• Matthew

    The question I have is what are they saving the 6 inch Boba Fett on vintage card for? SDCC?

    • not this year

      • Matthew

        Another thing I find interesting is that wave 1 has 6 different figures, wave 2 has 6 different figures. Take that plus the 2 exclusives Luke X-Wing and R5D4 and that leaves 6 figures to finish up the second vintage series which would consist of Walrus Man, Hammerhead, Greedo, snaggletooth Death Star Droid, and Power Droid. So those 6 would make up wave 3, Then Boba Fett would be next most likely as an exclusive.

        • Bombadgungan

          Yes! Please make it so Hasbro.

  • Trent Pagels

    Will they be making the 6 inch figures like R5-D4 in regular packaging?

    • Yes, Jawa and Death Squad Commander will as well.

      • CT-7567

        So the regular boxed R5-D4 won’t be an exclusive? I’ve always loved that droid and I have to admit it looks great on the vintage card.

  • James K.

    No interest in any of this, mostly because I don’t collect the six-inch line. I’m very disappointed – but not surprised – in the Walmart repacks. If they insist on repackaging past figures, why not offer us another chance at the Rebel Fleet Trooper (including a holster this time)? That would at least tie in with Rogue One.

    • Boba Fettuccini

      I would be so down for that. Repacks that tie in would have been terrific. Like Tarkin, or stormtroopers. I only ever found one TVS stormtrooper at retail, and now they’re too pricey to troop build.

      I don’t mind the prototype Boba, cuz I don’t wanna open my original, but it feels like material for a filler wave, and now isn’t the time for a filler wave.

      • James K.

        Tarkin would be perfect since he ties in with both Rogue One and Rebels and was basically a no-show on the pegs. Even without a current tie-in, there are plenty of figures that were part of Hasbro’s vintage line that were nearly impossible to find at retail (Hasbro blamed “distribution problems”, an excuse I still don’t buy) and these would make good repackaging choices for Walmart’s TBS line. A perfect example is the Emperor’s Royal Guard that was re-released recently. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty sad statement that we’re in the position of campaigning for which repacks we prefer instead of, god forbid, anxiously looking forward to the day when we will be pulling all of Hasbro’s newly revealed, excellently sculpted 3.75-inch renditions of long-awaited characters off their pegs.

        • Boba Fettuccini

          Hasbro could at least poll us. “Which old figures do you want made available again?” In like a bracket style deal to determine which four get it. If new figures are too much to ask for, they could at least do some market research on what needs it most.

          Wizards of the Coast, also owned by Hasbro, does a really good job of engaging with the community to figure out what is needed most. They should learn from that and apply it to other brands.

          • James K.

            The poll is a great idea. It’s unfortunate that Hasbro treats its most loyal customers the worst. One day, it will come back to bite them.

    • Miguel Sandoval

      A lot of people missed out on the originals and I am happy to see a repack of past figures. I am sure there others that feel the same to avoid paying scalper prices on evil bay.

      • James K.

        I like the idea of repacks when it comes to the hard-to-find figures like the Rebel Fleet Trooper, Tarkin, Luke X-Wing Dagobah, Echo Base Rebel, etc., etc. I’d also like new figures from Rogue One, TFA, Rebels, and there are still plenty of good options from Episodes I -VI.

    • Firdaus Yahaya

      That is indeed right, James. Agreed with you.

      • James K.


    • Greg Roberts

      I’m happy to see Ponda Baba available again. I hope that they continue to offer us a chance to get figures that they hosed us out of in past waves. I hope that Nien Nunb is next.

      • James K.

        Yeah, Nien Nunb would be nice. Any of the recent figures that many never got a real shot to buy would be good choices.

        • CT-7567

          Ponda is an excellent choice. The rest , not so much.

  • General Hux

    I was really hoping Hasbro would use the Rogue One Stormtrooper helmet sculpt for the Sandtrooper, guess not. :-/

  • Barney Dunn

    Well, it’s kind of like the vintage collection,

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Here’s what I want from the Walmart wave…

    – Ponda Baba x 4 (great figure for customs)
    – Sandtrooper x 2
    – Tusken x? (I have about 8 of these guys, not sure I need more)
    – Fett x 2 (never got the TVC version)

    As for the rest… I’ll likely pick up the 6″ Leia, R5-D4, 2x Death Star Trooper and 3x Jawas (one for a custom of something in 3.75 scale as it could serve as a human). As an opener, the cards are cool but not a selling point.

    The 6″ diorama pieces are an insult.

    • Rob Redahl

      As an opener, I agree. The 6″ cards are beside the point, as they’ll end up in the recycling bin. I’m grateful for another crack at some of these, like Leia and Ben and most notably Artoo.
      Stoked for 6″ Death Squad Commander, Jawa, R5!

      I’m so happy to have another shot at Ponda Baba.
      I only have 1 modern 3.75″ Tusken Raider, TVC in clamshell, and I don’t have the heart to open it. So… very happy to get more chances at this one. (I never saw the Discover the Force repacks in my area, either.)

  • Paulskywalker

    I love the way part of their selling point is for the center piece statues is that you can display your 6 inch figures on it. Why not just scrap the statue part and give us the bloody playset/dioramas we’ve been asking for. For both scales! On no Hasbro say playsets aren’t viable but a toy company wasting money making statues that will eventually end up in cheap shops is genius..

  • RumDumb

    What….what….what are those…those things in the last photo? Did the red headed stepchild get free from his room in the attic?

    Yes ponda is mine. And a couple sandtroopers for my Jedha scene.

    • Brian Beck

      ” He doesn’t like you ”

      that’s what I’m going to use my sandtroopers for also.

  • Matthew Ruch

    Excited for Ponda! I might pickup a Prototype Boba and extra Tusken, but everything else (TVC TBS, centerpiece, and the exclusives) is a pass for me.