August 2004 Archive

Attention Hyperspace Members– New Exclusive Figure
August 31, 2004 | 10:47 PM EST | Bill

The Star Wars is now allowing Hyperspace members to place preorders for their upcoming exclusive holographic Emperor figure. The cost is $10.99 each, and it will ship in October. Click here for more.



Federation Toys Newsfeed
August 31, 2004 | 7:56 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Federation Toys:

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we have a LOT OF new items in stock. We are taking PRE-ORDERS ON NEW Master Replica’s items coming soon. We are also clearing out some other master replicas items check site for details. We have a limited number of the star wars celebration II souvenir program collector’s books. This is going to be a busy year, THE OTC (VINTAGE BOX packaging) WAVES SHOULD BE SHIPPING TO US SOON. We have a lot of new figures on the way and some older ones, also Master Replicas has a lot of new very cool items coming out make sure to stay tuned for details. We will email as soon as we get more ITEMS AND INFO. We hope you have a great day.

WE will be updating the site over the next few weeks, with POTF, EPISODE I, POTJ and more!!



New Art of Revenge
August 30, 2004 | 9:33 PM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates this today with a new Art of Revenge photo for Hyperspace subscribers. Highlight to read this week’s photo titled “Zero-Gee Rescue shows a concept painting of Jedi and Clone Troopers working their way through the weightless environment of a deteriorating enemy ship

For all you non-Hyperspace Subscribers, last week’s photo is now available to you as well.



Action HQ Newsfeed
August 30, 2004 | 8:34 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Action -bringing the Best to you FIRSt with Playskook Jedi
Force, SandCrawler, Cantina Scene 2 & MORE!

Get your FIRST by PreOrdering NOW. Arriving next week around
September 10th:

-Playskool Jedi Force Darth Vader, R2D2 & C3PO, Chewbacca &
Luke Skywalker. Articulated 3.5-7″ tall w/accessories. Set of 4 for
$54.95 or $14.95 each!
-Exclusive SandCrawler w/3 Figures at $69.95!
-Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 for $26.95!
-NEW OTC Figures starting at $9.95 each! 11 STYLES!

Limited Supply so get PreOrder yours NOW!

Please note that all PreOrders will be charged when orders are placed.
Some items might be sold out before arrival so hurry!



Silver Vader News
August 28, 2004 | 10:14 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Terfett:

Just aheads up. The Exclusive Toys R Us Silver Vader had been
added as an active Skn# in the Toys R Us computers. It shows a retail of $9.99. However the actual cost is that of a promo item. When will it be released? Not quiet sure. However there is a feature shop(a section of the store, usually 8-12′) to be set for Star Wars during the first weeks of September, to promote the DVDS. The calendar in the computer, also states a promotion to run from Sept. 13 to Sept. 17th. Could the promotion be the Silver Vader? Not quiet sure, I’ll send news as soon as I find out what the promotion is. Also, this Sunday an ad breaks with the front and back pages devoted to Star



NEW Before the Helmet
August 27, 2004 | 9:13 PM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “Show of Hands” which shows (highlight to read)some alien hand props with a little side note stating that the 2 in the middle will die from the wrath of Anakin



New Sith Stuff at Star Wars Shop
August 27, 2004 | 12:37 PM EST | Mark B has added a bunch of new Revenge of the Sith items (along with some other “Sith” items) to their website.

Included is the new Master Replicas Mini Lightsabers featuring 3 Sith Lightsabers – Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Darth Vader. They also have a brand new “Revenge of the Sith” Black Hooded Sweatshirt (VERY COOL!!!).

Get over to to order today!



Animated DVD Update
August 26, 2004 | 11:13 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jason sent in this info:

Both of these will NOT be either of the actual series.
Each DVD will contain 2 full length Movies that run
about 90 minutes or less. These are the same as the
VHS movies that were released a few years back.
Almost like “pilots” to the original series. Hopefully
we will get the actual series of cartoons later.



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
August 25, 2004 | 11:35 PM EST | Bill

This just in from The Big Bad Toy

MASTER REPLICA: Mace Windu FX Saber (Pre-Orders processed soon)

STAR WARS OTC: More Basic OTC figures have been restocked


2 new case assortments for the OTC basic figures have been
listed – the Wave ‘A00D’ assortment will have 12 all new figures for
$79.99 and the ‘A00B’ assortment has 10 new figures (many of which are in the ‘A00D’ set, but a few new ones that are not. Also available is the Unleashed Wave 11 Set of 5 – this is a re-release wave of figures from Unleashed 7, 8, and 10.

Click here to order.



All The 411 On Ewoks And Droids DVDs
August 25, 2004 | 10:53 PM EST | Bill

All the details have just hit the net– DVD has all of the information posted. If this is correct, it looks like we will not be receiving the full series of Ewoks and Droids cartoons, rather only two episodes.

Yak Reader Rich wrote in:
In regard to Ewoks and Droids, it gets even stranger, in that the running times on the DVDs will be about 177 minutes each. This means about 9 episodes of each series will be included, which makes no sense since Droids had 14 episodes and Ewoks had 26.



