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Sail Barge Stalling

Hasbro’s crowd funded Sail Barge endeavor could be in trouble as the pace of new backers has stalled significantly over the past week.

Is now the time to panic?  Or is that a bit premature since there’s still 4 weeks left?  Are you planning on fronting payment for one?  Let us know here or in our forums.

Note:  You can check out some other cool Star Wars inspired famous painting alterations here.   Then after that,  Hasbro would like for you to bow before the mighty Jabba the Hutt and fund his pleasure cruiser at HasLab.

Display, Care and Maintenance of Your New Sail Barge

So you’ve committed to purchasing Jabba’s Sail Barge*, but that may be the easiest of part of this project as you hopefully want to show off your prize in some sort of display. I’ve seen a lot of cool ideas featured around the web from custom glass cases to  repurposed aquariums. We’re asking how are you going to feature this behemoth in your collection? Leave a comment with your plans or suggestions.

*Will Smith does not endorse the purchase of the barge.

Update: Hasbro TVC Sail Barge

Hasbro’s Sail Barge Crowd Funding project has just hit the 500 backer milestone.  Keep checking for progress and to find out all the details about this amazing project (or better yet, to back this project yourself!) by CLICKING HERE.

Update: we’ve added a direct link in the right column of the page to keep this campaign visible on the front page and press images after the break.

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