December 2004 Archive

Happy New Years 2005
December 31, 2004 | 11:15 PM EST | Bill

From all of us at we wish all of our readers a happy and prosperous 2005, and of course may it bring you the Revenge of the Sith we all crave!



The Clearance Updates
December 31, 2004 | 10:16 PM EST | Bill

If you’re been waiting on some OTC items, the clearance prices have gotten about as good as they get. Here’s some highlights from the reports we’ve received:

Yak Reader Dgerbing reports the Milwaukee Wisconsin Target had the 12″ VOTC Boba Fett for $7.24.

Yak Reader Peter Z. reports: Just letting you know that I found the VOTC figures at Target for only $4.92! The other nearby Target had them for $6.98, but another one had them for only $4.92. The prices vary as well for the 12″. One had them for $14.48, whereas others had them for $19-ish.
Also, I went to Wal*Mart with Target receipt in hand, and asked them if they would price match, and they did! So I picked up stuff at Wal*Mart for that price. That, I believe, might be at the discretion of the manager, because they wanted to see the “flyer” with that price. Since, I had the receipt and actual figures on hand, they didn’t mind.
And don’t know if you all know this, but all VOTC figures are only $7.00 now at Wal*Mart.

Yak Reader Jay’s report is that his local Target marked down the 12″ VOTC Lukes to $6.89! I was lucky enought to find a Stormtrooper among them! The Leia w/ Cup set has been marked down to $2.98! Basic Saga figures still at $3.98. Another Target store still had the 12″ at $14.48.

And Yak Reader Mike reports: I just picked up the three VOTC 12 inchers for $7.48 here in Jefferson City, MO



Target Markdowns Continue
December 31, 2004 | 12:12 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Tim in Memphis wrote in to let us know that:

Target had their 12 inch Original Trilogy figures (Luke, Boba Fett & Stormtrooper) marked down to $14.48 each.



Price Increases… The History
December 30, 2004 | 12:31 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Chris wrote in to point out that the price increases we’re seeing are part of an increase in cost from Hasbro to retailers. Fans who’ve been in this hobby for a while will remember we have seen other base price increases just before the release of a new movie. Hopefully we’ll see Hasbro keep turning out the quality of sculpts and articulation we’ve seen on the new figures released on late 2004 and soon to be in early 2005.



Cantina Wave At Target
December 29, 2004 | 10:17 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mauricio sent in this report:

Found the New Hope wave at Target. Had to take out a home loan for the 6.99 price per figure. On another note do you remember when Star Wars was about wholesome family values like blasting stormtroopers and cutting off limbs with a light saber. These days its all about smoking, toking and boozing it up. Oh well, at least they’re cool figures.



Collector’s Gallery Online Newsfeed
December 29, 2004 | 10:51 AM EST | Joseph is now taking preorders on the 2 following Gentle Giant items:

Darth Vader Gentle Giant statue 199.95
Leia Boushh Gentle Giant mini bust 49.95

OTC Star Wars Darth Vader #34 9.95
OTC Star Wars Luke Xwing pilot #05 9.95
OTC Star Wars Imperial Trooper #38 9.95
OTC Empire Snowtrooper #25 9.95
OTC Jedi Lando Skiff #32 9.95
OTC Jedi Biker Scout #11 9.95
OTC Empire Darth Vader 14.95
OTC Empire C3PO 14.95
OTC Jedi Stormtroopers 14.95
OTC Jedi Boba Fett 14.95
OTC Empire Yoda 14.95
OTC Jedi R2-D2 14.95
OTC Jedi Chewbacca 14.95

To get there click here



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
December 28, 2004 | 9:22 PM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy Store:

