December 2003 Archive

Luke FX Master Replicas
December 22, 2003 | 9:43 AM EST | Mark

You can now pick this bad boy up for the LOW LOW price of $77.99 over



2004 Product List Updated
December 22, 2003 | 8:46 AM EST | Bill

Once again, we’ve compiled all the latest news, rumors, and confirmed reports to provide you the most comprehensive 2004 product list possible. We’ve updated the 2004 product guide here.



Kubrick Fan?? Have They Got A Secret For You!
December 22, 2003 | 8:30 AM EST | Mark

Medicom seems very happy to push out surprises as they release cases of figures. From the Star Wars case for series #2 they had the White Shoulder Sandtrooper, the different instruments for the Cantina Band Member, and the Ultimate Indiana Jones. Now comes the rarest.
From the Be@rbrick series 7 assortment, one of the hidden characters is Wicket. Thanks to Boba_jp, we get some awesome shots of it.



Got The Latest E3 Rumors/Spoilers?
December 22, 2003 | 8:29 AM EST | Bill

The has updated their Episode 3 coverage with more news rumors and speculation, including the 411 on a new character. Click here to check it out.



LEGO Mini’s In Stock & Unleashed Yoda
December 20, 2003 | 9:53 AM EST | Mark

If you are still looking for these….

Unleashed Yoda
Mini Vehicle: The Imperial Shuttle
Mini Vehicle: Star Destroyer
Mini Vehicle: Sith Infiltrator
Mini Vehicle: All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer

Only One left of these…
Master Replicas Count Dooko’s Lightsaber $124.98 (58% off)
Master Replicas Darth Vader Lightsaber (Collectors Edition) $174.98 (50% off)



Bounty Hunting Today: Pop-Up Comic Book
December 18, 2003 | 10:18 PM EST | Keri

The mating of a pop-up book and a comic seems like a match made in Heaven to me, especially since I love both forms of books. Today’s auction is also a big plus since the book is about my all time favorites, the Bounty Hunters.

Released by Dark Horse in 1996, titled Star Wars Battle of the Bounty Hunters, this is a hardcover book with comic artwork, including 3-D pop-ups to illustrate the story further. This book is long out of print and tells the story of Boba Fett after ESB on his perilous trek to Jabba’s Palace with the precious cargo of Solo in Carbonite on Slave I.

If you are looking for a great book to add to your collection, or a super last minute gift, click on through below.

Battle of the Bounty Hunters Pop-Up Book



Headless Asajj Ventress?!
December 18, 2003 | 9:29 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Chris sends along this, to say the least interesting example of Asajj Ventress he picked up in a Knoxville, TN TRU. As he puts it “Hasbro kwality kontrol at its best”. Enjoy!



Lars Homestead Padme Cloak Variation
December 18, 2003 | 5:25 PM EST | Keri

YakReader scoobacca reports in with this interesting variation on a new Padme:

I stumbled across an interesting variant of the Padme Amidala Lars Homestead action figure. Her outer cloak is all BLACK with some minor silver accents. There’s no hint of blue to be seen anywhere. I’m attaching some pics so you can see for yourself which shows a comparison with my loose Padme figure I personally own.



Master Replicas Customer Service is BomBad!
December 18, 2003 | 12:39 PM EST | Jason

First off, let me say that I am a huge fan of Master Replicas Items.
I consider the Han Blaster one of my favorite items in my collection,
but I wanted to share my experience with Master Replicas Customer

After 5 Customer Service Tickets, 8 phone calls, and 4 e-mails, I still do not have my Thermal Detonator which I ordered almost 3 weeks ago. I have found customer service really is nothing more than an answering service. They have absolutely no control over decisions that need to be made regarding resolving issues related to updating your order with certificates issued after you place the order, cancelling an order, or processing your card again if it is declined for some reason. All issues are forwarded to the corporate office.

I was even given a personal call from someone named Amy from the corporate office after writing a lengthy e-mail explaining my frustration to purchase a Thermal Detonator. I asked her to simply cancel my order since my current order can’t be processed for some reason. She said she would do this and it is now Thursday and the order is still open. It has been almost 3 weeks since I place my order and I told them I would write a story of my experience with them… and they really did a bang up job of showing how good their customer service is if you have problems with your order.

Great items, but HORRIBLE customer service. This is what you get when you have no competition.



Amazon Items
December 18, 2003 | 6:59 AM EST | Mark

New in stock and coming soon….
Army of the Republic: Kit Fisto
Army of the Republic: Saesee Tiin
Durge (Clone Wars)
Star Wars 3 3/4″ Jedi Warriors 4-Pack Release date Dec 26th.



Bounty Hunting Today: Skateboard 
December 17, 2003 | 10:22 PM EST | Keri

While surfing Ebay for a bargain basement price on a nice item, to be given as a Christmas gift, I found many surpises, along with today’s featured auction.

If you are one of the famous last-minute shoppers, or if you may be on a continual hunt for deals to add to your own collection today’s auction is a great example. Most of the Star Wars themed Skateboards are modern designs, of both the original trilogy as well as the prequels. While Skateboards are usually a seasonal item and only available at most toy stores/dept. stores during the spring/summer months Ebay is a store with virtually no seasons.

Click on through below to view a great deal on an unused Skateboard to give as a gift anytime of the year!

Ep. II Heroes Unused Skateboard



Off Topic – Return Of The King
December 17, 2003 | 9:12 PM EST | Mark

Well, yesterday I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Trilogy Tuesday at our local theater. After taking the time to look back at the very long day yesterday, we arrived at 7am to get in line and got home at 2:00am, is WOW! While I do like the original movie Fellowship, the extended version of Two Towers will just blow your mind away. After viewing it on screen, it makes me wonder why they didnt just release this version first. It was in a word AWESOME. If you have not seen the extended version, do so. You will be awed! Today is the official opening of Return of the King. In comparison to the first two, it is just as striking, ringing in at just over 3:20 minutes running time (the extended is supposed to be over 4 hours), it was extremely well done! I have read these books over and over since my teenage years. I have waited twenty years for these movies, and all I can say is, ONLY IF LUCAS could have made his movies after twenty years be a third of what these are…..

