January 2004 Archive

Making of Episode III Webcam Update
January 31, 2004 | 9:05 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated its Hyperspace section with the next chapter of the Episode III webcam feature. If you’re a Hyperspace member, Click here to check it out.



Code 3 Making Slave 1!
January 31, 2004 | 9:03 PM EST | Mark B

I read through a wholesaler website tonight about the next collectible coming from Code 3 and as a Boba Fett Collecter, I am totally stoked! Shipping sometime in April, and retailing for around $295 will be the Slave 1 Starship. Edition size has not yet been determined. For those unfamiliar with Code 3, click on the link above to check out their Die Cast Millennium Falcon and X-Wing.

***UPDATE*** Code 3 has recently updated their website with preproduction photos of this new model. Follow the link above and click on the “Docking Bay” section.



New Clone Wars Cartoon Wave Found – UPDATE!
January 31, 2004 | 12:05 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Vader4Life adds this report from his Target- Framingham, MA:

“Had 6 compete sets of Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Wave 2. Very cool figures as well. $6.99 a piece as well. (Yoda, Dooku, Durge, Clone Trooper)”

Looks as though these figures are hitting nationwide…while you make a run to Target for some chips for the Super Bowl tonite, stop on by the toys, you could be pleasantly suprised by what you find!

This great find of the second wave of the new Clone Wars Figures is being reported by Yakreader moonbase7:

“Wave 2 is hitting all over California of the animated figures Durge/Clonetrooper/Dooku and a very cool Yoda $6.99 each pricey but worth it, this is a nice set”

Looks like it may be time to hit a Target near you to pick up these latest figures. If your Target is anything like mine with empty pegs, this is a sure sign of great new waves to fill them back up again!



Pics of the Stolen Yoda
January 31, 2004 | 12:01 PM EST | Keri

Thanks to Robert, here is a picture of the stolen bronze Yoda as well as an in depth story with more photos here at www.iesb.net

Lately it seems like a growing trend to have statues stolen around Oscar time, first it was the Oscars themselves, now the wise Jedi Master Yoda. Hopefully, Yoda will soon be returned to his rightful place.



Need Army Builders?
January 30, 2004 | 9:06 PM EST | Mark

Now back in stock at Amazon…

Army of the Republic: Clone Trooper

Army of the Republic: Kit Fisto



Bounty Hunting Today: You Sunk my Battleship!
January 30, 2004 | 6:40 PM EST | Keri

Battleship is a classic game of strategy and lucky guessing, of victory and defeat which has recently been adapted and slightly altered to be sold with Star Wars starships we know and love so well.

The Star Wars game of Battleship is also electronic providing sound effects which were only made by the game players with non-electronic versions. If you’re looking for something fun to play with or without the kids, this game is just the ticket!

Today’s auction also serves as a reminder to be patient and look to the secondary market for deals that are often times well below retail prices, but in first class unopened condition.

Star Wars Electronic Battleship



The Ultimate Tie Fighter Resource Page
January 29, 2004 | 9:44 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has just updated the databank with images of almost every kind of TIE fighter imaginable– even the TIE crawler. It’s definitely worth a look, and customizers will be getting lots of idea. Click here to see it!



TRU Red Leader X-Wing
January 29, 2004 | 9:27 PM EST | Mark

Here is a very nice shot of the new TRU Exclusive. You can check out more images HERE, you can also pre-order this now, it is scheduled for March 1, 2004



Return Me You Will
January 29, 2004 | 5:28 PM EST | Mark B

The AP is reporting that some has Stolen a Bronze Statue of Yoda off a flatbed truck last weekend in Southern California. This 170lb statue is valued at around $20,000. The owner is offering a $1000 reward for its return. Click the link above to read the entire story.



Anakin Signature Almost Sold Out
January 29, 2004 | 5:15 PM EST | Mark B

Don’t wait too much longer to head on over to Master Replicas and get your Episode II Anakin Skywalker Signature Edition Lightsaber before it is sold out. Look for it to hit “Last Call” stage over the next couple of days.

If you have been holding out for a Master Replicas Signature Thermal Detonator or Battle Damaged Darth Maul Lightsaber – Sorry, they are now sold out. In fact, if you have been waiting to order any of the Limited Edition lightsabers, you’ll want to get one ordered soon – the Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Weathered Obi-Wan sabers are nearly gone!



Silver Clone Trooper Official 
January 29, 2004 | 4:08 PM EST | Mark B

Hasbro’s Website has posted information today making the Silver Clone Trooper Figure official. Starting April 4, 2004, you get a Silver Clone Trooper with purchase of $19.99 or more of Star Wars Toys. The offer will also be valid atToys R Us Online. Offer good while supplies last – mark your calendars!



New Action Fleet? Well Sort Of…….
January 28, 2004 | 10:17 PM EST | Mark

I know these were hard to find. So if you are looking for them, head over and get them before they sell out.

Action Fleet: AT-TE
Action Fleet: Naboo N-1 Starfighter
Action Fleet: AT-AT
Action Fleet: Luke Skywalker’s Snowspeeder
Action Fleet: Republic Gunship
Action Fleet: Republic Assault Ship
Action Fleet: Slave 1



Clone Trooper Evolution Part 2
January 28, 2004 | 10:15 PM EST | Bill

Dark Horse comics will be revealing a little more of the Clone Trooper evolution in one of their upcoming comics. An interview with a Dark Horse exec posted over at The Force.net has the details– the big part is that the “goggles” on the Clone on the cover of Insider #74 are just some some Clones. Check it out here.



Falcon Favorite
January 28, 2004 | 9:39 PM EST | Keri

Today’s Falcon Favorite comes from YakReader Marc who shares a character which is instantly identifiable though he had only a few lines in two films of the original trilogy:

My most precious collectible is the Marmit Boba Fett I purchased a few years ago that has since then undergone some thorough customizing (after all, it is a model kit). Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to have a movie accurate 12″ version of the infamous bounty hunter from his Empire Strikes Back appearance. When it was first announced as being in production, I scoured every known corner of the internet and extending galaxy to uncover prototype photos and such. I was able to pre-order from an on-line company and to my luck, it arrived in stock a few weeks before Christmas. I did not hesitate to tear him open when it arrived on my doorstep. Although he was not easily assembled, I persevered and when finished, gazed in amazement at his incredible sculpt, detail, and accessories. I have been a collector for over 25 years strong and a customizer for about ten. When my (then) future wife learned I was a collector, she was not completely enthused, but to my surprise and delight she purchased a gorgeous collectible dome for Boba on my following birthday. He sits atop of my bureau with gun poised to deter
anyone (especially my toddler) from disturbing any piece in my expanding collection.

As it stands this is currently the last Falcon Favorite I have recieved…so unless I get emails about Your favorite item, this feature will cease to exist. Email mehere if you would like an item from your collection showcased for everyone to enjoy.



New Luke Holo Wave Found
January 28, 2004 | 9:26 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Ghost reports in from K.C. with this:

“Quick note, Jangofly and I both found the Holographic Luke wave( Luke, Lando, J’Quille, and Rappertunie) wave at several Wal-Mart’s in the Kansas City area tonight.”

Looks like it might be time for a figure run everyone! I know that a few of my local Targets have just started recieving the Luke Hoth wave and that some stores have cleared their pegs empty, perhaps awaiting new waves ( I hope! ) Just like any store report, it depends on your stores and locations as to whether or not you’re in luck to find the latest and greatest figures.



Attention Timothy Zahn Fans
January 27, 2004 | 10:13 PM EST | Bill

Timothy Zahn fans will be thrilled to learn that in addition to his upcoming novel Survivor’s Quest, his new E book, Fool’s Bargain, will be out soon as well. Fool’s Bargain will be released February 3rd with Survivor’s Quest. Click here to check out the details on the Official Site.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Japanese Vinyl Album
January 27, 2004 | 6:04 PM EST | Keri

I really enjoy collecting items from overseas, especially vintage items which are very different in art or content from domestic release items available here. Fortunately for collectors of overseas material, Ebay has opened up the market to a large audience which constantly provides interesting and unusual finds.

