Hyper-Articulated Hips

As an adult 3.75″ collector since 1995, I’ve seen Hasbro approach figure articulation and aesthetics in many forms… and here were are almost 25 years later, and it seems in some ways, Hasbro has taken a step back with aesthetics (at least compared to figures from 10 years ago).

What I mean is articulation is needed – I love when figures have a wide range of ball joints – but there are some times when it feels as though Hasbro goes  overboard, especially with how they are engineering the hips on figures now.   In some cases, it’s fine – but it doesn’t seem like Hasbro is in the “Goldilocks Zone” anymore when it comes to articulation… it’s either too little (5poa style) , or too much.

Thoughts?  Do you like the way these figures are designed these days, or to do prefer the style from about 10 years ago?  Share your opinions here or in the forums!