just got off the phone w/ FAO customer service. I called to find out when the shuttles would be shipping out. To my surprise this is what the lady told me “we have not received our stock, and we are not sure when we will be receiving them.” (that wasn’t a surprise) what did surprise me was when she told me that ” there are 43 orders to still be filled, and that only 3000 will be shipped to FAO.” she proceeded to say that since I ordered mine online, or over the phone thru the 1-800 #, “I will be guaranteed a shuttle. the people that called the individual stores will not be guaranteed one.” I called the san fran store back in the spring and placed my name on a “list”, and since then I have changed my mailing address. I called back to change my mailing addy, to only find out that they no longer have a list, and they told me to contact the 1-800 # or order it online. Once I found that out, I reordered mine online on 12/21/02. And finally I asked “if 43 were needed to be ordered thru Hasbro for FAO to receive them, and if they didn’t reach the “3000” orders would FAO not receive them?” her answer was ” I am not allowed to comment on that” I asked her if she knew the answer, or wasn’t allowed to talk about it, and she said “I am not allowed to discuss it!” just thought id send you my news on the drama of the shuttle tydirian.”

And from Darth Midion:

“I received a call from the Las Vegas Fao Yesterday afternoon concerning my order. They needed to update my credit card information because they will receive them next week and I should receive it about 4 days after they get the shipment. So I hope this helps out some collectors. I did a call in order not internet. I ordered mine I think back in August of 2002.”

Thanks to everyone who wrote in!



Calling all Questions!
January 10, 2003 | 11:33 PM EST | Muse

We’re working on the first update to the Yakface Q&A for 2003.

If something has been puzzling you, send your question along to me and I just might be able give you the answer… notice the word “might”. 😉



EIII Cast Update
January 10, 2003 | 9:39 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with a story confirming news that most of us expected. Most of the cast from E2 will be returning in E3. Click here for the story.



FAO Shuttles Still Circling
January 10, 2003 | 9:33 PM EST | Bill

As you’ve probably been reading, we’ve been getting reports from readers that FAO stores across the country, as well as FAO’s catalog website, do not have the Imperial Shuttle in stock. Despite the fact that FAO sent out update cards to customers in December that they would be shipping out today, January 10th, they haven’t hit the warehouse, muchless shipped out to customers. Hopefully they will arrive soon.



The Trilogy Returns To Akron Theater
January 10, 2003 | 8:54 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Shlump007 sent in this report:

“Just wanted to let you know that the Akron Civic Theater in Ohio will be showing the Original Star Wars Trilogy this Sunday the 12th. It will start at 2:00p.m. Information can be found at www.akroncivic.com. Tickets are only $6 and are good for all 3 movies.”



This Time It’s The Empire Strikes Back
January 8, 2003 | 7:35 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro’s Star Wars page has updated with some more new images which we haven’t seen anywhere before. This time it’s Han Solo in Hoth Gear and Chewbaca Mynock Hunt. The Han Hoth includes a clip on mask and goggles, as well as the same sensor pack that came with K-3PO. He also appears to have a a holster which can hold his blaster, and Luke’s lightsaber. Chewie comes with a mynock which appears to be the same mold that was usedin the cinema scene, but has a much better paintjob. He appears to also come with the mask he had in the cinema scene and a bowcaster which “shoots” laserbolts similar to those we’ve seen with the new destroyer droid. Click here for the photos.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
January 8, 2003 | 7:06 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

“Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve expanded our Star Wars selection for our January Clearance Sale!

Star Wars Classic:
· Luke Skywalker Gunner Station (Item#: 69848) Price: $14.99 NOW ONLY $6.90!
· C-3PO Mask (Item#: DP82013) Price: $34.99 NOW ONLY $9.90!
· Nien Numb Mask (Item#: DP82015) Price: $29.99 NOW ONLY $14.90!
· Gamorrean Guard Mask (Item#: DP82017) Price: $39.99 NOW ONLY $19.90!
· Klaatu Mask (Item#: DP82018) Price: $29.99 NOW ONLY $14.90!

Star Wars Episode 1:
· E1 Small Scale Asst. 1 (Item#: 26227A)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala (Item#: 61776)Price: $19.99 NOW ONLY
· Darth Maul Mask (Item#: DP82208) Price: $39.99 NOW ONLY $19.90!
· Naboo Starfighter Helmet (Item#: DP82210)Price: $39.99 NOW ONLY
· Sebulba Mask (Item#: DP82212) Price: $39.99 NOW ONLY $19.90!
· Watto Mask (Item#: DP82213) Price: $39.99 NOW ONLY $19.90!
· Ki-Adi-Mundi Mask (Item#: DP82214) Price: $59.99 NOW ONLY $29.90!
· Rune Hakko Deluxe Mask (Item#: DP82220)Price: $99.99 NOW ONLY $49.90!
· Jar Jar Binks Deluxe Mask (Item#: DP82302) Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY $59.90!