Hi – Here is a quick update from

15% OFF NEW YEARS SALE: As a ‘Thank You’ for a great year in 2004, we’ve decided to run our best sale yet! This sale is for 15% off orders $60 or more on all normal store items! (Pre-Orders, Vintage Items, Takara Predaking are not included in the sale) We really appreciate your orders throughout the year and we hope this special pricing on instock items will help add more great items to your collection at an attractive price! All new items listed below are eligible for the sale as well and please see this page for important sales details:
STAR WARS: We’ve received the Holiday 2004 Edition Jawa set – available now for $17.99. The 2004 exclusive Silver Sandtrooper figure is available for $21.99 and the Sandtrooper troop builder box of 4 figures is available for $29.99. A variety of newer Galactic Heroes and Post OTC figures are also still in stock.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of our 15% Off Sale!
Click here to order!



2004– The Year In Review
December 28, 2004 | 10:48 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with a look back at the highlights of 2004 in the Star Wars Universe. Check it out there.



Max Rebo’s Christmas Contest
December 25, 2004 | 8:59 PM EST | Bill

Max Rebo is hosting a christmas contest sponsored by Brian’s Toys with some nice prizes. Check it out here.



Brian’s Toys Newsfeed
December 25, 2004 | 8:39 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Brian’s Toys:

We have posted our latest Newsletter #287. Visit our
Newsletter here.

We have Basic OTC figures back in stock and a shipment of AFA graded figures also arrived including a few basic figures and a selection of OTC Classic figures. OTC 12″ Boba Fett is also back in stock for $99.99. The exclusive DVD Commemorative Sets are also back in stock.

Great carded figures are featured throughout our POTF2, POTJ, Clone Wars and Saga sections. Exclusive AFA graded Saga figures like the Silver Boba Fett and Jorg Sacul are also featured this week.

New vintage in this week includes a collection of AFA graded Japanese Poppy figures including Boba Fett, C-3PO, Death Star Droid, Han Solo and R5-D4. We also received a nice set of boxed 12″ Dolls in varying conditions form MISB C-7 to MIB C-6. The figures included are C-3PO, Stormtrooper, Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. Also included was a 12″ R2-D2 AFA 80.

Have a safe and joyous holiday!



It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Clearance
December 25, 2004 | 8:28 PM EST | Bill

We’ve gotten a number of reports from Yak Readers across the country about Target clearancing their current Star Wars stock, both 3 3/4 figure, the Original Trilogy 12″, and the ships as well. The basic 3 3/4 figures include Saga and Original Trilogy/Post OT are 3 bucks and change, 12″ are running just under 15 bucks. Their exclusive Slave Is are also included. Good bargain hunting.



Merry Christmas
December 25, 2004 | 12:37 AM EST | Bill

From all of us here at we wish you a Merry Christmas, the Happiest of Holidays, and a great New Year! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones and friends.



Check Out the New Figure Stand!
December 24, 2004 | 9:51 AM EST | Mark B has just posted a new Action Figure Stand that sure reminds me of the original stand that I had to save all of my proof of purchases from the original 12 Star Wars figures to get when I was a kid! This cool stand is available for order now and will ship in May (Just in time for your Return of the Sith figures) Clearance
December 24, 2004 | 8:20 AM EST | Mark

Over at the following items are on clearance.. Click on over to find the following items..

Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection: Millenium Falcon $39.00
Star Wars Ask Yoda $14.00
12″ Vintage Collection Figures $19.00
3 3/4″ Vintage Collection Figures $7.00



Code 3 Republic Gunship Unveiled
December 23, 2004 | 8:18 PM EST | Bill

Code 3 has been busy sending out Emails with photos and the 411 on their upcoming Republic Gunship. Oh, and by the way, it will include figures for the first time on a Code 3 vehicle! They’re offering an acrylic case for preorders, which start January 3, 2005. Click here for more.



