Topps Star Wars SDCC Activation & Exclusives


Topps will once again be having a presence at San Diego Comic-Con this week. Click on through for details on their exclusives and more.

Topps has 5 oversized card sets for sale featuring characters and story from Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Each set has 10 cards and costs $20 (tax included). I have attached one card image from each set. The sets are:

o   The Resistance
o   The First Order
o   Maz’s Castle
o   Ships & Vehicles
o   Journey Of The Lightsaber

  • Topps will have giveaways of Star Wars Galactic Connexions trading discs throughout the show
  • Come to the booth to take a picture with the solid 14kt gold Galactic Connexions disc
  • Topps has free Star Wars Card Trader posters for fans visiting the booth
  • Give a member of the SWCT team your fan name for a free pack!
  • Topps will be announcing exclusive cards in the SWCT this weekend

Topps is in Booth 2913-Y in the Lucasfilm pavilion.