Star Wars Episode 2:
· SW EP2 Jedi Unleashed Game (Item#: HG40281)Price: $14.99 NOW ONLY
· EII Collection 2 (Wave 1) (Item#: HS84861A)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· EII Collection 2 (Wave 2) (Item#: HS84861B)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· EII Collection 2 (Wave 3) (Item#: HS84861C)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· EII Collection 2 (Wave 4) (Item#: HS84861D)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· EII Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item#: HS84861F)Price: $119.99 NOW ONLY
· Jango Fett’s Slave 1 Vehicle (Item#: HS84873)Price: $34.99 NOW ONLY
· Episode 2 Starter Deck (Item#: WZ17554) Price: $9.99 NOW ONLY $3.90!
· Episode 2 Starter Deck Display (Item#: WZ17554A)Price: $39.99 NOW
ONLY $19.90!

Click here for the sale!



12″ Leia w/ Carbonite In Stock
January 8, 2003 | 11:39 AM EST | Mark

The TRU exclusive is now in stock at Amazon…
12″ Leia w/ Carbonite, if you collect the 12″ figures, head on over.



Fan Club Membership Kits Arriving
January 6, 2003 | 10:56 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Robba the Hutt just let us know that he received his membership kit from the new Star Wars Fan Club program. If you’ve renewed lately, it’s time to start watching your mailbox!



Palpatine’s Office Diorama
January 6, 2003 | 9:01 AM EST | Bill

Frank over at Niub Niub’s Universe has updated with his Palpatine Office Diorama. There are a number of different shots of this diorama which has to be seen to be believed. Click here for more.



Silver R2 Sale News
January 6, 2003 | 8:55 AM EST | Bill

Several Yak Readers have written in with the 411 on the Silver R2 sales, here’s Yak Reader Neel’s report of the Emails we’ve received:

“I was reading your report regarding the R2’s showing up for a penny at some TRUs. These are the remainder of the promotional figures that TRU was giving for star wars purchases a while back. Some cases were likely warehoused and are finally seeing the light of day. Because the promotion by TRU has passed and expired they no longer honor the “free R2 for 25 dollars in Star Wars purchase” but they still need to get rid of the stock of figures they have. Because the figure is intended as a giveaway for purchasers of star wars toys TRU had two options for these figures: Send them back to warehouses/hasbro to be reused or destroyed (which would mean another shipping charge); or sell them for a nominal price to clear them out of their stock rooms. Because they were intended to be a giveaway TRU cannot sell them for full price (it would be illegal under the contract they signed with Hasbro) so they are selling them at .01 ( a nominal price) so that they can still track the purchases and get rid of the figures at the same time. Hence R2 is up for clearance price.”



New TRU Star Wars Return Policy
January 5, 2003 | 8:32 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Math4298 wrote in about a new policy on Star Wars returns at his local TRU. No word if it is local or national yet:

“Hey, I saw your article about the silver R2’s showing back up, so I made a trip to Toys R Us this afternoon. They had printed signs around the star wars area stating they would no longer accept returns or exchanges on star wars products since they are collectables. A pretty good move on their part, since most everything they have is marked as clearance at other stores, but a departure from there standard policies to be sure. This was at a store in the twin cities, Minnesota.”



Norwegian Yak Reader Site
January 5, 2003 | 1:54 PM EST | Bill

Now something for our Norwegian readers, Yak Reader Jon Harald Aspheim has just created a page highlighting his collection. Here’s the link.



The Silver R2s May Still Be Out There
January 4, 2003 | 12:29 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Nomadscout:

Had a pretty cool thing happen to me today:

I stopped by the TRU in downtown NYC (Union Square). Nothing much new in the store, but I did find a single, badly mashed carded Silver R2 on the pegs (the figure was fine, and I needed one to open). I ran it through the scanner, and, naturally, it came up as a penny. I asked the employee nearby (who has helped me find some figs in the past) what the deal was. He said he was surprised this one found its way out onto the peg. He told me they had “tons” of silver R2s in the back and they hadn’t decided what to do with them yet. He told me to ask customer service, but he figured they wouldn’t sell it to me. So, I went down to the desk, the woman called the manager, and she told me I should take it to the register. Sure enough, it rang up for a penny. The silly thing is, I had no change and, neither did the cashier. So she had to hunt down the manager to get more coins so they could give my 99 cents back for my dollar. In any case, I snagged a Silver R2 for a penny.

Update– Yak Reader Ray wrote in to report another find:

“I noticed your post today about the 25th anniversary silver R2s being sold at TRU for only $0.01. I also found these at my local TRU last weekend in Manassas, VA and bought 2 of them (actually, they were in good condition, especially for 1 cent each). If memory serves, TRU does its inventory in January and begins to clean house after the holiday shopping season, which would explain why we’re starting to see these appear out of the back room at some TRUs.”



Been To Your Mailbox Today?
January 2, 2003 | 11:15 PM EST | Bill

If you haven’t you may want to go check. The newest edition of the Star Wars Insider has started arriving at fan’s doorsteps today.



Fan’s Choice Poll Update
January 2, 2003 | 8:33 PM EST | Bill

Here’s the latest numbers in the fan’s choice poll (as of 8:30 p.m. Eastern):

Gen. Jan Dodonna : 31 %
Captain Antilles : 23 %
Senator Yarua (Kashyyyk Senator) : 21 %
Ben Quadinaros (Pod Racer) : 12 %
Rabé : 12 %

As you can see there hasn’t been much movement in the numbers lately, but there’s still almst 3 weeks left!



Happy 2003 From Yakface.com
January 1, 2003 | 12:07 AM EST | Bill

Happy New Year and a joyous and prosperous 2003 to everyone from all of us here at Yakface.com!