Today’s Bounty Hunting find on Ebay is for a nice vintage Japanese released Vinyl Album of the soundtrack from A New Hope. The cover art is breathtaking, featuring the classic Hildebrandt art of Luke, Leia and Vader, different from the plain black and white logo cover here in the US. The album is a really neat addition, something inexpensive, different and pleasing to look at on a bookshelf display.

Vintage Japanese Vinyl Album



New Figs Back In Stock
January 26, 2004 | 9:33 PM EST | Mark

Jabba’s Palace Luke Skywalker
Tatooine Transaction R1-G4
Jabba’s Sail Barge R2-D2

Also in stock
Spider Droid



Clone Trooper Evolution… The Missing Link
January 26, 2004 | 8:41 PM EST | Bill

If you’re a spoiler fan, or just can’t wait to see what the drones in white will look like in E3, you’re in luck. The Official Site has added a photo of the cover of the next insider which has, you guessed it, a large photo of the new Clone Trooper.Click here to check it out.



Bounty Hunting Today: Custom 12″ Padme
January 26, 2004 | 8:23 PM EST | Keri

Today’s edition of Bounty Hunting brings with it a nicely made custom 12″ Padme in a non-Hasbro version of her white Geonosian Arena outfit, after the Nexu gave her a little scratch.

Custom figures, especially the large 12″ dolls make great displays on bookshelves and although Hasbro has extended the 12″ line much further than Kenner ever did back in the vintage days, there are still a virtual universe of characters and multiple outfits which have yet to be produced for retail sale. This is where custom 12″ dolls made by fans offer collectors unique often one of a kind items to add to their collection.

Click on the link below to see Padme in her torn white outfit and add her to your collection today!

Custom 12″ Padme



Mark Hamill on DVD Tomorrow
January 26, 2004 | 4:52 PM EST | Mark B

Comic Book: The Movie is released on DVD tomorrow. This is a great new “documentary” about making a famous comic book into a movie. Its also loaded with guest stars like Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Peter David, Matt Groening and more.



Sunday’s Falcon Favorite
January 25, 2004 | 10:09 PM EST | Keri

Today’s Falcon Favorite is not only a unique item, but one that was also used on the set of ROTJ. As we all know, movie used props are difficult to find and more often than not quite pricey as well. Jordan Hofer shares the prize of his collection:

When I was nine years old (in 1982) “Return of the Jedi” had just been filmed in Crescent City, California. When Lucasfilm was finished filming all the Endor scenes they left a huge foam redwood tree at the Crescent City dump. I remember my grandma taking me out there and hacking off a three-foot-high chunk of Lucas’s junk. At the time it was like a sliver of the holy cross to me. Today I still have it, a piece of Lucas trash, and the old foam thing reminds me of my grandma and when I was a happy little boy who could like Ewoks.

It’s still ok to like Ewoks, and we have Jar Jar to thank for making Ewok-liking more popular than ever! If you would like the prize of your collection featured here on the world wide web for everyone to see, you know what to do…send it right here.



Carded Ultra And Unleashed Figures
January 25, 2004 | 8:10 PM EST | Bill

We’ve updated our 2004 Product Guide with carded images of the upcoming Ultra Jabba the Hutt and Jabba’s Court Denizens packs, as well as the upcoming Unleashed Chewbacca and Clone Trooper. Check them out here.

These images came from desktopcharger’s auctions on Ebay which you can find here



The Winner Is…
January 25, 2004 | 4:58 PM EST | Bill

Congratulations to the winner of our free Ultarama drawing. The newest winner is Brent McCracken. Be sure to enter our next drawing for a free Ultarama by sending us your name and address to winners@yakface.com here.



Star Wars Musical
January 24, 2004 | 11:12 PM EST | Keri

This shining and entertaining example of a Broadway style Star Wars Musical was sent in by YakReader glim999. If you have the time to check it out in its MP3 form and could use a good laugh for the day, click on the link below for a nice chuckle.

Star Wars Musical



Celebration III Back in Indy
January 24, 2004 | 9:08 AM EST | Mark B

Star Wars.com has the official announcement about Celebration III! So, we can all start making our plans now! Clear off your calendars for April 21 to April 24, 2005. More info as it becomes available….



Ewok Air Is Official
January 23, 2004 | 8:20 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro ‘s webpage was updated today confirming the ewok glider for the Ultra assortment this year (due late spring)! Also they announced that we’ll see a Bossk unleashed in Insider #74. Read the full story here.



Disturbance in the force at MasterReplicas.com
January 23, 2004 | 4:49 PM EST | Jason

The last time I spoke with Scott Vogel, CEO and President of Masterreplicas, I voiced my concern about the Anakin FX Lightsabers because of the e-mails I received from many readers. One of my close friends returned his Anakin FX Lightsaber twice. His response was that he was unaware of any issues related to the FX Lightsabers and the sound mechanism and that those cases were probably isolated.

A month goes by and we have posted more stories regarding quality and issues surrounding Masterreplicas and we have yet again, received even more e-mails from people who have the same or similiar issues, but one e-mail message stands out…

Marc Draven wrote to me to let me know about the Ebay auction seller
or rock_bottom_auctions You will notice that if you go to this link, they have current auctions and past auctions for the past 30 days for 62 Anakin FX Lightsabers. If you look at their feedback, they have been listing even more than that for the previous months. Marc bought one from this buyer and guess whose name was listed as the seller when he paid via paypal… MASTERREPLICAS.

It appears they are selling off all the defective Anakin Lightsabers as is. Take a look for yourself using the above link. I don’t know how I feel at this point or what to make of this. I will probably post a follow up after I have time to formulate some questions for Scott Vogel and see if he will respond to my questions.



Air Wicket Prototype Pics
January 22, 2004 | 9:37 PM EST | Bill

Well OK it’s not Wicket, but it is photos of the upcoming Ultra Ewok glider with figure. The team over at POTF2.com has scored some really nice images. Click here to check them out.



Master Replicas Quality – Different perspective
January 22, 2004 | 4:31 PM EST | Jason

Just wanted to follow up the Keri’s story regarding other people who
have purchased the Darth Vader FX Lightsaber. A good friend of mine
order 2 Anakin FX Lightsabers from Masterreplicas.com and returned both.
On both occasions, the sound stopped working shortly after they were
turned on. He was not even swinging it like others claim to have, just on display.

I think there is a trend here, and every time we post a story about
Masterreplicas, we get a few e-mails from readers. I tried to address
this with the CEO when I was going through my order problems, if you read my posting regarding my issues with their customer service. The CEO was un-aware of issues with the sound of their FX Lightsabers. Perhaps he is also unaware of the other issues we have been posting.

So, if you still have issues that you would like to express, I suggest contacting me as I have the CEO’s Phone number and you can personally call him to talk about it. I would post it here for everyone, but I don’t want just anyone calling him. Please only inquire if you plan to act professionally.

On the topic of the Thermal Detonator made by Master Replicas, I finally got it… and it is VERY Nice… Just one problem. You would think for $200 that they would have included the special size
batteries with the detonator… NOPE. I had to run to Radio Shack
to get the right size batteries before I could turn on the bad boy 🙁



MR Vader Saber Quality Pt. 2
January 22, 2004 | 2:18 PM EST | Keri

As one collector found his MR Vader F/X Lightsaber coming apart, others who have picked up the item at reduced prices share their thoughts on the quality of this particular MR Product.

