Awesome Illustrated Vintage Card Back Poster


Vintage fans take note. On May the 4th this fantastic vintage card back poster will be available for purchase from talented illustrator, Christopher Lee via dribbble. Here are some details on the piece:

My newest (and probably last) compendium poster pays tribute Star Wars and the iconic Kenner card back from the 80’s. This one in particular is the 92 card back which covered the entire basic figure assortment.

All of the characters were designed with the toys as reference. I took a few liberties, but the details are limited to what was provided by the figures alone.

The print will be in my shop by May the 4th (appropriately) 🙂

I’ll post a store link when I have it up.

Various time-lapse process videos can be found here:


Be sure to bookmark the page or watch for an announcement here on when the print becomes available.