September 2004 Archive

NEW Before the Helmet
September 30, 2004 | 9:58 PM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “Damaged Copy” which shows (highlight to read)the battle damaged face of a clone, played by Temuera Morrison, to distinguish it from the thousands of others troops



More DVD recall news
September 30, 2004 | 10:30 AM EST | Ben

Update: Yakface’s own Keri brought it to my attention that the Region 1 Spanish audio track is also affected by the muted music flaw. But, like the Region 2 German mix, the Region 1 French mix has the proper emphasis on John William’s score. Pop it in and listen for yourself.

Of course the Tarkin/Leia flaw is by definition going to be absent in in any foreign dub. is reporting the following:

Lucasfilm claims the audio on the disc is exactly as they intended it to be. HOWEVER, we are also getting a lot of complaints from readers who have been experiencing a disc playback problem withA New Hope. Apparently, on many players, the disc freezes for a few seconds (we suspect near the layer switch point) and then skips ahead several minutes. Fox Customer Service is taking the names and addresses of people who are experiencing this problem so they can arrange to send you a fixed replacement disc. You can call them at 888-223-2FOX. Again, this addresses the freezing problem only. This is not a replacement for any sound issues.

It appears that the only issue they seem to be willing to address is a compatibility issue with some players. However, every copy of A New Hopesuffers from a mixing error in the Death Star battle music (if it was changed on purpose then why is the German DVD correct?) and flawed audio during the Tarkin/Leia dialogue on the Death Star.

Considering past errors with ROTJ (Widescreen VHS had incorrect letterboxing) and ESB (Definitive collection LD had 13 seconds of Leia’s welding scene missing) I suppose ANH is due for an error or two. They did, however, recall the ESB laser disc, let’s hope the fix this DVD!



Master Replicas Elite Edition – UPDATED
September 30, 2004 | 9:58 AM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas has put up for sale on their website a new “Elite Edition” Luke Skywalker ROTJ Lightsaber. This is an exclusive for Collectors Society Members, and is limited to only 750 pieces. So what’s different than the original ROTJ Luke? This one is made of better materials, has more detail, has a stamped number in the hilt and comes with a new glossy base. Price? $499 with free shipping to US addresses. These are sure to sell out almost immediately, order yours now at Master Replicas.

****Update – Item is now SOLD OUT! Wow, less than 12 hours to sell out of this item. Let’s see if Master Replicas decides to do more Elite Editions based on this….
***UPDATE – Master Replicas website is getting hit VERY hard this morning and is causing people problems ordering this lightsaber. As one reader, Jeff, says – keep trying. It took him 45 minutes to complete the transaction. He even called MR to find out what was up, and they told him traffic to the site was very heavy this morning. Hopefully, they’ll do some upgrades before they release an item like this again!



Star Wars Animated Asajj Ventress Maquette
September 30, 2004 | 3:21 AM EST | Joseph

Star Wars Animated Asajj Ventress Maquette is now in stock If you are a Lifetime Member with them, you will receive 10% Off of all listed prices. You can check them out by clicking here



Soundtrack Savings At Target
September 29, 2004 | 11:09 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Darth Dav sent in this link for an on-line coupon good for $2 off the Trilogy Soundtrack at Target. Thanks Darth!



QNA Time
September 29, 2004 | 10:21 PM EST | Mark

Head on over and read the Newest QNA by our writer John Muse. John has been out for a while, but hopes to get back on track. Grab a glass or cup of your favorite drink, sit for a spell and read on. When you are all done, please send in your own questions…



Lego Y-Wing UCS
September 29, 2004 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark B


Lego has announced a new Ultra Collectors Series vehicle – the Rebel Y-Wing. And it is a shared exclusive over at This is one incredible looking Lego set.



New Art of Revenge
September 29, 2004 | 6:41 PM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates this today with a new Art of Revenge photo for Hyperspace subscribers. Highlight to read this week’s photo titled “Just when you thought it was safe…” shows an illustration of a scene eventually cut form ROTS, submerged Super Battle Droids aboard a Trade Federation Cruiser 

For all you non-Hyperspace Subscribers, last week’s photo is now available to you as well.



VOTC ROTJ Arriving at a Target Near You! Update!
September 29, 2004 | 12:28 PM EST | Keri

YakReader sdrob in San Diego, CA reports in with his latest finds:

“The final 4 VOTC figures have started showing up in Targets in San Diego area now. Discovered 3 full sets of Chewbacca, R2-D2, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett this morning in the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. $9.99 each of course.”

I also found the VOTC ROTJ at my local Target here in North Texas yesterday afternoon. By the time I made it to the store, there were 2 Boba Fett’s, 1 Chewie, 1 R2-D2, and 1 Stormtrooper. They also had put out the ESB VOTC wave and there was 1 Vader and 1 Lando left. I was able to pick up Lando, but am still missing the C-3PO. Strangely enough they had also put out at least one case of the Blue Saga Gold carded figures, including the waves that had Rappertunie, Lando Skiff, Holo Luke Jedi, J’Quille, and Tanus Spijek. They also had the Star Destroyer Wave: Admiral Ozzel, Bossk, Dengar and Captain Antilles. It was odd to see the Blue Saga carded brand new out on the pegs again. Good Luck hunting everyone!


This report just in from YakReader darkksith:
“Just thought I would add to your recent post about the latest VOTC figs you found. You most likely found the same case I did which had 2 Fett, 2 Stormies, and one each of R2, Chewie, Lando and Vader – no C-3P0 in this case. I also found a case each of the two older saga waves you mentioned that were put out at the same time. This was at a target in auburn hills, MI.”

This seems to be hitting many other Targets across the country, the combination VOTC ROTJ/ESB Case as well as the Blue Saga Gold waves. As everyone says: “Stay on Target!”