YakReader Jason writes in with this comment on his experience:
“I received my Master Replicas Darth Vader Light Saber today. I purchased it off that FAO sale they had the other day. I put the batteries into the lightsaber and it works great. I swung it around a few times and examined it for about an hour. So far nothing has fallen apart and it seems to be a real quality product. For the few people who have had them fall apart, it may just be they got a faulty one or were a bit too aggressive with their new Sith powers.”

YakReader douglasmcc notes also that:
“This item seems very nicely made– sturdy metal, etc. My black plastic handle grips are on tight. I took it outside tonight for a little mild play in the open air. I wasn’t that impressed this morning when it arrived, but its a completely different effect in the dark of night.. all I can say is Wow! But I had no problems what so ever.”

I personally have not had any problems with the MR Items I have purchased, yet I try my best to report all sides to a news story. I personally always wait for discount prices from either altenate websites or the secondary market on Ebay as I am a ruthless bargain/bounty hunter looking for the best deal possible.



Master Replicas Anakin Now Available
January 22, 2004 | 9:35 AM EST | Mark B

Collectors Society Members of Master Replicas can now order the Anakin Skywalker Episode II Lightsaber. Everyone else can order from Master Replicastomorrow. The Limited Edition version is limited to 1500 pieces and sells for $349 (and includes display case). The Signature Edition is limited to only 750 pieces and sells for $499. One thing to note, the LE version ships in February, the Signature Edition doesn’t ship until May (You too busy working on “outer space” films to sign some lightsabers Hayden?!?!?!) 🙂

***Update – Lightsaber is now available for everyone to order at Master Replicas.***



New Amazon Figures
January 21, 2004 | 11:15 PM EST | Mark

Star Wars Multi Pack: Clone Trooper 3-Pack BACK IN STOCK
Jabba’s Palace Luke Skywalker
Tatooine Transaction R1-G4
Jabba’s Sail Barge R2-D2
Hoth Evacuation Hoth Trooper
Death Star Procession Imperial Dignitary Kren Blista-Vanee
Coruscant Outlander Club Achk Med-Beq
Hoth Evacuation R-3 PO
Jedi Warrior 4-pack



Holograms Old and New, or is it New and Old
January 21, 2004 | 11:02 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has posted a new article on the development of Episode III for Hyperspace members. This one focuses on holograms. It not only talks about how elements of the movies tie the prequel trilogy into the original trilogy but also the similarities and differences of holograms in the two. Check it out here.



Wednesday’s Falcon Favorite!
January 21, 2004 | 9:13 PM EST | Keri

Today’s Falcon Favorite is not only a super cool item, but also has a great story behind it, courtesy of the owner YakReader decadentdave:

I am submitting what I feel is without a doubt the “Prize” of my collection: Life-Size Han Solo in Carbonite by Illusive Originals. My friends have asked me “If your place was on fire and you could only save one item from your collection, what would it be?” The answer of course, is Han. Yes, I would carry this relatively lightweight fiberglass piece in my arms through a burning door (assuming he doesn’t melt first). He currently stands on display in the corner of my living room and I “like Captain Solo where he is,” as Jabba would say.
When I was 11 years old and my friend Jason and I were eating at Burger King after seeing The Empire Strikes Back one Saturday afternoon and we talked about how cool it would be to have Han Solo in Carbonite… well 20 years later, that childhood dream has become a reality!

Remember to submit that one favorite item of your collection with the story behind it and be featured here on Yakface…think of all the fortune and glory you will attain! Well, maybe not exactly, but come on and submit, show off your very own Falcon Favorite by emailing me here.



Attention Autograph Collectors…
January 21, 2004 | 4:44 PM EST | Jair

Personally I’ve always liked getting my Star Wars Autographs in person. First of all YOU KNOW that the autograph is an original and second you get to meet in person a SW Celebrity.

If you are into Collecting SW Autographs, a must have on your list has to be Mr. Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bulloch at the Celebration II, and a couple of months later he accepted an invitation we made from the Guatemalan SW Fan Club and came down here for about a week for the first ever Central American SW Convention. I’ll tell you something, he has to be one of the most likable persons on the Planet. Today I got an e-mail from Mr. Bulloch, where he tells that although he’ll still be going to Conventions, he will reduce the number of events because he plans to spend much more time in England.

So, if you still don’t have his autograph and he is attending a Convention in your area, don’t let the opportunity pass you. You might not have another chance any time soon.



MR Vader Saber Coming Apart?
January 21, 2004 | 4:34 PM EST | Keri

This latest report about the MR Vader F/X lightsaber purchased at the FAO Bargain Price comes from YakReader Michael regarding the quality (or lack there of) of the Saber itself:

Package arrived yesterday afternoon, opened the puppy up last night, threw in some batteries and started swinging the saber around.

Two of the plastic grips on the bottom came off in my hand. Nice. Had the thing 2 minutes and it’s falling apart. On a similar note, I purchased the Han Solo Blaster a couple of years ago, the plastic handle piece broke and fell off on that to.

So long story short, MR stuff is great to look at on a shelf, but don’t expect to handle it to long with out it falling apart. Hope that helps some of your readers if they are having similar problems or questions.



Darth Vader’s TIE Coming to TRU
January 21, 2004 | 11:11 AM EST | Mark B

While no image is yet available, and you can’t place an order for it yet, Amazon (and Toys R Us) has a page up for Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter from Hasbro. This is believe to be a new TRU exclusive ship that will retail for $29.99. While you can’t order this yet, you can sign up for emails from Amazon when the item becomes available (and you can add it to your wish list so you don’t have to go find it again when it becomes available!)



Bounty Hunting Today: Topps Evolution Signed Cards
January 20, 2004 | 6:11 PM EST | Keri

With the advent of the new Clone Wars Cartoon trading cards, with all of the subset, promo and chase cards, I serached Ebay and present to you the autographed chase cards from the 2001 Topps Star Wars Evolution Trading Card set.

The Evolution set was a way to bridge Episode I and the classic trilogy, with photos of original characters and the new characters. The cards themselves are foil, with nice large photos and cool info on the back. Along with 2 character subsets, there were autographed cards, which 1 could be found in every 37 packs. The autograph cards are really great looking and some are very very rare and expensive. I have included a few auctions featuring some of the cooler autograph cards as well as a large lot of cards to get your Evolution collection started today!

Lot of Evolution Cards with Greedo Autograph Card

Star Wars Evolution Chewbacca Autograph Card

Star Wars Evolution Vader Autograph Card



EPII Anakin Lightsaber Update
January 20, 2004 | 9:55 AM EST | Mark B

A small update on the new Master Replicas Episode II Anakin Lightsaber replica. The ordering date of the 22nd is only for Master Replicas Collectors Society Members, it will be available for everyone to order on Friday the 23rd. And, in the email I received this morning announcing the product, there is also going to be a signature edition of the Anakin Lightsaber available that will be autographed by Hayden Christensen. It was my understanding that the entire run would be only 1500 pieces, so I don’t know how many will be signature. More details on Thursday!



More Great Customs Reference At The Official Site
January 20, 2004 | 8:49 AM EST | Bill

The Hyperspace section of The Official Site has added another great reference photo for customizers. This time it’s of a H’nemthe (alien from the Cantina). This particular shot comes from the Holiday Special, however this alien was in the ANH Cantina scene as well.
Click here to check it out.



Clone Wars Topps Trading Cards
January 19, 2004 | 10:15 PM EST | Keri

As reported by the official site, Topps will be releasing a set of Clone Wars Cartoon trading cards to include some pretty secret and crazy chase cards. The chase cards include 10 stickers, reminiscent of the vintage sets, 10 battle motion cards, and 2 widevision autograph cards that didn’t make it into the AOTC set: Jack Thompson (Cliegg Lars) and Anthony Phelan (Lama Su). That’s not counting the character cards nor the 3 Promo cards, one will be available at the retail level, one at hobby shops and one at a uber-secret online location.

