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Rumor Report: Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Copper)

It appears that Target will be receiving an exclusive 6″ Black Series figure for the launch of merchandise on Triple Force Friday. An entry in their system lists a figure “Huck1 Copper” with a price point of $24.99. Based on what we know on code names, this is The Mandalorian and based on the leaked “Graphite” version of the Second Sister Inquisitor, the figure and packaging will probably feature a copper-like finish as well. For those keeping track, this will make another known variant joining Graphite, Pearl, and Red Metallic.

Thanks to TargetGod for the intel.

“Unofficial” Official TVC E9 Wave 1 Breakdown

There have been a couple reports going around over the past few weeks regarding the wave breakdown for the first assortment of TVC figures available for Triple Force Friday. I held off on reporting it as I wasn’t convinced in what was being stated (namely the inclusion of Yavin Ceremony Luke), but I can now “unofficially” report that Wave 1 looks to be as shown in the graphic above.

This new also confirms to a degree that there is NO Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot packed with the rumored/unofficially announced TVC X-wing.

Confirmed: 6″ Black Series Yoda (Force Spirit)

DamingToys – retailer out of Taiwan has posted the first look at the 6” Black Series Yoda (Force Spirit) which confirms our exclusive report from May.

As always, if Hasbro asks us to remove the image we will but again, this was posted publicly for sale by an online retailer.

UPDATE: DamingToys has removed the product stating they were given the wrong solicitation date and it should be available again on Nov. 1. We have removed the image as well in respect to DamingToys. Watch for an early look at this product soon 🙂

UPDATE 2: I did manage to find shipping manifest info for the 6″ Yoda (Force Spirit) figure and its currently on the way to the Port of Long Beach in California.

Rumor Report: E9 Product Shipping Update

More products ranging from action figures to roleplay items are currently headed to the US via China and Vietnam. An update to shipping info shows that Hasbro’s E9 Vintage Collection cases, TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) cases, Mega Mighties, E9 Micro Force, Scream Sabers, E9 Poe Dameron blasters and Sith Trooper blasters are all en route to various ports in the US.

Rumor Report: Info for 4 New TVC Figures Found

Late night searching once again yielded new info, this time for the Vintage Collection. 4 New 2019/2020 UPC/SKU sets* have been found for 3 new figures for The Mandalorian and one from AOTC (or possibly The Clone Wars depending on how it’s branded). Based on a a few sources there are still a couple figures yet round out this potential wave, so more info to come as I find it. All codes have been added to our UPC/SKU Master List.

*And yes, these are all active product pages on Walmart’s site, which it case with 90% of the report we run like this.