Please send in your comments on this third installment and if you attended the Trilogy Tuesday and have images or stories, I will put together a page for this. I know it is not Star Wars, however, I know there are a lot of us fans that loved these movies as well. Send them in to me at



Newest 12″ Wave Found
December 17, 2003 | 4:52 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Sergio has this promising new report of his latest findings:

Today at a TRU in El Paso, TX, I found the new 12″ Yoda with Council chair and the new 12″ Luke Skywalker. According to the employee I talked to the box comes with 2 Yodas, 2 Lukes, 1 Ewoks, and 1 Scout Trooper. I had given up any hope of finding these figures at stores, but they are out there.




Possible Target Clearance?
December 17, 2003 | 4:47 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Mike writes in with his latest clearance finds at his local Target:

I was just at my local Target store in Downtown Minneapolis, and they had all of their Star Wars figures on clearance for about $2.83. This included newer waves such as the Super Articulated Clone Trooper and Shirtless Kit Fisto. I do not know if this is at all Targets or not.

This may be a hit or miss clearance, as not all stores in all regions clearance out exactly the same. It is worth going on a figure run to check it out if you have the time.



McQuarrie Stormtrooper Tray Variation
December 17, 2003 | 4:39 PM EST | Keri

Remember all the variation fun we all had with the whole long saber/long tray or short saber/long tray etc. etc. with the Red Card POTF2 figs? Well, it appears that some of that variation fun and goodness has made a comeback with the new McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper. Check out the images below provided by boba_jp and let the hunt begin!



New Figures @
December 17, 2003 | 9:05 AM EST | Mark

New instock if you are looking, You can also still use standard shipping today to get these before X-mas.

Army of the Republic: Kit Fisto
Army of the Republic: Clone Trooper (super articulated)



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
December 16, 2003 | 10:18 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth is now taking preorders for the Jabba’s Palace and Yavin figure waves due to ship in March and February ’04. These have been designated waves 4 and 5 respectively by EE.

Darth Vader Lightsaber FX
This FX lightsaber features a permanently attached polypropylene blade which encases an electro-luminescent (EL) core. Once activated, the blade glows brightly and the replica plays back digitally recorded sound effects take directly form the film including power-up, idle-hum, swing, clash and power-down. Integrated sensor switches control the pitch and playback of the lightsaber sounds, including an impact sound when the blade encounters an obstacle.Click here for more.

In Stock!
Item Number: MRSW202
Price: $138.99
See Star Wars Prop Replicas



Don’t Have Room for the Replica Sabers?
December 16, 2003 | 9:53 PM EST | Mark B

An interesting item that I ran across today as well. Based on the part number of this item, I am going to assume it is from Master Replicas since it matches their product numbering scheme. How about a 1/2 scale Lightsaber Replica??? How about for $37!!!

Here’s the Details:
First in the Series! This 1:2 scaled Lightsaber replica is composed of the same premium material as the full-sized replicas, including machined aircraft-grade aluminum, brass, steel, and durable die-cast metals. Some tiny details are reproduced in injection-molded plastic to ensure razor-sharp reproduction. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a custom stand with nameplate. Scheduled to ship in April 2004.

****Please note, that this item has not “officially” been announced. I hope to have a photo of it for you the middle of next week.



Anakin Skywalker Episode III Lightsaber
December 16, 2003 | 9:48 PM EST | Mark B

Look for Master Replicas to announce a new replica lightsaber in their lineup over the next few weeks. They’ll be announcing the Anakin Skywalker Limited Edition Lightsaber (and probably a signature edition as well) – Studio-authorized, the hilt of the lightsaber is constructed from durable die-cast metal components and is an exacting replica of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker in Episodes II and III of the Star Wars Saga (the same blade eventually given to his son by Obi-Wan in Episode IV). Measures approximately 11″ in length. Scheduled to ship in April 2004.



Would You Like Batteries With Your Jacket Sir?
December 16, 2003 | 9:44 PM EST | Mark B

Ok, this definitely falls under “what do I get for the Star Wars Fan who has everything?” – The new Diamond Comics Previews Magazine will be shipped to Retailers next week – but our Bothan Spies have given us a “Preview” of our own. This is probably the most notable item: STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE FIBER OPTICS JACKET:
Truly a Star Wars collector’s dream — an actual scene from the movie recreated on a luxurious wool letterman’s jacket! The first in a series, this jacket of surprisingly soft Melton wool, contains tiny fiber optic cables that illuminate a fighter sequence taken directly from Star War Episode IV: A New Hope. Beads of light re-create a space battle between a Tie Fighter and an X-Wing, as the Death Star looms ominously in the background. Along with the fighter sequence, the Star Wars logo is revealed in a lighting sequence that can be seen in the darkest of spaces. Inside, the label verifies this is a “Master Replicas” collectible jacket, approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. The jacket itself is made of the finest quality wool and leather, perfectly weighted for cool weather. A battery pack is concealed in the jacket pocket, and is easily removable. – The downside? $399
Watch for Photos here next week when Previews is shipped.



Do It Yourself… On The Official Site
December 16, 2003 | 8:50 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with do it yourself instructions for making a TIE fighter to go on your Imperial, err Christmas Tree. Click here to check it out.



Bounty Hunting Today: Bicycle
December 15, 2003 | 10:52 PM EST | Keri

As a 7 year old kid, I remember wanting a bicycle more than anything, it was at the very top of my Christmas list. I will never forget seeing it in the morning when I woke up and then riding it all around the neighborhood that afternoon.