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
September 28, 2004 | 10:03 PM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy Store:

We’ve just received 2 different assortments of brand new
figures! Star Wars OTC Vintage figures including: Stormtrooper, Boba
Fett, Darth Vader, Lando, Yoda, Han, Luke & More are in stock. These
awesome vintage figures are each packaged with the same style cardback
used on the original 80’s releases and each includes a figure protector case. The brand new Post OTC wave has also arrived – these are so new they have not even made their way onto ebay yet! All 5 of the new figures are priced at $7.99 each. More Unleashed wave 10 sets are also available for $49.99 each.

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage department has just listed a great
selection of new items including very nice loose & boxed G1 transformers, US and Takara re-issue Transformers, Loose GI Joe figures, a variety of packaged Mcfarlane, Star Wars, Batman, Spider-Man, and various Toy Biz items. The new items above are some of the best batches we’ve listed recently so be sure to take a look.

SALE PRICING: Please note that the sale pricing on quite a few of the
items listed on the sale/clearance menu will be raised back to normal
pricing later this week – be sure to take advantage of the reduced prices now!Click here to order. Is The Place
September 28, 2004 | 8:26 AM EST | Mark

Looking for the Vintage Figures or the DVD figures…
Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection: 3.75-inch Yoda
Star Wars Original Trilogy Commemorative Collection: Empire Strikes Back Multi-Pack



Star Wars DVD Info
September 28, 2004 | 1:04 AM EST | Joseph

If you haven’t bought your Star Wars DVD set now is the time. Just received this information from fellow Yakface reader Enrico:
I just want to inform the Yakface readers that now have
the DVD Commemorative 3 Packs online. I also managed to pick these up this morning at my local Walmart store here in San Diego. So far the cheapest I’ve seen the DVD’s for were $34.98 at the Walmart in Clairemont Mesa. The Walmart on Aero Drive were selling the DVD’s for $35.96. Everyone should probably check out their local Walmarts for excellent deals on the DVD’s.



New Give-Away At Hasbro
September 28, 2004 | 12:04 AM EST | Bill

Hasbro’s Star Wars page has a new daily contest with free OTC stuff! this time around, you have to have the correct answer to a (basic) trivia question, and be one of the daily winners. Click here to check it out.



12″ Stormtrooper
September 27, 2004 | 10:13 PM EST | Mark

The 12″ VOTC Stormtrooper is in stock.
Also available is the 12″ VOTC Figure: Luke Skywalker is in stock.



New Kotobukiya Yoda and Chewbacca Pics
September 27, 2004 | 8:40 AM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to bring you the lates images of the upcoming Kotobukiya Yoda and Chewbacca. Thanks to our friends at Action-HQ for the images. Click here to order.



Less Than 100 Sideshow Luke Remain
September 25, 2004 | 2:58 PM EST | Mark B

I just received word from Sideshow Collectibles of two things about their new 18″ Tall Luke Skywalker. First, they have set the edition sizes of their Star Wars Replicas at 2500 per piece. With that being said, less than 100 of the Luke Skywalker are remaining. From what I have seen of this piece, it is going to be one INCREDIBLE figure. Head on over to Sideshow Collectibles to see it or place your order today!

***UPDATE – 9/27 – I just received word from Sideshow that the Luke Skywalker figure is officially sold out. They will have final photos on the website soon, as well as preorder information on the 2nd figure – Han Solo! Watch for news here….



Skips In Both ANH & ESB (Update)
September 24, 2004 | 5:01 PM EST | Jair

Thanks to everyone for their e-mails. Many of you have explained that the skips are “layer changes”, and that most if not all DVD’s have them (not only Star Wars DVD’s, but ALL DVD’s).

Here is one of your e-mails, with a pretty good explanation:

The skip is the layer change. It happens on all DVD’s. Some DVD players are better at handling it than others. It’s not anything wrong withe the DVD’s themselves. You may just notice it more on a movie that you know really well or are watching especially closely(like Star Wars).

Hope this helps


Thanks Troxey, and thanks to all of you who e-mailed.



Skips In Both ANH & ESB
September 24, 2004 | 4:20 PM EST | Jair

I don’t know if anyone has noticed that there are clear skips on the DVD’s from both ANH and ESB. In ANH, the skip occurs right after Tarkin is informed that Dantooine has been abandoned; the exact moment is right after he says “terminate her, immediately!”.
In ESB, when Leia sits alone inside the Millenium Falcon’s cockpit, seconds before the Mynock attaches to the window.

Check your copy and let us know if this happens to you. I checked with two buddies of mine and it happens to all of us.



New VOTC Online!!!
September 23, 2004 | 8:50 PM EST | Joseph

The new VOTC figures featuring Chewbacca, R2-D2, Boba Fett, and Stormtrooper are currently available at Prices are a bit steep compared to retail however, Boba Fett seems to be sold out already. The Galactic Heroes Wave 3 is available as well. To get there click the link



ANH DVD recall in the future? (Update)
September 23, 2004 | 5:19 PM EST | Ben

No word yet on whether or not Lucasfilm will fess up and admit there are very unTHX-esque audio issues with the DVD of A New Hope.

That said, while the German Star Wars DVD has all the same audio issues in the English 5.1 mix, the GERMAN 5.1 mix has John William’s theme as clear as day. Obviously the Tarkin issue isn’t there as the dialogue was replaced and dubbed in German.

So, if the muting of Williams’ signature piece of music at such a dramatic time was actually a “creative choice”, guess it pays to be German.



NEW Art of Revenge
September 23, 2004 | 11:00 AM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates this today with a new Art of Revenge photo for Hyperspace subscribers. Highlight to read this week’s photo titled “Local Help” show a illustration of an older and wiser Obi-Wan seeking assistance from an Utapau alien 

For all you non-Hyperspace Subscribers, last week’s photo is now available to you as well.