You may read more about the story and see the pictures of cards P1 and P2here.



Now Arriving FAO MR Lightsabers
January 19, 2004 | 5:19 PM EST | Bill

We’ve gotten a number of Emails from Yak Readers who were ordered early enough to have their MR Vader’s saber order fulfilled. These readers wanted to let us know that their sabers were sitting on their doorsteps today. Thanks to everyone who wronte in.



Jabba’s Palace Wave Carded Photos
January 19, 2004 | 3:22 PM EST | Bill

Carded photos of the Jabba’s Palace wave have surfaced on Ebay.

We’ve updated the 2004 Product Guide with all the new images, even card backs, here. If you want to browse the seller Mimidog4428’s auctions Click here.



Official Release of MR EII Anakin
January 19, 2004 | 11:47 AM EST | Mark B



Well, now that you spent your hard earned dollars over the weekend at theMaster Replicas Winter Clearance Sale, Master Replicas is announcing an all new Anakin Skywalker Episode II Lightsaber Replica! The Official Star Wars Website has some new details on this amazing replica. Its my understanding that this saber is going to be quite a bit heavier than previous replicas due to it being made out of machined brass rather than aluminum. And although it looks very similar to the Darth Vader lightsaber in its style, the Anakin Lightsaber is actually quite a bit smaller than the Vader replicas.

The Anakin EPII Lightsaber goes on sale on Thursday the 22nd of January for $349.99. Its a limited edition of only 1500 pieces, so it is sure to sell out quickly! Make sure you head on over to Master Replicas on Thursday of this week to get one of these ordered for February delivery.



Sunday’s Falcon Favorite
January 18, 2004 | 11:50 PM EST | Keri

Today’s Falcon Favorite is a custom masterpiece courtesy of loyal YakReader Luann, as she describes her creation:

My favorite is my maul, I did him myself and he is the best fully articulated piece around. He been my favorite first time I saw him on Episode1, everything about him just makes your heart thump. So I decided to make a full scale maul, he can do everything but talk,but hopefully one day have that fixed too.

Remember to email your Falcon Favorite item from your collection to mehere.



How Did The Mon Calamari Cruiser Get Its Look?
January 18, 2004 | 8:24 PM EST | Bill

There’s a new feature for members of the Hyperspace section of The Official Site. The newest story there has a series of conceptual designs for the republic’s ship in Return of the Jedi which would eventually become known to fans as the organic looking Mon Calamari Cruiser. Check it out here.



Wal-Mart The Finale!
January 18, 2004 | 12:42 AM EST | Keri

The Final word on the Wal-Mart set-ups or lack there of from an anonymous employee of the store itself:

as far as the star wars section, each wal-mart in differnet regions will get different sections based on the star wars product sold. so if the store in your area did not do so well selling star wars product then there section got smaller to only 3 pegs of figures and a section for the lightsabers. now on the other side of the fence if your store in your area did well then your star wars section would have 6 to 8 pegs for figures ,section for unleased, section for sabers and a section for the ultra wave. I have one more thing for you guys to if your store did not get the new sections you will still get the unleased and ultra waves but only a few cases to those stores, so meaning once they sell they sell and they wont get it back in till a new wave comes out….these would not be regular items. i hope this helps you guys out!



Master Replicas Winter Sale Update
January 17, 2004 | 3:05 PM EST | Mark B

The “Cursed One” tells me that there is some additional savings to be had on the Master Replicas Winter Clearance Sale. The FX Luke and FX Vader sabers are currently on sale for $97.30….BUT, at the final checkout point on your order, if you choose to pay in full (rather than their payment plan), they take an additional $25 off your order, bringing the total to $72.30 (and shipping is free!). This is also the model WITH display stand!



FAO Update Part 2
January 17, 2004 | 11:53 AM EST | Bill

We’ve gotten a number of Emails from Yak Readers on the FAO MR Vader’s light saber issue. It seems that some people’s orders have already shipped, due for delivery in the next few days, so there was apparently some stock at FAO after all. It sounds like the issue was their webpage failing to immediately update when they sold out.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in!



Wal-Mart Finds Pt. 2
January 17, 2004 | 1:45 AM EST | Keri

As many readers have written in to me, not every Wal-Mart is resetting their shelves to include the Star Wars goodness that some readers’ stores have been lucky enough to acquire.

I would like to add that none of my local Wal-Marts are even getting in new figs, much less adding any extra space for Unleashed etc. The best suggestion I can offer is talking to your Wal-Mart manager, or avoid the process altogether and shop at a friendly online store as I personally have no control over the stocking or arrival of new figs at any store anywhere.



FAO MR Vader Sabers Update
January 16, 2004 | 9:08 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Randy wrote in with this update:

“Just an FYI that I don’t think anyone will be getting this.

I just got of the phone with their Customer Service Dept. (had to resolve a billing address problem) and I was told that they didn’t have the lightsaber (I had also ordered the SW Chess set). In fact, they never had them and they are “trying to get them off the website”. I asked if they would be able to get them and she said no.

Another bad sign was that my MC had a temp charge of only $17.73 (the chess set + s/h) not the $52.73 of my order.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along.”

We also got a report from Yak Reader Keith:

“All 3 of your sites reported on this deal so I figured I’d drop you all a line. I went to fao.com today to track my FX Saber order and was shocked to see that they had increased my order total to $139.95. I called their 800 number asking about the increase. I was told that I didn’t need to worry about it because my order was cancelled because the FX Sabers were never available in the first place. I smell something fishy here. I bet they realized their error on the pricing in the checkout process and are now cancelling all orders. If this shows up on their website again, they’re gonna have some explaining to do.”

Let us know if you hear different from FAO.



Huge Winter Sale at Master Replicas
January 16, 2004 | 1:23 PM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas is having a huge “private” (available to everyone!) winter sale on Star Wars Prop Replicas. All are discounted 30%, and quantities are limited.

Thermal Detonator Signature Ed: $209.30
Thermal Detonator As First Built: $174.30
Thermal Detonator Limited Ed: $139.30
Jango Fett Blaster Set: $314.30
Luke or Darth Vader FX Lightsaber: $97.30

And if you have any interest in Star Trek replicas:
First Contact Phaser: $209.30
First Contact Phaser Signature Edition: $279.30

These are some great deals, so head on over today! Offer is good only through Monday at 9am EST or while supplies last.



New Wal-Mart Discoveries
January 16, 2004 | 12:40 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Damon writes in to share his latest findings at his local Wal-Mart in VA:

just thought I’d let you know that my local Wal-Mart here in VA has just about finished its post-Christmas reset – and dear sweet mother it’s great news! They have added 2 pegs for basic figures (total of 8), there are now 3 pegs for ultra figures, and….THREE PEGS FOR UNLEASHED!!! But that’s not all! On the bottom shelf, below the pegs, there is space for 12″ figures! Last night I found the new Unleashed wave (Han, Yoda, Boba) and the new 12″ wave (Garindan, Obi-Wan, and Jawas). The Unleashed figs sell for $14.96 and the 12″ for $24.96. They’ve also kept space for the lightsabers, though now the electronic ones are lying down again (no vertical packaging) and the basic ones are all in a pile on the bottom shelf next to the 12″ guys. In addition to the expanded shelf space, they are also really stocking up – 2 cases of the Hoth wave and another case of the first Ultra wave.

Damon also notes extra space for LOTR figs, new Spawn Series 24 assortment, Second Matrix assortment and some Spiderman 2 figs as well. Get thee to a local Wal-Mart pronto for a figure run this weekend!



New Koto Kits
January 16, 2004 | 11:16 AM EST | Mark B



While not really new news – Star Wars.com has a new story this morning about the next two Koto Vinyl Figure kits coming to the US from Dark Horse Comics. The two new ones will feature Anakin from EPII sporting 2 lightsabers, and Darth Maul. Both are scheduled to ship in May and will retail for just under $100. Check with your local comic book store to order.



