UPDATE: Prototype Fett Mailaway Form

Hasbro has made available the Redemption Form for the exclusive Prototype Armor Boba Fett (VC61) online!. Any 5 Star Wars action figure collection UPCs will qualify for this offer. Head to Hasbro.com for the complete details and let’s hope the figures show up on doorsteps in better condition than the previous Mailaway Fett did.

UPDATE: Hasbro must have realized their mistake regarding the UPCs for the Prototype Fett as the website and form now specify the qualifying asst. accepted.

Collect and save the UPC codes of any 5 figures from theseĀ Star Wars action figure collections: Vintage (97568 Asst.), Saga Legends (21115 Asst.) or The Clone Wars (94736 Asst.)

So to further clarify, the valid UPCs are from the current Vintage, Saga Legends and Clone Wars collections shipping to stores.

No word yet if orders will be honored for those that already sent in their forms with now non-qualifying UPC.