ROTS Collection 2 Carded!!!
December 21, 2004 | 1:16 PM EST | Joseph

Our friends over at Galactic have new pics of the ROTS Collection 2. Spoilers apply. To get there click here



Ep III Figs…
December 20, 2004 | 9:31 PM EST | Mark

In stock again…
Episode III Basic Figure: Rabe (Queen’s Chambers)
Episode III Basic Figure: Pablo Jill (Geonosis Arena)



Big Bad Toy Store Newsfeed
December 20, 2004 | 8:10 AM EST | Bill

This just in from The Big Bad Toy Store:

Hi – here is a quick update from about some exciting new pre-orders and other items.

HOLIDAY SHIPPING UPDATE: We’ll be handling all UPS $6.49 Ground shipments as ‘rush’ orders this week – so order placed by 3:00 PM Central Time will ship the same day! Those of you in zone 3 on our shipping map can order until monday at 3:00 using the $6.49 rate for guaranteed delivery! Zone 1 and 2 on the map have even more time!

80% OFF ALL VINTAGE ITEMS: We’ve raised the discount level to 80% off all items on the vintage menu – –
please help us clear out the remaining vintage items and take advantage of the huge 80% off. We’ll be restocking a variety of unpaid old orders on Monday so be sure to check then for some decent restocked items.

MASTER REPLICA: We were able to secure another AT-AT Imperial Walker,
Master Replica has totally sold out of these and its unlikely we’ll be
able to get anymore of them. Back in stock is the Sauron One Ring, Vader Mini-Saber, and full sized Blue Luke FX Saber. Our M.R. Sales rep gave us some info about the Snowspeeder as well – its a nice companion piece to the AT-AT at 1/2 the price ($599.99) The detail of the Snowspeeder is as good or better than the AT-AT, so it will be an impressive piece.

Click here to order.



New Bounty Hunter Customs at StarconstruX
December 20, 2004 | 8:08 AM EST | Bill

The German based internet site StarconstruX has updated its site.
In this final update there are 6 new figures: Bounty Hunters from “the empire strikes back” made by Harald Flügge.

StarconstruX wishes to all its fans Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Click here to check it out.



Action-HQ Newsfeed
December 17, 2004 | 9:33 AM EST | Bill

This just in from -bringing the Best to you FIRST with NEW Star Wars
Animated Figures, AVP Snap Kit Figures, Star Trek Ships (Japan),
Metal Gear Solid 2 Trading Figures and lots more!

Available NOW:
– Star Wars Animated Grevious, Anakin, ARC Trooper and Clone
Troopers (various colors)!
– Star Wars 20 inch Electronic Darth Vader Battle Buddy, exclusive to
Australia only!
– Alien VS Predator Snap Kit Figures from Blister Japan, 8 styles
– Star Trek Ships from Romando Japan, Set of 12 including 8 inch
– Saint Seiya Dramatic Cosmos Figures Set of 5!
– Saint Seiya Capricorn Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure!
– Metal Gear Solid 2 Trading Figures Series 1 Set of 7!
– Nightmare Before Xmas Clip-On Figures w/Collectible Tin and
Kyrome Dolls, sold in sets of 6!

Available Next Week:
– Marvel Saga Spiderman and Iron Man, Hong Kong Exclusive, limited
to 500 pcs each!
– Metal Gear Solid 3 1/6 Scale RAH Solid Snake Eater Medicom
Figure, limited to 1,000 pcs!
– Robocop 1 and 2 Figures from Aoshima Japan!
– Metal Gear Solid 2 Trading Figures Series 2!

Lots of HOT stuff coming daily to warm up your hand with during the
holidays at!



NEW Before the Helmet
December 17, 2004 | 8:08 AM EST | Jayson


This week’s BTH photo is entitled “ARC 170 Pilot” which shows (highlight to read) a CGI ARC-170 pilot which has a very cool resemblance to the AT-AT Driver from The Empire Strikes Back



KB Exclusive Vintage 12″+ Chewbacca Now On-Line
December 16, 2004 | 8:48 AM EST | Bill

Don’t pay $39+ on Ebay to get the 4th and final of the Vintage OTC Large Size line. KB Toys webpage now has the big Wookie on-line for $29.99. Click here to order.