E3 Ship Photo On Line
January 16, 2004 | 8:56 AM EST | Bill

Members of the Official Site’s hyperspace section have a new spoiler image– this time it’s a ship from a certain planet in E3. Check it out here.



Bounty Hunting Today: Theatrical Standees
January 15, 2004 | 10:03 PM EST | Keri

Going to the movies is a great experience, and the theater lobbies are no exception to that. The lobbies are filled with eye candy from floor to ceiling promoting all of the films soon to be released.

Besides posters, there are many different types of advertising from theaters that can be collected today. Although most items are supposed to be sent back to the company from which the theater “rents” the material, often items slip through the cracks and make it out onto the secondary market.

Today’s featured auction is for a standee, made of heavy cardboard, large and colorful displaying the artwork for Empire Strikes Back. These standees are difficult to come by, due to their imposing size, as well as the fact that not all theaters had them, unlike posters. Standees look great in any room and complement a collection very well.

ESB Theater Standee



New Star Wars SEQUEL Rumor
January 15, 2004 | 5:40 PM EST | Mark B

While this subject has been denied by Lucas MANY times, occassionally a rumor hits the internet about a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. As most of you know, George Lucas originally intended Star Wars to be a Trilogy of Trilogies (that’s right, 9 movies). But as he has gotten up in years, and realized how much of his life has been spent on these 6 movies, he supposedly has scrapped movies 7, 8 and 9. However, as reported on TheForce.net a British Magazine, Hotdog, has information that Peter Mayhew’s (Chewbacca) contract not only includes Episode III, but that he is also required to be in 7, 8, and 9. Take it with a grain of salt, but we can always hope!



E3 Taking Shape
January 15, 2004 | 8:38 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated on the status of E3. The opening scene (no we won’t tell you here as some people may see it as a spoiler) has had enough of the wizards at ILM’s work that weekly status meetings are now held in a theater to review the footage! If you’re a Hyperspace member, check it here.



Jedi Warriors 4-Pack
January 15, 2004 | 7:58 AM EST | Mark

If you did not pre-order the Jedi Warrior 4-pack from Amazon, you can click over and order them. They are in stock and shipping.



Detailed New LEGO Falcon Photos
January 14, 2004 | 10:50 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated the Toyguide with detailed photos of the new LEGO Falcon.Check them out here Thanks to LEGO for the outstanding pics!



What’s Next From Hasbro
January 14, 2004 | 9:32 PM EST | Bill

The latest things to surface on potential Hasbro products for this year come to us from Jimmy over at The Trade Federation. We already know that TRU will have a series of exclusive Screen Scenes based on the Jedi Council, however the buzz is that Target may be getting an exclusive scene as well (no word yet on which scene or figures). He also reports that the next figures up for the Unleashed line may include Aayla Secura, Tusken Raider, and Bossk, with Aayla’s name surfacing very frequently.

It looks like a great year.



Vader FX Saber CHEAP
January 14, 2004 | 9:26 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Chris wrote in with what may well be the buy of the year– the Master Replicas Vaders FX Saber at the unbelieveable price of $35.00. It seems FAO’s web page has decided to mark it way way way down! Although when you pull up the saber on the webpage it shows $139.99, after you put in your card, complete the info and get to payment method, the total drops to under 60 bux (shipping is stiff at $18.95 but hey with this big a discount…) To order click here.

UPDATE: Sold out.



Wednesday’s Falcon Favorite 
January 14, 2004 | 8:51 PM EST | Keri

The very First Falcon Favorite comes courtesy of YakReader Adam Garrett, and provides a story many of us can relate to.

My favorite item in my entire collection is my Emperor’s Royal Guard (or the Red Guard as we called it) from the vintage ROTJ line. Here’s the story as to why I love this figure so much:

When I was 3, growing up in Toronto, Canada, we went to see the original showing of ROTJ in the theatre. This was a big deal for me, going downtown and riding on the subway. We got to the movie, me with my red guard clenched in my hand, and sat down to see the show. During the climactic Death Star father/son duel, my dad got paged and we had to leave the theatre – I watched the end of the film peeking through the crack in the theatre door while my dad was on the phone. On the ride home, disappointed from missing the end, I loosened my grip on my toy and at a busy stop exchange got bumped and dropped my figure to his horrible demise on the subway tracks. My parents never replaced him. As soon as I took up collecting again, he was the first thing I bought – to remind me of my earliest childhood memory and a simpler time.

I want to thank everyone for their responses so far, and I ask everyone to be patient as I WILL post each story one at a time on Wednesday and Sunday every week.



A New Feature – Falcon Favorite!
January 14, 2004 | 4:49 PM EST | Keri

It’s a brand new year, time for a brand new feature here at Yakface called Falcon Favorite!

Han Solo happens to be my favorite character in the Holy Trilogy, and of course as we all know, Han’s favorite item was the Falcon herself, which is what this new feature is based upon.

In every collection, there is ONE favorite item, whether based on rarity, childhood memories, or straight out one of a kind coolness…everyone has ONE favorite that shines above all other items in their collection. This whole feature is about ONE Item, not the amount of items that make up your collection, not a wall of figures, not shelves of toys…ONE ITEM!

So Here are the Rules:
1. If you would like your favorite item from your collection featured here with a brief description of why it is your favorite then please email me here. You may send a photo, but are not obligated to send one if you don’t have a camera.
2. The picture Must be of the ONE Favorite Item BY ITSELF! If you send me a picture of your entire collection, I will NOT Post It…This is strictly about ONE Item and ITS Relevance to You!
3. If you wish to send a photo – Please send one that is a reasonable size, not the size of a postage stamp, and not Giant Sized 10 megs either, which causes my mailbox to explode upon impact!
4. Please also send a brief explanation, NOT NOVEL length description of Why this particular item is YOUR Favorite.
5. Any Item may be sent in as long as it is Star Wars related…Vintage, Modern, Custom, Bootleg, Common, Rare, ANYTHING STAR WARS!

Twice a week, on Wednesday and on Sunday I will post a Falcon Favorite. Again, send your Falcon Favorite in here to share with everyone!



Figures Go Even Lower at Target
January 14, 2004 | 2:26 PM EST | Mark B

Looks like Target is dropping their clearance prices even further. In the North Dallas area Targets, prices have been reduced to $1.18! Clone Troopers with Speeder Bikes were also found for $2.50. Thanks to Jeremy for the info! (This price may not be nationwide, check with your local Target for additional info).



Master Replicas EII Anakin Saber
January 14, 2004 | 11:24 AM EST | Mark B


Today I found a new photo of the upcoming Master Replicas Episode II Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber. Look for this item to be announced “officially” on Master Replicas website soon. It is scheduled to ship sometime in April. Master Replicas currently has quite a few items on “Last Call” (less than 10% of edition remaining) – including the brand new Battle Damaged Darth Maul Lightsaber, the Signature Edition Thermal Detonator, and the Ultra Cool Mace Windu Lightsaber. So, if you’ve been waiting to get these (or any other MR Replica) head on over there today!



KB Toys Files for Bankrupcy
January 14, 2004 | 10:44 AM EST | Jair

Following FAO Schwartz, another mayor toy retailer files for Bankrupcy. This time is KB Toys. Click here to read the article.



How Do Figures Evolve?
January 13, 2004 | 7:16 PM EST | Bill

Jimmy over at The Trade Federation gives us a little insight into the process with an early prototype Arena Mace Windu. Check out the pics here.



