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Concept of the Week #6


We kick off another Concept Series idea by localgotal today, and this one is nothing short of fantastic… it’s 4 all new figures from A New Hope… ones that we’ll probably never see Hasbro make, which is a shame… because these would rock as an exclusive box set.  I doubt many of us would pass on this set… I’d buy at minimum, three of these sets. 

What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments section here, or in our forums.

Concept of the Week #4


Another week has passed, and that means we’ve got another new Concept Series update from localgotal!  This week’s feature is inspired by the Dark Horse series, The Star Wars.  It’s a figure that would be easy money for Hasbro, so we can’t help but wonder why they didn’t make this.

Maybe after they see this, they will consider it.  Either way, check out this great new concept figure after the jump!

New Yakface Feature: The Concept Series


We are happy to announce a new feature – the Concept Series by forum moderator localgotal!

Our intent is to show off the amazing concept ideas that he has put together, and to encourage discussion on the direction we all want Hasbro to get back to… which is making more collector focused products… and showing how easy some of these can be, because Hasbro already has a lot of the tooling for these!

Each week when we have a new concept to show, localgotal will be posting it in the Concept and Mockups section of the Yakface Forums for your viewing pleasure.  Leading things off the first concept, the shadowy Arleil Schous from A New Hope!