Original Trilogy Figure With Glass Pictures!
August 25, 2004 | 10:45 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to bring you detailed packaged pictures of the Original Trilogy glass with figure sets. It looks like these will be a very nice addition to the line, however new sculpts would be even better! Check them out here.



Original Trilogy 12″ Stormtrooper At
August 25, 2004 | 9:45 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader David:

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the
new 12″ Stormtrooper is now available at
I just ordered mine and they said I should receive it
by August 30th. Thanks!



Convention Exclusive!!!
August 25, 2004 | 6:06 PM EST | Joseph

The remaining quantities of each of the Convention Exclusives (Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise and Spirit of the Rebellion Bust-Up 4 Pack) are now available exclusively online to members of Gentle Giant’s Collector’s Club. Limited to one order, per person.



August 25, 2004 | 5:58 PM EST | Joseph

The folks over at have posted pics of the upcoming Jawa Sandcrawler Exclusive. To see the pics click here



New Unleashed In Stock!!!
August 25, 2004 | 1:11 AM EST | Joseph

If you are looking for the New Unleashed Figures featuring Bossk, Aayla Secura, and Tusken Raider they are now in stock over at They even have the rare Red Clone Trooper as well. To get there click here



Yakface Toy Guide Preview 2: OTC #02 Yoda
August 24, 2004 | 1:43 PM EST | Jayson


Click the Green Guy above to see detailed packaging and loose photos. Feel free to explore other figures in the OTC line by clicking the OTC Main link at the bottom of Yoda’s page or by using the previous and next links at the top of his page. Please feel free to email me with any figure poses you might like to see added as well.



New PlaySkool Falcon
August 24, 2004 | 8:16 AM EST | Mark

The Playskool Millennium Falcon (Galactic) is now in stock over at



Wal-Mart And Sams Point Of Sale Displays
August 24, 2004 | 7:51 AM EST | Bill

Major kudos to Yak Reader Knightx54 who scored outstanding images of Wal-Mart’s point of sale displays for OTC, DVDs and also Sams Exclusives. Check them out here.



Rumors of 7,8,9 Again…..
August 23, 2004 | 3:40 PM EST | Mark B

I’m not sure Ireland Online is the best source in the world for news about Star Wars. But they mention a source from within Lucasfilms, that employees have had to sign Non-Disclosure agreements about episodes 7, 8, and 9. Well, its a rumor that keeps popping up from time to time, even though George has denied it again and again, telling us that the story of Star Wars is complete with the story of Anakin Skywalker. But, its not like he hasn’t changed his mind about stuff in the past. Only time will tell….



2 Day Sale at StarWarsShop
August 23, 2004 | 9:58 AM EST | Mark B is having a 2 day sale on Hasbro Action Figures. They are taking 20-30% off the LIST price of individual figures (which, this is the first time they are selling individual figures), and 10% off selected case packs. Head on over to for full listing of figures available.



Whuer Exposed
August 23, 2004 | 8:32 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mauricio sent in this report:

I picked up the K-mart exclusive cantina set and I have to say they went a bit nuts with the wash on these figures. Wuher looks like he’s just come off a three day drinking binge and woke up in an alley behind the cantina. Anyways the set is still great especiall with the crunchy sweet Kit Kat included.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
August 22, 2004 | 10:34 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

It’s here! Shipping now:

HS84715SIDE, Original Trilogy Figure Sidekick / Floor Display, $159.99
Have you ever wanted to own an official Hasbro “point of sale” floor
display stand for your Star Wars figures? Even though the primary use
of this is for retail stores, Entertainment Earth recognizes that this
is also a fantastic and desirable piece for collectors. Another
Entertainment Earth first! In cooperation with Hasbro, Entertainment
Earth is excited to bring fans and collectors everywhere this unique
and rare piece of the Star Wars universe…and it even includes 24

Star Wars – The Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) 3 3/4 inch Basic
Action Figure Assortment Sidekick / Floor Display. Display is
decorated in the all-new Original Trilogy theme. Measures 57.75″ H x
14″ W x 18″ D. Master Carton dimensions: 20.875″ H x 14.375″ W x 12.5″
D. This item also contains 24 individually packaged Original Trilogy
Collection action figures including 4x Biker Scout (OTC #11), 2x
Chewbacca (OTC #8), 2x Princess Leia (OTC #9), 2x Luke Skywalker –
Dagobah (OTC #1), 2x Yoda – Dagobah (OTC #2), 2x Hologram / Spirit of
Obi-Wan Kenobi (OTC #3), 2x R2-D2 Dagobah Swamp (OTC #4), 2x Luke
Skywalker – X-Wing Pilot (OTC #5), 2x Luke Skywalker – Jedi (OTC #6),
2x Han Solo (OTC #7), 2x Darth Vader (OTC #10) (subject to change).



New Detailed OT Carded Images
August 21, 2004 | 11:12 AM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to bring you a bunch of new images of upcoming Original Trilogy figures. Check them out here.