It wasn’t a Star Wars bike that I got that year, but it was a beauty of a blue Schwinn with banana seat ( yes I was born in the 70s! )
With all this said, today’s auction featured is for a Star Wars themed bicycle, specifically one of Darth Maul. Although Huffy produced 2 vintage bikes for ROTJ, one of the Driods for the boys and Ewoks for the girls, they are very difficult to find now in just about any condition and are more for a collector rather than a child to use. Which brings me to the modern bikes produced for Episode I which are very attainable, even if somewhat used.

Today’s auction for a wonderfully inexpensive lightly used Darth Maul bike is great for that special little Sith child in your life, or even the older Sith among us. Click on through below to make someone’s Christmas memories that will last a lifetime!

Darth Maul Boys Bicycle



Red ARC Troopers at Suncoast & Media Play
December 15, 2003 | 5:10 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Dave writes in to report that Red Arc Troopers galore are hitting Suncoast Video and Media Play in Denver, Colorado.

I went to my local Suncoast at the mall and found Durge w/Speeder Bike, as well as Jedi 3 packs and the Red ARC Trooper here in Dallas, TX. Suncoast is a good place to check for Star Wars figures, the prices are slightly more than Wal-Mart, Target or TRU, but if you are really searching for a specific figure, try a store near you.



TRU Battle of Hoth Tauntaun Head Correction
December 15, 2003 | 5:05 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Tim sends in this latest finding regarding the TRU Battle of Hoth set:

I was at the TRU in Westland, MI yesterday and I saw
the Tauntaun in the Battle of Hoth set had the head
with the full horns not the partially broken one like
before, wich is makes sense since Han’s Tauntaun’s
horns were not broken at all, glad I waited to buy it
till now! Oh btw, the new hoth Han fits perfectly on
that Tauntaun.



Amazon Vintage Bespin Collectors Set Update
December 15, 2003 | 5:00 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Tony sends in this email from Amazon regarding his preorder:

Greetings from

We’ve recently learned from our supplier that the item you requested to be notified about, Star Wars Vintage Collectible Action Figures: Bespin Set, will not be available in the foreseeable future.

It’s possible that someone may be selling this item through Auctions or zShops. We encourage you to search for it there if you’re still interested in purchasing this item.



Last Day for Christmas Delivery
December 15, 2003 | 8:52 AM EST | Mark B

Just a reminder, if you are a last minute gift shopper. Today is the last day to order from Master Replicas and get your order delivered by Christmas. Head on over today and pick up one of the great new Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker FX lightsabers for only $99!



Star Construx Updates
December 14, 2003 | 9:48 PM EST | Bill

Today, StarconstruX had the last update for this year.

There are 20 new figures made by Lars Intemann and Harald Flügge, for example Klatuu, Fozek and Danz Borin.
StarconstruX wishes to all our fans “Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Check them out here.



Master Replica Lightsabers…
December 14, 2003 | 8:45 AM EST | Mark

Do you have a few extra bucks for the holiday shopping lists? The Master Replicas Count Dooku Lightsaber (Signature Edition) is at Amazon for $299.99, which is 40% off. Also this has free shipping.

And the Master Replicas FX Edition Darth Vader Lightsaber is on sale for $99.99, which is 23% off with free shipping.



Bounty Hunting Today: Neck Ties
December 13, 2003 | 1:00 PM EST | Keri

Long a staple of traditional Christmas gift-giving, the neck tie remains a classic item to wrap up and give to Dad. However, with a Star Wars neck tie you can make Dad the most stylish and best dressed at work this upcoming New Year.

Most of the Star Wars neck ties produced were made by Ralph Marlin in the early to mid 1990s when the trilogy saw a resurgance in popularity. The ties feature classic artwork we have all come to love, and also immediately recognize. Star Wars themed neck ties were also made with Episode I characters, but the classic images are among the most colorful and beautiful.

Click on through below to get some ties that Dad will thank you for!

McQuarrie Bounty Hunters Neck Tie

McQuarrie Classic Star Wars Art Neck Tie

Ep I Darth Maul Neck Tie



Durge Back In Stock
December 13, 2003 | 10:43 AM EST | Mark

Back in stock if you are still looking for him, is Durge at Amazon.

Also in stock is the LEGO Republic Gunship for $49.97



Bounty Hunting Today: Custom Star Wars Muppet Figure 
December 12, 2003 | 5:30 PM EST | Keri

When thinking of custom made items, whether 12″ dolls or smaller action figures, the possibilites are limited only to one’s imagination. The proof of this is today’s feautured auction for a custom Star Wars themed figure of Miss Piggy.

If you remember the original Muppet Show from the 80’s, you will most likely recall the Pigs In Space skit where Mark Hamill in full Luke ESB attire is desired by Miss Piggy as Princess Leia. Today’s auction is for a custom Miss Piggy as Princess Leia on the card, complete with blonde buns and white gown with hood. This is truly a wonderful and unique item for any Star Wars collector!

Custom Miss Piggy as Princess Leia



Real Stands Holiday Half Price Sale And Giveaway
December 12, 2003 | 8:18 AM EST | Bill

Now through December 24, 2003, Real Stands is running their Holiday half price sale – save 50% on all orders. In addition, they have a contest going for a Silver Boba Fett – 2003 Star Wars Convention Figure! Click here to check them out!



