Toyguide Update: Agent Kallus (SL05)


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with the next entry in the Star Wars Rebels 3-3/4″ line. Next, we take a look at Agent Kallus (SL05) from the Saga Legends line.

PROS: As cool a figure as his character is on the show, Agent Kallus looks best displayed with a nice squad of stormtroopers, commanding them to wipe out the Rebels. For a figure essentially dressed in black, there is a lot going on in terms of color and finishes. Different shades of black, gray and blue-gray break up the outfit as well as the use of matte and gloss paint to make the gloves and boot pop. He includes his cool bo-rifle which he can wield with extreme prejudice.

CONS: Agent Kallus is currently only available in the first Rebels/Saga Legends case assortment (1 per case). It is unknown if he’s slated as a carry forward in later waves. Would have loved a removable helmet (to show off those killer 70’s mutton chops) or to be able to attach the bo-rifle to his back like in the series.

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