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K & C Collectibles has the K-Mart Ewok and AT-ST crew 2-pack in-stock. We have reduced prices on almost all Vintage Collection Action Figures. We also added Diamond Select Ultimate Quarter Scale Action Figures and added a lot of Clone Wars vehicles to the site. Clone Wars Commander Fox and Wolffe are back in-stock.

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In-StockSpecial Action Figure Set (SPECIAL PRICE):
Ewok Scouts and Endor AT-ST Crew

In-StockVintage Collection Action Figure:
Boba Fett – Prototype Armor Figure (MINT)
Darth Vader – VC93 – Unpunched
Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) – VC92
Vintage Collection Wave 2.5 – Set of 4 (UNPUNCHED)
Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) – VC87
Wave 4 – Set of 6 – Lost Wave – unpunched
Wave 4 – Set of 6 – unpunched
Wave 4 – Set of 6
Wave 4 – Set of 6 – (NON-MINT)
Wave 4 – Set of 6 – Lost Wave (NON-MINT)
Wave 2.2 set of 5 Vintage Action Figures (UNPUNCHED)
 NEWDiamond Select Toys – Ultimate Quarter Scale Action Figures:

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
Emperor Palpatine
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Maul
Han Solo Hoth Gear
Obi-Wan Kenobi

In Stock: Clone Wars Vehicles:
Clone Turbo Tank
Republic Gunship – The Clone Wars – Wal-Mart Exclusive
ARC-170 Fighter – Fierce Wampa Version
Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Delta Starfighter
Separatist Droid Gunship
Republic Attack Shuttle
Radio Control Hailfire Droid
Y-Wing Deluxe Vehicle – The Clone Wars Bomber
Octuptarra Droid
Vulture Droid
Republic Fighter Tank
V-19 Torrent Starfighter
Homing Spider Droid

NEWHasbro – Galactic Heroes playsets and vehicles:
AT-AT Walker
Anakin Skywalker Jedi Starfighter
Assault on Ryloth
Assault on the Death Star
Attack on the Invisible Hand
Battle on Kashyyyk
Battle on Mustafar
Endor Attack
Endor Celebration
Escape from Kamino
Escape from Mos Eisley
Geonosis Battle Arena
Hoth AT-ST Assault
Hoth Snowspeeder Assault
Jabba’ Skiff – The Pit of Carkoon
Jabba’s Sail Barge
Jedi Starfighter
Kamino Showdown
Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter
Purchase of the Droids
Rancor Pit
Shadow Squadron
Slave I & Boba Fett
Speeder Bike Chase
Vader’s TIE Fighter with Darth Vader
X-Wing Dagobah Landing
Yavin 4 Medal Ceremony

Clone Wars 2003 Action Figures
Episode 2 – Preview Set of 4 – Action Figures
Episode 2 – Collection 1 – Action Figures
Episode 2 – Collection 2- Action Figures
SAGA Collection 2004- Action Figures
SAGA Collection 2003 – Collection 1 – Action Figures
SAGA Collection 2003 – Collection 2- Action Figures