Red ARC Trooper Variation 
December 11, 2003 | 9:43 PM EST | Keri

Variation hunters to your local stores! YakReader Damon reports and shares a photo of this variation amongst the Red ARC Troopers:

I just wanted to share what I believe to be ANOTHER new variation for the ARC Trooper. I went to Wal-Mart as usual looking for new figures and was pleased to find 3 new cases. After having an employee open them, I was disappointed to see that they were all wave 1 Clone Wars figures, but was pleased to see the new red ARC Trooper. As I was looking through the red ARC’s trying to find the best paint job, I noticed a difference in the figures from one of the cases. Two of the cases had what I think is the regular version of the figure with a dark grey/black skirt and dark grey pouches. The skirt and pouches are also shiny. However, the third case had a light blue/grey skirt and lighter grey front pouches – the same coloring as the first version ARC Trooper with blue armor. These guys have a matte skirt and pouches, again like the orginal blue ARC. What I was most surprised by is that all of the figures, no matter the variation, have the same date stamp: 32651. Weird stuff, huh?

These pictures show the color differences much better than I thought they would. They’re not true side-by-side shots, each was photographed separately, but I think you can see pretty clearly the differences.



TRU 12″ Luke Tauntaun Markdown
December 11, 2003 | 9:22 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Don in Killeen, TX reports in with his savings on the 12″ TRU Luke on Tauntaun:

I went into my local TRU and saw the large pile of Luke with Taun Taun and thought I should scan one since I hadn’t in a while. The tag on the shelf still said $59.99. When I went to the scanner I found that it came up $30.98! Plus, they are having the 20% off any one item sale, so I got it, well actually 5 of them for $24.78 + Tax each! You have to have them ring the figures up individually to take advantage of this!

This offer is also good at where the Luke on Tauntaun is showing a markdown there of $39.98. Use promotional code RK3SAVEGRUPG when checking out to recieve the 20% discount. Please note the 20% coupons are only good in stores through this Saturday 12/13, I am unsure how long the offer is good in the online store.



Bounty Hunting Today: Christopher Radko Glass Ornaments
December 11, 2003 | 4:22 PM EST | Keri

There are many choices as far as the different Star Wars ormanents produced, ranging from the Hallmark ornaments to today’s feature the hand blown glass ornaments designed by Christopher Radko.

Blown glass ornaments have been made in one form or another primarily in Germany and eastern Europe since the 1800s. Christopher Radko sells ornaments made from “Old World” designs and original molds to be bought at the retail level in today’s marketplace. Radko has also produced a rather impressive line of Star Wars ornaments, including Yoda, Chewie, Vader, Stormtrooper, C-3PO, Ewoks, Vader and Luke dueling.

The ornaments were not cheap when they originally sold, but thanks to the secondary market of Ebay, the ornaments can be found at bargain prices. Click on through to the links below to add to your Star Wars tree decorations!

Yoda Ornament

Vader Ornament

Ewoks Ornament



Gentle Giant News
December 11, 2003 | 3:50 PM EST | Mark B

Gentle Giant, the maker of these really cool RealScan busts, has some announcements that have come up the past couple of days. You can read all about the details over at their website. But, to give you a brief rundown – new busts are officially announced: Clone Trooper Sergeant which will be an online exclusive in the US through a yet to be named retailer, Clone Trooper Pilotwhich will be a Wizard World LA exclusive. The coolest part of their news is the new line of Star Wars Statues! The first is going to be a 15″ Chewbacca which will be an exclusive to Gentle Giant’s Collectors Club (which I have not yet figured out how to join! I’ve checked a couple of the boxes from previous busts and there is no information about this club, and I can’t find any info on their website – more details as I find out!).

***Update – I have received more details from Gentle Giant on the “Collectors Club”. In order to join, all you have to do is join their mailing list. And, the 12″ Statues WILL NOT be exclusive to members. (My guess is that they will be available through Dark Horse Comics like the other Gentle Giant Busts – again, more info when available).



X-Wing Red Leader Pre-Order
December 11, 2003 | 7:33 AM EST | Mark

You can now head over to and Pre-Order the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Red Leader This TRU Exclusive is $29.99



There May Be Another… Chance For FAO
December 10, 2003 | 10:16 PM EST | Bill

A number of news outlets are reporting that Ken Hakuta, who brought the Wacky WallWalker to the United States, has expressed an interest is buying FAO Schwartz, he specifically wanted to save FAO before Christmas. Sounds interesting.



SA Clonetrooper Foot Pegs Pt. 3 
December 10, 2003 | 9:01 PM EST | Keri

In the ongoing discussion regarding the new SA (Super Articulated) Clonetrooper, YakReader Oliver writes in with a new discovery as well as a picture:

I just wanted to point out that the new shirtless Kit Fisto has the
EXACT same ankle articulation as the Clone Trooper.

The new Kit Fisto has footpegs, so for whatever reason Hasbro has simply not put them on the new SA Clonetrooper. Perhaps, they may change this in the future, but at this time, all SA Clonetroopers have no foot pegs.



Bounty Hunting Today: Star Wars Chess Sets
December 10, 2003 | 5:10 PM EST | Keri

Star Wars board games have been produced since the initial film’s release in 1977 and are continually being made for the new prequels today. Of the many board games with characters from the films, I am spotlighting auctions for Star Wars Chess Sets today.

Chess is a game of strategy and thought, one that a person may play for a lifetime. Though some people do not know how to play chess, they may be inspired to learn quickly if the pieces are familiar Star Wars creatures, Jedi and villians. The auctions featured today include Chess encompassing the original trilogy as well as Ep. I and II. Though the original trilogy is a virtual game of Chess that may be played on your PC and not a physical board game, you may play the computer and watch the battles between the pieces take place. The other sets are physical board games from Ep. I and II, with molded PVC pieces to resemble pewter.

The prices are all very reasonable to get you started playing chess, or to give as a gift to that special someone.

Trilogy PC Chess Software

Ep. I Chess Set

Ep. II Chess Set



Last Call Already!!
December 10, 2003 | 10:24 AM EST | Mark B

I just received an email from Master Replicas announcing that the Darth Maul Battle Damaged Lightsaber is now on LAST CALL (this means that less than 75 of them are left). This is sure to be one of the sabers that will go up in value (take a look at what the “As Built By” Obi Wan sabers are currently selling for!).

