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Diorama Product Sneak Peek…

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For all you diorama fans, forum member Raylen has just revealed a special sneak peek at a new 3.75″ scale item I am guessing many of you are going to want to add to your collections.  Soon, he will have them available for order at his site.

For now, head on over the forums and for a glimpse at what’s to come…

Personal Note:  Shut up and take my money!

Great Diorama Parts Available


If you’re like me, you liked some of what you saw at SDCC out of Hasbro, but for the upteenth year in a row now you find their lack of dioramas and playsets disturbing.  So what can you do?  Go to a resource who listens to the wishes of those that like environments for our figures!

So if you haven’t already, check out the high quality resin products from forum member Raylen, owner of Holeinthegroundpro.com.

You can also check out some of the products our forum members have purchased from him and painted up themselves, and even request new items from him in our forums.

Torture Your Droids, Jabba Style


Yakface forum member Raylen has just released for purchase his latest diorama accessory piece — the contraption droids fear most – the Droid Torture Rack!

You can order this awesome environment piece for your collection at Holeinthegroundpro.com, and feel free to discuss this latest diorama-builder offering in the forums.

Personal Note:  I’ve ordered several items from Raylen, and have been very impressed with each item.   His products are top notch quality, and they fill in huge gaps that have been missing in my scenes, from cantina chairs to Imperial accessory pieces. 

More Diorama Bits Available!


Forum member Raylen continues to deliver great 3.75″ scale diorama items, offering collectors a way to fill the void that Hasbro has ignored for almost 20 years now.

If you like what you see, your orders can be placed here, and you are welcome to brag about how you have cooler dioramas than before now thanks to the various items he is offering in our forums.