Celebration III Tickets
September 23, 2004 | 8:42 AM EST | Mark B

Tickets go on sale next Monday for Celebration III in Indianapolis. Full details are in this story at Star



Clone Wars Figures from Entertainment Earth
September 23, 2004 | 8:11 AM EST | Mark B

SW Clone Wars Animated Figures Wave 1 (Item# HS85003A, $69.99)
SW Clone Wars Animated Figures Wave 1 Set (Item# HS85003AA, $29.99) Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Asajj Ventress, Mace

SW Clone Wars Animated Figures Wave 2 (Item# HS85003B, $69.99)
SW Clone Wars Animated Figures Wave 2 Set (Item# HS85003BB, $29.99)
Clone Trooper, Count Dooku, Durge, Yoda



Attention Gamers
September 22, 2004 | 8:49 PM EST | Bill

A new site has opened up dedicated to the Star Wars Mini Line! They
will focus on being a meeting ground for fans to try and hook up
with others fans for a game, to look for trades and to build your
legion and chat about the game as well as news and updates about the
upcoming Clone Strike expansion. Check them out here.



Hasbro Makes Sure Biker Scouts Won’t Loose Weapons
September 22, 2004 | 8:44 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Christopher sent in this observation:

Hey, I just got my Battlefront Biker Scout and when I opened it I saw
something very unusual. The gun in his hand as well as the one in his holster were firmly glued in place. Why would Habro glue “accessories” onto the figure. Very unusal.



Count Dooko’s Lightsaber
September 22, 2004 | 8:35 PM EST | Mark

On sale now… the Count Dooko’s Lightsaber Master Replicas is 58% off. With the low price of $124.98



Exclusive Scout Trooper
September 22, 2004 | 6:25 PM EST | Mark B

If you missed out on the Battlefront Scout Trooper that was available as a preorder item for the new Battlefront video game, head over now! They are offering the Scout Trooper on the Battlefront Card – it is listed as “Quantities Very Limited” – so ACT NOW! Limit 3 per customer. Get it now at



ANH DVD recall in the future?
September 22, 2004 | 7:02 AM EST | Ben

TheDigitalBits has gotten many reports of audio problems with A New Hope. I’ve confirmed them on my copy also.

Issue #1 is the very unTHX-like quality of the Leia/Tarkin dialogue exchange on the Death Star. It sounds like the scene was stitched together from bits and pieces with the volume rising and falling and the clarity is also all over the board. This is a definite defect.

Issue #2 is another “Greedo shooting first” people. In the beginning of the Death Star battle John William’s score is all but inaudible. No longer do we hear the dramatic score emphasized by trumpets as the x-wings approach and descend on the Death Star.

LucasFilm has officially declared that there are NO issues with the ANH DVD and that these were “Creative choices.” Well, I’m skeptical. The Tarkin scene can’t be on purpose.

Here is their official word via TheDigitalBits.

“We are always impressed with how closely fans listen to the many different sound mixes we have made for the Star Wars movies over the years. It is flattering to know that, indeed, the audience is listening.

Consequently, each mix comes out differently and any changes that you hear on the all-new Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX tracks on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set are deliberate creative decisions. We can confirm that there are no technical glitches as reported.”




Got OTC???
September 22, 2004 | 2:13 AM EST | Joseph has many of the new OTC figures such as Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian, Bib Fortuna, Gamorrean Guard, and the hard to find Han Solo as AT-ST driver for sale at their website. These won’t last long.



Battlefront Game Sale at Fry’s
September 21, 2004 | 10:41 PM EST | Keri

If you are looking to pick up a copy of the new Star Wars Battlefront game and don’t care or already missed out on the exclusive Biker Scout figure offer with a pre-order at another store, never fear, there is a great deal at Fry’s stores. They have the game on sale for $37.99 for the Xbox, PS2 and PC. You may also order it online if there is not a Fry’s Electronics store in your area by clickinghere. On a side note, they also have the Original Trilogy DVD set for $36.99.

Also for all the other fans who enjoy games, though not highly advertised a Gameboy Advance game was also released today amidst everything else. It is entitled Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force and looks very fun and reminiscent of the Super Nintendo Trilogy titles. You may read a review of it and see videos and screenshots on by clicking here.

I picked up Battlefront myself today for the XBox and cannot wait to start playing it here very shortly. All I have to say is the Ewoks better watch out!



Giveaway At Imperial Outpost
September 21, 2004 | 9:43 PM EST | Bill

To celebrate their first birthday, Imperial Outpost are proud to announce the imminent start of their new Trivia Quiz. From this Saturday there will be two rounds of five questions per week for the next six weeks. The winner of the league will win a Silver OTC Darth Vader AND a VOTC Darth Vader to add to their collection. For more information or to register to play, click here.



Wal-Mart DVD Figure Sets on
September 21, 2004 | 9:39 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Enrico:

I just want to inform the Yakface readers that now have
the DVD Commemorative 3 Packs online. I also managed to pick these up
this morning at my local Walmart store here in San Diego. So far the
cheapest I’ve seen the DVD’s for were $34.98 at the Walmart in Clairmont Mesa. The Walmart on Aero Drive were selling the DVD’s for $35.96. Everyone should probably check out their local Walmarts for excellent deals on the DVD’s.



There Is Another Magazine
September 21, 2004 | 9:36 PM EST | Bill

Pete over at The Private Universe has just gotten all the skinny on a new publication from the team who brought us the Star Wars Fact Files. This one is called Star Wars Battle Games. Read the full report here.



Cat Got Your Tongue Grevious?
September 21, 2004 | 9:26 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mitchell gave us the heads-up on an article over at Dark Horizonsconcerning General Grevious’ voice, or the actor who had been lined up to speak for him in Revenge of the Sith. Read the full story here.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
September 21, 2004 | 9:19 PM EST | Bill

Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for the third in Hasbro’s series of Star Wars Holiday figures– this year’s Jawas are based on a Ralph McQuarrie Christmas Card, like the previous two, and include the first Jedi training ball sculpted in the modern line. Star Wars 2004 Holiday Edition Jawas E.E. Exclusive (Item# HS34528, $17.99)

Star Wars Original Trilogy Monopoly (Item# HG42352, $39.99)

SW Galactic Heroes X-Wing Fighter (Item# HS85255, $27.99)



In Case You Live Under A Rock….
September 21, 2004 | 11:05 AM EST | Mark B

Well, you never know….you are reading this rather than sitting in front of the television watching that little “independent” science fiction film from the ’70s that came out on DVD today. But in case you didn’t know if Star Wars was released on DVD today. With that said – I’m headed back to the couch.



