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Episode 82: The Vintage Collection Most Wanted

Guest spot number 2 this week as I joined the guys at Galaxy of Toys to discuss some of the latest Triple Force Friday news as well as our top figures we’d like to see in the Vintage Collection.

In this episode we are once again joined by Jayson at Yakface.com to discuss recent Star Wars collecting news, as well as give our picks on our most wanted Star Wars The Vintage Collection figures from Hasbro.

Rumor Report Confirmed: Mystery TVC Vehicle Identified as AT-ST Raider

Back in June, we exclusively reported on a mystery Vintage Collection vehicle from The Mandalorian was coming soon. Based on yesterday’s reveals and cross referencing the product number against shipping manifest info, I can confirm that the vehicle formerly referred to as “Huckleberry Hoodboat” is the Best Buy Exclusive AT-ST Raider.

This vehicle was listed on shipping manifests starting on Sept 14, so they should be at Best Buy for Triple Force Friday.

Rumor Report: TVC “Bruges” Build Up Pack Arriving Soon

Shipping alongside the Vader’s Challenge Set we exclusively reported a couple days ago is the previously rumored “TVC Bruges Build Up Pack”. Beyond the fact that this includes troopers from the First Order, there hasn’t been any new developments as to the contents of this set as far as figure quantity. Details should be revealed soon though whether through official or unofficial means.