Hasbro Presentation Rundown


Here is a quick list of products Hasbro announced today during their Toy Fair Presentation. This is a preliminary list and it will be updated as more info is available. Thanks to our friends at Galactic Hunter, Jedi Temple Archives, Star Wars Action News, YodasNews for their on site coverage.

3-3/4″ The Black Series
Anakin (AOTC) Padme (Geonosis Arena), Clone Trooper (Sergeant – olive deco), Mara Jade, Clone Pilot, Biker Scout, Darth Vader (Bespin Dinner Confrontation), Yavin Ceremony Luke, Pablo Jill NO BUILD-A-DROIDS

6″ Black Series
Designed in partnership with Gentle Giant to envoke a scene from the films.
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
R2-D2 with accessories
Darth Maul (with lightsaber, robe)
Sandtrooper (orange pauldron)

Boba Fett with Han In Carbonite (SDCC Exclusive)
SDCC Exclusive will be Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite. Han in Carbonite will be exclusive to show. Fett will be general release figure no variations. (Credit Galactic Hunter)

TVC Exclusives:
Slave I with Han in Carbonite (Amazon)
TIE Interceptor (Amazon)
Republic Gunship with Turrets and Yoda, Clone Trooper x2 (TRU)
Biggs’ Xwing Fighter (no figure included) (TRU)
Ewoks with Catapult (Kmart)
Imperial Scanning Crew (Kmart)

Saga Legends: Vader Packaging
reduced articulation figure (5 POA) and a lower price point ($5.99 each)
Yoda, Shock Trooper, Mace, Obi-Wan, R4-P17, Super Battle Droid

CLASS II Vehicles: (smaller, kid friendly scale)
Anakin ROTS Starfighter (Yellow)

Mission Series: Vader Packaging
limited articulation $9.99 MSRP

– Star Destroyer: Darth Vader with Seeker Droid
– 501st with Anakin
-Jango & Battle Droid

12″ Value Figures
Wave 1: Anakin, Clone Trooper in stores now
Wave 2: Obi-Wan & Vader

No Clone Wars figures or Fighter Pods were shown during the presentation.
Clone Wars figures shown at CVI will not be released in US. – credit: Galactic Hunter