If the replica sabers are out of your price range, you can still pick up the FX Vader or Skywalker for a nice holiday gift for yourself or someone you love (Email me here for my shipping address) for $99 delivered! You can also get them with display stand for $139. Order direct from Master Replicas by December 15th and they will get an FX Lightsaber to you before Christmas.



Minor E3 Spoilers
December 10, 2003 | 8:28 AM EST | Bill

A couple of actors from E3 appeared at the Cold Mountain premier recently and discussed some of E3. While these aren’t major spoilers by any means, we do learn the name of another E3 character. Check out the full story over at The Private Universe.



Star Wars: Jedi Warriors 4-Pack!!! 
December 10, 2003 | 1:48 AM EST | Joseph has the new upcoming Jedi Warriors 4-pack in stock for $29.95. To get there you can click here



Bounty Hunting Today: Droids Animation Cel
December 9, 2003 | 4:59 PM EST | Keri

With the latest release of the Cartoon Network animated series of the Clone Wars, I was reminded of the first animated Star Wars series called Droids. First premeired in 1985, the series told of the adventures of 3PO and R2 before they came into Master Luke’s service. Of course, this was all before the backstory that is being told in the prequels.

The Droids cartoon series spawned quite a bit of merchandising material, especially a large amount overseas. Here in the US, Kenner produced a small line of figures with an animation style 3PO and R2, as well as new characters and old ones such as Boba Fett and A-Wing Pilot. Also produced were some vehicles and a lightsaber that resembled Luke’s from ROTJ.

If you wish to own however a piece of the series itself, you may do so with an animation cel, captured as one frame in an episode. The cels are no more than acetate which are painted on from behind with a background placed behind them. Most cels were thrown away or destroyed, but some survived or were sold by the studio itself. Actual production cels are difficult to find, not the mass produced limited seri-cels which are less expensive.

Today’s auction features a production cel of the main characters, the droids themselves, framed with COA and original background. This would be a wonderful gift for the holidays for the Star Wars collector in your life.

Droids Animation Cel



Clonetrooper Foot Pegs Pt. 2
December 9, 2003 | 4:42 PM EST | Keri

There have been many developments in the unfolding information regarding the new Super Articulated Clonetrooper. There are indeed two packaging poses to choose from, if you wish to keep your figure sealed in his plastic grave.

Regarding the lack of foot pegs, YakReader Adam offers this insight:

If you look on the back of the heel of the new clone trooper figure, you’ll see that the ankle has a large round joint inside of the foot. There aren’t peg holes on the feet because there isn’t room. The peg hole couldn’t possibly be deep enough as the tolerances allow.
The engineering on the jointed ankles actually works really well. They have a good range of motion and are stiff enough to hold their
position. Not having peg holes is a worthy sacrifice. You can
position the foot and stand the figure any way you like, so the peg holes aren’t necessary anyway.



Clone Wars Figs Wave 2
December 9, 2003 | 4:05 PM EST | Mark B


Hasbro has posted images of the second wave of animated Clone Wars figureshere. Included in the second wave are Yoda, Clonetrooper, Durge, and Dooku. These are slated to be a Target exclusive and will be available in the Spring of 2004.



Customized Stuff Now With Santa Yoda
December 9, 2003 | 8:34 AM EST | Bill

If you’re a fan of the Official Site’s customized merchandise (mouse pads, mugs, etc.), or you’re just the ultimate completist, there’s some new items you may want to check out. Now you can get the Ralph McQuarrie Santa Yoda image on their products. Click here to check it out.



Entertainment Earth Clearance
December 9, 2003 | 8:14 AM EST | Mark

Check out the list of toys that they have up on clearance. Quite a large list, just scroll down to the Star Wars sections.



Super Posable Clonetrooper Bubble Variation
December 9, 2003 | 1:36 AM EST | Jason

Here you go, I found both versions at Wal-mart and Target:

And Yes, both do NOT have foot holes… which is really the only
bad thing about this figure. How could hasbro miss this?



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
December 8, 2003 | 7:40 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

Dear Friends,

The holidays are upon us and it seems like everyone is out there shopping! If you are getting tired of fighting the mall crowds, sit down, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and browse for your holiday gifts.

Place your order for any IN-STOCK item by December 10, 2003 (using standard shipping) and your packages will arrive in time for Christmas. Last minute shoppers can take advantage of 2nd Day Air delivery and order IN-STOCK items as late as December 19, 2003!

Our domestic shipping rates start at a super-affordable $3.95, and we’ve added a great new FREE shopping feature for your convenience–Gift Messages! You can save time by including a personalized message with your gifts, and prices will never be displayed on the special gift packing slip.

You can order online, or call toll-free 1-800-370-2320. Our extended Customer Service Holiday Hours are: Monday though Friday 7am – 7 pm Pacific Time.

Have a wonderful holiday season!



On a Quick Side Note…
December 8, 2003 | 5:49 PM EST | Keri

Although not exactly Star Wars related, the new Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series premieres tonight on the Sci-Fi channel at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central time. Looks to be pretty cool, especially if you loved the original series with its dazzling special effects designed by John Dykstra who worked on A New Hope.
You can visit the Sci-Fi Channel’s website here for all the Battlestar Galactica program info on both the new and old series.



Super Articulated Clonetrooper Error?
December 8, 2003 | 3:23 PM EST | Keri

UPDATE: YakReader Chad reports in with yet another variation, this time having to do with the poses in packaging :

I just found the Super articulated Clone Trooper.The thing I noticed is that Target(which is where I found them).I bought 3 of the clones and noticed that there is one packaged in a crouched position and one standing.

