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Balancing the Scales: TVC vs TBS Code Name Comparison for 2024

Without fail, when I post a rumor report regarding one scale or the other, the comments (on social media) turn into an “us versus them” situation in terms of what scale is more heavily favored by Hasbro. Interestingly, I took a look at my rumor list of TVC and TBS code names for 2024 products and you’d probably be (pleasantly?) surprised to hear that I’ve been able to find approximately 30 code names for EACH line. Granted, that’s only what I’ve personally been able to find info for, but as it stands, that’s pretty f’ing balanced.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled slap fight.

For the breakdown of the discovered TVC and TBS code names and how they are weighted, click on through.

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Retro Rumor Report: New Unknown 6pk Code Name Found

Additional digging this morning has turned up a new Retro Collection code name “Odysseus” which corresponds to an as-of-yet unannounced 6pk.. The dimensions of this item (in terms of packaging) and price are the same as the other 6pks released previously. We know that The Phantom Menance 6pk has the code name “Diomedes” so could this be a set to represent Attack of the Clones based on its Greek-themed code name? I’ll continue to search for more info and update when possible.