Toyguide Update: Ezra Bridger (Cadet) and Kanan Jarrus (MS18)


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with the latest entry in the Star Wars Rebels 3-3/4″ line. Next, we take a look at the Ezra Bridger (Cadet) and Kanan Jarrus Mission Series set (MS18).

PROS: Kanan is old hat at this point so we’ll focus on Ezra, or “Dev Morgan” as he’s known in this attire. The sculpt is pretty decent (if we don’t get a Zare Leonis recycled from this body I’d be shocked). The face sculpt has much crisper details than prior Ezra portraits – those were softer in sculpt especially around the nose and mouth. The hair is the same, just at darker color. The paint is okay for the most part except for that one odd mistake (see below). The cadet helmet is the same sculpt as before but has the character specific markings from the episode “Breaking Ranks”. Two figures for $10, hard to complain about that especially for kids these days.

CONS: Aside from getting our fourth taste of Kanan in action figure form, there are a few Ezra related issues. First off, Ezra’s head is a little wobbly at the neck joint – at least on my sample – your experience may vary. The most odd issue though is the fact that he has the wrong symbol painted on his left shoulder. It should be the Imperial crest/cog, but it is the Galactic Republic emblem. Kids won’t give a second (or first) thought about it though. It is unknown at this time if it will be addressed in future production runs. Finally, the Ezra cadet figure is about 1/4″ shorter that the standard “Rebels attire” Ezra due to the fact that the legs are a bit shorter.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.