Star Wars: Battlefront
January 13, 2004 | 7:15 PM EST | Mark B

Star Wars.com has some great new info on the upcoming online multiplayer game called Star Wars: Battlefront. The game will be available for PC, X-Box, and Playstation 2. Unlike the current online Star Wars game, this one will also have single player modes (but will be coolest when you are playing with a group of your friends – or enemies!). You’ll get to visit 10 different planets and use 15 different vehicles. Follow the link above for more details.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Palitoy Landspeeder
January 13, 2004 | 6:04 PM EST | Keri

As many collectors know, the Kenner division in the UK was known as Palitoy. For the completist searching for every Palitoy vehicle, or those simply wishing for an interesting variaiton on a classic vehicle need not look any further than the auction featured today.

The Landspeeder was among the first Kenner vehicles introduced in 1978 after the popularity of the original movie. The Landspeeder offered a simplistic design, molded in orange plastic with stickers to apply inside the cockpit and under the hood. Luke and Obi-Wan could sit in front, with the droids in the rear. The Landspeeder could appear to hover as in the film, courtesy of 3 wheels which would also allow it to “float” over the desert to the Mos Eisley Cantina playset across the room. The interesting thing about the Palitoy version is the vehicle itself, and the photo on the box being different from the US Version. Click on through below to compare to the US Version box photo and begin your vintage foreign collection today!

UPDATE: YakReader Todd points out also that the Palitoy Landspeeder has no button on the front to open the hood, therefore the hood does not open at all, as the US Version has the opening hood. So, the Palitoy version is a true variant.

Vintage Palitoy Landspeeder

Vintage US Kenner Landspeeder



LEGO Falcon
January 13, 2004 | 12:08 PM EST | Mark

The new falcon is on show at the French Toy-Fair. You can read the whole article at Action-Figures.com. Stop by and check out the article and the images. Many loose shots of the ship and figures. The site is running a little slow. Thanks to Matt Booker for the info.



Pre-Order New Figure Sets…
January 13, 2004 | 8:19 AM EST | Mark

Over at Entertainment Earth you can pre-order 3 new case assortments coming this year…

The Hall Of Fame Assortment
Star Wars 3 3/4 inch Hall of Fame (HOF) action figure assortment Wave 3. This assortment features previously released figures with all-new packaging. Contains 12 individually packaged figures: 1x HOF Chewbacca Mechanic (NEW), 1x HOF R2-D2 (NEW), 1x HOF C-3P0 (NEW), 1x HOF Obi-Wan, Coruscant (NEW), 1x HOF Anakin Skywalker Hangar Duel (NEW), 1x HOF Stormtrooper (NEW), 1x HOF Yoda (NEW), 1x HOF Darth Maul, Theed Hangar Duel (NEW), 1x HOF Princess Leia, Imperial Captive (NEW), 1x HOF Hans Solo, Flight To Alderaan (NEW), 1x HOF Luke Skywalker (NEW), 1x HOF Darth Vader Throne Room (NEW)

Basic Figures Wave 4
New for 2004! Star Wars 3 3/4 inch Basic Figure Assortment Wave 4, loosely based on the Jabba’s Palace theme. Includes 12 individually packaged action figures: 2x Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise (NEW), 2x J’ Quille – Jabba’s Palace Alien (NEW), 2x Holographic Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight (NEW), 2x Shawda Ubb (Rappertunie) – Jabba’s Palace Alien (NEW), 1x R1-G4, 1x Hoth Trooper, 1x Luke Skywalker – Hoth, 1x Luke Skywalker – Return of the Jedi

Basic Figures Wave 5
New for 2004! Star Wars 3 3/4 inch Basic Figure Assortment Wave 5. Includes 12 individually packaged action figures: 1x Elom (Tanus Spijek) – Jabba’s Palace Alien (NEW), 2x Dutch Vander – Gold Leader (NEW), 2x TIE Fighter Pilot (NEW), 2x General Jan Dodonna – Battle of Yavin (NEW), 2x Captain Antilles – Fans Choice #5 (NEW), 1x Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise, 1x J Quille – Jabba’s Palace Alien, 1x Hologram Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight



You Had Questions… John Has Answers…
January 13, 2004 | 7:58 AM EST | Mark

John has updated with his 1st QNA of the year. CLICK on over to read it. Then send in your own questions and he will get you those answers….



The End Is Not Near…
January 13, 2004 | 7:05 AM EST | Mark

After reading all the info about LEGO and the troubles they had, Jacob McKee from LEGO has answered the bell on FBTB.net, click here to read his entire posting and his explaination of what LEGO intends to do with the Star Wars and Harry Potter lines. Good news for both.



Do Ya Feel Lucky?
January 13, 2004 | 6:55 AM EST | Mark

There is only one Master Replicas Count Dooku Lightsaber (58% off) left at the low price of $124.98. Click on over if you would like to pick one up.



Attention UK Fans
January 12, 2004 | 9:12 PM EST | Bill

The Private Universe is reporting that the Official UK Star Wars Fan Club (UKSWFC) is planning to revamp itself. This is where you UK and Eire TPU’ers come in. The UKSWFC has asked TPU to provide some feedback, which could help them to improve the FC. So TPU has put together two surveys for you all to fill in. So if you have never joined, please fill out the Non Members survey. If you were once a member or are currently a member, then fill out the Members survey. This is your chance to give some positive feedback, ideas, suggestions and to tell them what they are doing wrong and what they should do to make it right.

However, it doesn’t stop there! Do you have some questions you would like passed on to the UKSWFC? If so you can now send them in via TPU’s Ask the UK Star Wars Fan Club section. Just fill Email Pete at TPU.



Bounty Hunting Today: Commerative Jackets
January 12, 2004 | 5:42 PM EST | Keri

The two jackets featured in Ebay auctions that I have chosen today are not only very warm but also very stylish and collectible.

The jackets both commemerate milestones in the history of the Star Wars Films, one the 20th Anniversary of A New Hope, the other The Release of the Special Edition. One of the things common to both jackets is the year commemerated is the same: 1997. Both jackets are made in the High School/Letterman style, in other words, the body of the jacket is wool with embroidery on the front and rear, while the sleeves are made of leather and both are bargain priced. The Special Edition Jacket has a large Vader Helmet on the back, which is very cool. The 20th Anniversary jacket has the simple Logo in gold with the large Rebel symbol behind it.

These jackets will definetely keep out the cold air of the winter while keeping you in Star Wars style!

20th Anniversary Jacket

Special Edition Vader Jacket



ROTJ Generals in Plastic
January 12, 2004 | 3:45 PM EST | Mark B



Hasbro and StarWars.com have just released new photos of some upcoming figures from Return of the Jedi featuring 3 of the Generals from that movie. We’ve got Han Solo as AT-ST Commander, New Lando General, and (one of the few vintage figures that hadn’t been redone in the current line) General Madine. Follow the link above for more details.



What’s Out? What Is Still Coming?
January 12, 2004 | 8:54 AM EST | Bill

If you’re trying to figure out which toys are in stores now, and what is still on the way check out our 2004 Product List. We’ve updated to let you know which items are in stores now to aide you in your hunt for new toys. We’ll continue to update it as new items are announced, rumored, and surface at retail.



Brians Toys @ Amazon?
January 11, 2004 | 7:01 PM EST | Mark

This is interesting. While searching for new toys… You can now buy OLD toys at Amazon.com from Brians Toys….

These are the offerings that he has at this point.

Star Wars Saga Beast Acklay
Luke Skywalker in Jedi Knight Mint in Original Return of the Jedi Package (1983)
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon Mint in Sealed Original Package (1983)
Power of the Force: Darth Vader (Removable Helmet) with Freeze Frame Action Slide
Power of the Force 12″” Han Solo Endor with Magnetic Detonators
Darth Vader Mint in Original Return of the Jedi Package (1983



Target Exclusive Glasses Packaged Photos
January 11, 2004 | 6:01 PM EST | Bill

You know product will be hitting the shelves before long when packaged samples start to surface. This time Boba_JP has come through with packed photos of the Obi Wan and Darth Maul Target Exclusive figure/glass sets.

