UPDATE: TRU Exclusive “Vintage” Y-Wing

An interesting auction has popped up on eBay for a “new” Y-Wing Fighter that looks to be a Vintage box exclusive to Toys”R”Us. As you can see, the box art re-creates the 80’s Kenner version but with modern figures instead. The photo is just blurry and angled enough to raise suspicions regarding its authenticity. Have a look for yourself then leave a comment here or in our forums with your thoughts.

UPDATE: While we don’t have official confirmation just yet, this does coincide with comments Hasbro made regarding a revisiting of the Y-Wing to include a more detailed cockpit and functional droid socket. The Toys”R”Us Exclusive “Vintage” Y-Wing joins the K-Mart Exclusive “Vintage” B-Wing revealed a couple weeks ago and there is word of another previously released vehicle that will be receiving the “Vintage” box treatment as well. More as it develops…

UPDATE 2: Looks like the seller has updated the auction posting an image of the other side of the box complete with TVC logo. Again not the greatest photo but it does further confirm this officially un-announced exclusive.