UPDATE: Yak Reader Jay wrote in to point out that if you can find Chewie, or any other action figure at a KB Store, he’ll be 20% off!



Galactic Heroes Wave 4 In Stock
December 15, 2004 | 7:07 PM EST | Mark B has the newest wave of Playskool Galactic Heroes IN STOCK. This includes the newest figures in the line including the new Return of the Jedi – Skiff Lando, Gamorrean Guard, Nikto, Jedi Luke, and a Tusken Raider/Jawa Pack. Also includes some of the bounty hunter sets. These things go quick, order now at



Animated Clone Wars Figures Wave 3 Now In Stock At Action-HQ
December 15, 2004 | 8:38 AM EST | Bill how has the third wave of the Animated Clone Wars figures in stock– remember this one has six figures– Anakin from his Yavin duel with Ventress; General Grevious; Obi Wan; and 3 different clone troopers– red, yellow, and blue! Click here to order.



Big Bad Toystore Newsfeed
December 15, 2004 | 8:33 AM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy Store:

HOLIDAY SHIPPING: There is still plenty of time for guaranteed holiday delivery without using 2nd day or next day shipping! ALL U.S. customers can select the $6.49 UPS Ground flat rate shipping option for guaranteed delivery! Please see our Holiday Shipping Guide for specific delivery times: – Holiday deliveries are guaranteed so don’t worry about receiving gifts in time – we are working late all week to get everything shipped on time.

MASTER REPLICA: The Luke Skywalker FX Green Saber has arrived, we also have the blue version in stock – each $113.99

Click here to order.



New Gentle Giant Statues
December 14, 2004 | 3:46 PM EST | Mark B has just posted the new Gentle Giant 14″ Darth Vader Statue and the Leia as Boushh Mini Bust up for PreOrder. This Vader statue is the 3rd in their new line of statues that includes Chewbacca and C3PO. The Vader is a very cool looking statue – I gotta have one! Both of these new preorders are scheduled to ship in May. Like most of the Genlte Giant statues, these are both sure to sell out quickly, so head over to now and get your order in.



Celebration III Programming Details
December 14, 2004 | 8:36 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site has updated with the first of the programming details for this Spring’s C3. Collectors panels will be on the agenda, check out all the 411 here.



Back In Stock
December 14, 2004 | 7:58 AM EST | Mark

The new wave is out at Amazon.. $6.99 each..
Episode III Basic Figure: Dannik Jerriko (Cantina Encounter)
Episode III Basic Figure: Sandtrooper (Tatooine Search)
Episode III Basic Figure: Feltipern Trevagg (Cantina Encounter
Episode III Basic Figure: Scout Trooper (Endor Raid)
Episode III Basic Figure: Stormtrooper (Death Star Attack)
Episode III Basic Figure: Myo (Cantina Encounter)



Kotobukiya Yoda Boxed Photos
December 13, 2004 | 11:10 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just updated to bring you high quality images of Kotobukia’s Yoda boxed. Comments from C2 come to mind— lean, green, and mean! Click here to check them out. Now available at Action



Less Than 100 Han Solo Left
December 12, 2004 | 11:05 PM EST | Mark B

Sideshow has announced that there are less than 100 of their new 18″ Han Solo Statues left for preorder…once they are gone, they are gone. They are only making 2500 of these and they have been selling VERY quickly. (I can’t wait to see their Vader that will be released in a couple of months!) Don’t miss out on this incredible piece – Preorder at Sideshow now!



Speaking of Discount Deals…
December 11, 2004 | 3:23 PM EST | Keri

3 Day Blinds, one of the newest companies to produce Star Wars items is currently running a 20% off sale until December 31st on their Star Wars themed blinds for the home. These are some of the coolest Star Wars items I have seen available for home decorating since the vintage draperies were offered back in the 80’s.

