Yakface/Hasbro QnA: Session 87

The Yakface/Hasbro QnA returns this week with questions submitted on 4/29. In this session get official answers regarding the availability of the proper Spacetrooper, a confirmation of a delayed vehicle in “Vintage-style” packaging and the deafening silence regarding distribution of figures this year. Click through for the details.

Q1: A few months back now we were told that we’d be seeing a re-issue of the 2010 EU Spacetrooper (originally available in the exclusive EU wave sold through Toys”R”Us) in the Saga Legends line. Recently (3/9/2011), you released images of this new wave of SL figures but the solicitation imagery showed the DARK TROOPER instead (although it was shown with the proper “Spacetrooper” Galactic Battle Game card). Can you clarify as to which figure we will actually be getting? Troop builders want to know!!!

A1: You will be seeing the Spacetrooper at retail.  The Dark Trooper was simply a placeholder.


Q2: Over a year ago (Feb 2010), you stated in a QnA we could expect a re-issue of Luke’s Landspeeder sometime in 2011. Now that we are into the second quarter, has a more definitive time and method of release (general or exclusive) been determined? Will we see this available in the gorgeous “Vintage” style packaging as well? Sounds like a perfect holiday release item to me!

A2: The Landspeeder in Vintage packaging should hit U.S. Target shelves towards the end of 2011


Bonus Question: In short – where are all the figures????? The action figure aisle have been dryer than the Jundland Wastes since Christmas (unless you want an actual Clone Army of discolored yellow helmeted EIII clones). Some areas of the country getting passed over on entire wave of figures. We thought that 2011 was suppose to bring a new hope and change in terms of distribution of the Vintage Collection. Many long-time Kenner/Hasbro devotees have quit collecting altogether because of this not to mention the rising cost of the figures themselves and fuel prices.

Answer: None