YakReader moonbase7 writes in with a possible error/variation on the brand new super posable Clonetrooper ( which I have yet to see in stores ) Time will tell whether this is a variation/error or something that will be changed quickly by Hasbro.

well, it looks as though we have yet another error on the clone troopers the new super posable clones have no peg holes on the feet i found five today like that.
you would think they need the pegs as all the figures do



Bounty Hunting Today: Clone Wars Banner
December 8, 2003 | 3:18 PM EST | Keri

Although the Clone Wars Micro-series is not airing any new episodes on Cartoon Network, the well-animated and well-written cartoon has so far spawned very few promotional items. The action figures and vehicles are trickling out to retail stores, but other items are practically non existent at this time.

Having said that, if you are looking for something Clone Wars that is not a figure or ship, then the auction featured today is right up your alley so to speak.

Banners always look great hanging in any Star Wars room and this Clone Wars banner is no exception. It was originally intended to be placed on top of a taxi cab as an advertisement for the series, but this one was never used. The art looks great on it and the colors are very vibrant. The price is also very reasonable if you wish to pick this up as a Holiday gift. Click on through to the link below to add this unusual banner to your collection today!

Clone Wars Banner



Deep Discount At TRU
December 8, 2003 | 8:34 AM EST | Bill

If you’ve been waiting to pick up that new Republic Gunship or something else at TRU, now may be the time. The Sunday paper has a coupon for 20% off of any one item — there is no limit on whether it is a full price or sale item. Happy shopping!



Shuttle Now Even Lower
December 7, 2003 | 10:15 AM EST | Mark

Correct me if I am wrong, but soon this awesome toy will actually be down to an almost realistic retail price. You can now pick up the shuttle over for the lower price of $59.99 now 40% off.
Here are some codes to make it even better…
$10 off a $49 purchase! Use coupon code SEARSKBTOY
$5 off a $40 purchase! Use coupon code KBSUBSCRIBE
$5 off your first purchase of $40 or more! Use coupon code DISCOKIDS
Save 10% off ANY purchase! Use coupon code KBDECTEN
Save 10% off ANY purchase! Use coupon code KBDEC10
The sales have increased, here are more items:
12″ Gamorrean Guard $9.99
LEGO Blockade Runner $134.99
Master Replicas Vader Lightsaber $199.99 (43% off)
Action Figures $1.99



2004 Hasbro Star Wars List 
December 6, 2003 | 10:34 PM EST | Bill

We’ve updated to bring you a list of both the confirmed and rumored figures, ships, and exclusives for 2004. This time around the list includes all of the images we’ve been able to find of upcoming items, and links to the original reports of rumored additions. Click here to check it out. There’s also a link on in our features section on the right side of the page.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Cereal Cards
December 6, 2003 | 12:20 PM EST | Keri

If you enjoy collecting Star Wars trading cards, you know that there are many different cards that came from almost everything around the world.

Today’s feature will focus on vintage cereal cards from Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Franken Berry. The cards were found inside the boxes as a free premium, with the hope of completing the 18 card set. However, you could also mail away with a little money for the infamous shipping and handling fees, and receive all the cards in a fold out brown vinyl wallet with the Star Wars logo embossed in gold on the front.

The cards look really cool and unmistakeably show their age from their release in 1978. Click on through below to start your cereal card collection now!

Complete Set of 18 Cereal Cards



Durge In Stock
December 6, 2003 | 11:41 AM EST | Mark

Over at you can now pick up Durge

Also on sale is the Star Wars: Darth Vader Lightsaber (Collectors Edition)$174.98 (50% off) Normally $349.99 only one left.



How to Build Your Own Bot
December 5, 2003 | 5:42 PM EST | Keri

At the official site, there is a very interesting article regarding a new book that happens to be written by an ILM Model Maker named Grant Imahara. It is called Kickin’ ‘Bot: An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots from Wiley Publishing and is now for sale on book shelves as well as websites everywhere.

The book provides advice and instruction on how to build your very own bot, whether a battle bot, or a less agressive droid.
You may read the rest of the article here



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Kenner Shelf Talkers
December 5, 2003 | 5:34 PM EST | Keri

If you are looking for a small finishing touch to your display of vintage Kenner figures and playsets a shelf talker is just the thing!

Made of a thin plastic, with strong adhesive on the back, shelf talkers were glued to the edge of a shelf where the advertised toys were sold. Included in store display packages, most of these were simply thrown away after the promotion was over. These vintage shelf talkers, although plain with only the logo of the specific film of the trilogy look amazing to complete a vintage collection.

There are 3 different shelf talkers up for auction that I am featuring today. They are all reasonably priced with Buy-it-now’s and will no doubt go quickly. Click on through below for some affordable vintage store display items.

ESB Kenner Shelf Talker

Micro Collection Kenner Shelf Talker

ROTJ Kenner Shelf Talker



Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack Wave
December 5, 2003 | 7:16 AM EST | Mark

In stock now at EntertainmentEarth is the Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack Wave, this wave includes the following:
12 individually packaged figures: 1x Hoth Trooper, 1x R-3P0 with display stand, 2x Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack with part of the Wampa’s cave, 2x Aayla Secura, 2x Barriss Offee, 2x Yoda and Chian, 2x Ashla and Jempa.



Master Replica Sabers On Sale
December 5, 2003 | 7:08 AM EST | Mark

Over at you can pick up the following two Lightsabers on sale. They are $99 each on sale with free shipping. If you can afford one of these, I would pick up the Darth Vader as it is by far superior to the Luke. But they are both very nice additions to any collection.

Star Wars FX Luke Skywalker Green Lightsaber (23% off)

Star Wars FX Darth Vader Red Lightsaber (23% off)



Morphing The Clones
December 4, 2003 | 7:12 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site’s Hyperspace section has a very intersting story about post production work on the Clones in Episode III. Without mentioning spoilers, this promises some very intersting aspects for E3 which continue some of E2’s diversions from the Original Trilogy. Check it out here.



