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New Lucasfilm Animation Logo

On my morning searchings today, I noticed that Lucasfilm has registered a new Lucasfilm Animation logo last week that cleverly incorporates a clone trooper helmet into the design. Two listings are associated with this filing:

88605560 G & S:  Entertainment services in the field of film and television, namely, the creation, production of films, videos, animation, and computer generated images; animation production services

88605539 G & S: Pre-recorded CD-ROMs, compact discs, and DVDs and downloadable audiovisual files featuring pre-recorded films, animation, games, music, computer game software and video game software; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing computer games and video games; video game software and manuals sold as a unit; interactive video game programs; interactive computer game programs featuring science fiction, action, adventure, animation, drama, or music; interactive multimedia software; interactive multimedia game software

With the return of the Clone Wars in February, prepare to see a lot more clone-related tie-ins/merchandise in the coming year.

New Animated Series: Star Wars Resistance

Disney and Lucasfilm has have officially announced Star Wars Resistance, a new animated series set to debut this Fall from Lucasfilm Animation, the creators of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. For the full details, head to StarWars.com.

You may recall, we were the first to report the registration of the name Star Wars Resistance back in February.

A New Direction for Lucasfilm Animation


After 5 years and 100+ episodes, the Official Site has updated today with the announcement that The Clone Wars is coming to an end. Fear not, The Clone Wars isn’t dead… not yet. They have also announced that they are continuing in the production on a few final episodes that will air (location/dates TBA) to conclude some of the arcs and stories that need to be told. These final episodes are promised to be the best in the series.

To read the full announcement, head to StarWars.com and watch a special video from Dave Filoni complete with awesome teaser footage.