Mini Sith Lightsaber Set
September 21, 2004 | 10:59 AM EST | Mark B

Master Replicas is now taking orders for the new set of Sith Mini Lightsabers (Vader, Maul, and Dooku). Order the set at get the display case (shown below for free!)

Order them today at Master Replicas



New VOTC ROTJ Wave Found!
September 20, 2004 | 9:05 PM EST | Keri




A YakReader located in Tempe, AZ reports in with some very nice photos of his lucky finds as well as his receipt for proof above.

“I was able to score all 4 new ROTJ VOTC figs at the Elliot and Priest Wal-mart this morning. The case breakdown was 2 Stormtroopers, 2 Boba Fetts, 1 Lando, 1 Darth Vader, 1 Chewbacca, and 1 R2. Someone snagged a Fett but left the rest for me to find.”

Looks like it might be time for a toy run to your local hot spots. Hopefully the stores in my area will actually have something new, seems to be a bit of a drought around here other than VOTC Luke’s turning up.



Galactic Heroes Wave 3
September 20, 2004 | 2:36 PM EST | Joseph

Galactic has pics of the upcoming Playskool Galactic Heroes Wave 3 featuring our favorite vermin, the bounty hunters. Paired together are IG-88 and Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Bossk, and Dengar and Boba Fett. Check them outhere



Santa Yoda In Stock
September 19, 2004 | 9:38 PM EST | Mark B currently has the Exclusive Holiday Yoda Action figure in stock. This Yoda is based on one of the Holiday cards sent out by Lucasfilms years ago. This is definitely a must have at only $11.95 (and it ships worldwide!)



Federation Toys Newsfeed
September 19, 2004 | 3:39 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Federation Toys:

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we have a LOT OF new items in stock. (see below for the list). We are taking PRE-ORDERS ON NEW master replica’s items coming soon. We are also clearing out some other master replicas items check site for details. We have a limited number of the star wars celebration II souvenir program collector’s books. This is going to be a busy year, THE OTC (VINTAGE BOX packaging) WAVES SHOULD BE SHIPPING TO US SOON. We have a lot of new figures on the way and some older ones, also master replicas has a lot of new very cool items coming out make sure to stay tuned for details. Keep checking our site for updates as they arrive. We hope you have a great day and WEEKEND. Click here to order.



Trilogy DVDs Available to Rent at Blockbusters
September 19, 2004 | 2:00 PM EST | Keri

If you do not have the means available to purchase the Trilogy boxset this Wednesday or just are curious and want to see all the new digital scenes for yourself, you can rent each new version of ANH, ESB and ROTJ at Blockbusters. A YakReader reported them available in Cypress, CA and I saw them at my local Blockbusters in the Dallas, TX area as well.



Army Builders….
September 18, 2004 | 10:13 AM EST | Mark

The Original Trilogy Collection: Stormtrooper is back in stock and still on sale…



NEW Before the Helmet
September 17, 2004 | 7:00 PM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “Mechanical Infestation” which shows (highlight to read) a nearly completed CGI effect of Anakin’s POV from his modified Jedi Starfighter swooping in to save his wingman (Obi-Wan) from a swarm of those pesky Buzz Droids



New 12″ VOTC Chewbacca KB Toys Exclusive – Update!
September 17, 2004 | 2:25 PM EST | Keri


A YakReader sent in this interesting item from the KB Toys website which shows a decent looking 12″ Chewbacca currently available to pre-order, with a projected available to ship date of 11/15/04 with a price of $29.99. I couldn’t find any information about it on the Hasbro site and can only speculate that perhaps it is a Limited Edition KB Toys Exclusive? Click here to see Chewbacca on the KB Toys website.

Thanks to the many YakReaders that wrote in with the information. Since I no longer subscribe to the Star Wars Insider, I had no way of knowing that the 12″ Chewie was mentioned amongst the new product coming soon from Hasbro. Another YakReader who shall remain anonymous also mentioned that Chewie should be in stores mid November and stores should start taking reservations in a month. As with anything,this could change so people should check with there local stores. Of course, if you would like to pre-order Chewie from the website you may do so right now.



More New Gentle Giant Items
September 17, 2004 | 1:20 AM EST | Mark B has just added a couple more items from Gentle Giant Studios. As reported earlier, they are offering an early ordering on the Final Clone Wars Statue – Padme. Today they have added the next in the company’s line of 12″ scale statues – none other than C3PO.

They have also just added the 3rd series of Gentle Giant’s Bust Up line. This third series is 6 bounty hunters. Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Bossk, Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss.
All of these items are available for preorder now at



Empire Of Dreams Documentary Review…
September 17, 2004 | 1:02 AM EST | Jair

Hi everyone. By now you all know that the SW Trilogy DVD’s will have a 4th disk containing a lot of extra material, including a documentary called: “Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy”. Well, Latinamerica was fortunate enough that today the A&E Network for Latinamerica showed the documentary and let me tell you it’s awesome!!!

Usually when you see a Star Wars documentary all the footage shown you know by heart, well kids, there are things here that you’ve never seen. For example, there’s this part where Luke… mmmmm, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Just prepare yourself for something new, something cool, something from a galaxy far, far away. Tuesday you’ll know what I’m talking about.



Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2
September 16, 2004 | 11:53 PM EST | Joseph currently has the Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 in stock.. Check them out by clicking here



Washington TRU Stores Getting Latest OTC
September 16, 2004 | 10:27 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Terrfett reported that his local TRU stores are getting lots of OTC in stock:

Toys R Us has finally recieved the Original Trilogy Figures. They have seen waves 8.5 and 9. The latter wave has the final figures in the series from number 29-37.



September 16, 2004 | 5:19 PM EST | Mark B

I just got an email from that my Star Wars DVDs shipped today! I’ll be looking forward to seeing my UPS driver early next week!! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, Amazon is selling the trilogy set of Star Wars DVDs for only $41.99 (with free shipping) – that’s probably the best price you are going to see on them!