If you have an extra cash after buying Christmas presents, you might want to visit the website and choose a great design to set off your collection room and keep the harmful light away from your treasures.

You can see all the designs here and have your blind custom made today by clicking the link below!

3 Day Blinds Star Wars Collection



Ep III Titled Wave of Figures
December 10, 2004 | 9:48 PM EST | Mark

The new wave is out at Amazon.. $6.99 each..
Episode III Basic Figure: Dannik Jerriko (Cantina Encounter)
Episode III Basic Figure: Sandtrooper (Tatooine Search)
Episode III Basic Figure: Feltipern Trevagg (Cantina Encounter
Episode III Basic Figure: Scout Trooper (Endor Raid)
Episode III Basic Figure: Stormtrooper (Death Star Attack)
Episode III Basic Figure: Myo (Cantina Encounter)



14 Days Left…
December 10, 2004 | 9:47 AM EST | Mark

OK OK Ok… I know this is off topic, but if you collect Master Replicas.. these are some fantastic deals..
Lord of the Rings FX Collectible Sting Sword $39.97 (67% off)
Shrek 2 Donkey Collectible Bust $19.97 (56% off)
Shrek 2 Princess Fiona Collectible Bust $19.97 (56% off)



Attention Artists
December 9, 2004 | 9:31 PM EST | Bill

Before The Dark Times has just launched a new contest for Star Wars artwork with characters in a holiday setting, with some very nice prizes. Check it out here.



15 Days Left….
December 9, 2004 | 7:40 AM EST | Mark

Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: R2-D2
Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: Boba Fett
Star Wars 2004 Holiday Edition Jawas E.E. Exclusive $17.99
12″ Star Wars Power of the Force Figure: Endor Han Solo $9.90
12″ Princess Leia Action Figure in Hoth Gear $7.99
Attack Of The Clones 12″ Droid Figure $5.29



Newer OTC Figures Available
December 8, 2004 | 9:03 PM EST | Mark B has just added 3 new OTC figures to their “IN STOCK” items. Check them out under “New Arrivals”. The 3 being offered are the Snowtrooper (complete with Canon like one of the previous “Deluxe” figures), General Lando Calrissian, and the MUST HAVE for the Bounty Hunter collector on your gift list – that would be me 🙂 – the newest version of the Droid, IG-88. Get them now, they are sure to be gone quick!



Sneak Preview of New Animated Clone Wars Episodes
December 8, 2004 | 8:16 AM EST | Bill

The Official Site’s Hyperspace section has just added a preview for Hyperspace members of the upcoming new Animated Clone Wars episodes. If ready for more Clone Wars you are, click here to check them out.



ROTS Hasbro List… Expanded
December 7, 2004 | 10:54 PM EST | Bill

Action has just posted a BIG list of lots of new products that Hasbro UK have offered to UK retailers. To say the least 2005 is looking very, very good, probably expensive, but good! Check it out here.



17 Days Left……
December 7, 2004 | 9:16 AM EST | Mark

Here are some DVD Ideas…
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) $41.99 Free Shipping
Star Wars Trilogy (Fullscreen Edition) $41.99 Free Shipping
Star Wars Ewok Adventures – Caravan of Courage (aka The Ewok Adventure) / The Battle for Endor (1985) $11.24
Star Wars Animated Adventures – Droids (The Pirates and the Prince / Treasures of the Hidden Planet) $11.24
Star Wars Animated Adventures – Ewoks (The Haunted Village / Tales from the Endor Woods) $11.98

Off the track a bit…
The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition) $23.99



Federation Toys Newsfeed
December 7, 2004 | 8:15 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Federation

just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy holiday season, and a safe and happy new year!

As we bring in the new year a lot of great STAR WARS happenings are going on, the release of EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE STIH in May, and the great part that will kick off the release STAR WARS CELEBRATION III in April, we will be at Celebration III all 4 days and will have more info on our booth number, so if you go make sure to stop by and say Hi!

