Yak’s Elite 25: The Black Series

It’s time to wind down the 2018/19 Yak’s Top Ten Lists with Yak’s Elite 25!  There are 130 figures that are eligible for the Elite 25 list.

Note: Wish lists may  be posted in the comments section of this article or the Yakface Forums, but please do not post your wish lists in this comments section AND in the forums.

Rules: Pick up to 25 figure from the list of winners you’d like to see done in 6” The Black Series scale.  Only figures from the Yak’s Top Ten Lists are eligible for this round.  The Vintage Collection vote will take place later in April.

The list to choose from is below… pick the Top 25 you want to see made in 6″ scale in The Black Series from the below list of winners!

The Phantom Menace
01. Destroyer Droid (Droideka)
02. Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine)
02. Jar Jar Binks (with Booma/Battle Droid fragment)
02. Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion)
05. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan)
05. Sebulba with Pit Droid
07. Captain Panaka (removable hat)
07. Watto with Pit Droid
09. Captain Tarpals
09. Queen Amidala (Battle for Naboo)

Attack of the Clones
01. Count Dooku (Soft Goods Cape)
02. Anakin Skywalker
03. Kit Fisto
04. Obi-Wan Kenobi
05. Super Battle Droid
06. Plo Koon
06. Zam Wessel
08. Shaak Ti
09. Luminara Unduli
10. Barriss Offee

Revenge of the Sith
01. Magnadroid
01. Galactic Marine
03. Commander Bly
03. Tarfful
03. Palpatine (Office Duel)
06. Anakin Skywalker (post Mustafar duel with med capsule)
07. 41st Elite Clone Trooper Coruscant
07. 41st Elite Clone Trooper Kashyyyk
07. Commander Bacara
10. Bail Organa (Jedi Temple Rescue)

A New Hope
01. Momaw Nadon
01. Ponda Baba
03. Dr. Evazan
03. Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
05. Death Star Gunner
05. Modal Nodes (Bith Musician) with instrument pack-ins
05. Zutton
08. RA-7 (Death Star Droid)
09. Wedge Antilles (Red 2)
10. Biggs Darklighter (Red 3)

The Empire Strikes Back
01. Hoth Rebel Soldier/Trooper
01. Lobot
03. 2-1B
04. Bespin Wing Guard
04. FX-7
06. Probe Droid
07. General Rieekan
08. Admiral Ozzel
09. Ugnaught
10. Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)

Return of the Jedi
01. Admiral Ackbar
02. Bib Fortuna (Jabba’s Majordomo)
03. Weequay (Skiff Guard)
04. Princess Leia Organa (Endor)
05. Endor Rebel Commando
06. Nien Nunb
07. Wicket W. Warrick
08. Luke Skywalker (Endor)
09. Saelt-Marae (Yak Face)
10. Tessek (Squidface)

Expanded Universe
01. Darth Malgus
01. Darth Talon
01. Dash Rendar
01. Prince Xizor
05. Darth Malak
05. Kyle Katarn
05. Mara Jade
08. K’Kruhk
09. Bastila Shan
09. Darth Nihilus

The Clone Wars
01. Asajj Ventress
02. Cad Bane
03. Savage Opress
04. ARC Trooper Fives
04. Hondo Ohnaka
06. Bo-Katan
06. Pre Viszla
08. Anakin Skywalker
08. Embo
10. Ahsoka Tano

01. Grand Inquisitor
02. Agent Kallus (ISB)
02. Seventh Sister
02. Garazeb Zeb Orelios
05. Fifth Brother
06. Hondo Ohnaka
06. Rex with armor
08. Kanan Jarus (Blind with mask)
08. Darth Maul
10. AT-DP Driver

The Force Awakens
01. Unkar Plutt
02. Sidon Ithano (The Crimson Corsair)
02. Tasu Leech
04. Lt. Connix
04. Leia Organa (D’Qar gown)
04. Snap Wexley
07. Han Solo (Starkiller Base)
08. Lor San Tekka
08. Nien Nunb
08. Quiggold

The Last Jedi
01. Paige Tico
02. Lt. Kaydel Ko Connix
02. Luke Skywalker (Crait)
04. Rose Tice (First Order Disguise)
05. Canto Bight Police Officer
05. Tallissan “Tallie” Lintra
07. General Leia Organa (Crait)
07. General Leia Organa (Raddus gown)
07. Yoda (Force Spirit)
10. Luke Skywalker (Ahch-To Exile)

Rogue One
01. Bodhi Rook
02. Saw Gerrera (alternate heads)
03. Admiral Raddus
04. General Antoc Merrick (Blue Leader)
05. Galen Erso (Eadu)
06. Benthic Two Tubes
06. Edrio Two Tubes
06. Moroff
09. Jyn Erso (Imperial Ground Crew Disguise)
10. Bistan

01. Qi’ra aka Oksana Floren (Kessel)
02. Quay Tolsite
03. Darth Maul (non-hologram)
04. Pyke Guard (Kessel)
05. Weazel
06. Tobias Beckett (Mimban, Imperial disguise)
07. EnfysNest (removable helmet)
07. Han Solo (Corellia)
07. Qi’ra (Crimson Dawn/Duel with Vos)
07. Tobias Beckett aka Tuul in Tantel armor (Kessel)

If submissions have more than 25 entries, only the first 25 will be considered!  Only one vote per character,  A tie-breaker will be done to determine #25 if more than one character gets the same votes! 

After this wraps up, we’ll end this with Yak’s Elite 25 for The Vintage Collection!  

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