Limited Edition Exclusive Fossil Imperial Watch
September 16, 2004 | 3:30 PM EST | Keri


Fossil has a new limited, internet exclusive Star Wars themed Imperial Logo watch now available to order. The watch has a black leather strap, rounded steel case, and the familiar Imperial Logo as the watch face itself. The watch is limited to 500 pieces only, so this is a rather short run. The price is $125.00 and they also have Free Shipping on all watches right now, so the price is reasonable for a good quality watch with 2 year warranty. If you would like to order this watch, click here to go to the official Fossil website.



Finally, straight talk from Lucas himself.
September 16, 2004 | 2:02 PM EST | Ben

Yahoo has a rather frank interview with George Lucas regarding the Star Wars DVDs and the lack of a theatrical version.

One quote of interest: “I’m sorry you saw half a completed film and fell in love with it. But I want it to be the way I want it to be …they (fans) think it should be their way. Which is fine, except I’m making the movies, so I should have it my way.”

You may not agree with him, but at least he’s addressing it plainly and on the record rather than choosing to hide behind obsequious underlings and vague press releases.



Let The Promotions Begin
September 16, 2004 | 8:01 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Ted:

Best Buy will be giving away a free exclusive Star Wars Insider with every copy of the trilogy sold. I’ve paged through it and it has a couple of pages about the trilogy and then a page for each main character with photos and bios. Not a bad deal. Have you heard of any other retailers having bonus items for the release?

We know that TRU is giving away $10 gift cards with the purchase of the Trilogy DVD set or Battlefront, if you know of other promotions, Email us here.



Post OTC Figures At Action-HQ
September 16, 2004 | 8:00 AM EST | Bill

This just in from -bringing the Best to you FIRST with Jedi Force,
Galactic Heroes & Post -OTC Figures!

Playskool Jedi Force (Available now)
– Darth Vader, Luke X-Wing, Chewbacca and R2D2 & C3PO at $14.95
each or the set for $59.95! Limited supply.

Galactic Heroes Wave 2 (Sept 14th)
– Anakin & Padme, Jango & Obi-Wan, Boba & Dengar, IG-88 &
Zuckass, and 4-Lom & Bossk at $9.95 each!

Post-OTC Figures (end of Sept/beginning of Oct)
– Padme Ceremonial Dress, Pablo-Jill Geonsis Arena, Yarua
Coruscant Senate & Sly Moore Coruscant Senate at $13.95 each!
Order yours from here.



OTC and Endor Ambush In Stock
September 15, 2004 | 3:55 PM EST | Mark

Over at Amazon.. they have the newest 4-Pack in stock now.

The Endor Ambush 4-Pack

Original Trilogy Collection: Spirit Obi-Wan
Original Trilogy Collection: Yoda
Original Trilogy Collection: Luke Skywalker (Grey Shirt)
Original Trilogy Collection: Luke Skywalker (Black Cape)
Original Trilogy Collection: Darth Vader
Original Trilogy Collection: Han Solo
Original Trilogy Collection: Luke Skywalker (Orange Suit)
Original Trilogy Collection: Boba Fett
Original Trilogy Collection: C3PO
Original Trilogy Collection: Stormtrooper
Original Trilogy Collection: Greedo

NOTE** All the OTC figs are on sale for $4.99 as well as the Galactic Heroes, they are $4.99 on sale as well.
Other sales include.
OTC Tie Fighter and X-Wing $12.99 each
Vintage Ask Yoda $12.99
OTC Lightsabers $12.99 each



ANH & ESB VOTC Available at Wal-Mart Online
September 15, 2004 | 3:40 PM EST | Keri


If you are having a difficult time finding the VOTC figures in your area, both waves from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back are available to order on with each figure is priced at $9.83. This link will take you to the VOTC Lando here. If you simply type in Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection in the Search box on the website you will see all the VOTC figures currently In Stock available to order as of 3 p.m. this afternoon. Hurry on over – I’m sure they won’t last long!
Thanks to YakReader Troxy for the report.



Padme Clone Wars Maquette Pre-Order
September 15, 2004 | 1:54 PM EST | Keri


You may pre-order the Gentle Giant Padme sporting her winter outfit and blaster from the Clone Wars Micro Series as seen on Cartoon Network,

This is the fifth and final maquette in the series and will be limited to a production of 1,000 pieces worldwide. (note: Gentle Giant may raise the edition size to 1,500 if demand merits) is the only place this maquette may be pre-ordered at this time, so if you wish to add the young Senator from Naboo in her cold weather attire to your collection, you may do so by clicking here.



Star Construx Update
September 14, 2004 | 10:09 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Star Construx:

You’ll find 8 new custom figures made by H. Flügge und the brand new “Purchase Of The Droids” diorama made by L. Intemann. Furthermore there’re new custom cards and a “Ewok village” diorama that you can find in our “Visitors Customs” area. In the end there’s a new area called “StarconstruX meets Hasbro” where you can compare custom made figures with the original Hasbro figures. So there’s a lot of new stuff to see !!!



Attention Star Wars Fans Down Under
September 14, 2004 | 10:08 PM EST | Bill

Our friends at Mouse just sent us the details on their Star Wars DVD give-away:

“Have you been living under a rock and didn’t know that the
most anticipated DVD release, Star Wars Trilogy Box Set is
due for a limited run release on 22 September. The great
folks at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment have provided a copy of the DVD box set for one luck
Australian to WIN !!!

All you have to do is click thru to the Competition Site, read
the rules and then send in an email to be in the running.
Contest will run for 4 weeks and is open to all Australian
residents. Good Luck.

(Note: check back later in the week to find out how you can
double your chances of winning this awesome prize).”



Endor Ambush 4-Pack Hitting TRU
September 14, 2004 | 9:13 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Terrfett sent in this report:

The Endor Ambush 4-Pack is hitting shelves of Toys R Us in
Washington state, also an animated Darth Vader Bank is hitting shelves too, it is the same one that was released several years ago.



