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Rumor Report Update: Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Carbonized)

As a follow up to Sunday’s exclusive report on the upcoming Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Copper) figure, I received an image privately of this figure. It confirms my speculations that the figure and box are in fact unique – the figure has a metallic/pearlescent sheen to the entire figure and the box is a metallic, penny copper color. Like the exclusive Second Sister Inquisitor, the box also features the callout circle and in it there are multiple translations for the word “Carbonized” – this term is what I assume the powers that be are calling this line of special edition exclusives. This figure is reaching Target stores now and should be available on October 4.

Thanks to my friends JS for the image(s).

Rumor Report: Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Copper)

It appears that Target will be receiving an exclusive 6″ Black Series figure for the launch of merchandise on Triple Force Friday. An entry in their system lists a figure “Huck1 Copper” with a price point of $24.99. Based on what we know on code names, this is The Mandalorian and based on the leaked “Graphite” version of the Second Sister Inquisitor, the figure and packaging will probably feature a copper-like finish as well. For those keeping track, this will make another known variant joining Graphite, Pearl, and Red Metallic.

Thanks to TargetGod for the intel.