Check them out in our 2004 Product Guide here.



Hall Of Fame Photos Revealed
January 11, 2004 | 11:36 AM EST | Bill

The Hall Of Fame Assortment was originally announced as a reissue wave, of figures which have seen the pegs before on new cards. While long time collectors may not be thrilled with this wave, newer collectors may be happy to see some old figures re-released again. Check out the pics in our 2004 product guide here. Thanks to Boba_JPBoba_JP for the pics!



Continues The Clone Wars Will
January 10, 2004 | 7:23 PM EST | Bill

The second half of the very popular Cartoon Network Clone Wars Animates Series will appear in March! Check out the full story at The Force.net



The End of Star Wars Legos?
January 10, 2004 | 3:37 PM EST | Mark B

This Article at Yahoo! News talks about the HORRIBLE year Lego had in 2003. Two of their top executives were fired over the results – and one of them was responsible for the movie tie-in lines (Harry Potter and Star Wars). The article also mentions that while these lines have increased sales, they have not earned that high of a margin for Lego due to the increased cost of manufacturing. The story eludes seems to say that these tie-in lines will be coming to an end while Lego will be focusing on its core business of making regular building blocks.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Spoons!
January 9, 2004 | 6:27 PM EST | Keri

You probably would not use these spoons to eat with, but they sure look great with any vintage display of oddities!

Produced around the time of A New Hope’s Original release back in ’77 these unliscened spoons provide a unique conversation piece to a collection. The spoons are patterned after the small souvenir spoons of the 1940s-60s that were popular tourist items to buy at such places as Niagra Falls, etc. The Star Wars spoons have small laminated pictures, taken from the Topps trading card stickers and are colorful and cool as all get out!

Click on through below to get the utensil section of your Star Wars collection complete today for a bargain price!

Vintage Set of 7 Star Wars Photo Spoons



Amazon Rings In The Cold Weather…….
January 9, 2004 | 8:55 AM EST | Mark

New in stock are these figs:
Hoth Evacuation Hoth Trooper
Hoth Evacuation R-3 PO
Death Star Procession Imperial Dignitary Kren Blista-Vanee

Also in stock:
Unleashed Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon)
Unleashed Han Solo
Unleashed Yoda
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Droid 3-Pack
Durge with Swoop Bike

If you have some cash, the following Sabers are still on sale…

Count Dooku Lightsaber (Signature Edition) (40% off) $299.99
Master Replicas FX Edition Darth Vader Lightsaber $99.99



Attention Customizers, Senatorial Aide Photo
January 9, 2004 | 8:32 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site‘s Hyperspace section has updated its Beneath The Helment feature with a photo of photo of one of Bail Organa’s Aides. If you’re into customizing senators and their staffs, this is for you. Click here to check it out.



Bounty Hunting Today: Hidden Treasures
January 8, 2004 | 5:22 PM EST | Keri

While surfing Ebay on a daily basis, sometimes we are lucky enough to run across an elusive item that a seller may not realize as something hard to find. Other times, items may be listed incorrectly. The happy result is a bargain find delighting any collector.

Today’s feature is not really a rarity, but if it is a piece you have been searching for to complete a display then it is a real find indeed! The featured auction below is for the simple, yet wonderful cardboard backdrop from the 1980 Kenner ESB Sears Cloud City Playset. Though not as detailed as any backdrop produced today, it still looks great in its familiar vintage surroundings.

ESB Cloud City Playset Backdrop



Target Clearances Pt. 2
January 8, 2004 | 5:09 PM EST | Keri

I went to my local Super Target here in Dallas, TX and was able to pick up a 12″ Leia Speederbike for $12.48 as well. Also on clearances were some selected AOTC figures for $2.38, Lego Hailfire Droid for $24.44, Lego AT-AT for $49.99, 1st Series Lego Mini Ships for $1.48, and Lego Jabba’s Prize for $3.42. This was all found down multiple clearance aisles at the beginning of the toy aisles. Please keep in mind not all Targets are clearancing this low, my fiance went to a Target located in Carrollton this morning where the 12″ Leia was still ringing up $49.99. However, with some persistence I am sure the clearance bargains will be found throughout the US.

UPDATE: More Reports are coming in from Chino Hills, San Bernadino and Sacramento, CA of the $12.84 12″ Leia Speederbike Clearance Madness! I would suggest making a toy run to your local Target ASAP…these Leia’s are flying out the doors quick!



The Art Of Star Wars Continues… In Japan
January 8, 2004 | 8:38 AM EST | Bill

Lucasfilm has assembled a second traveling exhibit focused on the Art of Star Wars. This show focuses on the prequels and is opening in Kyoto, Japan, and will tour the country over 2004. Check out the full story on The Official Site here



More Target Clearances
January 7, 2004 | 6:39 PM EST | Mark B

We are getting quite a few emails about Target clearances and the great finds people are getting – from Hasbro Figures to Legos. Keep checking your Target stores for some great after-holiday sales! Our latest report comes from NY where 12″ Leia with Speederbikes have been found for $12.48!

**Update** I am hearing that quite a few people are snagging the $12.48 Leia with Speederbike including the Plano, TX Target (thanks Jeremy), and I picked one up this morning at the Eagle, ID store where they probably had a dozen of them left. The clearances are not the same at every store – the store I went to had 8 of the Lego AT-AT and they were still coming up at $99.99 (not the $49.99 that we have been hearing people get them at).



Bounty Hunting Today: Star Wars Thimble!?
January 7, 2004 | 4:38 PM EST | Keri

As a collector, you thought you had it all…the lunchboxes, the prop replicas, the statues, the coins, the steins, the underoos, and the suncatchers, just to name a few items. The focus of today’s article proves just how far reaching the Star Wars films have gone in terms of items produced.

Today’s auction brings a liscened Bone China thimble (yes like the ones used for sewing) with the Episode I Logo handpainted on it. This is more of a collectible thimble, and one you would not want to use while sewing your Jedi Robes. The thimble was made in England, specifically in Stoke-On-Trent. I know there were many more designs available of characters, but I am unsure of how many were exactly produced.

This is a great piece for the collector who seemingly has everything and a great way to kick off the Star Wars thimble portion of your collection!

Episode I Logo Bone China Thimble



Clearance Clones
January 7, 2004 | 8:48 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Paul wrote in to let us know that his Wal-Mart in Wisconsin had marked their remining Clone Wars figures (mostly Anakin), down to just a buck. Wal-marts clearances are frequently left up to individual store managers, but it still might be worth checking your local store. Good hunting!



LEGO Hailfire Droid
January 7, 2004 | 8:27 AM EST | Mark


Do you still need this? Check out your local Target stores. They have almost all the LEGO’s on sale. I picked one up yesterday for just over $24.00



Want To Be The First To Read Survivor’s Quest
January 6, 2004 | 9:26 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has a drawing for expanded universe fans. If you want to be one of the first 14 to read Survivor’s Quest, be sure to go over to The Official Site and sign up for the drawing. Good luck!



Bounty Hunting Bonus: Lot of Ep. I Figures MOC
January 6, 2004 | 5:07 PM EST | Keri

YakReader Dave sends in this auction for 54 Episode I Commtech figures all MOC, along with a few POTJ included. This is a nice lot at a reasonable price, especially considering how difficult some of the Ep. I were to find, like Swimming Jar-Jar, TC-14, Sio Bibble and Hologram Sidious. Click on through to the link below to check out this great auction!

Lot of 54 Episode I Figures MOC



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Burger King Premiums Pt. 2 
January 6, 2004 | 5:02 PM EST | Keri

Following the theme of yesterday’s auctions, I focus again on Burger King sponsored premiums. Today’s focus will be on one of my personal favorite items, the ESB Super Scene Collection Book.

