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New Vintage Collection Action Figures at K & C Collectibles. Also new this week: Fleet Vehicle (Deluxe) figure with vehicle, Star Wars PEZ and TOPPS Bend-em Card Set

New: Vintage Collection Action Figures:
VC56 – Kithaba (Skiff Guard)
VC57 – Dr. Evazan
VC58 – Aayla Secura
VC59 – Nom Anor

Back In-Stock:
VC55 – Logray Ewok Medicine Man
VC54 – ARC Trooper Commander
VC53 – Bom Vimdin Cantina Patron
VC52 – Rebel Fleet Trooper
VC51 – Barriss Offee Jedi Padawan
VC50 – Han Solo Bespin Outfit
VC21 – Gamorrean Guard
Boba Fett – Prototype Armor Figure (MINT)

New: Fleet (Deluxe) – Figure with Vehicle:
Republic Assault Submarine with Scuba Clone Trooper
Attack Recon Fighter with Anakin Skywalker

New: Star Wars Pez:

- Clone Trooper – R2-D2
- Darth Maul – C-3PO – Darth Vader 
- Chewbacca – Emperor

New: Just Toys – Bend-em Promotional Card set:

Topps – Promotional cards for the Star Wars Galaxy card sets, these cards were distributed packaged with Bend-Em toys. Bend-Em toys were produced by Just Toys, Inc. and were distributed beginning in 1993. The cards were packaged with both single toys, and with toys in multi-packs of the Bend-Ems figures. These cards are identical to cards from the Galaxy sets, with the exception that they are lettered, rather than numbered. It is very difficult to complete a set of these cards simply by purchasing Bend-Em toys.

In Stock: Discover the Force:

Vulture Droid

In Stock: Battle Packs:
Mos Espa Arena
Royal Starship Droids