April 21 – 24, 2005 Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN infopage.

Also wanted to let you know that we have a LOT OF new items in stock. (see below for the list). we are taking PRE-ORDERS ON NEW master replica’s items coming soon. we are also clearing out some other master replicas items check site for details. we have a limited number of the star wars celebration II souvenir program collector’s book. This is going to be a busy year, We will have all the new figures this year and info as soon as we get pictures and release dates, the sneak preview figures should also be here some time next year, we have no confirmed date’s yet. make sure to stay tuned for details. We will email as soon as we get more ITEMS AND INFO. we hope you have a great day.

any questions or requests please let us know.

May the force be with you!
Click here to order.



Action-HQ Newsfeed
December 7, 2004 | 8:12 AM EST | Bill

This just in from -bringing the Best to you FIRST with NEW Animated
Figures, Yoda Kotobukiya and Specials on Tons of SW items!

Available middle of next week are Animated Figures:
-Set of 2 Grevious and Asajj Ventress at $29.95!
-Set of 2 Anakin and Mace, ARC Trooper and Durge, Clone Trooper
(various colors) and Obi-Wan at $26.95 each!
Old figures in new packaging. LIMITED SUPPLY!

Available this week:
-Yoda Kotobukiya at $59.95!

Bi-Monthly Specials:
-Tons of SW items on Special with selected figures at $4 each, Fan
Club Builder Packs, 12 inch figures and more! Also on McFarlane
Items and Transformer RobotMasters!

Happy Holidays from Action-HQ Team! Click here to order.



Clone Wars DVD PreOrder
December 7, 2004 | 1:05 AM EST | Mark B

Well, to go along with the announcement of the Clone Wars DVD coming in the Spring, has started taking preorders for it. Looks like they are charging $19.98 on the preorder.

(They are also taking orders for the Sideshow Han Solo mentioned below – so take your pick of where to get your order in at! or Sideshow).



Animated Clone Wars Release Date
December 6, 2004 | 11:08 PM EST | Bill

On March 22, 2005 released on video the animated Clone Wars will be. TV Shows on DVD has just posted a press release from Lucasfilm, complete with box art with all the 411 on the release of the Clone Wars on DVD. Read it all here.



Sideshow Han Solo Now Available!!!
December 6, 2004 | 12:25 PM EST | Mark B


Han Solo Sideshow Exclusive

The second in Sideshow Collectibles 18″ Figure line is now available for order on their website. There are actually 2 different versions of the Han Solo available, a 250 piece limited edition that comes with Medal of Yavin (NOW SOLD OUT), and the regular edition (2500 pieces). With how fast the Luke Skywalker figure sold out, if you are at all interested, head over to Sideshow IMMEDIATELY and get it ordered. The Han Solo is a limited edition of only 2500 pieces. Its not shipping until 3rd quarter of next year, so it may be a great Holiday Present for someone NEXT year. Get over to Sideshow now and order.



Brian’s Toys Newsfeed
December 5, 2004 | 10:46 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Brian’s Toys:

We have posted our latest Newsletter #284. Visit our
Newsletter at

Just in stock the 4th in the Clone Wars animated series Maquettes, the ARC Trooper Captain for only $79.99. Also new is a carded Kubrick Holographic Leia, Playschool Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and C-3PO & R2-D2. The Holiday Jawa is now available for Pre-Order and should arrive next week. 14 OTC Basic figures are back in stock and featured along with lots of other great Star Wars items including EP1 carded Sio Bibble, TC-14 and R2-B1. POTF Freeze Frame figures Biggs Darklighter, Captain Piet and Boba Fett along with POTJ Sandtrooper, Scout Trooper and Battle Droid Security are also featured. For vintage we have a new Carded ESB Death Star Droid C-8 in stock as well as 6 SW AFA Graded figures including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia to name a few.