Playskool Auction From Hasbro
August 21, 2004 | 12:40 AM EST | Mark

Hasbro’s PLAYSKOOL division announces an exciting opportunity for Star Wars fans and collectors to own both initial production preschool toys from the new STAR WARS JEDI FORCE line and the exclusive STAR WARS JEDI FORCE X-WING FIGHTER through eBay. The first fifty of each STAR WARS JEDI FORCE figures from the initial production run will be available through eBay auctions, with the first auction beginning August 20, 2004 at 8:00 PM EST, and the special edition X-WING FIGHTER will follow through the eBay Exclusives program on November 15, 2004.

To read the ENTIRE STORY click on the link…



Action Figure Collector’s Guide… Part 12
August 20, 2004 | 11:35 AM EST | Jair

Figure’s Name: Death Squad Commander

Released: 1978

Type of Cardbacks: SW 12 Back, SW 21 Back, ESB, ROTJ

Estimated Price: SW 12 Back=$327.50, SW 21 Back=$153.00, ESB=$115.00, ROTJ=$67.50, LOOSE=$23.50

This Action Figure’s name was changed from Death Squad Commander to Star Destroyer Commander when The Empire Strikes Back was released. Still some early releases can be found on the Empire card with the name Death Squad Commander.

If you are into collecting vintage action figures try to get your hands on a copy of Stephen J. Sansweet’s “The Action Figure Archive”. It’s a very comprehensive guide to everything vintage and the first years of the POTF2 line. If you want prices e-mail me and I’ll give you the names of a couple of publications. Preguntas en español están bienvenidas.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at, please don’t use the address anymore. Thanks and take care.



NEW Before the Helmet Image
August 20, 2004 | 10:36 AM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “History Lesson” which shows (highlight to read)Palpatine and Anakin standing infront of a painting of an ancient event, with the Chancellor reflecting on better times



You Seek Autograph!!!
August 19, 2004 | 11:34 PM EST | Joseph

Thanks to Gary X from Wattographs who sent in this news about the next autograph signing.. Wattographs, the number one Star Wars autograph website on the internet, is now back up and running. We’re again offering signings at events we will be attending. Here is the latest info from our upcoming signing.
We will be having our next signing opportunity at the Chicagoland
Entertainment Collector’s Expo. This lineup includes:

Boris Vallejo – Star Wars & Fantasy Artist
Tim Dry – J’Quille & Mon Calamari Officer
Sean Crawford – Yakface & Mon Calamari Officer
Gerald Home – Squidhead & Mon Calamari Officer
Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett & Lt. Shekil
Christine Hewett – Tonnika Sister
Dalyn Chew – Lyn Me
Felix Silla – Retah the Ewok & Glider Ewok
Steven Spiers – Captain Tarpals

There are a lot of signing options to choose from, including photos,
action figures and the opportunity to send along personal items.
Wattographs is the only autograph service that allows people to send in their own items for signing. There is also a couple of triple-signed items available which would make a great addition to any Star Wars autograph collection!
Wattographs is also offering a FREE random, artist-signed Star Wars
Galaxies’ trading card for all orders over $50.
We’ll also pick-up other non-Star Wars guests at this show, but
interested people must contact us separately for that. Visit for the link to the signings page!



Invade Wal-Mart The Original Trilogy Has
August 19, 2004 | 9:46 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Machofrijol sent in this report:

Just came from Wal-Mart here in Cathedral City, CA and there was a huge display of OTC Figures. One side had about 10 Vader cases and 10 C-3PO Cases. The vader is packed with the Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper from the Imperial Forces Toys-R-Us Exclusive. C-3PO comes with everyone’s favorite, Han Solo and Chewbacca from the Hoth Toys-R-Us minus the Snow paint. They actually look pretty great, had to get one of each. The other side of this display had OTC figures from ranging from 1-5 and 21 through 27. Also in this display were two rows of four, four figures deep of the first four sets of Galactic Heroes. I was shocked to find such a large display of OTC merchandise at my Wal-Mart.



Sale at Master Replicas
August 19, 2004 | 8:33 PM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas is having a sale on several of their Star Wars and Star Trek Limited Edition Replicas. The Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber and Jango Fett Blaster Sets are currently $100 off! Palpatine’s Cane and the Thermal Detonator are both $80 off. At these prices they are going to go quick. I know that most are close to the end of their runs, so head over to Master Replicas now and order!



Convention Exclusive Update!!!
August 18, 2004 | 1:39 PM EST | Joseph

If you are one of the ones that was unable to make it to either Comic Con Convention this year or just was not able to obtain an exclusive while at the Con, then this is for you. Gentle Giant plans on making the remaining quantities of each Exclusive available exclusively online to members of Gentle Giant’s Collector’s Club after the shows. Information is posted at their website. To check it out or to subscribe to their newsletter providing more information
click here



Action Figure Collector’s Guide… Part 11
August 18, 2004 | 12:53 PM EST | Jair

Figure’s Name: Jawa

Released: 1978

Type of Cardbacks: SW 12 Back, SW 21 Back, ESB, ROTJ, POTF

Estimated Price: SW 12 Back=$276.50, SW 21 Back=$187.50, ESB=$147.50, ROTJ=$113.50, POTF=$112.50, LOOSE=$20.00

The Jawa action figure was released on all cardbacks and it has one of the major variations of all the vintage line. Originally it was released with a plastic cape, much like the one the vintage Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi figure has. Very early in production the plastic cape was changed for the cloth cape most people have. The funny thing is that most people swear they had the plastic version when they were kids. Right now the plastic cape version is worth about $180.00 loose, and carded about $3,200.00.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at, please don’t use the address anymore. Thanks and take care.



