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Rumor Report: More Black Series Reissues Coming Soon

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Over the past few months we have seen Hasbro launch a program across many of their licenses and IP that gets some older, in-demand and expensive (on the secondary market) products back in circulation. This program was unoffically announced via online retailer Nerdzoic several months ago via a YouTube video. Black Series helmets have been the most predominantly reissued items thus far for Star Wars but now it looks like many of the Black Series figures that were rumored for re-release are about to get under way.

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TBS Rumor Report: New Fett or TBOBF Character Figure Coming in 2024

Based on a listing I have found, it looks like we can expect a new/another Black Series Boba Fett or character from The Book of Boba Fett series this year. It is unknown specifically who it is (other than the label), so it maybe a new, and much needed, Boba Fett from The Empire Strikes Back, a proper Boba Fett (Daimyo) from his eponymous series, or another character from TBOBF such as the female Tusken Warrior. Personally, I think the latter makes the most sense with this being a mainline figure (and thus less accessories and paint apps), already having the TBS Tusken Chieftain and there being a figure in the Vintage Collection.

Update: TVC Rumor Report: At Least 4 TVC Reveals for Wednesday Fanstream

Apart from the previously pipelined Vintage Collection all-new Princess Leia Organa and the clean R2-D2 from A New Hope, it appears we will be getting our first figure reveal and preorder for Jedi Master Sol from The Acolyte. He includes lightsaber (ignited), lightsaber hilt and removable Jedi robe.

Update: We can expect to see Mae (Assassin) from The Acolyte as well.

Update: TBS Rumor Report: 5 TBS Acolyte Figures Revealed Today

It looks like we will see (at least) 4 Black Series figures revealed for The Acolyte as part of today’s fanstream. Look for Jedi Master Sol, Jedi Master Indara, Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon and Mae (Assassin). Based on the images I have, all figures have soft goods Jedi robes or cloak (Mae).

Note: accent color is not representative of the packaging.

Update: a fifth character, Jedi Knight Yord Fandar is to be revealed as well.

TBS Rumor Report: Possible Exclusive Black Series “Cube” 2pk Arriving in the U.S.

Recent shipping data confirms the exlstence of a rumored item “Cube” on our Master List of Black Series products for 2024. This yet-to-be-announced or pipelined exclusive item looks to be part of the ongoing series of 2 packs based on its price of $44.99. Some quick checking through my list of products shows this with a release date of June 1 so a preorder may be imminent. As always, this is only a rumor until Hasbro announces and confirms. Price and date of release subject to change.

TBS Rumor Report: The Return of Count Dooku?

While hunting around for more 2024 information today I came across a curious listing that seemed to specify that Count Dooku may be making a return to the Black Series line as a possible fan channel exclusive. Dooku was a stellar figure when it was first released, featuring a near perfect likeness to the late Sir Christopher Lee. If accurate, could we see more prequel figures from the past reissued in the mural packaging? Would you like to see such a thing even happen?

EHS Rumor Report: New 4″ Speeder Bikes Coming Soon

Joining the line of 4” Epic Hero Series figures will be an assortment of individual speeder bikes compatible with Star Wars and other Epic Hero Series figures. It is unknown if the speeder bikes include a new figure, a repacked figure or just the speeder themselves. This assortment is separate from the unknown vehicle with figure coming later this year. As always, nothing official until Hasbro says so and info/product is subject to change/cancellation.