Force Friday II Black Series Update

A couple weeks ago, we posted a preliminary leaked list of possible 6″ Black Series figure planned for release for Force Friday II. In light of the recent 3.75″ leaks and the attributed code names, we think we can clearly determine who is who and who is NOT coming in the initial launch. Click on through for the updated list.

Again, nothing is official until confirmed by Hasbro or leaked product continues hitting shelves (whichever comes first).

Wave 1 and 2 consist of 8 figure case packs:

Wave 1:
2x Darth Vader (Episode IV – 40AC repack)
1x Foxtrot 1 – Rey (Episode VIII)
1x Cool Beta – Luke Skywalker (Episode VIII)
1x Kylo Ren (Episode VIII)
1x Grand Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars Rebels – SDCC repack)
1x Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels)
1x Stormtrooper (TBS “Orange” #09/40AC repack)

Wave 2:
1x Snowtrooper (Wave 9 repack)
1x AT-AT Driver (Wave 9 repack)
1x Beta 1 – Poe Dameron (Episode VIII)
1x Victor 1 – Kylo Ren (Episode VIII) – wave 1 carry forward
1x Alpha 1 – Maz Kanata
1x Victor Guard 2 – Elite Praetorian Guard (Episode VIII)
1x General Leia (Episode VII)
1x Beta 2 – Finn (Episode VIII)

UPDATE 7/31: Victor 2 above has been replaced by Alpha 1 (speculated to be Chewbacca)

UPDATE 8/8: Alpha 1 above has been determined to possibly be Maz Kanata