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What If??? TVC Search for Luke Set

With the new exclusives hitting the aisles at Target, one thing is for certain, Vintage packaging sells. I took it upon myself to create my own “exclusive” that could have/should have been released by Hasbro – and with no new tooling costs or over-inflated pricing.

In essence, it is the new “Search for Luke Skywalker” set but reworked to take advantage of the popular Vintage packaging design. This version switches out the new, super-articulated, Hoth Han for a more screen (and scene) accurate sculpt and it also drops the superfluous Hoth Rebel Trooper, remedying the fact that there isn’t a Hoth Luke in stores to tie into Target’s exclusive “Luke’s Tauntaun”. How’s that for poor retail planning?

By now you’ve heard or seen that both new beasts have the non-functional open belly plug, but with a little prying and some extra guts from the 2003 Toys”R”Us exclusive “Battle of Hoth” multi-pack, you can take Han’s cool new tauntaun and make it even better.

Hopefully Hasbro sees that with a little more planning and minimal development costs, it is possible to get more play value than you can swing a lightsaber at for kids and adult collectors alike.

What If??? Droid Factory Playset

Last night I was thinking about the abandoned concept of a Droid Factory Playset meant to add additional play value to the now expired Build-A-Droid feature from the Legacy Collection and came up with the above mockup.

Is this something you wish Hasbro would have attempted or does the idea of recycling a 30 year old mold smack of desperation? Click the image above for a closer look and if you have an opinion, feel free to comment on this on our Facebook page or in our forums.