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
September 14, 2004 | 9:03 PM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy Store:

Galactic Heroes wave 2 has just arrived and features 6 ‘playskool’ style figures including Yoda, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, and Jango Fett. The 6 figure set is priced at $17.99 and we also have the wave 1 set of 8 figures available for $23.99.

Master Replica has announced 2 another high-end release, the 3/4th Studio Scale Rebel Snowspeeder which is about 16″ in size and limited to only 1500 pieces. The Snowspeeder is priced at $589.99 and is the 2nd studio scale vehicle in the series (The first being the $1200 AT-AT – which has pre-sold out).

Check them out here.



Utinni! Jawas for the Holidays
September 14, 2004 | 4:33 PM EST | Jayson

Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates today with photos and info about the Exclusive Holiday 2004 Jawa 2-pack available exclusively from This Edition is based off of a Ralph McQuarrie painting originally used as a Holiday Card. Preorder yours today!



NEW Art of Revenge
September 14, 2004 | 9:27 AM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates this today with a new Art of Revenge photo for Hyperspace subscribers. Highlight to read this week’s photo titled “What’s the Buzz” show a storyboard rendering of how the confederacy’s new “Buzz Droid” attack the Jedi Starfighter in the space battle over Coruscant

For all you non-Hyperspace Subscribers, last week’s photo is now available to you as well.



Holographic Emperor for Everyone
September 13, 2004 | 8:20 PM EST | Mark B now has the Exclusive Holographic Emperor available to everyone (not just Hyperspace Members). Get them while they are still available over at



THX-1138 Out on DVD Tomorrow
September 13, 2004 | 10:38 AM EST | Mark B

Don’t forget, George Lucas’ first feature length film, THX-1138, comes out tomorrow on DVD. The THX-1138 directors cut on the 2 disk edition looks like a very cool set, I can’t wait to get it in the mail. THX-1138 is currently available for order over at Amazon for $18.89 (or if you STILL haven’t preordered the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, you can get both the Trilogy and THX1138 for only $57.88 – and get free shipping with both!)



Action-HQ Newsfeed
September 13, 2004 | 8:47 AM EST | Bill -bringing the Best to you FIRST with Cantina Aliens
Scene 2, Exclusive Y-Wing, New OTC Figures & more!

– Mos Eisley Cantina Aliens Scene 2 at $25.95!
– Exclusive Y-Wing for $39.95!
– OTC Han Solo #35, Princess Leia #33, Lando Calrissian #32 and
#37, General Madine #36, Darth Vader #29 and #34, Snowtrooper
#25, Bib Fortuna #31, Tusken Raider #23, Jawa 2-pack #24 and
Gamorrean Guard #30 for $9.95 and up!

Still Available:
– Exclusive Battlefront Scout Trooper for $22.95! (limited supply left)
– Silver Darth Vader at $24.95! (limited supply left)
– Silver Clone Trooper at $17.95!
and more!

– Jedi Council Scene 1 at $18.95!
and more!

Order yours now.



Slogan Needed
September 13, 2004 | 8:29 AM EST | Bill

Niub Niun’s Universe
has a new constest up. they are looking for a slogan for the band of Ewoks with a cool price for the fans– an OFFICIAL ILM “Who’s your daddy?” T-Shirt that was given to
ILM visitors at SIGGRAPH 2 weeks ago. All visitors must do is visit the contest page…here.
and email their Slogan. It’s open to all countries and ages, and started on September 10th, running until Friday, September 24th. The top 5 will be posted on Monday, September 27th and voted on by the fans.



Empire of Dreams A&E Reminder Tonight
September 12, 2004 | 2:37 PM EST | Keri

I know this has been posted in many places all over the web, but this is just another reminder in case you have gotten too wrapped up in the NFL’s opening weekend like me.

Empire of Dreams, the Kevin Burns Documentary premieres tonight on A&E at 8 p.m. Even though this will be available in the DVD set arriving in stores on September 21st with an extra 45 minutes of footage, it will still be cool to watch tonight. You can go to the A&E website here to check for local availabilty, times, and watch a little video too.



Do You Have A Litte Clone Trooper In Your House?
September 12, 2004 | 10:28 AM EST | Mark

Halloween is right around the corner…
This Episode II Child Clone Trooper Costume is in stock and on sale for $11.98, 76% off.



Master Replicas Snowspeeder
September 11, 2004 | 4:45 PM EST | Mark B

So, you’re not a member of the Master Replicas Collectors Society and would like to purchase this limited edition replica? Well, good news for those of us in that position. Head on over to, they are also now taking preorders for this very cool scale replica (and its available to EVERYONE!).

(And if you’re into Pez dispensers, take a look at their limited edition Darth Vader Pez dispenser……Nice!)



Biker Scout Mini Bust!!!
September 11, 2004 | 4:27 PM EST | Joseph

For those of you that may have passed on the Gentle Giant Biker Scout Mini Bust the first time around; Southern has them right now on clearance for only $33.55!!! Not a bad price for a mini bust. To get there follow the link here



Wave 2 Galactic Heroes Found!
September 10, 2004 | 6:05 PM EST | Keri


YakReader JediJones writes in with this store report and shares this very nice photo above of his newest finds:

“I found multiples of the Episode 2-themed sets at the Hazleton, PA Kmart. I found the C-3PO sets along with more of the first wave on the carry case display at the Wilkes-Barre, PA Wal-Mart and also at the Bloomsburg, PA Wal-Mart. The Bloomsburg store had an endcap filled from top to bottom with alternating rows of OTC figures and Galactic Heroes and another endcap filled with carry cases.”

I myself have found the Chewie/C-3PO sets along with the entire first wave at my local Wal-Marts in North Texas on the large Carry Case Pallet displays. I have yet to see the AOTC Galactic Heroes, but I am sure they will be coming soon…looks like it may time for a toy run this weekend!