Be sure to check out all these great items and much more on our website!



Sansweet On The HIstory Channel This Week
December 5, 2004 | 10:43 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader CrunchyNug sent in this heads-up:

I work for New Wave Entertainment in Hollywood and I just wanted to pass along a bit of info. Recently our production company produced a 2 hour special for the History Channel entitled “Private Collections.” It’s about all kinds of people that have huge collections of all kinds of things, sports memerabilia, musical instruments, cars, airplanes, tanks, and yes…Star Wars toys.

For the show, we interviewed who else but Steve Sanweet for the Star Wars segment. Personally, I was involved in the editing of the show, but additionally, I was able to contribute some of MY collection for a few shots of some loose toys. I wanted to put in a plug and let you know that it will be airing this Monday 12/6/04, on The History Channel at 9pm. It will re-air on Tuesday 12/7/04 at 1 am, and again on Saturday 12/10/04 at 10pm. These are Pacific times by the way.

Each segment is less than 10 minutes, but Steve’s section shows us his amazing collection that we’ve haven’t seen in quite some time, so tune in. Just a heads up for the fans.



Vintage OTC C3PO
December 5, 2004 | 4:18 AM EST | Mark

If you are looking for it…
Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: C3PO



Big Bad Toys Newsfeed
December 4, 2004 | 1:13 AM EST | Bill

This just in from the Big Bad Toy Store:

STAR WARS: The Luke FX Saber from Master Replica is back in stock for
$113.99. Another wave of OTC basic figures has arrived including:
Snowtrooper, Scout Trooper, Greedo, Lando, Luke, Vader, IG-88 & More. The Master Replica AT-AT will be arriving to us soon!

Click here to order.



EIII Toys available this February 
December 3, 2004 | 12:41 PM EST | Jayson


Hasbro’s Star Wars page updates today with photos and info about the Revenge of the Sith Sneak Preview Figures and Vehicle available this February!



Vintage OTC R2D2
December 3, 2004 | 5:42 AM EST | Mark

If you are looking for it…
Trilogy Collection 3.75″ Figure: R2D2



Action- HQ Newsfeed
December 2, 2004 | 2:18 PM EST | Bill

This just in from

STAR WARS Unleashed Figures – SALE!
Oops, what are all those extra cases of Star Wars Unleashed figures! Better put them on SPECIAL for 30% off and let everyone join in on the buying fun. At this price, they will go fast so hurry.
Click here to order.



Code 3 Gunship Update
December 2, 2004 | 8:13 AM EST | Jayson


Check out the first photos ever published of the pre-production prototype of the Republic Gunship. For the first time ever figures have been included with this amazingly detailed die cast model from Code 3 Collectibles. Republic Clonetroopers Pilots occupy the cockpit of the Gunship and Clonetrooper Infantrymen stand at the ready in the interior of the ship on a removable plate with the all powerful Yoda overseeing the battle.

Note: must be a Club Member (which only requires a simple registration) to view photos



23 Days Left…
December 2, 2004 | 6:31 AM EST | Mark

Here is the deal of the day!!!

Over at they have the LEGO Star Wars Episode 1: Darth Maul Sculpture for a mere $29.97, that is 80% off.



Utinni Christmas
December 1, 2004 | 11:12 PM EST | Bill

We’ve received a bunch of reports of Yak Readers receiving their Jawa Christmas figure 2 packs from Entertainment Earth. The packing is outstanding! Each blister is packaged in a cardboard box, and then the boxes were packed in a larger box by EE for shipping.



24 Days Left…
December 1, 2004 | 9:45 PM EST | Mark

Over at Amazon.. here are some awesome LEGO deals…

Millennium Falcon (4504) $74.99
Naboo Fighter (10026) $18.73 (53% off)
Cloud City (10123) $74.99
Darth Maul (10018) $56.23 (63% off)
Snowspeeder (10129) $97.49