I can remember going down the street to Burger King, begging for an ESB Luke glass, (which my father kindly bought for me!) and getting as a bonus the Super Scene Collection Book and one set of stickers. I was thrilled beyond belief and I remember looking at that album while listening to my ESB Story LP Record, thinking of all the cool scenes in the movie. I never completed the album, and eventually through moves it was thrown away. I was able to purchase the entire set of stickers and the album shortly after I began collecting over 15 years ago and it was really great to see an old friend again and relive those memories.

This is a really cool item to add to your food premiums collection that won’t break the bank either!

ESB Super Scene Book & Complete Set of Stickers



DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club Meet
January 6, 2004 | 4:53 PM EST | Keri

If you are in the DC Area and would like to find out more about the Star Wars Collecting Club, you may attend their Monthly Meeting Saturday January 10th, 2004 from 1pm-5pm for more information on the group and the meeting location please check www.dcswcc.com



Target Glasses
January 6, 2004 | 3:43 PM EST | Mark B

Star Wars.com has a new story about the collectors glasses/figures coming to Target this spring. The photo shown has been seen before, but not quite as clear as the one at the official site. Click the link above to see all 5 of the Target exclusive glasses.



Clone Wars Animated Figures
January 6, 2004 | 3:41 PM EST | Mark B

Just a heads up to those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the new Clone Wars Animated Figures that are a Target Stores exclusive. These are now starting to hit retail. I found the first wave today (along with the new deluxe figures – Riekkan, Wampa and C3PO) at one of my local Targets. Happy Hunting!



New Star Wars Hardback by Timothy Zahn
January 6, 2004 | 1:34 PM EST | Keri

Survivor’s Quest ($18.17) a new Expanded Universe Novel by Timothy Zahn is due to hit bookstores as well as online stores in Hardback on February 3rd. The story looks to be an interesting one, following the further adventures of married Jedi couple Luke and Mara Skywalker. You may read a brief synopsis of the story from the inside cover and preorder the book from Amazon.com here.

Other Pre-Orders:
Star Wars: Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons June 29th (PB)
Star Wars Galaxies: Space Expansion : Prima’s Official Strategy Guide June 3rd (PB)
Star Wars Boba Fett : A New Threat April 2004 (PB)
Star Wars Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds March 2004 (HC)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 3: Last Stand on Jabim March 2004 (PB)



Classic Trilolgy on DVD will be Extra Special Editions
January 6, 2004 | 8:41 AM EST | Bill

Someone has finally found Lucas describing this fall’s release of the Classic Trilogy on DVD. The Force.net has posted a report that Lucas says he will finally be able to release the Classic Trilogy as he wanted released originally when they come out on DVD. So it looks like the DVD release will be versions 1.3 for A New Home, Empire, and Jedi. Click here for their full report.



Natalie Portman Talks E3 Details
January 5, 2004 | 11:01 PM EST | Bill

A few more details are slipping out on E3, This time The Force.net found an interview with Natalie Portman on MTV with a few tidbits. If you’re a spoiler fan,Click here to check it out.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Burger King Glasses
January 5, 2004 | 4:31 PM EST | Keri

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! I return to my Bounty Hunting series today with not only great looking, but functional vintage glasses brought to you by Burger King.

Back before endless refills were free and a large drink was the size today’s medium, Burger King offered a set of 4 vintage glasses for each film in the original Trilogy. For only 25 cents you could purchase a Star Wars glass featured that week and relive the film through your own hero or villian glass. The glasses have great bold artwork, done in the unmistakable 70s & 80s style. If you are looking for complete sets to go with the upcoming Target glasses and figures, search no further than the auctions below for some great deals!

Set of 4 A New Hope Glasses

Set of 4 ESB Glasses

Set of 4 ROTJ Glasses



Looks Like Geonosis to Me!
January 5, 2004 | 11:52 AM EST | Mark B


I know with the holidays some people may have been too busy to catch up on some real world news stories. One in particular that I’m sure is of interest to our readers is the successful landing of the new Mars Rover by NASA over the weekend. Color Photos are due from NASA today. Given what they have released so far in black and white, we are due for some impressive new views of the Red Planet. Additional information about the mission and the best site for new photos that are released is Mars Rover NASA website.



E3 Character News Update
January 4, 2004 | 7:27 PM EST | Bill

Because it’s a potential spoiler, we won’t go into it here, however The Force.netis reporting an interesting tidbit from the Jedi Council Forums regarding Wayne Pygram playing a chracter in Epside III. Click here for the spoiler and speculation.



Target Exclusive Glass and Skirmish At Carkoon Pictures
January 3, 2004 | 9:15 PM EST | Bill

We now know a lot more about some upcoming exclusives. First the Target glasses, so far the only figure/glass whose image has surfaced is Obi-Wan from A New Hope. Now, more images have surfaced, Luke in his snowspeeder flight suit with what appears to be a removable helmet for Empire, and slave Leia for Jedi. Darth Maul Tatooine, and Anakin hanger duel for The Phantom Menace and Clones respectively. On the Carkoon 4 pack, we get a reissue of the sail barge canon from the Deluxe Leia; Klaatu, Barada, and Nitko from the Skiff Guards Cinema Scene, and a revised Han Solo. Kudos to the scavengers atThe Jawa who scored the pix. Check them out here.



New 12″ At Meijers
January 3, 2004 | 8:52 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Yodatmaster wrote in to let us know that he found the new 12″ Garindan/Obi-Wan/Jawa wave at his local Meijers store this morning. Good hunting everyone!



2004 Product List Updated
January 3, 2004 | 7:49 PM EST | Bill

We’ve updated our comprehensive list of confirmed and rumored 2004 product.Click here to check out the revised list. 2004 is certainly looking like a great year with lots of figures which have never seen plastic before as well as producing even more of the characters from the vintage line in the modern POTF2/Saga packaging.



Wanna Buy An All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) ???
January 3, 2004 | 12:55 AM EST | Joseph

While doing my daily surfing on the internet I came across a very unusual Ebay auction for an All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) that is over 4 meters tall!!! You’ve got to see it to believe it. Click here to see it.



Gotten Your Dose Of E3 Spoilers Lately?
January 2, 2004 | 11:09 PM EST | Bill

The crew over at The Private Universe has come up with some minor, but very interesting spoilers from E3 which supposedly came from George Lucas himself while looking at lightsaber hilt props. Click here to check it out.

UPDATE: Yak Reader Mike wrote in to point out that these spoilers are direct quotes from the second Episode III web documentary that is available to download for Hyperspace members.



Q’s needed for A’s
January 2, 2004 | 3:04 AM EST | Muse

First, let me wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year.

After a long delay due to some crazy work deadlines, I am putting together the first Q&A of the New Year.

If you have any questions you need answers for, I am anxious to hear them. I plan to be more regular with the columns in the new year and to do that, I will need your help. It’s the whole symbiotic circle blah blah thing…

Send in your questions here .



Kotobukiya Darth Maul !!! 
January 1, 2004 | 1:15 PM EST | Joseph

For fans that have been eagerly awaiting the Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Maul model kit, several have started showing up on Ebay. You can get there by clicking here



12″ Garindan, Jawas & Obi-Wan Set 
January 1, 2004 | 12:51 PM EST | Joseph

For those of you who are looking for the new 12″ Garindan, Jawas & Obi-Wan Set dnstoys.com has them in stock right now for $73.99.



Amazon Unleashed
January 1, 2004 | 11:48 AM EST | Mark

You can now pick up the…
Unleashed Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon) and the Unleashed Han Solo if you still need them.



2004 Star Wars Wishlist
January 1, 2004 | 9:41 AM EST | Jason

Happy New Year to everyone. I was thinking this morning of what
I would like to see in 2004 and came up with a top 10 list. You
can check it out Here. Let me know if you agree
or not.