December 4, 2003 | 6:03 PM EST | Mark B


Master Replicas has the new Battle Damaged Darth Maul lightsaber available for order now! It is limited to only 750 pieces, and sells for $299. This one is sure to sell out FAST!!!



DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club Winter Social 2003
December 4, 2003 | 5:22 PM EST | Keri

The DCSWCC will be hosting their Winter Social on Satruday December 6th, 2003 from 1pm – 5pm at the Dolley Madison Library in McLean, VA. Any Star Wars collectors in the DC Metro Area that arent already members are welcome to stop by. Please check out for more information or for more information.



Bounty Hunting Today: ROTJ Mock-up Card
December 4, 2003 | 5:19 PM EST | Keri

Following the theme of prototypes for the week, I have found yet another vintage treasure while surfing good ol’ Ebay.

For all of you that love the vintage Kenner line, today’s auction is something that doesn’t come up for sale too often. Like all other toy companies, past and present, Kenner prepared figures onto proof cards with hand cut bubbles to display new packaging at shows like Toy Fair, or at internal meetings. The cards have sqaured edges, the holes are usually unpunched and the figure is held onto the card by a hand cut and hand glued plastic bubble. The finished product is then called a Mock-Up. Mock-ups are rather difficult to come by as most were either thrown away (GASP!) or were kept by Kenner employees.

If you are looking for something to add to your Kenner figure collection, then this ROTJ mock-up of a Hoth Rebel Commander is just what you have been searching for!

ROTJ Hoth Rebel Commander Mock-up



Jedi Knights 3 Pack Variation
December 3, 2003 | 10:49 PM EST | Keri

UPDATE: The 3 Pack that YakReader Charlie found was the variation with no Clonetrooper side art. However, these additional pictures illustrate the other differences besides the addition of side art found on later packaging.

I found a Clone Wars Jedi Knight 3 pack today and was happy to find it in good shape so I could replace the one that I currently have, and when I was comparing the two of them, I started to notice differences. I have included 3 pictures of the differences. The first is that they removed the small parts warning in the upper right corner. The small print on the back is different as well, and is completely rearranged. Last, and in this case probably least, the distribution info and ink color on the bottom of the bubble are different as well. The one starts out “Distributed in the United Kingdom. . .” and the other starts out “Please keep company details. . .” I just thought I would share this variation.



Bounty Hunting Today: Han 12″ Prototype
December 3, 2003 | 10:11 PM EST | Keri

Following yesterday’s feature of Hardcopy Prototype POTF Coins, comes today’s auction of a modern Hasbro 12″ Han Solo.

Easily one of the favorite human characters in the trilogy, the Corellian smuggler, gambler, and scoundrel who captured a Princess’ heart has been immortalized into small and large plastic action figures since the 1978. When Kenner reintroduced a line of Star Wars toys in 1995, they again produced 12″ figures that were more movie realistic, posable and looked pretty cool as well.

Today’s auction brings a hardcopy proof sculpted by an artist that would be mass produced as Han’s head. The sculpt is very interesting to see, the details are crisp and it certainly provides a unique addition to any collection. Click on through to add this prototype to your 12″ collection today!

Hardcopy Han 12″ Prototype



TFN Discount on Thermal Detonator
December 3, 2003 | 12:29 PM EST | Mark B

Thanks to the fine group over at The for setting up a discount withMaster Replicas on their very cool Thermal Detonator replica. By using the code “TFN-4532” during checkout, you can get $44.95 off the normally $199 Thermal Detonator Replica!



Yoda Santa Figure.
December 3, 2003 | 9:39 AM EST | Jair

Hi everyone. Are you still waiting for your Yoda Santa figure? Well, you shouldn’t wait that much longer, I got mine this week.

If you still want to order the figure head on to the fanclub’s website. I keep getting e-mails from them telling me that they still have plenty available.

Good luck!!!



12″ Wave 6 In Stock
December 3, 2003 | 7:47 AM EST | Mark

The 12″ Wave 6 is now in stock at Entertainment Earth. Head on over and pick yours up.



LEGO Shop@home Sale
December 3, 2003 | 7:25 AM EST | Mark

Here are some Star Wars items on sale:
Final Duel 1 $3.50
Jedi Defense 1 $3.50
Jedi Defense 2 $3.50
Jedi Starfighter $9.99
Darth Vader $20.00
There are many other LEGO’s on sale, these are just the Star Wars ones.



More New Figures May Be On The Way
December 2, 2003 | 11:07 PM EST | Bill

Jimmy over at The Trade Federation has come through with a list of more upcoming figures for ’04. His sources have been very accurrate in the past, so here’s the list:

Luke Endor
Cloud Car pilot
Bespin Leia
Ewok (we assume Chief Chirpa as mentioned before)
Death Star Trooper (although listed as “officer”)
C3-P0 with knee articulation
Luke in robes from medical frigate



Ultra Figure Assortment Starting To Appear At Retail
December 2, 2003 | 11:05 PM EST | Bill

The new Ultra figure assortment (which is the current incarnation of the Deluxe line) is starting to appear at TRU and Walmart stores- this wave includes C-3PO with the Escape Pod. Good luck.



Clone Wars Posters And More On Points Auctions– For 24 HOURS
December 2, 2003 | 11:01 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro has been sending out this notice to registered members of their auction site:

December 2, 2003


Including 200 Cartoon Network Clone Wars Posters only
available for twenty-four hours, and a Boba Fett Bust, this
week the Star Wars Jedi Master Points Auction adds new
auction items each day–for Bounty Hunters like you.

To get more information on this week’s new auction items and
to log-in to the auction, please click here.

To participate in the auction all you need are your Jedi
Master Points from Hasbro Star Wars products. Participation
is open only to registered users of
(and other Hasbro U.S. Web sites).

Interesting to say the least. Click here to check out their page.



