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Sponsor/Affiliate News: New TVC Preorders

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Here are the links to today’s Vintage Collection preorders that were announced yesterday as part of the “Imperial March” campaign. Links go live at approximately 1pm ET.

Entertainment Earth (affiliate)*
HK-87 Assassin Droid (Arcana) – $16.99
Dark Trooper – $16.99
TVC Wave 19 Case Assortment – $135.99

*Use code YAKFACE for 10% all in-stock items

Amazon (affiliate)
HK-87 Assassin Droid (Arcana) – $16.99
Dark Trooper – $16.99

Hasbro Pulse Imperial March Fanstream Reveals

Today, Hasbro Pulse and the Star Wars team took to YouTube for a fanstream of the latest reveals and pipelines for the Vintage Collection and Black Series including a tease for the upcoming TVC Haslab which will be announced May 4th. Click on through for the recap.

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Black Series Captain Rex Helmet and Deluxe Paz Vizsla Arriving in the U.S.

Recent shipping data shows that the Black Series Captain Rex helmet and the Deluxe Paz Vizsla reissue have started to arrive in the U.S.. We will keep an eye on possible order fulfillment with these and update when additional info is known. Projected release dates are March and April/May respectively.