HTF Wave 1 Star Wars Rebels Coming Back in New Case Assortment


Thanks to a comment posted by one of our readers on our Hera/Stormtrooper Commander Toyguide Update that we posted yesterday, it looks like some of the original, hard-to-find figures are making there way back to production via a new case assortment posted by VolkerC at starwars-figuren.

Saga Legends Wave 3 (2015)
2x SL01 Stormtrooper
2x SL02 Ezra Bridger
2x SL03 The Inquisitor
2x SL04 Kanan Jarrus
2x SL05 Agent Kallus
2x SL06 C1-10P “Chopper”

It will be interesting to see if some of these repacked figures also have the multi-language packaging or deco changes as we reported last week.