NEW Before the Helmet Image
September 10, 2004 | 5:45 PM EST | Jayson


This week’s photo is entitled “Up My Sleeve” which shows (highlight to read) 
the construction of Palpatine/Sidious’s lightsaber prop



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
September 9, 2004 | 10:48 PM EST | Bill

This just in from The Big Bad Toy Store:

STAR WARS: Vintage OTC 12″ Boba Fett, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker are all in stock for $33.99 to $35.99. We have restocked a variety of unleashed figures from Wave 7 to Wave 10 in small quantities after completing an inventory count. More OTC basic figures have arrived and we’ve cut prices on many of them to $4.99 or $5.99 – so a great time to pick up a variety of cool OTC figures at a low price!

Click here to order.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Star Wars Shelf Talker
September 9, 2004 | 4:52 PM EST | Keri

Store displays are among some of the more prized items in my personal collection, as they can be hard to come by and feature nice art that can really set off a certain display of items. Today’s surfing on Ebay yielded a particularly great little store display item: An Unused Vintage Kenner Shelf Talker!

Ok, so it may not look like much to some of you out there, but to me, she’s got it where it counts kid. These little shelf talkers are treasures to use on bookshelves to make action figures and vehicles come to life and bring back memories of toy stores long ago. Today’s featured shelf talker is from the early days of Kenner and Star Wars from right around the time of the first 21 figures, including a classic favorite Boba Fett. While this display only has the Star Wars Logo and the bright orange and red Toy Center on it, unlike the larger more colorful “bell-shaped” 20 and 21 figure displays, it is still a gem in unused, unfolded condition. The price is also more reasonable than most of the larger displays and fits right in with the current OTC and VOTC lines.

Click on through the link below to add this great Vintage Shelf Talker to your bookshelf display today!

Star Wars Vintage Shelf Talker Display



First DVD reviews
September 9, 2004 | 9:28 AM EST | Ben

The Digital Bits and IGN DVD have both posted their reviews of the DVDs. I never understood the reasons behind the embargo/quarantine placed on reviews, but for whatever reason it existed it has now been lifted.



Kitik Keed’Kak
September 9, 2004 | 8:41 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site’s databank has updated to add an entry for Kitik Keed’kak along with some nice reference photos. After seeing these, a lot of customizers will be retouching Hasbro’s paint job on Kitik in the Cantina scene. Click here to check it out.



EU Updates Continue
September 8, 2004 | 10:02 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated their series of EU updates for Hyperspace members. The newest update is the Mission to Zila. Click here for more.



New Unleashed and New DVDs
September 8, 2004 | 2:59 PM EST | Mark B has started taking preorders for the next wave of Hasbro Unleashed figures (IG-88, Aurra Sing, and Stormtrooper), as well as a set of the newly announced DVDs (Ewoks and Droids Cartoons, and Made For TV Ewoks Movies). You can get the Unleashed either by the case or half case, the DVDs come as a set for $39.99.



Need a Snowspeeder With That AT-AT?
September 8, 2004 | 10:02 AM EST | Mark B

Ok, so you broke down and spent that $1200 on that Master Replicas AT-AT (and hey, if you did, good for you – I’m jealous!). Now, prepare to fork over your next hard earned check as Master Replicas will be announcing their new scaled SNOWSPEEDER to go along with that “shiny” new AT-AT you’re getting. Available only to Collectors Society members to begin with on Friday September 9. There are only going to be 1500 of this 21″ Long replica, and it will sell for $599. Get your order in quick on Friday at Master Replicas for a low number!



New Unleashed Photos
September 8, 2004 | 9:22 AM EST | Jayson

Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates today with photos and info about the 3 new Unleashed figures coming this fall. IG-88, Aurra Sing & Stormtrooper. Hopefully we’ll see a Luke or Han variant made available for the Stormtrooper.



Bounty Hunting Today: Vintage Darth Vader Button
September 7, 2004 | 3:40 PM EST | Keri

Back in 1977 after Star Wars premiered, many companies attempted to quickly release any kind of item that fans could buy and even wear to any number of attendances to the movie.

Among those early items were buttons made by Factors Inc. These buttons were large, plain and colorful. In the rush to produce these buttons mistakes were made, which brings us to the featured auction today. The quintessential villian, Darth Vader himself was a victim of a spelling mistake on the button with the name spelled “Vadar”. This is not a rare mistake, all the buttons have his name mispelled, it is simply an early oddity that can be a fun addition to any collection.

Click on through the link below to show your allegiance to the Dark Side today!

1977 “Vadar” Button



Vintage Empire In Stock
September 7, 2004 | 6:13 AM EST | Mark

Over at Amazon… these are not in stock…
Vintage Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: Luke Skywalker
Vintage Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: Darth Vader
Vintage Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: Yoda



New Art of Revenge
September 6, 2004 | 9:55 AM EST | Jayson


The Official Site updates this today with a new Art of Revenge photo for Hyperspace subscribers. Highlight to read this week’s photo titled “Concealing Yet Revealing” show a rendering of a costume developed for Padme to hide her pregnancy but still show some skin. Later this costume was approved for the use on one of Bail Organa’s aides.

For all you non-Hyperspace Subscribers, last week’s photo is now available to you as well.



New Silver Vader; German Holocron Exclusive At Action-HQ
September 6, 2004 | 9:40 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Action -bringing the Best to you FIRST with 2004 Jedicon
Germany Exclusive & Silver Darth Vader!

-2004 Jedicon Germany Exclusive for $55.95!
Get this limited 2,500 pcs of this 2-pack Clone Trooper & Super Battle
Droid in from the dubbed “Holocron Adventures”. Comes with many
weapons & accessories. Available at the 2004 Jedicon convention in
Dusseldorf, Germany only or at AHQ!

-Silver Darth Vader for $15.95!
Get this unreleased exclusive ToysRUs 3.5″ Silver Darth Vader
months ahead at AHQ! Don’t take the chance of being left out.

And remember to check out our recently released items such as
Battlefront Scout Trooper and coming in this week are new Jedi
Forces, Galactic Heroes, OTC & lots more!

Get yours FIRST at!

UPDATE: They also have the Silver Clone Trooper at $16.95!



THX 1138 Poster Giveaway – Correction
September 5, 2004 | 4:56 PM EST | Keri


If you miss out on seeing George Lucas’ 1971 Masterpiece THX 1138 on its opening weekend in theaters starting Friday September 10th, don’t worry, you may still recieve a nice surprise.

