Quick Take: 6″ Black Series Chewbacca (Vandor-1)

I managed to score the Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series Chewbacca (Vandor-1) this morning and I thought I’d give my initial “hot take” on this latest iteration of the famed Wookiee.

The Sculpt:
This latest version of Chewie is a mix of old and new parts, recast in a different color. From what I can tell, the legs and arms are recycled from previous versions but the details are much softer i.e. not as defined. The head/portrait is obviously all-new and the best looking likeness yet I believe. The segmented, two-piece*, fur torso make for a slightly shorter Chewbacca and the satchel/bandolier are all-new as well (more about that in a bit).

*previous versions has three layered segments

The Accessories:
Instead of Chewie’s signature crossbow, we get an all-new weapon from Solo: A Star Wars Story. It is a blend of a real world M60 machine gun and a double barrel (over/under) shotgun. What’s cool about it is that it has a sliding fore-stock like an actual shotgun! (WARNING: THERE ARE SHIPMENTS THAT ARE MISSING THE SLIDING FORE-STOCK). There is also a small brown “tool”* of some sort that swings out and is removable from the right side of the gun. The goggles fit on his head nicely thanks to the elastic strap – thanks Hasbro for foregoing the rigid plastic strap in this application. As for the satchel/bandolier, it’s interesting that this sculpt is missing the details on the back as well as little straps on the satchel. If you were not aware, there is a variation (shown above) on the 3.75″ Force Link figure where there are two different satchel/bandolier accessories being utilized. It begs the question, will there be a variant for the 6” figure as well?

*The little brown “tool” on the side of Chewbacca’s rifle is not really a tool at all. On the real world M60 machine gun, it is the cocking or charging handle using when loading the belt of shells into the side of the weapon. For the film, it is obviously been redesigned it re-purposed to make more “Star Wars-y”. That being said the tour isn’t intended to be used as a separate accessory it is simply a detailed it was cast in a different color plastic and inserted into the side of the weapon. Some of these parts have come glued in place. Interestingly,  promotional photos of Chewie’s rifle show this  lever is swung in the “up” position.

Overall, an excellent figure and surprising choice as an exclusive, but a welcome one to be sure.