DIY Yoda Garden Gnome Project


Can’t afford the Lawrence Noble Bronze Yoda Statue? No problem, you can just make your own…


Start with the Yoda figure bank from Diamond Select Toys…


Pick up a few painting supplies from your local hardware store… Bronze paint/primer, flat black spray paint, mineral spirits and some lint-free towels/rags…


First, coat Yoda with the Metallic bronze paint. Let it dry over night so it is no longer sticky to the touch…


The cover the item with the flat black spray paint (light coat) and then grab a towel soaked with mineral spirits to wipe the black off, letting the bronze color show back through leaving the black in all the nooks and crannies. Don’t be concerned if you take some of the bronze paint off too. You can just give it another light coat as a touch up. (Don’t forget to do the cane too).


To give it some extra weight, you can fill the inside with sand or small stones to keep it from tipping over in a strong wind.


For an added effect, mix up some diluted white and green acrylic paint and brush it all over the piece then blot with a towel to achieve an oxidized look. After that, it is ready for its new home in your garden.