Haslab Project Updates

Hasbro’s ambitious goal of 3,000 backers for a premium Cookie Monster replica has fallen far short of its goal.

It remains to be seen if their Transformers Unicron project will meet the same fate, but it’s clear there is much more demand for that project.  As of this post, it has just over 5 days left, and is just a tick above 39% funded (needing over 4,800 more units backed still).

Personal Note:   For the fans of these, I hate to see these fail.  However, I think Hasbro needs to do better homework.  I feel that projects under the Haslab banner need to be more in line with the Sail Barge… something that works as a fantastic display piece to house groups of figures.   Big and iconic vehicles/playsets seem to be the way to go…  (or at least not a remake of something that’s been done before, such as Unicron) a Cybertron environment, or Ark playset might be more exciting for the Transformers  crowd.  I have no idea what would work for Sesame Street.  But that’s just my opinion.  And Unicron could still meet its goal, though he seems way overpriced compared to other giant Transformers.  

What say you?