New Unleashed At Retail
August 18, 2004 | 8:34 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Steve dropped us an Email that the new Unleashed Bossk, Aayla and Tusken are hitting Target Stores in Bolingbrook, and Lemont, Illinois; and Yak Reader Kodai reported seeing them at Wal-Marts in El Paso, Texas. Good Hunting!



Gen Con Showcased On Official Site
August 17, 2004 | 10:19 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with a feature on this weekend’s Gen Con, among the highlights will be an exhibition pre-release game with the new Star Wars miniatures. Check it all out here.



Jedi Scenes #1 & #2 at TRU
August 17, 2004 | 4:12 PM EST | Jayson



During my lunch break today, I swung by my neighborhood TRU and found they had placed half a dozen of both Jedi Council Scenes 1 & 2. So check your local TRU if you are needing these sets.



NEW FEATURE: Art of Revenge
August 16, 2004 | 9:25 PM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates with the release of a new weekly feature similar to the George Lucas Selects photos from EI and the Image Attack from EII. This first photo in this series is entitled “ARC 170, Standing By” which shows (highlight to read) a concept illustration to a possible precursor to the snubnosed X-wing Fighter



2005 Figure Pre-Order
August 16, 2004 | 10:08 AM EST | Mark B is listing the first “Pre-Episode III” action figure assortment. This is not the sneak peek figures for Episode III, but rather the first assortment for 2005. The assortment is scheduled to include – Sly Moore, Wookie Senator, and Pablo-Jill.

Also, they now have Star Wars Battlefront for Playstation 2 available for order. Its shipping the 21st of September.



411 From Hasbro Plus A Chance At A Sacul!
August 15, 2004 | 9:58 PM EST | Bill

This just in from our friends at The Private Universe:

“TPU is proud to announce the return of Ask Hasbro UK! New Star Wars Brand Manager at Hasbro UK, Sarah, has invited TPU’ers to send in their most burning questions for her to answer and exclusively publish on TPU.

All questions will be forwarded to Sarah. The best Ask Hasbro UK question sent in will win a Jorg Sacul carded figure supplied by Toyz And Gamez! Stayed turned for the results!”



Acklay Shock!!!
August 15, 2004 | 10:05 AM EST | Mark

Over at Amazon.. they have 4 of the Episode II Attack Of The Clones: Acklayin stock from Hasbro. They are $9.99, head over if you need one.

Also new in stock…
.45% Scaled Replica: Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

Original Trilogy Collection: Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber



Ready for your Questions!
August 14, 2004 | 12:03 PM EST | Muse

The next Q&A is in progress. If you have any questions/observations, send them in here!



Revenge Of The Sith Preview Wave
August 14, 2004 | 10:21 AM EST | Bill

You read the title right, the 4 figures have finally been named. The Team at Action has gotten the details from a UK wholesaler. In the interests of assisting those who wish to stay spoiler free, we won’t list the 4 figures here (however we will a the list does include 2 generals and a droid). Click here to check it out.



New Falcon In Stock
August 14, 2004 | 8:35 AM EST | Mark

Over at They have the new Millennium Falcon Spaceship in stock and ready to ship… so head on over and pick one up.

They have also picked up some of the newer LEGO sets…
Cloud City (UCS)
Millennium Falcon (4504)
Snowspeeder (UCS)
And this is an exclusive RE-release..
Star Wars TIE Fighter and Y-Wing (7262)



Echo Base Exclusive Wizard World Coin
August 13, 2004 | 9:00 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Echo Base

I am writing to you in hopes that you can alert your Chicago Fans and attendees, who will be attending Wizard Worlds Convention, will be given the chance to get the Exclusive 10th Anniversary Queen Amidala coin, sold at Comic-Con, will also be available as Wizard World Chicago this weeked. This coin is #1 of a set of three coins. The 2nd coin will be sold at both Wizard World in Dallas & at Los Angeles, and is being developed right now and based on EPII. The 3rd & final coin will be based on the EPIII and will be at Star Wars Celebration. And, we have something else in the works for Celebration III as well.

There has been and will be only 250 pieces of each coin made. The coins are individually card and numbered and weigh close to 1 oz and are 1 1/2 inches wide. The price of each coin at the conventions are $20, and any that are left can be ordered after the conventions for $25, which includes shipping & insurance. Overseas is questionable. If any one is interested in getting one, I have just a few left and can be ordered by contacting me at Please email me because I am the Representative of this promotion and any questions or orders will be answered or filled quicker. We accept money orders & PayPal as payment.

Contact them here for more information.



