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Older Star Wars Stock Galore

Burlington Coat Factory stores are expanding their toy selection as they gear up for the holiday shopping season, and you may come across the Solo Falcon for the low price of $22.99, and Solo Tie Fighter for $9.99.  Thanks to forum member Spooky for the heads up!

In addition, vikingrobot reports that Five Below stores are starting to get in deluxe vehicles (Rogue One packaging) for the low price of $5.00.

Five Below Continues to Restock TBS 6″ Figures

I went by my local Five Below yesterday to see how many TBS figures were left after Christmas… and it was a lot.  After being down to just stacks of Jyn, Cassian, and Krennic, they had restocked the pegs yet again to the max with more figures.

Any guesses as to what other 6″ waves they might be getting in after the Baze / Chirrut wave?  Or will it be isolated to just this one wave getting dumped there?  Share your thoughts after the jump!

Five Below Finds

The fact that Hasbro’s 5poa TFA figures are showing up at Five Below stores isn’t “new” information, but just how many of these figures never made it to primary retail outlets is amazing.

Hasbro just seems unable to get their product on a consistent distribution flow to big box retailers anymore – which of course that isn’t new information either!

But – if you are looking for some decent 5poa figures for about $5 each, and have a Five Below store in your area… well, you know the drill.

TFA Finds at Five Below

If you have a Five Below store in your area, if may be worth your time to swing by and check out their toy section as many stores have been receiviving TFA figures that rarely made their way to big box retailers.

Personal Note:  Even if you despise 5POA, some of these figures have good accessories and heads that work out great for customs.  

$5.00 GI JOE Figures at Five Below


Off topic a bit here, but if you have a Five Below store in your area, you may want to swing by and see if they are stocking GI JOE figures – the ones in my area just started putting GI JOE Retaliation figures out this week, for the awesome price of $5.00 each.

A lot of the later figures from the “movie line” are really great figures, but sadly were not distributed well (a trend we see with Hasbro these days).

Five Below Continues to Stock Vintage


Last night, I came across another Vintage dump at Five Below of the Darth Malgus wave.  So if you’ve got one of these stores in your area, it may be worth your time to swing by and see if you can pick up any more goodies like the fantastic Imperial Navy Commander figure.

Personal Note:  It’s fun finding great figures for cheap, but this also adds more Phantom Menace carry forwards for Five Below to try and move, and quite honestly, this keeps me from buying Black Series figures at other stores for $10.00 a pop when great figures can be had for this price at discount stores… and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I also can’t help but wonder how the poor 2012 showing for Hasbro continues to impact the current state of the hobby.

Five Below Finds Continue


These figures may not be to everyone’s liking, but last year’s second wave of Movie Heroes had some really nicely sculpted figures with very acceptable articulation and they are showing up at Five Below locations, for the wonderful price of $5.00 per figure.

Personal Note:  I can’t help but wonder if 2012 would have shaken out different if Hasbro had put this sort of effort into the Movie Heroes line at the 2012 launch; and supplemented the line with better figures for repacks rather than the direction they took.  If Hasbro had put more effort into the kid line for 2012, and Movie Heroes had not crashed and burned, would we even be seeing 5POA figures at all? 

Five Below Continues to Stock Vintage

fivebelowagainDo you have a Five Below store in your area?  If so, it may be worth your while to swing by your local establishment and see if they are receiving TVC figures these days – the local store I’ve hit in the St. Louis area received a heavy shipment of the Malgus/Imperial Navy Commander wave about three weeks ago, and restocked again over this past weekend.

The only problem is, each case contains seven Episode One carry forwards from Wave 1 (unless, of course, you need an infinite army of Qui Gons and Obi Wans!).

UPDATE – Yakface reader Chris H., who is an assistant manager at Five Below, tells us that the stores do not have the power to order these on their own.  These cases are distributed throughout the company by how much sells at that particular store.