According to the Official Site theaters in 21 cities where the film will be showing will be giving away copies of the poster to film fans free while supplies last, starting Tuesday September 21. September 21 will indeed be a busy day for Star Wars/Lucas fans with the release of the LucasArts Battlefront game and the Original Trilogy on DVD as well as the THX 1138 giveaway posters. For the full story, you may click here.



Battlefront Variations
September 4, 2004 | 11:48 PM EST | Bill

The team over at have come up with all the 411 on the Biker Scout Battlefront variations– at their current count there are 4 different variations!!!Check it out here.



Bounty Hunting Today: Custom Autographed Vader/Motti 2 Pack
September 4, 2004 | 2:31 PM EST | Keri


Customized items are one of the many niches that collectors may choose to add to their own realm of collecting as well as making. Although I do not personally do any custom work, I can appreciate the time, effort, talent and imagination that goes into many of the custom items offered for auction on Ebay.

Today’s Bounty Hunting spotlight is on a Vader and Motti action figure 2 Pack on a blue saga card. What makes this item even more special is the fact that it was produced in very small numbers by the Norwich UK Collecting Club and is autographed by both David Prowse and Richard LeParmentier – Darth Vader and Admiral Motti himself. The limited number of these makes this 2 Pack a desirable item to a collector seeking something modern that is not highly mass produced. In fact, there are only four of these left and only two are signed by both Prowse and LeParmentier.

Click on the link below to start bidding on this interesting item to your collection today!

Darth Vader/Admiral Motti Twin Pack Signed



Big Bad Toys Store Newsfeed
September 3, 2004 | 7:49 PM EST | Bill

This just in from The Big Bad Toy Store:

STAR WARS PRE-ORDERS: We’ll be carrying Sideshow’s new 1/4 Scale Star
Wars line – an exciting new license for Sideshow that will be bring us abunch of detailed high end figures. The first figure up for pre-order is the 1/4 Scale Luke Skywalker. MSRP is $250 – we have listed the pre-order at $229.99! Darth Vader and Han Solo will be added as soon as Sideshow announces the final pricing. Unleashed Wave 12 pre-orders have been listed – another re-issue wave with Darth Vader, Mace Windu and Count Dooku is available for $49.99. Another new pre-order is the Post OTC basic wave 1 set of 5 – we have pictures of 4 of the 5 figures including the Wookie Senator figure.

Click here to place your order.



Vintage Collection Luke…
September 3, 2004 | 2:51 PM EST | Mark

Now in stock if you haven’t found him yet..
Vintage Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: Luke Skywalker is now in stock.

Also new Galactic Heroes 2-Packs…
Anakin and Padme
Jango and Obi-Wan
Yoda and Clone Trooper



Star Wars Trilogy Banner
September 2, 2004 | 6:24 PM EST | Mark B is offering a VERY COOL, new Star Wars Trilogy Banner. This is a new limited edition (2500 pieces), 39×27 that features the art from the upcoming DVD release. And its only $19.99!!

While you’re at, make sure you get your exclusive Holographic Emperor on order.



Hasbro/Star Wars Site Makeover
September 2, 2004 | 5:37 PM EST | Jayson


Hasbro’s Star Wars page received a makeover today. It has a very cool Action Toy Arena that features the OTC line from Dagobah Luke to General Lando. The Galactic Arcade features games wallpapers, screen savers, buddy icons and an interactive checklist. Plus many more features…check it out!



Battle Front Carded Figures For Less Than Half Of The Cost Of The Game At Acton HQ
September 2, 2004 | 8:24 AM EST | Bill

This just in from -bringing the Best to you FIRST with the Exclusive
Battlefront Scout Trooper & MORE!
-Exclusive LIMITED figure from LucasArt’s Star Wars Battlefront video
game is now available Monday Sept 6 at AHQ! If you haven’t preorder
the game by now then your chances of getting this figure is slim. But
don’t fret as now you can have this exclusive figure with his large
blaster rifle just like in the game! Why wait till its release on Sept 20th
on its release and take your chances at stores when you can reserve
yours now for $21.95! Limited supply so hurry!
*Please note that this figure was only commissioned for the US
release and is limited.
Also get yours FIRST by PreOrdering now arriving next week around
September 10th:
-Galatic Heroes at $9.95up! 5 NEW Styles!
-Playskool Jedi Force Darth Vader, R2D2 & C3PO, Chewbacca &
Luke Skywalker. Articulated 3.5-7″ tall w/accessories. Set of 4 for
$59.95 or $14.95 each! [Get these 2 months in advance!] -Exclusive SandCrawler w/3 Figures at $69.95!
-Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 for $26.95!
-NEW OTC Figures starting at $9.95 each! 11 STYLES!
Get your First at!



Clone Wars Yoda Maquette
September 1, 2004 | 10:03 PM EST | Joseph

The Clone Wars Yoda Maquette made by Gentle Giant Studios is now in stock at Action Figure Xpress Follow the link to get there.



More Transition Wave Carded Photos
September 1, 2004 | 9:38 PM EST | Bill

Star Wars Dash Force Dot Com has scored the first carded image of Padme Secret Ceremony and the first photo anywhere (also carded) of Rabe. Both of those are scheduled for early 2005. Check them out here.



Special Happy Birthday
September 1, 2004 | 1:25 PM EST | Jayson


While not entirely Star Wars related, I would like to wish a Happy 22nd Birthday to a fellow Star Wars fan and member of the US Air Force, my brother Mitch. I’ll see you soon… and May the AIR FORCE be with you!



The Circle is Now Complete
September 1, 2004 | 1:09 PM EST | Jayson


Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates today with photos and info about the 2 remaining Jedi Council Scenes that will be available exclusively from Toys R US this fall. Scene 3 includes: Adi Gallia, Anakin Skywalker and Saesee Tiin and Scene 4 includes Staas Ali, Agen Kolar and Shaak Ti. Join all six sets to form DEVASTATOR! Whoops… I mean the complete Jedi High Council. : )