NEW Before the Helmet Image
August 13, 2004 | 8:57 AM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “Halfway There” which shows (highlight to read) a mold of Hayden Christensen’s head, being fitted for the helmet of the Dark Lord



IG-88 Mini Bust PreOrders
August 12, 2004 | 12:46 PM EST | Mark B has just added the IG-88 Mini Bust to their site for preorder. This is the newest bust coming from Gentle Giant Studio. A must have piece for the Bounty Hunter Collector!



Koyoto Fett At Action HQ
August 12, 2004 | 8:07 AM EST | Bill

This just in from

STAR WARS Kotobukiya Boba Fett Figure!
Get this exclusive Japanese 1/7 scale vinly Boba Fett now while supplies last. This highly detailed & sculpted figures stand around 12″ tall and comes with base & blaster rifle.
Click here to order yours now!



Pre-order IG-88 Minibust
August 11, 2004 | 10:31 PM EST | Joseph

You can now pre-order the upcoming IG-88 minibust from Gentle Giant Studios for only $39.99 (regularly $44.99) at Action Figure The latest bounty hunter to be busted in GG’s spectacular line-up is due to be released next February and stands approximately 6.25 inches tall. To pre-order click here



Mos Eisley Cantina Set Out Now!!!
August 11, 2004 | 10:13 PM EST | Joseph

Special thanks to Yakreader “galacticsaber” who found the OTC Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 1 with Wuher, Kitik Keed’kak, and Dr. Evazan at K-Mart in Chula Vista, California. The retail price is $19.99 each. This looks like it will be in abundance but only time will tell. Let the hunt begin.



Jorg Sacul on Amazon
August 11, 2004 | 2:47 PM EST | Keri


If anyone would still like a Jorg Sacul figure, there are 2 or 3 in stock along with some Silver Boba Fett and 300th Boba Fett figures through Brian’s Toys. The link to the Jorg Sacul figure can be found here. As always, the figure may be found on Ebay for sale as well, this is simply presented as an alternative place to purchase this item.
Thanks to YakReader R2-Matthew for sending in this news.



The Future of Toys R Us?
August 11, 2004 | 2:38 PM EST | Keri

It seems that Toys R Us is continuing to lose sales to Wal-Mart and Target in the toy selling business and appears likely to liquidate inventory and close some stores in an effort to cut costs. While the exclusive toy items and remodeled stores brought disappointing results for the company, the Babies R Us stores have seen much growth. It is possible that the large discount chain stores will put an end to the freestanding specialty toy store in the near future. Thanks to YakReader Philip for sending in this report.

You may read a more in-depth article on USA Today here.



2005 Figures Shown
August 11, 2004 | 2:04 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro’s Republic News has updated with carded and loose photos of some of the 2005 line. It’s official they will be on OTC type cards, minus the “Original Trilogy Collection” label. Check it out here.



Unleashed Aurra Sing!!!
August 11, 2004 | 1:57 AM EST | Joseph

Those guys over at Galactic have done it again and have a pic of the latest issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest giving us a first look at the new upcoming Unleashed Aurra Sing! Check it out by clicking here



Kotobukiya Han Solo Kit
August 10, 2004 | 10:05 AM EST | Mark B has just added the new Kotobukiya Han Solo Model kit to their site for preorder. Item is going to be available to ship in December.



Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 1
August 10, 2004 | 12:37 AM EST | Joseph has the eagerly awaited Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 1 in stock right now. You can get there by clicking here



Galactic Heroes Wave 2 Carded Photo
August 9, 2004 | 11:28 PM EST | Bill

Ebay seller Overlord307 has come up with a photo of the upcoming Obi Wan/Jango Galactic Heros 2 pack. Click here for the pic.



Yoda’s News Turns 6 Months Old
August 9, 2004 | 11:16 PM EST | Bill

This just in: will be celebrating 6 months on the web on 8-12-04 and to say Thank You, they will be bringing you prizes starting on August 12th and will end when we run out of stuff to give away! They wont even ask you to make anything, take any pictures, or send any e-mails! A random person from the forum list will be picked each day and they will win one of the great prizes like a Convention Silver Boba Fett, Vintage Weequay, 12″ Collectors Series, Real Stands, OTC figures and so much more! It’s that easy! More Details can be found at at the Contest link! Check it out here.



Wizard World Update
August 9, 2004 | 11:14 PM EST | Bill

Federation Toys will be at Wizard World in Chicago this weekend. In addition to bringing you great Star Wars stuff, Eric Walker from the Ewoks TV shows will be at their booth to sign autographs. Be sure to stop by and check it out.



Now that’s a feature I’ve not read in a long time…
August 9, 2004 | 2:23 PM EST | Jayson

After a long pause, the Toy Reviews section has been updated with the review of that crazy, old desert hermit: Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi from the VOTC line. Stretch out with your feelings and give it a read.



Sideshow Luke at Star Wars Shop
August 9, 2004 | 9:56 AM EST | Mark B is now also taking preorders for the new 17″ Tall Sideshow Toy Luke Skywalker. also has Wave 3 of the OTC figures on preorder as well. This wave includes R2D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. These are scheduled to ship next month.



