• Zachary Hering

    Now if only in 6 inch scale Black Series….


    from 5POA to 1.

    Is this how anyone imagined it would be five years ago?

    • General Hux

      Yep, bobble heads should have Super Articulation!!!


        Is it the new evolution of action figures?

  • nutzaboutpoker

    Funko does a really good job with their products. Hasbro better hope they never become such a big company one day and outbid them for the Star Wars action figures rights.

  • No one expects the Imperial Inquisition!!

  • Bombadgungan

    So your’re saying I CAN get a Seventh Sister that can stand on her own?

  • General Hux

    Just want the Grand Inquisitor…Don’t want the other two, because of how cruddy they were on Rebels. 🙂

    • CT-7567

      I agree that they weren’t very good on the show. I do like the character designs, though. These are pretty neat Pops. I just can’t afford another scaleline. I’ll get the Kenner-inspired cantina set if I see it, but I have to be careful not to start getting too many of these. The Grand Inquisitor is the best design of the three, IMO. I also like the idea of the Inquisitors. I just wish they had done more with it.