UPDATE TBS Rumor: Wave 5 (3-3/4″) Case Assortment


We’ve received rumor regarding figure details for The Black Series (3-3/4″) Wave 5 Case Assortment. Click on through to see who is carried-forward (repacked) and who is new.

Update: new details confirm our rumor from this morning. Click through for more and thanks to JediTempleArchives for the additional information.

  • 2x NEW Darth Vader (Episode III)
  • 1x NEW Sgt. Doallyn (Episode VI)
  • 1x NEW Ree Yees (Episode VI)
  • 2x NEW Wedge Antilles (Episode V) 
  • 2x Jedi Training Luke Skywalker (Episode V) – Wave 4 repack
  • 2x Jedi Training Yoda (Episode V) – Wave 4 repack
  • 1x Snowtrooper Commander (Episode V) – Wave 4 repack
  • 1x Toryn Farr (Episode V) – Wave 4 repack

As of yet, we don’t have a pack out quantity for each figure included in the case.

Remember this is a rumor and details are subject to change.

UPDATE: JTA received addition information regarding the figure count for this case. This also confirms that the Republic Trooper and AT-RT Driver have been dropped from this case. No word yet on where they will be re-slotted, if at all.