NEW Before the Helmet
August 8, 2004 | 9:42 PM EST | Jayson

This week’s photo is entitled “Bailing Out” which shows (highlight to read) Bail Organa making his escape in his Coruscant Speeder, away from Darth Sidious’s Enforcers 



OTC Cases In Stock
August 8, 2004 | 5:45 PM EST | Joseph

Entertainment has new OTC cases in stock…
Star Wars – The Original Trilogy Collection 3 3/4 inch Basic Action Figure Assortment Wave 8.75. Includes all-new vintage-style packaging that resembles the original line of Kenner Star Wars action figures. Contains 12 individually packaged action figures including 2x Tusken Raider (OTC #24), 2x Jawas (OTC #23), 2x Snowtrooper (OTC #25), 1x Luke Skywalker Jedi (OTC #6), 1x Han Solo (OTC #7), 1x Princess Leia (OTC #9), 1x Boba Fett (OTC #14), 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi (OTC #15), 1x TIE Fighter Pilot (OTC #21) (subject to change).



Detailed Boxed Photos Of Cantina Scene #1
August 7, 2004 | 10:07 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to bring you detailed boxed images of the long awaited Cantina Scene #1, which is populated with the figures from the ill-fated second wave of Cantina bar packs.

Check them out here



New Toy Guide Sneak Peak
August 7, 2004 | 9:51 PM EST | Bill

Jayson had been hard at work on our new, and greatly improved Toy Guide. He took a break from his photographing and reporting duties so we can bring you a sneak peak of what’s coming your way. Check out our Toyguide sneak peak with the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection’s first wave of figures!

Check them out:
Vintage OTC Obi Wan
Vintage OTC Han Solo
Vintage OTC Princess Leia



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
August 7, 2004 | 9:39 PM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy

Now in stock:
The Galactic Heroes wave 1 figures have arrived, these nifty figures are designed for the younger collector and have a much different look to them than the normal Star Wars releases. More Unleashed wave 9 Leia and Obi-Wan have arrived. More of the OTC X-Wing and TIE fighters have also arrived – each priced at $22.99

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT PRICE DROP: The vintage department has lowered prices on items from collection 1 to 100 by 30% to 40%! (These are the oldest listings on our vintage site – the collection number is the first part of the Product ID number: Product Number: “c067″p125 means “Collection 067, Piece 125” as an example) So take another look through and see if any of the items you were looking for have had their prices dropped!

MASTER REPLICA Luke FX Sabers are available for $113.99 and in stock now.

Within the next week Unleashed Wave 10 (Set of 3 – $49.99) will be in stock, pre-order yours now.



More OTC At Walmart
August 7, 2004 | 9:34 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jedi Jones wrote in to report:

The Hazleton, PA Wal-Mart got in the OTC TIE Pilot, Bossk, IG-88, and
Luke Bespin today. View my purchase in the attached picture (parts of the receipt are photoshopped out and the total is 11 items because I purchased an extra Luke Bespin and the new Ninja Turtles wave as well).

There were 8 pegs filled with these as well as some of the Dagobah
wave, Luke Jedi, and regular R2-D2, about half split between the 4 new OTC figures and the other ones. I believe the following case assortment listed at the web site was what Wal-Mart received: (2) Luke Bespin, (2) IG 88, (2) Bossk, (1) Tie Fighter Pilot, (1) Dagobah Luke, (1) Dagobah Yoda, (1) Dagobah R2D2, (1) Luke Skywalker Jedi, (1) R2D2. This is the first big OTC shipment at this store since they got in a large shipment of the first 20 OTC figures several weeks ago. The store seems to have skipped over OTC #s 22, 23, 24, and 25 for now. The vintage OTC shipped to the same Wal-Mart for the first time yesterday but it looked like only 1 case and I only saw a Han and Obi-Wan.



Sideshow Collectibles Luke Skywalker
August 6, 2004 | 4:58 PM EST | Mark B

The Sideshow Collectibles Luke Skywalker 1/4 scale figure is now available for preorder. Its not going to ship until the 2nd quarter of 2005, but you may want to get your order in now for this new item. After seeing these at the San Diego Comic Con – I’ve got one on order myself! The details are pretty impressive on this guy, it will be about 17″ tall, and weighs about 15lbs. Its going to be a LONG WAIT!



THX1138 Double Sided Poster
August 6, 2004 | 10:35 AM EST | Mark B

With THX1138 being rereleased in theaters next month (and the directors edition DVD coming out, is offering the new double sided theater poster for sale. Definitely a must have for any George Lucas fan!



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
August 5, 2004 | 8:53 PM EST | Bill

Here’s the latest from The Big Bad Toy Store:

Here is a quick update from The Big Bad Toy Store about some great new arrivals:

MASTER REPLICA: The .45 Scale Obi-Wan and Mace Windu Mini-Sabers have
just arrived, very nice items about the size of a large pen – for $33.99 each. They come with a display stand and very nice glossy book style package. The Luke FX and Mace FX Sabers will be arriving to us very soon – pre-orders are still available for $113.99 on these Sabers.

COMIC-CON & CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES: We’ve received the Street Fighter Evil Ryu vs Psycho Bison Exclusive, Silver Sandtrooper, 6″ Optimus Prime Statueand 6″ Ultra Magnus Statue – all are listed on the ‘Other’ Menu.



