Upcoming Black Series Product Details and Code Names


We’ve received details with preliminary numbering for future 6″ Black Series figures as well as code names for upcoming Rogue One Black  Series Titanium Vehicles.

The assigned numbers below seem to indicate that the current numbering sequence will continue on with the introduction of Rogue One products. It is possible that these numbers were set prior to the pending packaging/line look switch (and may change) and the numbering will reset with “01” upon the launch of Rogue One merchandise.

6″ Black Series Figures:
29 C-3PO
30 Princess Leia (ANH)
31 AT-AT Driver (TESB)
32 Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH)*
33 Sabine Wren
34 Darth Revan
35 Snowtrooper (TESB)

*Erroneously labeled as “E5 (Episode V)”

Black Series Titanium Series Die Cast Vehicles: (Rogue One code names)

Stay tuned for a future episode of The Cargo Hold podcast where we reveal a previously unannounced Star Wars Rebels product coming from Hasbro as well.