DIY: Building the Death Star Data Tape

Last week for May the 4th, my daughters had a special “Star Wars Day” function for school where they encouraged the kids to dress up as their favorite character. Naturally, I was all for this but felt the need to take it a step further so I took it upon myself to add a bit of flare to my daughter’s Jyn Erso costume and give her her own stolen Death Star Data Tape stunt prop. Click on through to check out a few in-progress images as well as the final outfit.


Data tape frame was built from black foam core and electrician’s tape. I added 14 AWG wire into the recessed area on one side and silver colored pencil pieces in the handle area for detail. Translucent areas of plastic were cut from an expandable folder/organizer. There maybe $25 of material here and a total of about 6 hours  in build time.

My daughter’s Jyn Erso outfit was purchased from the Disney Store for $11.99 (reg. $50).