Entertainment Earth News Feed
August 5, 2004 | 8:33 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

People can finally order the remainder of the Star Wars Original
Trilogy basic figure collection. I’ve updated our Star Wars super-section.

These are the two key new assortments:
Original Trilogy Basic Figures Wave 11 (Item# HS84715Q, $64.99)
1x Jawas 2-Pack (OTC #24), 1x Snowtrooper (OTC #25), 1x Darth Vader -The Empire Strikes Back (OTC #29), 1x Gamorrean Guard (OTC #30), 1x
Bib Fortuna (OTC #31), 1x Lando Calrissian – Skiff Guard Disguise (OTC #32), 1x Princess Leia in Slave Outfit (OTC #33), 1x Darth Vader – A New Hope (OTC #34), 1x Han Solo – AT-ST Driver Disguise (OTC #35), 1x General Madine (OTC #36), 1x General Lando Calrissian (OTC #37).

Original Trilogy Basic Figures Wave 11.5 (Item# HS84715Q5, $64.99)
1x Imperial Scanning Crew Member – Fans’ Choice #6 (OTC #38), 1x
Princess Leia – A New Hope (OTC #9), 1x Greedo (OTC #22), 1x Darth
Vader- The Empire Strikes Back (OTC #29), 1x Gamorrean Guard (OTC #30), 1x Bib Fortuna (OTC #31), 1x Lando Calrissian – Skiff Guard
Disguise (OTC #32), 1x Princess Leia in Slave Outfit (OTC #33), 1x
Darth Vader – A New Hope (OTC #34), 1x Han Solo – AT-ST Driver
Disguise (OTC #35), 1x General Madine (OTC #36), 1x General Lando
Calrissian (OTC #37).

And these are more assortments with various OTC figures:
Original Trilogy Basic Figures Assorted 1 (Item# HS84715L1, $64.99)
Original Trilogy Basic Figures Assorted 2 (Item# HS84715L2, $64.99)
Original Trilogy Basic Figures Assorted 3 (Item# HS84715L3, $64.99)



Pre-Orders for Sideshow Figures
August 5, 2004 | 10:59 AM EST | Mark B

It is my understanding that Sideshow Collectibles will start taking orders tomorrow for their new 18″ “mixed media” Luke Skywalker figure. Don’t expect these to be in the price range of Hasbro’s figures…. The Van Helsing figure currently available from Sideshow that is a 1/4 scale figure like the new Star Wars line will be is currently selling for $250. But, from the photos we saw at the San Diego Comic Con – they’ll be worth every penny!



Action-HQ Newsfeed
August 4, 2004 | 11:57 PM EST | Bill

This just in from
 -bringing the Best to you FIRST with Japanese Star
Wars Lego, Alien VS Predator, Animated Batman Kubricks 1 plus Sar
Wars Mega Sale!

– Japanese Exclusive Japanese Legos Set of 3 for $24.95!
– Alien VS Predator at $13.95 each or Set of 5 for $59.95!
– Dengeki Japan Hobby Magazine Smallest Transformers Convoy VSX
Megatron at just $22.95!
– Takara Transformer 14 Hound for only $32.95!
– Transformer Hasbro Commemorative Richochet w/Nightstick for
– Microman Devilman for only $13.95!
– Animated Batman Kubricks Series 1 at $8.95 each or Set of 8 for
– SIC 24 Masked Rider Knight & Ohjya, Gundam FIX-3001B, Petite
Blythe Sunset Surfer & lots more!

– Star Wars Vintage Han Solo & Obi Wan for $9.95 each!
– Star Wars Ultra Jabba & Bomar Monk at $9.95 each!
– Star Wars X-Wing & Tie Fighter for $19.95 each!
– Star Wars Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter at $24.95!
– Star Wars Ackhk Med-Beq, Bail Organa, Kren Blista-Vanee, Janus
Greejatus, Padme Lars Homestead, R2D2 Jabbas Sail Barge & more
for just $4.00 each!
– Japanese Star Wars Tie Interceptor & Jedi StarFighter Model for
$19.95 each!
– Set of 5 Japanese Star Wars Diorama Part 3 for $19.95!
– Energon Mega Jetfire at just $16.95!
– Energon Deluxe SnowCat & Rodimus for $9.95 each!

Get yours now at!



Laugh it up fuzzball!
August 4, 2004 | 5:23 PM EST | Jayson


Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates with new loose and carded photos of the Ultimate Wookie Action Figure, The Vintage ROTJ Chewbacca. Hasbro also boasts 15 points of articulation and a towering height of 5 inches! Perfect for ripping other action figures arms from their sockets.



Unleashed Leia at KBKids
August 4, 2004 | 10:52 AM EST | Mark B

Still looking for the elusive Unleashed Slave Leia? Head on over they are currently listing it as in stock on their website. Thanks to Brian for the report.



Vintage Original Trilogy Boba Fett Showcased on Hasbro’s Page
August 3, 2004 | 9:27 PM EST | Bill

Hasbro’s Star Wars page got yet another update this week. This time it’s the Vintage Original Trilogy Boba Fett which looks like it may even eclipse the 300th Fett. Click here for more.



