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Concept Series Update #21

Yakface forum moderator localgotal is back again with another round of Concept Series figures he’s created.  This latest update harkens back to the slimy entourgage of the illustrious Jabba the Hutt.

Check them out, enjoy the pics, and join in the discussion in our forums!  Hey, these would be awesome figures to populate a Sail Barge, right?

Concept Series Returns

Today we get a fun treat from Yakface contributor and forum moderator localgotal – the return of the Yakface Concept Series (with some great eye candy for some new “what if” figures).

With Hasbro seeking fan input, now is the time to get back in the swing of idea sharing, concept art, etc. for the highly anticipated return of The Vintage Collection!

Share your ideas here, in our Concept Series Section, and across the collecting community.

Concept Series Update #18


After a bit of a delay between updates, localgotal strikes back with a vengeance with his latest additions to the popular Concept Series lineup he’s created.  This latest update harkens back to the roots of the Star Wars saga, and includes three figures that are long overdue for updates by Hasbro.

Why they aren’t making figures like he proposes is quite beyond my capacity.  Check them out, enjoy the pics, and join in the discussion after the jump!

Concept of the Week #17

Our very own localgotal strikes back with another stellar Concept Series update this week, and it’s one that a lot of fans have been hoping would see action figure form for decades now.  While a bit of a controversial character, it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t fit right in with the old Comic Packs format that Hasbro used to excel at.  Chomping at the bit to see what this is?  Then head on over to the forums and feast your eyes on this latest concept!

Concept of the Week #16


We’ve got another Concept Series update by localgotal , who returns with a killer battle pack mockup featuring a key scene from Star Wars Episode IV:  A New Hope!

Be sure to check out this latest mockup, which seems like another sure fire hit that Hasbro has overlooked.  But hey, maybe at SDCC we’ll see some awesome surprises similar to the great concepts localgotal has been presenting the past number of months.

Concept of the Week #15

After a bit of a much deserved break, localgotal returns with another stunning addition to his Concept Series… Cinema Scenes!  This format of action figure 3-pks was very enjoyable back in the 1990s, and if done in the fashion that are shown in the forums, it seems that these would be very popular again, if not more successful.  Check out the latest additions to the Concept Series, and share your thoughts after the jump!