Star Wars Gamer?
December 2, 2003 | 7:26 PM EST | Mark

Are you a Star Wars gamer (PC, XBOX, PS2, Game Cube)? Play all the games? Want to do a Star Wars section? Email me.



Silver Clone Dec 26th???
December 2, 2003 | 6:30 PM EST | Mark

Over at, Aaron has learned that the Japan TRU’s will be getting mister Silver Clone on December 26th. Could it be then for the US also???



Slightly Off Topic…
December 2, 2003 | 5:33 PM EST | Keri

Going slightly off topic here, but being the huge Alien fan that I am I had to share this new release DVD Box set with everyone! Released today was the Alien Quadrilogy to DVD, with a Director’s Cut of each film, yes that includes both Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, as well as a bonus disc, bringing the total set of discs to 9. This is the real definitive Alien boxed set I know I have been waiting for!

You may purchase the set at Amazon here with free shipping for $69.99, retail is around $74.99-79.99 depending on where you go to buy it. Now that’s something that I will give to myself as a present this holiday!



Bounty Hunting Bonus: 113 12″ Figures 
December 2, 2003 | 5:25 PM EST | Keri

If you are looking to give someone an instant 12″ Collection for a gift this Holiday, then this is the auction for you! Click on through below to pick up a huge chunk of modern Star Wars collecting!

113 12″ Figures



Bounty Hunting Today: POTF Coin Prototypes
December 2, 2003 | 5:20 PM EST | Keri

In 1984, interest in the line of Star Wars toys was beginning to go downhill. Kenner was still producing figures and playsets and came up with new packaging as well as new figures from the entire trilogy which was called The Power of the Force. Each figure came with a coin and proofs-of-purchase could be sent away to receive special mail-away coins. At the time, the figures didn’t sell that well, and the coin promotion left many consumers frustrated that were trying to get a complete set of coins, unless they contacted Kenner directly and were one of the lucky few able to purchase an entire set of coins.

The POTF coins are widely collected today and the art looks great next to the figure itself. The coins are split into Catagories, as to the level of difficulty obtaining them from Cat I (easiest) to Cat V (most difficult & expensive). The auctions I have featured today are prototypes of the POTF Coins. If you have ever spent anytime at all drooling over the rarities pictured then you know exactly what i am talking about – Hardcopy coins. Hardcopy coins were made of each coin, with the art of the character sculpted into a resin material to be duplicated onto the small aluminum coins. These are extremely hard to find, and it is a real treat to see one offered for sale on Ebay at this time. The other prototype coin featured today is a coin with art only on the front, with nothing on the back. I personally have never seen a prototype like this before, but it appears to be genuine.

Click on the links below to view some rare and exciting POTF Coin Prototypes!

POTF Logray Hardcopy Prototype Coin

POTF Hoth Snowtrooper Prototype Coin LEGO Sale
December 2, 2003 | 12:04 PM EST | Mark has a LEGO sale right now. Check it out as they have many sets on sale. Including the UCS Rebel Blockade Runner for $143.00.



Gamers Spotlight: Star Wars: Battlefront
December 2, 2003 | 11:47 AM EST | Mark

Confirmed – has news on the new Star Wars game titled “Battlefront”.

“A LucasArts representative confirmed today that the studio is working on a new Star Wars title which it will unveil early next year. Currently called Star Wars: Battlefront, the game will feature online multiplayer war action a la Battlefield 1942 set in the Star Wars universe.”

Click the link above to read the rest of the article.



Target Glasses & Figures
December 2, 2003 | 11:33 AM EST | Mark


Check out for the full size picture and log in to the forums and talk about it. These are going to be a series of glasses retro style to the Burger King glasses offered in the ’80s. These are the firt two.

Thanks to POTF2 and Robochris for the image.



New Master Replica Announcement
December 2, 2003 | 9:47 AM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas has just officially announced a new collectible lightsaber that we reported on a few weeks ago. The new Darth Maul “Battle Damaged” Lightsaber! Modeled after the lightsaber used in The Phantom Menace that was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi. This replica is half of Maul’s saber with a scorched end, and ruby red crystals and wiring that we imagine could be inside a “real” lightsaber. Comes with display case and numbered plaque. While the release doesn’t mention the edition number, we initially reported that there are only going to be 750 of these made. The item will be available to order fromMaster Replicas on Friday December 5.



December 2, 2003 | 8:20 AM EST | Mark

Back in stock at is the LEGO Republic Gunship for $49.97 (44% off)



Germany Jedi-Con 2004
December 1, 2003 | 9:39 PM EST | Mark

The Germany Jedi-Con website is now up and running. The show runs from April 9 – April 11, 2004. Guests stars are:
Rick McCallum, Billy Dee Williams, and Amy Allen as well as others.

To read the news in English CLICK HERE is also reporting that there will also be a special two-pack of figures (names not announced yet) that will be exclusive to this show.



Bounty Hunting Today: Original Art
December 1, 2003 | 5:12 PM EST | Keri

After a nice holiday, I have returned to give all you readers some one of a kind gifts in the form of auctions on Ebay.

All of the Star Wars films have inspired many artists to create beautiful works depicting characters, vehicles and pivotal scenes as posters, plates, and paintings. Orignal artwork is something that is not mass produced – it is one person’s efforts to capture emotions and images from the mind’s eye onto a piece of canvas or paper. Therefore, the works are not the cheapest items to collect, but they are among the most unique and certainly eye-catching.

Today’s auctions feature the original artowrk that was used to create the plates from the Hamilton Collection, by the artist Keith Birdsong. The art is not only colorful, but really captures the action and adventure in the films.

Yoda Art

Han Solo Art

Luke Skywalker Art



Clone Wars Quality Control 
December 1, 2003 | 4:57 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Jedii2 in Chicago sends in this interesting packaging error he found in a Clone Wars case ordered from Kebco. The picture says it all, check out this oddity of Obi-Wan in Durge packaging below.