Revenge of the “Shop”
August 3, 2004 | 1:58 PM EST | Jayson has updated the description for the Silver Sandtrooper, it reads:

PLEASE NOTE: PACKAGING IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE IN MINT CONDITION. ALL SALES OF THIS ITEM ARE FINAL. Add the “Silver Saga Edition” sandtrooper to your collection before supplies run out!

So, don’t bother trying to exchange it for a better one or even returning it for that matter, so too bad for us. Thanks to all who emailed me with their experiences.

Hopefully, The Hologram Emperor Palpatine will be handled in a more “collector friendly” matter.

UPDATE: has apparently sent to customers a brief explanation as to the reason for the damage, sighting that “Hasbro sent ‘less-than-mint condition’ figures”. Although they can’t guarantee mint condition replacements, they are accepting returns or exchanges for orders placed before 8/2/04 (the date they added the disclaimer about figure condition and all sales final). On the plus side, future exclusive figures from will ship in protective StarCases in help thwart shipping damages. But, whether the inclusion of the StarCases will affect the price of the exclusive is yet to be determined. Thanks to GrandAdmiralShawn for the update.



Master Replicas Collectors Society Exclusive
August 3, 2004 | 1:21 PM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas has just posted a new item on their website that is a Collectors Society Exclusive. How about a Gold Plated version of the mini “A New Hope” version of the Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber? This is one REALLY cool looking mini lightsaber. If you’re a collectors society member, hurry over to get one ordered today. Its my understanding that this is going to be a VERY limited edition (in fact, it was posted this morning and is already about 1/3 sold out.)

In other Master Replicas news – if you were waiting on ordering one of the AT-AT replicas – DON’T WAIT any longer, its now on LAST CALL, meaning less than 10% of the run is left – so there are less than 100 of these left. I have a feeling these are going to skyrocket in the secondary market. You’re probably going to see the Stormtrooper blaster going on last call soon as well. It is nearing the end of its run too…



Vintage Figure Spotlight!!!
August 2, 2004 | 11:39 PM EST | Joseph updated their news featuring a Vintage Figure Spotlight: Stormtrooper from Return of the Jedi. Considered the best 3 ¾” Stormtrooper ever, the new Stormtrooper was created from scratch with incredible attention to achieving the right head proportions. With 13 total points of articulation, this stormtrooper has ball-sockets at the neck, shoulders, and waist. He has insert-molded elbow joints, knees, and ankles, in addition to standard articulation at the wrist and hips. The Stormtrooper comes with a standard issue blaster that fits in a holster.
You can view the photos by clicking



Silver Sandtroopers Available To All
August 2, 2004 | 11:00 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site’s Star Wars Shop is appearently now allowing anyone to purchase the Silver Sandtroopers. Thanks to Yak Readers Mike and Troxey for the report.



Silver Sandtrooper Update
August 2, 2004 | 8:01 PM EST | Jayson

I received a couple Sandtroopers in the mail via FedEx today and while the condition of the shipping box was excellent the actual figures cards were hit and miss. One of the them is in good condition C8 or 9, the other is C4/C5 (dented bubble & heavy crease) and there wasn’t even bubble wrap in the box! I’ve heard from a few people that this has happened to them as well.

As a bonus though, a promotional Heritage Yoda trading card was included and a Zam Wesell Disney Exclusive pin, a nice gesture, but I would rather have care be taken in shipping out good product.



Clone Wars Animated Figures Available Online!
August 2, 2004 | 4:14 PM EST | Mark B

If you missed out on the Target Exclusive Clone Wars Animated Action Figures (I never did see Wave 2 in the store!), go on over to They are now selling a case of 12 figures that includes all 8 of the Clone Wars Figures. (You’ll get an extra Anakin, Asajj, Dooku, and Yoda) calls it their first “aftermarket exclusive”.

Also, the Silver Sandtrooper figure is now available to everyone, not just Hyperspace members (several people have reported being able to order without a hyperspace membership, but it is official now).



C-3PO & Vader Cases w/Bonus Figures
August 2, 2004 | 9:30 AM EST | Jayson

Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates today featuring the new/old C-3PO and VaderVintage Figure cases. The C-3PO Case includes Chewbacca and Hasbro’s favorite figure…you guessed it Han Solo! The Vader case includes Boba Fett and Stormtrooper. Packed in OTC packaging, each case holds over 30 figures and includes character name labels to customize each compartment. Later releases of these 2 cases will include different bonus figures.



Episode III Promo Pics!!!
August 2, 2004 | 1:25 AM EST | Joseph

Over at TheForce.Net spoiler forums are promo pics of Episode III. Spoilers apply here. To see them click here thanks to Foxbatkllr.



VOTC Luke Hitting Shelves
August 1, 2004 | 12:08 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Jake sent in this report:

“Just letting your reader know that the new VOTC Yoda, Luke, and Vader are hitting Toys R Us in WI. The OTC Falconss are sitting everywhere now and the 12″ VOTC figures are cluttering the shelves at TRU and Target. May the Force Be with You and not with the Scalpers”

Send us your store reports here.