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Custom 3D Printed 3.75″ Scale Rathtar


Industrial designer Brad Harris has designed and printed this fully articulated Rathtar (via 3D printing) for the 3.75″ scale complete with Black Series style packaging. It is really a thing to behold. Head on over to his site to check out this impressive piece and more, like this 3.75″ Scale TIE Defender and Krayt Dragon.

Hasbro, hire this man!

Gentle Giant Site Upgrade Soon Plus Offering Custom 3D Services?


Next week, Gentle Giant will be refreshing their website featuring an all new look, new features and new URL, but more interesting is that they plan to offer (in the future) an avenue for talented 3D model builders a place to sell their designs.

The new website will not only showcase our Gentle Giant collectibles, but it will also offer 3D digital downloads. We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel, and we also hope that over time we are able to support the 3D Designers in our community with creative content and a platform to offer your designs for sale to the public.

Custom Tree Huts Project Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec have written in to let us know about an update on their campaign to deliver some cool Ewok related items to the market (including playsets).  They have met their fundraising goal, but have been able to extend their campaign a bit longer with some new stretch goals in mind, and for each goal met, contributors will get special perks with additional accessories with their order.

Read all about it here, and their campaign page can be accessed here.   Better act quick if you want to get your hands on one of these sets though, the campaign ends in one week!

Space Trees Campaign Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec, who are bringing out some great looking Space Trees playsets, have asked us to help spread the word that their goal has been met, but if they can reach a Bonus Goal, everyone who contributes to their campaign will receive a special Torch Railing with their set.  However, time is running out to get in on this deal!  Click on the above image for more details, or head on over to the forums to share your thoughts.

I’m getting very excited about finally having a modern Ewok Village – are you?

“Space Trees” Playset Update


For those of you who have contributed so far to the “Space Trees” playset campaign, the guys at Twelfth Parsec have already met their campaign funding goal!  There’s also still time to get your order in, which you can do by clicking here.  They expect to start seeing their customers receive their items in July. 

Our friends at Imperialshipyards will also be hosting a podcast with Twelfth Parsec on March 20, you can find those details here – and also discuss your thoughts on this campaign (and speculate on what they have coming next!) in our forums.

Forest Village Set Podcast March 13


Our good friends at Imperialshipyards.net will be hosting a podcast with Twelfth Parsec, the folks who are working to deliver the upcoming Ewok village playsets.  Click the image above for more details, and you can even submit questions you would like discussed during the podcast on March 13.

You can also participate in their campaign to get this project up and running here.